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Career & Life Balance Exploration for Academics and Graduate Researchers

Career & Life Balance Exploration for Academics and Graduate Researchers


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Career & Life Balance Exploration for Academics and Graduate Researchers




Balancing Research, Art, and Entrepreneurship With Sarah Nersesian

Get the Papa PhD Tool kit ! This week on the show, I'm talking with Sarah Nersesian, a PhD researcher who pursues many passions and interests in life, while remaining a scientist at heart. During our conversation, we talk about making decisions during your academic journey, about finding ways of nurturing your creative side during your PhD, and about the important role mentors can play in your life, especially as a woman in academia. What you’ll learn about in this episode: The importance of...


Embracing Science Communication as a Business With Wilf Nelson

This week on Papa PhD, I'm bringing you Wilf Nelson. Wilf is a PhD researcher at the University of Bigmingham in the UK and he is the host and producer of the Watercooler Neuroscience Podcast. During our conversation, Wilf shared his passion for science, for science communication, and for podcasting. And if you listen to the end, you'll hear what advice he has to share as a PhD researcher turned entrepreneur. What you’ll learn about in this episode: The main goal of science communication The...


Faire rimer doctorat et emploi avec Florian Andrianiazy

Télécharge la "Boîte à outils pour le doctorat" maintenant ! Cette semaine sur le podcast, on parle réseautage et mise en relation des docteur.e.s et du milieu privé avec Florian Andrianiazy, Directeur Général de PhDTalent. Aujourd'hui, en 2021, il y a encore un certain flou, tant dans l'idée que se font les docteur.e.s du milieu entrepreneurial que dans les attentes qu'ont les RH des sociétés face à un candidat qui se présente avec un doctorat. Ce que tu apprendras dans cet épisode : En...


Doing Research Outside Academia as a Psychology PhD with Sherri Widen

Do you need a PhD? When I launched into the doctoral adventure, I wanted to teach at the same level the professors I worked with did. So for me, the answer was yes. In today's episode, My guest, Sherri Widen, shares her journey and her reflections on the reality of the PhD career today and talks about how she found a path that led her to doing research and applying her expertise in child psychology at the community level, in the non-academic space. What you’ll learn about in this episode:...


Juggling Side-Interests, Graduate School, and Your Personal Life During your PhD With Gertrude Nonterah

My experience going through graduate school was mostly of graduate students being fully funded and working exclusively on their PhD, at least until the time came to write their thesis. But this is not the reality for everyone and in all domains of research. Today, I'm bringing you a conversation with Gertrude Nonterah about her journey so far, about her side-hustles during graduate school, abouth her life balance and time management life hacks, and about how she juggles her professional,...


Être persuasif dans notre recherche d’emploi avec Alexandra Martel

Télécharge la "Boîte à outils pour le doctorat" maintenant ! Qu'est-ce qu'Aristote a à voir avec ta recherche d'emploi ? Pourquoi devrais-tu utiliser des stylos de couleur pour écrire ta lettre de motivation ? En quoi la rédaction persuasive peut t'aider dans ton processus de réorientation professionnelle ? Dans ce nouvel épisode de Papa PhD, mon invitée, Alexandra Martel – une spécialiste du copywriting – va répondre à toutes ces questions et partager sa propre histoire de réinvention de...


Being a PhD Researcher and an Entrepreneur With Jessica Steinberg

Do you have a business idea based on your PhD research? A consultancy or a deeptech project? Well, you are not alone. A lot of PhD researchers out there have plans to become their own bosses rather than getting a job, when they're done with their degree. In today's episode, you'll hear Jessica Steinberg's recount of her experience translating the knowledge she gained working on her thesis into a sustainable business. What you’ll learn about in this episode: Figuring out what aspect of your...


Building a More Diverse and Inclusive Academia With Shaz Zamore

Welcome to episode 100 of the Papa PhD podcast! In a lot of the conversations I've had in past interviews here on the show, we have talked about how academia and graduate school need to change. For this special episode, I'm bringing you a conversation during which I got a glimpse at what that change can look like. With this week's guest – Shaz Zamore – we dove into the current diversity and inclusivity challenges facing academia today and into how addressing them can change the face of...


Les docteur.e.s et le tiers secteur de la recherche avec Ewa Zlotek-Zlotkiewicz

Télécharge la "Boîte à outils pour le doctorat" maintenant ! Que deviennent les docteur.e.s une fois sortis du milieu universitaire? Quel est leur rôle dans le tissu socio-écomonique aujourd'hui? Cette semaine, sur Papa PhD, on va parler du tiers secteur de la recherche et de projets d'intégration de docteur.e.s au sein de missions de science citoyenne et d'autres initiatives scientifiques en dehors du cadre académique. Pour ce faire, j'ai invité à mon micro quelqu'un qui Klask! (vérifiez...


