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A podcast where you will find fun and interesting conversations with people about their career path, their journey of success, dreams, and failures. The motto is to bring more professional guest and explore their passion and educate people through their journeys. Life | Career | Dreams | Success

A podcast where you will find fun and interesting conversations with people about their career path, their journey of success, dreams, and failures. The motto is to bring more professional guest and explore their passion and educate people through their journeys. Life | Career | Dreams | Success




A podcast where you will find fun and interesting conversations with people about their career path, their journey of success, dreams, and failures. The motto is to bring more professional guest and explore their passion and educate people through their journeys. Life | Career | Dreams | Success






What people say about Gender Equality

A few months back, we took a survey with some questions on gender equality and based on the responses we received, we summed them up in a collegial environment amongst 3 friends. The responses we received were really insightful and so is the conversation. If you are interested to go through all the questions and the responses, you can find them on Tune in to listen to the talk!


Build a community: Story of a business development manager #23

Akshay has seen it all! From being born and raised in New Delhi in India to graduating in mechanical engineering from the USA and working there, to moving to Germany and eventually working as a business manager, Akshay brings a very extensive professional and personal experience along with him. In this episode, Akshay has explained his transition from technical to managerial and how do his typical work-life looks like. Along with a full-blown job, he is also involved in expanding his family...


Learn from your past: Journey of a Trader and Fitness coach #22

Kapil has some quirky choices and as he calls himself "Jack of many...". I would also call him master of many. Wondering how do these 2 worlds combine together? Then tune in to this episode of People's Stories. Kapil hails from India, has done a bachelor's in electronics and a master's in HR but is currently nailing a totally different professional path. There is also some tip shared for you towards the end so earn your reward. If you like this episode, then you can listen to more episodes...


Be a Catalyst: Journey of an Impact Consultant

Born and raised in north India, Aditya is currently working as an impact consultant which is similar to a management consultant in the social space. With an MBA degree from oxford and past experience in the finance sector, Aditya is currently pursuing his passion to become a catalyst for some social reforms. He brings his skill sets of managing people and resources in the most efficient way to create an impact, which he always looks forward to. In his personal life, he is an avid football...


Figuring out your Success Mantra; Journey of a Partnerships Specialist #20

People's Stories brings to you another sales journey but this time a little different than usual. In this episode, we are going to talk to a partnerships specialist - Mr. Kunal Vaid. Kunal has been born and brought up in Northern India and has extensive experience in multiple industries within the sales domain. Apart from work, Kunal is into quizzes, likes reading, and is super amazing to talk to. In the episode, we have discussed how does his personal and professional life looks like, what...


Joy of spreading happiness - Story of a surprise event planner #19

Himan is born and brought up in northern India, loves to play guitar, and loves to spread happiness and joy around him. As a kid, he wanted to be a scientist but destiny had a different plan and he eventually landed up in a profession that is super unconventional but very rewarding. He is keen on providing the best of surprises to people and is constantly motivated by the joy on people's faces when a surprise is successfully executed. Interested to know more about Himan and the surprise...


A guided journey from an Executive Coach & Management Consultant

Earth has been born and raised in Thailand, but his dreams were not restricted to his country of birth. He took the leap and explored the professional world in both the technical setup as a sales strategy and operations manager and in the consulting world as an engagement manager. Very early on Earth realized that career is not a few months thing that you do and get over with. It is a lifelong journey and therefore must be decided and thought through. Particular to note are the things that...


Your inherent Strength - Story of a digital marketer #17

Shreya talks about how she traced her path to being a creative strategist at TikTok. Born and raised in Delhi, Shreya has had a very immersive experience in the digital marketing space and has thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only is Shreya brilliant in her professional life but she also is an excellent baker and is on a mission to give Carrot cake the due it deserves. If this has intrigued you then tune into the episode to know more about Shreya and her journey.


Own it: Story of a young entrepreneur #16

Vedika has been born and raised in the city of lights - Kolkata, India. A food enthusiast, Vedika realized very early on that her place was not behind the counter in the kitchen but rather in front of it. 3 years ago, Vedika founded the company called scoopski and has grown it leaps and bounds since then. If this has enticed you and you would like to know more about her journey, then tune into the episode to listen to her story from her.


