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We are exploring the Profession of Pharmacy through Audio since 2009. Over the years, the Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) has accumulated over 150,000+ listeners and is the most popular and downloaded podcast about the Pharmacy Industry. The PPN is proud to have some of the most influential hosts and guests building interviews about important topics in Pharmacy. The PPN is a Digital Health Publication and Content Developing partner to the Pharmaceutical industry focusing on Specialty medications, pharmacy business supportive technologies, and industry trends. The PPN is the world’s largest network of podcasts dedicated to the pharmacy professional and industry insiders leading with our hosts interviewing dynamic people in the pharmacy industry making a difference for our profession, customers, and patients. Pharmacists are the HUB of Healthcare, the PPN is the Pharmacist’s biggest fan. The PPN is a strategic media division within FINN Partners.


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We are exploring the Profession of Pharmacy through Audio since 2009. Over the years, the Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) has accumulated over 150,000+ listeners and is the most popular and downloaded podcast about the Pharmacy Industry. The PPN is proud to have some of the most influential hosts and guests building interviews about important topics in Pharmacy. The PPN is a Digital Health Publication and Content Developing partner to the Pharmaceutical industry focusing on Specialty medications, pharmacy business supportive technologies, and industry trends. The PPN is the world’s largest network of podcasts dedicated to the pharmacy professional and industry insiders leading with our hosts interviewing dynamic people in the pharmacy industry making a difference for our profession, customers, and patients. Pharmacists are the HUB of Healthcare, the PPN is the Pharmacist’s biggest fan. The PPN is a strategic media division within FINN Partners.




LIVE at RBC - Market Trends Impacting the Front of Your Pharmacy | Cardinal Health™ Counter Talk™ Podcast

In 2023, 16% of shoppers in independent drugstores contribute to two-thirds of the store’s dollar sales. Nielsen representatives Hilary Hilary Hainsworth Smith, Associate Director, U.S. Retail Analytics Group, and Jaquelyn Flam who oversees their U.S. Retail Division for drug, beauty and over-the-counter (OTC) services, spoke with our Cardinal Health Consumer Health Division representatives, Jason Dulgar at our annual Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference (RBC), about today’s independent drug store shopper, i.e., their shopping behaviors, their demographic, the types of products they choose, and the critical distinction between a “light shopper” vs. “large shopper.” In this podcast, Hilary and Jaquelyn address how these shopping factors and behaviors impact independent drug retailers. They start with an analysis at a macro level to help independent drug retailers understand the market trends that are impacting pharmacy shoppers. They also address “who” that shopper is in independent drug retail today, how it’s changed over recent years, and the macro trends impacting these shoppers. As they bring us to the conclusion of sharing their vast and helpful insights, they address how independent drug retailers can also operationalize these insights. It’s a podcast not to miss. Listen — and learn! — today.


Beta Cell Dysfunction | T2D: Don’t Sugar Coat It

What do you know about the role of beta-cell dysfunction in the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes (T2D)? Join primary care experts in T2D: Dr John Anderson, Dr Stephen Brunton and Dr James LaSalle as they discuss the beta-cell function and its critical role in T2D pathogenesis, what clinicians know or should know about it and how it is measured in the clinic, and how our current knowledge of beta-cell function in T2D may affect future research on T2D treatment.


TWIRx | The Great Pharmacy STRIKE!!

CVS Pharmacist's have had enough. “Pharmacists all over the nation have talked about, joked about, wanted to, wished that we could do things like this,” one of the walkout organizers told USA TODAY. “I know the pharmacists in this district – a lot of us have worked together for a long time, and we just decided we’ve had enough.” The Nation has heard loud and clear from #Pharmacists in Kansas City and Missouri that the working conditions at CVS Pharmacies is not safe for Pharmacists, Techs, and most importantly Patients. We're joined by 'Would Your Like Shots with That' Marie Wilda and 'Pizza Is Not Working' Dr. Candace Olusola PharmD collaborators on 'This Week in Pharmacy' New boost


DEA Red Flags: Part 1 | Pain Pod

Mark "Pain Guy" Garofoli, PharmD, MBA, BCGP, CPE, CTTS Red Light, Green Light, GO! On this episode of the Pain Pod, we discuss the infamous DEA Red Flags, their respective color, where to find them documented, and the multitude of other general controlled substance concerns. We all have our stories, so this episode is right up everyone’s alley. Come one, come all, to the Pain Pod!!! Pain Guy • Pain Guy’s Practical Pain Management “Controlled Substance Concerns” Article • Garofoli MP, “Prescribing and Dispensing Controlled Substances: When to Pump the Brakes”. Practical Pain Management. 2022; 22(6). • Drug Topics Chain Pharmacies Red Flags Article •