Navigating the Corporate Space With Caolan Kovach-Orr

This week on Papa PhD, I'm talking with Caolan Kovach-Orr about his journey from the wet lab to a career in data science. During our conversation, we talked Caolan's academic journey, about what skills you should focus on as a candidate, today, if you're interested in data science, about the specifics of the interviewing process for data scientist positions, and Caolan shared specific advice based on his experience as a PhD in the corporate space, so be ready to take notes! What you’ll learn...


Retelling Your PhD Career Story With Kerri Twigg

This week on Papa PhD, I'm bringing you my recent conversation with Kerri Twigg, career development coach, TEDx speaker, and author of “The Career Stories Method”. During our conversation, we talked about her book and about how her approach applies to PhDs transitioning out of academia and wanting to learn how to retell the ir graduate school stories. Kerri also turned the tables on me and put my career journey under the microscope, during our chat, which felt vulnerable at first, but was an...


Débloquer la rédaction de thèse avec Martha Boeglin

Télécharge la "Boîte à outils pour le doctorat" maintenant ! Cette semaine, j'ai le grand plaisir de partager avec vous ma conversation avec Martha Boeglin à propos de la bête noire de beaucoup de thésards et thésardes – la rédaction de thèse, notamment les pièges qu'elle peut nous tendre et les tactiques et stratégies pour les éviter ou pour se débloquer. Ce que tu apprendras dans cet épisode : Comment se passe un doctorat en sciences humainesÉcrire sa thèse commence par lire - techniques...


Following the Passion of Research with Mariana Vargas-Caballero

Many of my guests have talked about tuning into and pursuing your passion, when considering career options. In this episode, I talked with Mariana Vargas-Caballero about how she discovered her passion for science and about the choices and principles that brought her into the academic life. What you’ll learn about in this episode: The value of doing a masters before embarking on a PhDHow a good lab culture can empower you as an international studentHow exercises like drawing and annotating...


Talking Science to the Public and to Policy Makers with Mark Bayer

In this episode, I have the pleasure of talking science communication with former U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Chief of Staff and president of Bayer Strategic Consulting, Mark Bayer. During our conversation Mark and I talked about best practices when communicating science to non-academic audiences, but we also talked about the interface between science and policy, and the role researchers and scholars can play in this sphere. What you’ll learn about in this episode: The...


Faire rayonner la science avec Marie-Andrée Fallu

Télécharge la "Boîte à outils pour le doctorat" maintenant ! La vie n’est pas faite de belles lignes droites. Pour mon invitée d’aujourd’hui, Marie-Andrée Fallu, son trajet académique a été assez linéaire jusqu’au post-doctorat, mais différents facteurs sont venus l’orienter vers la carrière qu’elle mène aujourd’hui, loin du terrain et de la recherche… mais pas tant que ça! Ce que tu apprendras dans cet épisode : L'intérêt de faire des jobs pendant la maîtriseL'importance de parler avec des...


Current Challenges in Graduate Education with Paul Yachnin

Higher education is under pressure, these days. It has been for a while, now, but the COVID-19 pandemic may well be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, and this test is bringing to light some of the fragilities that have been under the radar until now. With me, this week, I have someone who has a deep love for higher education and for students and graduate researchers, and who has explored the question of professional outcomes of PhDs in different domains – Paul Yachnin. What...


Rapprocher science et société avec Elodie Cheyrou

L’année 2020, marquée par la pandémie de COVID-19, nous a apporté de grands défis et nous a amené à changer nos habitudes, notre façon de vivre en société. L’effort de lutte contre la dissémination du coronavirus a aussi entraîné des débats et des questionnements qui relevaient du domaine scientifique – la virologie et la compréhension du virus, l’épidémiologie et les décisions portant sur le contrôle de la contagion, l’immunologie et la technologie derrière les vaccins d’ARN.L’interface...


Student Advocacy and Professional Development in Graduate School With Jinelle Wint

This week on Papa PhD, we'll be focusing on graduate students and their professional development needs and common blind spots. My guest, Jinelle Wint, did her PhD in the biological sciences and throughout her academic journey, she learned the value of of working on her professional skills, and has coached many students in exploring their career choices. Take the Papa PhD Listener Survey Now ! Jinelle Wint, PhD, is the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs for the Graduate School of the Stowers...


Going From Research to Business Development With Fabrice Marquet

Hi and happy new year! In this first episode of 2021, I bring you a story you may in part know. A story of changing countries and cultures and of finding new horizons for yourself in the process - in my guest's case, leading to his transition from basic research into business development. Take the Papa PhD Listener Survey Now ! Fabrice worked as a research scientist in medtech for more than 12 years in top-tier institutes worldwide. He was deeply involved in the entrepreneurial scene leading...


Rethinking Higher Ed With Eric James Stephens

This week, I'm bringing you my conversation with Eric James Stephens, Founder of ChangeHigherEd, a platform where, in the summer of 2020, being unemployed, he set out to help PhDs understand their value through live-streamed events and workshops that ended up bringing in many thought leaders into the discussion and having over 250 registered attendees. With him, I discussed the pressure COVID has brought on the higher education space and the change this pressure means for PhDs considering...