Its all about Perseverance - Story of a Indian Civil Services - Class 1 Officer #15

Rohit has an inspiring journey and many learnings to share from his own personal experience. Born and brought up in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India, Rohit has not only achieved a prestigious position in his professional life (physician turned allied Indian Administrative Services officer) but has a very interesting personal life too. A trained Scuba diver, air rifle shooter, and badminton player, Rohit loves to spend long hours on his desk earlier studying and now working. If you are...


Your life, Your Decisions - Story of a Data Analyst #14

In this episode of People's Stories, we are going to talk to a data analyst manager, Anushka Aggarwal about her work life, her value system, and her passion. Anushka has an exciting journey of figuring out absolute love for data and is now excelling in it. She is born and brought up by two strong figures in India and is currently based out of California, San Francisco. She believes that life is not only about the 9 to 5 circle but also about figuring out and finding time and resources for...


Management skills, Student advisor, and Life in Canada #13

Born and raised in Toronto in Canada, Jonathan is working as a student advisor at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. He loves to travel, loves hockey, and overall aims to provide a comfortable and guided setup to students during their life at the University. Apart from this Jonathan is also the host of his own podcast show called Career Crossroads, where he speaks to people who have pivoted from their original area of education/career and how they have evolved from there. Jonathan also...


Story of a Tree Hugger #12

In this episode, we will dive deep into the life of an environmentalist who started with a conventional journey of engineering and then pivoted to being a banker but eventually found out his true calling. Durgesh hails from a small village in North India and is currently working with an NGO- SayTrees as the head of partnerships and projects. With an aim to make the Earth a greener place, he has found what inspires and motivates him every single day. Apart from this Durgesh loves to bike and...


Inspiring journey of a girl : Physicist -> Comic Artist #11

In this episode, tune into the story of Eliana who is born and brought up in the south of Italy. Being a very bright child that she was, Eliana undertook Physics as her area of specialization. After successfully graduating, she realized that her true calling was in the creative field. Currently, she is doing pretty well as a comic artist but this did not come easy to her. We talk about the many challenges she faced and how she overturned her obstacles into her source of motivation. Eliana...


Journey of an AI Engineer #10

An avid movie's fan, artist and photographer, Akash found out at a very early age that he liked coding and led his way through it. Presently living in Germany, Akash Sachdeva is working as an Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer and hails from New Delhi, India. In this episode, he is sharing his experiences from his professional life as well as some tips and tricks to follow the path of AI. Tune into the podcast to know more about his story and also a little bit of ours ;) PS: We...


Secret to Sell by a Salesperson #9

Introducing Swarnim Saxena who has extensive experience in the sales domain right from direct sales to now being a key accounts manager in Mumbai, India. Born and raised in Agra, Swarnim has moved across India exploring unchartered territories and gained experiences in sales and the human psyche that you cannot gain otherwise. How did he began and reached where he is right now? What were the skill sets needed and how did one door open after the other? Interested?? Tune into this episode and...


Journey of a passionate Business Owner and Podcaster #8

You might have heard about the concept of Ikigai which talks about finding out what you like to do, what are you good at, what is in demand, and then combine all of it to figure out how can you make money while doing something you are passionate about. Chris has figured it out. Born and brought up in Wisconsin US, Chris found out that he likes everything about skateboarding and he is naturally good at connecting with people. So he combined both his likes to finally become a skateboard...


Planning Before Execution: Car Design To Sales #7

Born and brought up in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Chinmay has had an interesting journey. Currently working as a deputy manager for vocational sales training design at a leading car manufacturer in India, he has a full-fledged understanding of the entire lifecycle of a car. In this episode, whether you are interested to know how a car is made, or what goes behind the standard sales designing, or some tips on how to be really successful in your professional and personal life, we have you covered....


Story of perseverance by a doctor : #6

The life story of a boy who moved from India to the USA at an early age and is practicing cardiology at the moment. Perseverance, hard work, and a strong belief in his dreams were what took him there. If you are intrigued to know the story, feel free to listen to the podcast and get inspired by a real-life experience. Insights: Life of a doctor, their thought process, what could be important to them, how to become a doctor in the USA, how is the education system in the USA different from...


#5 Journey of a Criminal Lawyer

In this episode, Namita Wali, a litigator who has successfully found out the meaning in her work as a criminal lawyer. Listen to some really interesting insights from her life as a lawyer and how it impacts the lives of so many more lives around her. She will also be sharing her path to become a lawyer, so there might be some interesting tips for you ;) To reach out to her, She is available on Instagram with user id @namitawali or on LinkedIn "Namita Wali" You can reach us out...