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Rick Rule: Gold & Natural Resources About to Outperform other Asset Classes

Tom welcomes back the legendary investor Rick Rule to discuss current events in the banking system. Rick discusses the systemic risks that exist in the commercial banking system, citing the example of Silicon Valley Bank. He provides advice on how the average depositor can assess the financial stability of their financial institution, such as looking at the percentage of total capital represented by equity, the duration mismatch, and the amount of very liquid assets relative to the deposit...


Prof. Steve Hanke: Central Bank Buying & Looming Recession Both Great for Gold

Tom welcomes back Steve Hanke Professor of Applied Economics - Johns Hopkins University. Steve discusses Austrian economist Felix Somary and explains how he was one of the few who understood exchange rates and had a full view of economic reality. This understanding is lacking today by most in power positions. Modern economic theory is very narrowly defined, and most lack that broad level of knowledge. The Fed has some 700+ economists working for them, but they all have similar understanding....


Spaces: New Risk Landscape and Trouble In The Metals, Gold $2000+

This is a rebroadcast of our recent Twitter Spaces conversation on banking, metals, trust, cryptocurrencies and the faltering global dollar system. Bob discusses the problems in the banking system and the tough position the Fed is between preserving the system and preventing inflation. They're trying to slow the contagion, but we may be experiencing a false sense of security. If things break from here, we could see things get out of control. The belief is the Fed will always have our back,...


David Hunter: The Epic Last Hurrah for the Markets

Tom welcomes back experienced investment professional David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors. Talking Points From This Episode The coming global bust and why inflation will persist.We're in the last decade of a forty plus year supercycle.His thoughts on energy in the near-term and during the bust. Time Stamp References:0:00 - Introduction0:40 - Market Re-Cap4:29 - Meltup Rally Thesis7:27 - Timelines9:29 - Fed Policy & Liquidity16:30 - Policy Lag & Inflation20:00 - Rates & Liquidity23:12 -...


Francis Hunt: Gold is Winning Against All Fiat

Tom welcomes back Francis Hunt, Founder of "The Market Sniper" to the show. Francis discusses the bond market bottom of March 2020 and the series of rate hikes that came afterward. We're beginning to see the lagging effects of the Feds policy. In addition, there are a series of long-term demographic shifts which are placing great pressure on the system. Both growth and inflation are now moving in the wrong direction, and these contractions will be deeply uncomfortable. He shows the current...


Tom Luongo: The War for the Dollar is Already Over

Tom welcomes back our other favorite Tom, the Tom Luongo, to discuss the recent banking crisis and the Fed's involvement in it. Luongo believes Jerome Powell is trying to return to a classic regional banking model. He explains how the Fed is betraying the Eurodollar system by having SOFR at odds with LIBOR. Luongo believes Powell wants to undo the damages of the last 15 years and feels it is important to understand the motives of the Fed and globalists. He also suggests that the Fed took out...


Bob Moriarty: The World is Functionally Bankrupt

Tom welcomes Robert Moriarty back to the program to discuss the latest in interesting times in finance. Bob explains where the money is really coming from to bail out the recent failures in the banking system, noting that the $200 billion figure has ballooned to $2 trillion. The Federal Reserve has effectively committed to printing $2 trillion in a week, which is unprecedented. Bob believes that the system can't be repaid mathematically, so something is bound to blow up, leading to inflation...


Chris Irons: Bank Crises, Fed Pivots, and The Hard Landing Reality

Tom welcomes back Chris Irons from the Quoth the Raven podcast to discuss the lack of fear in the markets, which is questionable considering the current circumstances. We are still far from the despair of a bear market, and the belief in a return to normalcy has kept equities overvalued. Recent events have pointed to a much harder landing than predicted, and this is just the beginning of the problem cycle. It may take months for rate hikes to affect the financial plumbing and cause further...


Brett Oland: Benefits of Gold Backed Banking For Protecting Your Wealth

Tom welcomes Brett Oland, the CEO of Bow Valley Credit Union, about their gold-backed initiative. Brett has been in the banking world for 20 years and he is a chartered accountant and CPA. Brett believes that inflation is a massive problem and it will continue for the foreseeable future, resulting in the devaluation of the US dollar. Brett explains currency printing, debt to GDP ratios, and how governments have crossed the debt to GDP Rubicon. Brett also discusses the environmental hysteria...


David Hay: Recession and Higher Rates – The Mega-Risks in 2023

Tom welcomes back David Hay author, CO-Founder and CO-CIO of Evergreen Gavekal. He recently released his book "Bubble 3.0" which is a warning David isn't surprised that Powell intends to maintain these rate levels, which remain well below the CPI. He is trying to cool the markets down, yet bond spreads have recently narrowed. Fixing the problems today is a conundrum, as deficits are rising. He expects credit spreads to widen, resulting in a downtrend for stocks. What happens if government...