One Simple Change to Creating Huge Results w/ Melissa Hetrick | Holistic Pharmacy Podcast

It’s always a joy to have incredible conversations with incredible people on this podcast. Today I am interviewing a dear colleague and co-author of the book Beyond the Counter, and we discuss why it's so important to take care of your body, and mind NOW. You're either paying for prevention now, or treatment later. Dr. Melissa Hetrick, PharmD, BCPS, is a clinical staff pharmacist at Lehigh Valley Health Network, and a Sales Coordinator at The Juice Plus + Company. She is currently a clinical pharmacist for the Integrative Care Coordination team, a division of Population Health, at Lehigh Valley Health Network. She has previously practiced within the inpatient setting for the first 15 years of her career focusing on areas such as pediatrics, parenteral nutrition, operating room satellite, and intravenous compounding as well as specializing in Hematology/Oncology at the LVHN Topper Cancer Institute for the past 5 years. Dr. Hetrick guides hard-working women down a clear path of health and wellness, replacing unfavorable habits with simple changes to attain confidence and balance. Her dream is to help these women and their families learn how to prevent disease with food as their medicine, rather than treating it with an overload of prescription medications. Tune into the episode to hear how even “bad” things can have silver linings and share this with a friend who may be struggling! For more information on joining Dr. Hetrick’s mission and finding healing for yourself, connect with Melissa for downloadable recipes and samples via: Email: Youtube: Linkedin: Products mentioned JuicePlus: Tower Garden:


Doctor Patient Forum | Our Patient’s Voice is the most important Voice in Healthcare

The Doctor Patient Forum is a non-partisan, community-based organization that works to support pain patients and their physicians with access to lifesaving pain relief and to mitigate the harmful effects of efforts to curb liberal prescribing and overdose. With a focus on disabled people, those in chronic pain, and physicians who work with them, DPF provides information, practical tools, and policy analysis to strengthen patient-centered safe and appropriate medical support and advocates for approaches that reduce increasingly common suffering and death resulting from non-consensual medication reduction or termination of care. Raising Awareness and Improving Conditions For: • Pain patients facing non-consensual medication reduction • Termination of treatment • Untreated pain Well-intended responses to the overdose crisis by state and federal authorities have caused unintended harmful consequences including patient dismissal / termination of care and forced/non-consensual opioid and benzodiazepine tapers, which have led to a crisis of medically abandoned patients, suffering, and even death. Guests: Claudia A. Merandi DPF Board Member, Executive Director, President Beverly Schechtman DPF Board Member, Director, Vice President


Your Identity Beyond Pharmacy Matters | PharmXcel

In this episode: I delve deep into our identities beyond being Pharmacists. How society’s expectations shape our identities How being your true self beyond pharmacy will help you build a fulfilling career in many ways. References: Book - A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle Visit to find out how I can help you: 👉 Figure out what your purpose is and how you can weave that into your career 👉 Get coached into figuring out and building your dream career 👉 Find out how to build a side hustle that earns you income 👉 Bring Pharmacogenomics & Telepharmacy to your practice Follow me on social media: ➡️ LinkedIn: ➡️ Facebook: ➡️Twitter: The PharmXcel Podcast is a show for pharmacists who want to connect with why they did pharmacy and how to build a fulfilling career by addressing the opportunities and challenges that make us pharmacists—Pharmacists who signed up for pharmacy to help transform patient lives! Thanks for listening in—it means the world to me! Here is how you can support my mission: Give it a 5-star rating wherever you’re listening to it Share this with other Pharmacists who would enjoy it Subscribe to get notified of new episodes And please reach out if you have any questions or comments! Your feedback will help me bring you valuable content.


Epigenetics, Sex Hormones and Functional Spirit Science with Dr. Jenna Clack | Sex PharmD

#Pharmacists play a crucial role in healthcare, and they can leverage emerging fields like #epigenetics and an understanding of sex hormones to provide more personalized and effective care to their patients. By incorporating epigenetic information into medication management, pharmacists tailor drug regimens based on an individual's unique genetic and epigenetic profiles, optimizing treatment outcomes and minimizing adverse effects. Additionally, a deep understanding of sex hormones allows pharmacists to address gender-specific medication needs, ensuring that therapies are both safe and efficacious. Furthermore, continuous education is vital for pharmacists to stay updated with the latest advancements in these areas, enabling them to offer cutting-edge pharmaceutical services that enhance patient well-being and contribute to the evolution of modern healthcare. #Epigenetics, Sex Hormones and Functional Spirit Science The #SexPharmD, Dr. