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Whether it's getting out of debt or getting a new job, Rich & Marcus have you covered. Join them as they take a fun and relatable approach to personal finance and career advice for millennials.

Whether it's getting out of debt or getting a new job, Rich & Marcus have you covered. Join them as they take a fun and relatable approach to personal finance and career advice for millennials.
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Whether it's getting out of debt or getting a new job, Rich & Marcus have you covered. Join them as they take a fun and relatable approach to personal finance and career advice for millennials.




Money, Business and Relationships ft. Sylvia Inks - PB137

This week we’re welcoming back Sylvia Inks to the show! As a Personal Finance Coach and author of the book, Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur, Sylvia’s mission is to help small business owners make more money to create and grow profitable businesses. On this week’s show, Sylvia shares her productivity tips and ignites an in-depth conversation on how each of us can strategize our next steps, in order to create forward momentum towards profitability. In this episode, you’ll...


The Road to Financial Independence ft. Diania Merriam - PB136

Diania Merriam joins Marcus and Rich on the podcast today. Diania is the creator of EconoMe. EconoME is a one-day conference aimed at reclaiming the American Dream. The American Dream started as an idea that every person had the right to pursue his or her own idea of happiness. EconoMe is about reclaiming that right! While EconoMe has roots in the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early), EconoME really believes that happiness comes from freedom, creativity and community. It...


Two Guys One Therapy (And Career!) Session - PB135

Rich and Marcus are back with another freestyle episode. Today they’re doing a mid year check in and breaking down how they’re feeling mentally and emotionally in 2019, as well as touching on some career and entrepreneurial things that have been prominent in their lives as of late. Highlights: Key Takeaway: Your mental state has everything to do with dominating your career and building solid relationships with friends and family. Paychecks &...


Her First $100K ft. Tori Dunlap - PB134

On the show today we welcome Tori Dunlap of “Her First 100k”. Tori is a financial advocate who educates millennial women and other underserved communities on financial literacy. She’s on track to save her first 100k by before her 26th birthday and has made it her mission to help others pay off debt, save, invest and get their money right so they can be in the driver seat of their life. Her father taught her about money from the age of 9 when he helped her start her first company, a...


The Best Thing That Ever Happened - PB133

Today on Paychecks & Balances, we freestyle! This episode is all about entering back into the job search world and the trials and tribulations that come with that. Both of us decided recently to make a career shift and today we share our stories with you. Whatever your case may be: whether your current role isn’t a good fit, you want to pivot in your career, or need to feel truly challenged, the first step is putting yourself out there. And that’s terrifying! But with a little preparation,...


Riches Get Stitches ft. BGR - PB132

Kitty and Piggy of Bitches Get Riches join the P&B family today. Kitty and Piggy are anonymous financial bloggers whose aim is to guide young people through their financial hurdles and careers. They do this through their fun, unique blend of sass, comedy and bluntness. The driving force behind their wildly successful blog is their longtime friendship. Kitty and Piggy met as college roommates over a decade ago. In this episode you’ll hear both the girls stories about what got them...


Everyday Millionaires with Chris Hogan - PB131

Chris Hogan, author of Everyday Millionaires and creator of The Chris Hogan Show is on the podcast today. Chris started his career in the banking industry and now travels around the country talking to people about money, leadership and business. He’s been a part of Dave Ramsey’s, Ramsey Solutions for 14 years. Chris’s passion is educating individuals and families on how to take control of their money so they can take the necessary steps to pave the way for their dreams and leave a...


Getting Career Clarity ft. Tracy Timm - PB130

Tracy Timm is on the show today. As a lover of deep conversations and personal connections, Tracy created her own company to help people find or create work that takes advantage of their own unique genius, rather than settling for a job and a life they dread. Her goal is to get you back to the basics of who you are, what you value and what you excel at. Tracy does this through the unique program she designed, which helps you determine the non-negotiable aspects of your life, by focusing on...


The Millionaire Choice - PB129

Tony Bradshaw, author of The Millionaire Choice is on the show today. He’s going to be talking to the good people of P&B about how to break out of the cycle of poor money habits and patterns that a lot of us learned growing up. Tony grew up in a lower income neighborhood in Nashville, Tn. Bills were paid late, utilities were often cut off and his family bounced plenty of checks. By the time Tony hit his mid 20’s he realized he was repeating his families cycle of financial mismanagement....


Please Forgive Me, for I Have Debt - PB128

Rich and Marcus are by themselves today on the show. They kick off the episode by discussing the importance of mental health and breaking out of patterns that you continuously find yourself in. Then they leap into the topic of the day where they discuss the decision by Billionaire and Cornell Alum, Robert F. Smith to pay off the student loan debt of the 2019 graduating class of The Historically Black University, Morehouse College. There’s some buzz on the internet surrounding this where some...


