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Leadership Perspectives - Interview With David Ryan, MD City West Water

Today, as part of our leadership series, we’re sitting down with David Ryan, managing director of City West Water, a government owned retail water company, to hear his thoughts on leadership and running a large organisation. The background is that People Leaders ran a six-month leadership programme for David’s team at City West Water in Melbourne. Based on the feedback and the shift in behaviour we've seen, it’s been very successful. David explains: “Leadership is a journey of continuous...


MBTI Type Skills

We recently went on holiday with the extended family to Vanuatu and it was fascinating to observe how different we all were in our ways of being. For example, some of us were crazy organised with an agenda full of activities. Others were very present, focusing only on what was in front of them in that moment. Inspired by the family dynamics, we decided to look at personality types in this podcast because, as a people leader, understanding the different ways people perceive and organise...


Psychological Safety in the Workplace

When we talk about diversity in the workplace, we usually think in terms of age and gender. But what about the important differences in personalities, communication styles and approaches? All too often, people don’t speak up at work because it doesn’t feel safe – and the consequences can be far reaching. In this podcast we look at the idea of ‘psychological safety’, and how we can create a framework that really honours the differences people bring to a team. Episode Highlight: Useful...


Four Essential Ingredients for Effective Team Meetings

People talk about team meetings like they’re a dirty word, and it’s true that without the right preparation they can often feel like a waste of time and energy. Minds wander, focus is lost and before you know it your meeting has missed its mark. Episode Highlights: An effective meeting has a clear purpose Before calling a meeting, think about what you want to get out of it When you’re clear on the meeting’s purpose, don’t forget to share it with participants before the event An...


How To Motivate Your Team As A People Leader

How to motivate my team? It’s a common but elusive question that many people leaders struggle with. Your team's drive and desire to perform well is key to their productivity and success. Yet the truth is, you can't really motivate people unless they want to do it themselves. So where does that leave you? In this podcast we discuss four focus areas to consider when thinking about how to motivate your team. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders...


Awareness, Acceptance and Action

Today we’re sharing a simple yet powerful model we’ve been using to help our clients work through the process of change. It’s called the Awareness Acceptance Action Model, and it’s a framework or continuum with three stages. Moving through each stage will help you experience a different response in any given situation so that you can create real change. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders Facebook People Leaders Twitter People Leaders...


Building Your Brand As A People Leader

Recently, we’ve coached a number of people leaders who’ve received feedback from their upline managers around the importance of building their personal brand. We thought it would be interesting to talk about how to build your reputation from a perspective of building relationships. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders Facebook People Leaders Twitter People Leaders LinkedIn Michelle Terkelsen LinkedIn Jan Terkelsen LinkedIn


Your Leadership Playbook

When we think of a playbook, we think of a strategy or plan used in a team sport. In this podcast, we're talking about how you can create your own personal playbook. It's a useful tool that helps purposeful leaders focus their efforts when they’re going into or have come out of a project or task. It prompts you to address the who, what, where, when and how of your development. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders Facebook People Leaders...


How to Interpret Lencioni's 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

VIf you’ve been following People Leaders a while, you’ll know we’re all about optimising your team’s performance and effectiveness. We like to explore ways in which we can help you, and we love hearing what leading-edge thinkers have to say. This week, we’re looking at the work of organisational health expert Patrick Lencioni and the ideas raised in his book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - A Leadership Fable’. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders...


How To Create A Values Based Personal Development Plan

Values are at our very core. They guide our behaviour and what we stand for. But how often do we really focus on them? We recently re-read The Power of Full Engagement (see below for details), and it reconfirmed to us just how important values are. The message we’re sharing today in this post and podcast, is that living your values is the key to being your best self, and the route to higher performance and effectiveness. The Values Based Personal Development Plan is a seven step process...


4 Types of Performance Conversations for Leaders and Managers

Performance conversations are extremely important in your job as a manager. A fundamental part of your role is giving feedback to improve your teams’ effectiveness as well as helping each member develop their skills and career. In this podcast we're looking at the four broad performance categories: Underperformers, Average to good performers, High performers and High potential and the things you need to be mindful of when you’re discussing with your team members where they sit on the...


Mentoring Session Guidelines For People Leaders

These days a lot of people, particularly high performers and senior leaders, enjoy the benefits that coaching and mentoring provide. This podcast and post looks at a resource we offer our clients that delivers a framework to help mentors and coaches direct session discussions. Though you don’t have to follow it to the word, just having these questions in your back pocket, and following the structure loosely, gives you a pathway and will really help you make the most of your time together....


Customer/Stakeholder Engagement Plan

At the beginning of the year, our clients all share a keen interest in putting their plans into place, identifying objectives and rolling out the strategic plan. One of the key steps in this strategic planning process is a stakeholder analysis. We're going to step you through a very simple - yet very effective - customer/stakeholder engagement plan. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders Facebook People Leaders Twitter People Leaders...


The 10 Key Steps of Team-Based Planning

In our last podcast, we introduced you to the idea of team-based planning and its many benefits. To recap, it’s an activity most commonly carried out at the beginning of the year (or whenever a refresh is required), and it’s guaranteed to bring clarity, focus and direction to your team. Team-based planning gets everyone on board, aligned and invested not only in the outcome, but the journey too. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders Facebook People...


An Introduction to Team-Based Planning

Team-based planning is something we work on with our clients at the beginning and end of the year as a top and tail activity. But what exactly is team-based planning? Who’s involved? And what are the benefits? Episode Highlights: Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders Facebook People Leaders Twitter People Leaders LinkedIn Michelle Terkelsen LinkedIn Jan Terkelsen LinkedIn


Executive Presence

‘Executive presence’. We hear the term a lot, particularly in leadership circles. But what exactly is executive presence? And how does one develop it? At People Leaders, we refer to those with executive presence as having an authentic, confident and poised sense of self that makes a positive impression. In this post (and this podcast) we've boiled down the concept into three key areas of expression: How you look, How you speak and How you act. Episode Highlights: Useful Links People...


How to Keep Your Team on the Same Page With a Team Charter

Working well in a team can often be the difference between project failure and success. One way to increase team cohesion is to develop a team charter that details how the team will work together to get the best result. This simple yet instrumental document encourages members to discuss and agree on how best to coordinate efforts towards their shared goal. It sets out expectations for behaviour and provides a framework for how the team will operate. To get your new team off on the right...


How to Create a Team Purpose Statement in Three Steps (and Why)

It’s fair to say that most organisations have a Purpose Statement, Mission Statement or something that determines the company's’ scope of operations and direction. However, though they need just as much clarity and direction (or perhaps more!), it’s rare that individual teams within organisations have their own distinct Purpose Statements. In this episode, we explain why Team Purpose Statements are such a great idea for your team and organisation as a whole. And, we reveal three simple...


A 4 Step Framework for One-on-One Catch Ups for People Leaders

It’s important for managers to check in on their staff in regular one on one catch ups. But without a process or structure, these conversations can be quite transactional. In this post, we explain how we help managers pave the way to far more valuable and effective catch ups using 4 steps and 5 tips. Episode Highlights Useful Links People Leaders Website People Leaders Facebook People Leaders Twitter People Leaders LinkedIn Michelle Terkelsen LinkedIn Jan Terkelsen LinkedIn