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A Golf Business Podcast for Golf Professionals by a PGA Professional. Sharing best practices in Marketing, Customer Service, Management, Networking, Social Media and all the million other things we do as Golf Professionals.

A Golf Business Podcast for Golf Professionals by a PGA Professional. Sharing best practices in Marketing, Customer Service, Management, Networking, Social Media and all the million other things we do as Golf Professionals.
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A Golf Business Podcast for Golf Professionals by a PGA Professional. Sharing best practices in Marketing, Customer Service, Management, Networking, Social Media and all the million other things we do as Golf Professionals.




The Ups and Downs of Discipline and Work Ethic

In this episode I share my thoughts and the thoughts of others on hard work and discipline. Most of the time ambition and hard work and discipline our great ways to achieve goals. But occasionally those very things can be the pitfalls to cause you to delay or lose sight of achieving your goals.


090- Encountering Gate Keepers in Your Golf Career

090 -In your golf professional career you will inevitably come across gate keepers. Gatekeepers like to keep things the way they are, and often spend most of their time focusing on how to protect their own status and position at the expense of the personal growth of those who work for them. Luckily my exposure to this in my golf career has been limited but for many it can be more pervasive. In this episode I share my personal experiences with Gate Keepers and how you can still progress...


089-Insanity And Innovation in the Golf Business

I’ve seen a lot of things miss categorized as innovative business practices over the years in golf business. In this episode and breakdown the difference between innovative ideas and insanity so that you can be better at recognizing ideas that have the potential to be innovative and successful and the ideas that are just flat out insane.


088 - Why a Career in Golf?

Being a golf business professional can be super tough. And it’s not something that everybody is cut out to do forever. There are a lot of great opportunities out there. But there are even more bad opportunities out there, that ultimately cause professionals to leave the industry altogether. In this episode I talk about why even in the midst of a daunting future being a golf professional will still allow you to succeed and excel in your career.


087 - What I Learned From the Trackman Maestro Joe Mayo

I recently got to ask Joseph Mayo a question on how we as golf professionals come together in a more cohesive way of teaching. I discussed his answer and what I think it means for the future of teaching and golf in this podcast. Thanks for the time Joe and all you do for your fellow Instructors.


086 - Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

There is a lot of pressure these days for people to be an expert on something the moment they start doing it. That’s unfair, as it takes time (like..... a lifetime) to make mistakes, as a golf professional and a person, and learn from them so you don’t make the same mistakes again.


085- Focus on the Work

With all the talk around promoting ourselves and building our personal brand we sometimes lose focus on the actual work. The work in the results that you do you will speak for you when you’re not in the room. Don’t trust anybody to sell you like you sell yourself, so do the work and give people something to talk about that matters.


084 - Are Two Head Golf Pro’s Better Than One?

084 - Years ago my general manager shared a possible idea to create a Co-Head professional role at our facility. As the head golf professional I felt a little bit threatened at first but the more I thought of it I realized how great of an idea this actually could be. We’re all always looking for ways to strike a balance in the life of a Golf Professional, and having a partner to count on is certainly a positive idea.


083 - Funny Internship Orientation Video Ideas

I got a great call and follow up on episode 82 that I wanted to share with everybody. And episode 82 we talked about creating internship orientation videos, and this call-in could just be the key to really making them work.


082- Getting Interns Ready to Dominate Pre-Internship

One of the biggest challenges of PGA PGM internships is that they can be relatively short. And a good portion of the time is spent getting everybody up to speed on procedures and such. One PGA golf professional has found a way to speed up the orientation process by providing an intern orientation packet prior to interns arrival. This was an article featured in the PGA magazine that I take a step further in sharing how to make it come alive through interactive content. Starting the...


081 - The Best Management Tool Everyone is Already Using

In this episode I talk about how Instagram can be repurposed to be a great communication tool for golf managers and their staff. I have alsways struggled in thebgolf business to keep my staff on the same page. I have tried some communication platforms but nobody ever stayed up to date on them. Since everyone spends hours a day on instagram. Why not speak to your staff where they will hear you.


080 - Range Balls, Breakfast and Happy Hours

Recently read a great article in the PGA Magazine on the benefits of giving free breakfast and range balls to kids This on its own is a fantastic idea that I think a lot of courses should implement. The article also got me thinking of how you can apply the same concept to adults at your facility as well.


079 - A Golf Pro's Biggest Time Waster on Social

You guys all know I’m a big fan of the Internet and all of the social media platforms that allow us to connect. But there’s one thing I tend to do on Facebook that always makes me mad and it being a big waste of time. Hopefully by sharing that with you guys you can avoid wasting time as well.


077 - How Head Golf Professional and General Managers Fail

The golf business is tough! But one way to make it tougher on yourself is to not listen to feedback from your members, your employees and others. Listening to others can give you the necessary context to avoid making costly decisions in your career. You just need to make sure that you're listening to the right people.


076 - Golf Boards and Other Fun and Sketchy Stuff

In this episode of the PGAjay Golf Business Podcast, we talk about alternate fun forms of transportation on the golf course. The new wave of personal transportation options on the golf course is not just for fun, it's also for big business.


Special Edition - Dream Golf Job Alert

I saw special opportunity for an assistant position open up with a friend of mine at the grove hotel in London and wanted to share it with all of you. Details follow - *Senior Assistant PGA Professional Vacancy* Hosts of the 2006 WGC AMEX Championships & 2016 European Tour British Masters, The Grove have an exciting opportunity for a PGA Qualified Senior Assistant to join the team. The successful candidate will work alongside me to manage all aspects of the daily retail operation in addition...


075 - Watch and Learn to Run the Show Your Way

There are lots of ways to run you operation as a golf professional. In this episode we talk about you can develope your style by watching those above and around you in the golf business.


074 Golf Club Sellers Should Be Worried

074 - we take a look at a new company offering high-end club fittings in partnership with PGA professionals. We discussed whether this is a threat or an opportunity for PGA professionals and want to consider when looking at club fitting at your facility.


073 - Content Creation Rule #1 for Golf Pros

Content is only as good as the content that you can create. Figure out how much you can do on a regular basis and do that. Setting lofty goals around content creation that require a lot of additional work are often the downfall of a continued strategy.


73- Seek Advice, NOT Opinions

By understanding what we are trying to achieve helps us ask better questions that lead to more usefull advice and not opinions based in theory.