Talking Money With Your Parents ft. Cameron Huddleston - PB127

We’re all trying to get our finances under control, but have you ever thought about your parents financial situation? In this episode, we sit down with Cameron Huddleston and discuss how we can help our parents with financial issues such as retirement, long term care insurance, debt, wills, and much more. Huddleston is the author of “Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk: How to Have Essential Conversations with Your Parents About Their Finances,” which is set to be released on June 25th, and...


Deep Voice Finance ft. Chris Browning - PB126

Ever wanted someone to sit you down and calmly explain the ins and outs of personal finance in just a few minutes? Well, look no further, Chris Browning is the man for you! Chris is the creator of the wildly popular financial podcast, Popcorn Finance, a podcast which is dedicated to helping you understand your finances better in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn. After shelving the idea for his podcast for three years, he finally decided to turn his fantasy into a reality when...


Taxes Gone Wrong - PB125

Tax season has officially ended and many people who thought they were going to get a refund actually owed money. This was the case for Rich, who ended up owing a good chunk of change. This was the first time he’s ever had to pay the IRS. Marcus on the other hand got some money back and thinks it’ll be the last year that he gets a refund. That being said, this week’s episode is all about tax planning and taking the necessary steps to make sure all your money is in order come tax season. In...


Part-Time Hobby to Million Dollar Business ft. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner - PB124

We all want to take that passion of ours and make it into a multimillion-dollar company, right? Well, on today’s show we talk to Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, creator of the popular blog Making Sense of Cents, to hear how she achieved her dream of creating her own destiny and making $100,00 per month online from her personal finance and lifestyle blog. From working a solid day-job in the financial services industry as a financial analyst, she decided to dedicate herself to becoming fully...


From Financial Services to Financial Planning ft. Chris Hutchins - PB123

Today on Paychecks & Balances, we welcome Chris Hutchins to the podcast. After being laid off in the 2008 financial crisis, and seeing so many others in the same circumstance, Chris created LaidOffCamp, an organization to empower people through education. A few years later, he co-founded Milk, a mobile app incubator in San Francisco, where he launched Oink to over 100,000 users before being acquired by Google. After his four years at Google Ventures, he then left to create his own financial...


Taking on Investing ft. Erin Lowry - PB122

Erin Lowry, the author of Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together, is on the podcast today. Erin is a Personal Finance Expert who helps millennials navigate their big money questions and teaches them how to control their finances like a boss. Her first book was named by MarketWatch as one of the best money books of 2017, she has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, CNBC and Fox & Friends, written for Fast Company, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Refinery29 and regularly...


How to Change Careers for Happiness & Money ft. Scott Barlow - PB121

Are you dissatisfied with your career? Not sure how to pivot? Scott Barlow, the founder and CEO of Happen to Your Career, can help! Happen to Your Career is company that specializes in career courses, coaching programs, and a podcast that cover Scott’s genius tools, resources and roadmaps necessary to begin—and complete—that journey for a more rewarding life. Scott’s passion for helping others discover their signature strengths and living in the present has led to countless individuals...


Bad With Money ft. Gaby Dunn - PB120

Today on Paychecks & Balances, Gaby Dunn the author of Bad with Money: The Imperfect Art of Getting Your Financial Sh*t Together, talks to us about bravely facing life and money. Gaby is a bestselling author, journalist, television writer, actress, and LGBTQ activist whose podcast “Bad With Money”, was named one of the top ten podcasts of 2016 by The New York Times. Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to the podcast and uses both her unique life experiences and...


Taxes! w/ Rianka Dorsainvil - PB119

Today on Paychecks & Balances, we welcome back Rianka Dorsainvil to the podcast. Since her last visit, she has become a part of CNBC's Digital Financial Advisor Council, which consists of 20 high-level financial professionals that make investment terms and strategies more transparent and she writes a monthly column for PBS NewsHour. Rianka is a Certified Financial Planner and both the Founder and CEO of “Your Greatest Contribution” or YGC. She continues to establish herself as a leader in...


Taking a Financial Loss Part 2 aka Where's My Card? – PB118

Today is part two of Episode 116, “Taking An L”. Rich was recently on vacation in an unnamed city, if you follow him on social media you’ll know where he went. In any case, after a fun filled bike ride in a park, Rich realized he had lost his wallet. After hours of searching for it, it got dark and he called off the search. Going to plan B he took a couple of Lyft rides around town to try and find a western union where he was set to receive a money gram of cash that a friend of his...