Gareth Soloway: Gold – The Safe Trade in a World of Absolute Risk

The Fed was discussing transitory issues, but now they are talking of a mild recession. They have built a house of cards heavily reliant on rates and printing, and no one knows what could break in the system today. The unintended consequences of their actions could lead to a collapse. Despite this, the Fed may be reluctant to curb interest rates, meaning we could be in for a protracted period of recession lasting several years. Investors today are used to the Fed coming to the rescue,...


Bix Weir & Steve St. Angelo: Secret Stores of Gold, Free Markets, and the Energy Cliff

Tom Bodrovics welcomes Bix Weir, and Steve St. Angelo for a lively and professional debate around metals manipulation and mining. Bix believes there is a large amount of gold in the Grand Canyon region, while Steve believes it's uneconomic to mine both logistically and due to energy costs. The conversation focuses on Charles Spencer and his attempts to mine gold in the area in the early 1900s, and how his efforts failed due to the fineness of the gold and the lack of a profitable return....


Julian Brigden: Is the Fed Too Politicized to Kill Inflation?

Tom welcomes Julian Brigden to the show. Julian is Head of Research at Macro Intelligence 2 Partners. Julian discusses the Feds options, including "Opportunistic Disinflation" to drain the inflation from the system. He believes it will take years to correct inflation and will likely be a painful process. The issues are not so much inflation, but nominal GDP. Most of GDP is based on the labor market and consumer behavior. The Fed understands the situation very well and they expect higher...


Tony Greer: Being Ready for the Chaos in the Markets

Tom welcomes back Tony Greer from the Morning Navigator to discuss the current markets and his outlook for the year. Tony expects further inflation, particularly from energy with the green transition. Markets are chaotic at the moment, much of which has to do with the yield curve – currently steeper than during the Great Financial Crisis and the Dot Com Bubble. It is important to watch what rates and the dollar are doing to understand how aggressive one can be with one's trades. He explains...


Mike Maloney: Everything Bubble Collapse – 25x More Capital Into Gold

Tom welcomes the well-known Michael Maloney to the show. Mike discusses the outstanding professionals he works with to create Hidden Secrets of Money, which has done very well on YouTube, with the fourth episode having reached ten million views. He details how modern banks simply imagine money into existence with loans. Mike discusses the important distinctions between currency and money. Currency cannot store value over long periods of time, whereas honest money, like gold and silver,...


Danielle DiMartino Booth: Special Fed Minutes Review – The Credit Cycle Has Come Unglued

Tom welcomes back Danielle DiMartino Booth, she is CEO and Chief Strategist for Quill Intelligence, a research and analytics firm. Danielle has a new offering on the Substack she recently started. Tom and Danielle discuss the recently released Fed Minutes and the potential implications for the US economy. DiMartino Booth stated that the minutes were massaged in order to correct any market misperceptions that the Fed was going to pause its tight monetary policy. She also points out that jobs...


Doomberg: Energy Trade-Offs, Unsustainable Policies, & Impeachable Offenses

Tom welcomes back the Head Writer from the Little Green Chicken consulting firm AKA Doomberg. Doomberg discusses the consequences and risks of the probable U.S. coordinated attack on the Nordstream pipeline, arguing that it's likely an impeachable offense and such actions set a bad precedent geopolitically. He notes that the media would likely not be ignoring the news had Trump taken similar measures. He then addresses the use of Substack, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. He...


Jeffrey Christian: Central Bank Gold Buying and Recession Outlook

Tom welcomes back Jeffrey Christian Managing Partner of CPM Group. Jeffrey is an expert on the gold and silver markets. Jeff explains that in 2000, they issued a buy recommendation on gold at around $285, due to the political and economic environment that was going to last for decades. He then outlines the different drivers for gold and silver in different market environments, as well as the optimal level of metals in a portfolio. He examines the idea that China holds 40,000 tons of gold in...


Keith Weiner: The Fed is Creating a Perfect Setup for New Gold Investors

Tom welcomes back, Keith Weiner, to the show. Keith is the President & Founder of Gold Standard Institute USA and CEO of Monetary Metals. Keith explains the two main forces that led to the price of gold remaining flat in 2022: the Fed’s decision to raise rates and the wild card of Ukraine. He explains that wage earners tend to prefer silver to gold, and that the Fed’s decision to raise rates has only recently started to have an effect on labor. Keith discusses the trend of falling interest...


Bob Elliot: Gold the Excellent Risk Diversifier that is Widely Underheld

Tom welcomes Bob Elliot to the show he is CEO & CIO of Unlimited Funds. Bob Elliot discussed the current economic situation, the role of debt cycles, and the trade-offs between a fiat monetary system and a commodity-based system. He noted that productivity is the main driver of growth over the long term, and that debt cycles have been used to make up for declining productivity. He explained the risks associated with governments borrowing to make up for productivity declines and noted that...