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Best practices and lessons learned in Project and Incident Management from leaders in the field and the host Kevin Pannell, PMP.

Best practices and lessons learned in Project and Incident Management from leaders in the field and the host Kevin Pannell, PMP.


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Best practices and lessons learned in Project and Incident Management from leaders in the field and the host Kevin Pannell, PMP.






PPP95: When Leading A Project, Remember It's Not YOUR Project

This episode was inspired by re-listening to Jocko Podcast 98 with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. In the episode Jocko, Echo (good evening) and Dr. Peterson discuss the importance of self evaluation before looking out and judging the world as well as the differences between tyrannical leadership and leaders who inspire others to want to do work for them. In this episode I share what I believe Project Managers can do to stay on the opposite side of tyranny and instead build a bonded, collaborative...


Foundations Friday 44: We Must Seek Hardship

If we actively seek the tough assignment, the harder workout or the more difficult roll in Jiu Jitsu we will come out the other side more prepared for the hardships in our personal and professional lives.


Foundations Friday 43: Change a Life, Not Just the Game

Expanding on the quote hanging in the Jiu Jitsu gym I train in “A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life”


PPP94: Welcome to Murder Yoga (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

Sharing some quick tips to help brand new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) trainees enjoy the first steps into the BJJ world.


Foundations Friday 42: It's Not A Calculated Risk If You Haven't Calculated It

The title reflects insight from Naved Abdali and perfectly captures that we cannot consider risks if we don't take time to calculate them. In this episode I share some practical tips on how to evaluate the probability, severity and impact of risks for projects, incident response and special event planning.


PPP93: It All Starts with the Intake Process

In this episode I expand on the three key elements of defining the need, initiating the request and approving the project I believe are essential for setting up projects, organizations and people for success.


Foundations Friday 41: Pick the Right Tool for the Job

Sharing how we may have a library of many tools to choose from but at times to get the job done we really only need a handful.


PPP92: The Successful Project Manager with Donna Gregorio

Sharing Donna Gregorio's 30+ years of Project Management and leadership experience through a great conversation on how Project Managers should seek to become irreplaceable not irrelevant, the importance of conducting "get well checks" on your projects and more practical tips for new and experienced Project Managers alike.


Foundations Friday 40: Become Irreplaceable, Not Irrelevant

Sharing a concept from veteran Project Manager Donna Gregorio and author of 'The Successful Project Manager'. Donna and I discuss this concept more in depth in the upcoming 'PPP92: The Successful Project Manager with Donna Gregorio' set to launch October 25, 2021.


PPP91: The Value of Video Games for Project Managers

Video games are fun. They can also help us build build or enhance some of our Project Management skills. Check out this episode to hear more about history of video games, Project Management's use in developing games and skills I think Project Managers can take away from playing video games.


Foundations Friday 39: Be Your Own First Responder

There’s a benefit in knowing how to respond to traumas, fires and other emergencies in this world. This is particularly true if you are a parent. As Mr. Jitsu says, your kids will break the glass in an emergency and expect you to be there behind it.


PPP90: Out of the Mouth of Babes - Be Kind

Sharing a writing from my 10 year old on how we, adults and kids, can be kind, how being kind is hard and why it's a good thing to be kind to others.


Foundations Friday 38: Your Team Sees You

Whether we’re leading a project, coaching kids on a sports team or the Section Chief for a special event, we as leaders need to always remember that our team sees us. It’s up to us to provide the best example and support for them that we can.


PPP89: 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Resume in 2021

Sharing the combined four decades of my and my wife's professional experience and guidance from industry leaders on how to make your resume stand out and stay evergreen in 2021.


Foundations Friday 37: Hearts Aren’t Always Red, They’re Black and Blue

Under a clear night sky and with crickets in the background I share the lyrics to The White Buffalo’s “I Got You” that capture the reality of couples making it through relationships.


PPP88: 10 Things That Got Us to 20 Years of Marriage

Sharing 10 things (5 from my wife, 5 from me) we felt helped us make through the first 20 years of our marriage.


Foundations Friday 36: How Will You Brighten Someone Else’s Day Today?

Inspired by a beautiful sunrise, cool mountain air and a quote from Jhiess Krieg. Through little things we can help make someone else stay better and intern our own.


Foundations Friday 35: Just Start Dancing

Sharing my two cents on a key tenant my wife and I have practiced and are now two decades of marriage.


PPP87: 5 Essential Items to Kick Off Your Home Exercise Journey

In addition to the myriad of body weight exercises, in this episode I share 5 items that are accessible, relatively cheap and mostly mobile that will help you kick off your home exercise journey.


Foundations Friday 34: Embracing "Good" by Jocko Willink

Sharing how Jocko Willink's "Good" helps frame my mindset during hard times and how we can all benefit from accepting hardship and looking for the "Good" that comes from it.