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Myers-Briggs In Depth - Revealing Your Inner Introvert And Extrovert

When we do our Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops with people, we’re often asked how team members can be the same type but be so different in so many areas, and vice versa. Not everything can be explained using the Myers-Briggs framework, but the answer is: they may have a different MBTI Step II result. There’s a lot of depth to the MBTI and that’s what we love about it. A lot of our people in our community have done Myers-Briggs Step I so we’re going to look at taking it to the...


High-Performing Team Tool: Understanding Your Team

One of our most popular downloads for people leaders is the High Performing Team Assessment Tool. We developed it to give managers a practical way to have open and honest discussions with their team. In this episode we chat to Jayden, a user of the tool, about his experience. While it’s designed to help leaders better understand their team, he tells us it has just as many personal benefits for the individual too. Episode Highlights: High Performing Team Tool Useful Links People Leaders...


What Makes A Good People Leader? These Are The Top 3 Skills

Do you have what it takes to be a good people leader? We’ve thought long and hard about what makes good leadership. We’ve narrowed it down to what we believe are the top three skills based on our experience working with people leaders over the years. They are feedback, coaching and delegation. In this episode, we discuss the models we use for each skill, and the benefits of each skill for you as a people leader, and your team. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders...


Geoff McDonald Interview - Being A Leader And Creating A Change

We all know what makes a good people leader, but have you ever thought about what people leaders might do that could hinder their leadership skills Geoff McDonald, a speaker, author and prolific writer, speaks to us in this podcast about the common mistakes managers make too often. The journey for Geoff began with a degree in architecture. He has also owned his own website design business, a coaching business, and presented training programs. Nowadays, he concentrates on speaking at...


Delegate Your Way To Better Leadership

Today’s topic of choice is one we have found people leaders really struggle with, and can really open up so many opportunities for them: delegation. In coaching or workshops, we often hear managers say, "Yes, but I'm so busy, surely I can't push any more work down on to the people that report to me." Our answer is simply, “Ask, you might be surprised by the response”. If it's the right kind of work and is something your team is interested in or think it may help with their growth and...


Insights From 2018: The 5 Top Strategies Of Effective People Leaders

As the year draws to a close, we’re reflecting on the strategies and habits of the most effective managers and people leaders we have come across. We’ve worked with hundreds of people over the last year, so we’ve gathered a lot of insights into the most effective management and leadership skills in action. Today we’re going to share these with you so you can be the best people leader. Episode highlights: Website LinkedIn Facebook Twitter


Perfectionism vs People Leading: Is It Good Or Bad For Your Career?

For some, being a perfectionist is seen as a good thing. For others, it’s a bad trait to have. We all have some understanding of what it means to be a perfectionist, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Perfectionism is on our radar because we’re seeing a lot of it when it comes to people management and the impact it has on those with a tendency to strive for perfection and their ability to manage others. In this episode, we chat about what perfectionism actually means and what you...


The Enneagram - Discover The Core Values Of Your Team

We’re big believers in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and its benefits for the corporate world. But we also love using the Enneagram, and have done for over 20 years. A dynamic personality system, the Enneagram describes nine fundamentally different ways of operating in the world. It reveals how our patterns of attention and focus create our core beliefs, our preoccupations, our behaviours, and our personalities. While it’s not as widespread as Myers-Briggs, there are many benefits...


Where Do You Sit? Above And Below The Line

This post is about one of the most impactful behavioural models we've come across in the last 18 years. It’s called ‘above the line and below the line’ where the line represents choice. We can choose to operate either above the line or below it. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. But in its simplicity, lies its strength, One of the reasons this tool is so impactful is that it brings values to life in a tangible way. For the teams we’ve worked with, it’s absolutely galvanised the...


How To Wheel Your Way To Success

We’ve been using the success wheel for many years, and every time we use it with a leadership client or team we get great feedback and they get great results. The beauty of this activity is that it’s ridiculously simple and yet super effective. In this post we’re going to share why and how we use the success wheel – and why it brings such successful results. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders Facebook People Leaders Twitter People Leaders...


What Do You Want? We’re Here To Help You Get It...

