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A Golf Business Podcast for Golf Professionals by a PGA Professional. Sharing best practices in Marketing, Customer Service, Management, Networking, Social Media and all the million other things we do as Golf Professionals.

A Golf Business Podcast for Golf Professionals by a PGA Professional. Sharing best practices in Marketing, Customer Service, Management, Networking, Social Media and all the million other things we do as Golf Professionals.
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A Golf Business Podcast for Golf Professionals by a PGA Professional. Sharing best practices in Marketing, Customer Service, Management, Networking, Social Media and all the million other things we do as Golf Professionals.




134 - Don’t Make your Employees Apologize For Being Human

Balancing a life and being a Golf Professional can be tough. So we shouldn’t make it harder on ourselves and our staff by not allowing them to be honest about what they need. Building a culture that allows people to tend to their personal lives while giving their all at their clubs when needed is good for everyone.


133 - The Road To Growth on Social is a Two Way Street

Many people think that growing on social means posting non-stop and waiting for people to come to you. And the truth is that you have to go out and meet people and invest in those in real life.


132 - Would I Hire An Assistant Pro Without Social Media Experience?

I talk about how social can help you network and get you a job a lot. But can it actually become a requirement until for some Head Pros and GM’s when hiring?


131 - A Better And Safer Version of Night Golf

If you’ve ever hosted a night golf tournament before, you know how stressful and dangerous it can be. This alternative of doing a night putting event was featured in the PGA Magazine (idea credit coming soon) and offers a fun and safe alternative.


130 - When Your Club has Rules Against Employees Using Social Media.

One of the common themes I get any feedback is that people appreciate me creating this content because their head professional or general manager does not believe in social media. Unfortunately, you have to respect that and in a lot of ways they probably don’t do it for good reason. But there are some ways that you can still gain some experience and build your personal brand and reputation online without conflicting with the clubs goals and your clubs policies.


129 - Managing Your Customers Expectations

I was recently cruising Twitter and saw the question as to whether it was the golf professionals responsibility to notify a group making a 7:30 AM Tee Time that they would be behind a group of 24. This is my response.


128 - What My Recent Appearance on Dean Kandle’s Getting Better Now Podcast Means to Me.

Recently I was featured guest on the Getting Better Now Podcast hosted by Dean Kandle. I truly enjoyed our conversation with Dean and I hope you will check out the episode. But this also meant a lot more to me to be recognized and sought out as an authority on the subject of how golf golf professionals can use social media to build their careers. In this episode I talk more about that and how grateful I am to you, my community of listeners and supporters that kept me pushing over these last...


127 - Career Saving Advice That May Also Save Your life

At points in my golf career I found myself swimming against an unwinnable tide. In this episode I share how recognizing professional and real life “Rip Tides” can save your life and your career.


126 - Are You Good At Your Work or Do You Enjoy It?

I was recently listening to an episode of the podcast Work Life by Adam Grant and they were discussing strengths and weaknesses in your job. They made the interesting distinction between work that you’re good at and work the energizes you and that you enjoy. I think a lot of us have heard that you should do what you’re good at but if you don’t enjoy it is that really the goal?


125 - How To Setup A Successful Referral Program at Your Golf Club

Setting up a referral program for lessons, Regripping or other professional services can be tricky. Making sure you are incentivizing the right people with the right message, and making sure your intent aligns with the facilities overall goals is key.


124 - Earning Extra Cash With a Regripping Service at Your Club

Starting or taking over the re-gripping business at your facility not only provides a great service to your members but also can add a significant amount of money into your pocket. In this episode I discuss how I started my business at my club and how are you can do the same with a very small or no investment.


123 - Witnessing Tiger Woods Historic Masters Finish

I’m not sure how to put into words what watching Tiger win the 2019 Masters in person was like, but I’ll try.


122 - How To Get Yourself Unstuck in Your Work

Often in the pursuit of growth as professionals we can overwork an idea and find ourselves not knowing what to do next. It’s times like these that taking a step back and allowing the knowledge you have been acquiring time to process. Taking a break and finding other creative outlets often creates the space needed for all they knowledge to take shape around your every day word and results in the biggest breakthroughs.


121- I’m Not An Expert

Being an “expert” has a weird connotation to me. It’s often self applied and it also conjures up visions old stodgy Golf Professionals or other processionals hell bent on defending their turf of long held (and often successful) beliefs and knowledge. By saying to myself that I never want to be an expert, I’m challenging myself everyday to wake up feeling like I know nothing about what I’m about to confront that day and looking at each day as a fresh challenge, not matter how repetitive or...


120 - Why Forcing Your Assistant Golf Pros to Advance in Jobs Is Just Bad Management

I once heard someone say that in order to help their assistant golf professional grow, they told them that they had three years as an assistant to find their next move up. In this episode I talk about why I once thought that this was a good idea and implemented it myself. And how I now realize it was selfish and not in my assistants best interest.


119 - Setting Out Of Office Hours As a Golf Professional

Getting things done in the hectic day of a Golf Professional is tough. And while setting time in your calendars to lock yourself in your office and get work done seems productive, it is often still full of distraction. Carve out a couple hours of your day 3-5 times a week to leave the club and work in a coffee shop or library or anywhere where you are just out of reach of the minor issues you can help but solve right away.


118- This is Not For You

In this episode I share the story of how telling a potential member that the club is not a fit for them actually helped them realize that it was.


117 - Proving the Value of Your Work on Digital Media as a Golf Professional.

In this episode I talked about how to show the positive results of engaging with members on social media to bosses, or potential bosses, that may not understand the platforms themselves.


116- Does Bouncing Between Jobs in the Golf Business Look Bad on My Resume?

In this episode I discussed the misconception that bouncing between jobs as a golf professional in the golf business is a bad thing.


115 - How Golf Professionals Can Make Money on Instagram

I often get asked the question of how do you turn your Instagram into cash. This question came up again during a recent talk I gave at Campbell university to the Professional Golf Management class, and the answer I gave in the moment I think was someone evasive. So I wanted to follow up on the many ways that having a professional Instagram profile can lead to monetary gain. It may not be in the sense that you just buy followers and trick people into advertising with you (I’m sure that has...