At People Leaders, we’re always happy to hear from our readers and listeners. But today, we’re getting really interactive. If there are things you really want and you’re willing to try and make them happen, we want you to get in touch and tell us all about it. Why? Well, what we really want is to put all our knowledge and experience, tools and resources at your fingertips to help you get what you really want. There are just five simple steps to this process and, if you take us up on the...


The 4 Agreements for Effective Team Leadership

Many of our coaching clients ask us for book recommendations, especially about the leadership journey. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is probably the book that we recommend most often - and it’s one of our all-time favourites. It’s powerful, profound, and gives you a framework to operate at your best. So we thought we’d talk about what the Four Agreements are and give you some examples of how you can apply them in your teams, as a people leader, and even just in everyday...


Pass the Kava (and the pigs) as Pacific Island Chief Sam talks about Leadership

You may remember from recent pods and posts that we went on holiday to Vanuatu to do some business planning. Since we were discussing people and leadership, we thought we’d chat with a very special someone we met while we were there – Chief Sam. Chief Sam is an actual Chief of Futuna, a small island in the south of Vanuatu with around 300 people living across four villages. Because we’re always fascinated to learn how different types of leaders work, we were excited to hear all about his...


Our Top 5 Energy Boosters for People Leaders (Or Anyone For That Matter)

In many of our workshops lately, energy, or rather the lack of it, has been a big issue. In this podcast, we share our top five energy boosting tips. They’re all super easy and there’s not a piece of gym equipment in sight! As a people leader, you really do need to be at your best if you're expecting the best from your team. And to be as effective as you can be, you need to be optimised mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you can get all of these areas humming along - or even just...


Leadership Perspectives - Interview With David Ryan, MD City West Water

Today, as part of our leadership series, we’re sitting down with David Ryan, managing director of City West Water, a government owned retail water company, to hear his thoughts on leadership and running a large organisation. The background is that People Leaders ran a six-month leadership programme for David’s team at City West Water in Melbourne. Based on the feedback and the shift in behaviour we've seen, it’s been very successful. David explains: “Leadership is a journey of continuous...


The New and Improved High Performing Team Assessment Tool

The High Performing Team Assessment Tool (HPT) is one of our most downloaded resources. It’s so popular because it’s simple to use and benchmarks your team across eight critical areas, enabling you to easily measure improvements over time. At People Leaders, we’re also all about continuous improvement. That’s why we’ve revamped the HPT in line with feedback received and our own new learnings. In this podcast, we talk you through the tool and changes we’ve made to it, explaining why it’s so...


MBTI Type Skills for Managers and People Leaders

We recently went on holiday with the extended family to Vanuatu and it was fascinating to observe how different we all were in our ways of being. For example, some of us were crazy organised with an agenda full of activities. Others were very present, focusing only on what was in front of them in that moment. Inspired by the family dynamics, we decided to look at personality types in this podcast because, as a people leader, understanding the different ways people perceive and organise...


Psychological Safety in the Workplace

When we talk about diversity in the workplace, we usually think in terms of age and gender. But what about the important differences in personalities, communication styles and approaches? All too often, people don’t speak up at work because it doesn’t feel safe – and the consequences can be far reaching. In this podcast we look at the idea of ‘psychological safety’, and how we can create a framework that really honours the differences people bring to a team. Episode Highlight: Useful...


4 Essential Ingredients for Effective Team Meetings

People talk about team meetings like they’re a dirty word, and it’s true that without the right preparation they can often feel like a waste of time and energy. Minds wander, focus is lost and before you know it your meeting has missed its mark. Episode Highlights: An effective meeting has a clear purpose Before calling a meeting, think about what you want to get out of it When you’re clear on the meeting’s purpose, don’t forget to share it with participants before the event An...


How To Motivate Your Team As A People Leader

How to motivate my team? It’s a common but elusive question that many people leaders struggle with. Your team's drive and desire to perform well is key to their productivity and success. Yet the truth is, you can't really motivate people unless they want to do it themselves. So where does that leave you? In this podcast we discuss four focus areas to consider when thinking about how to motivate your team. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders...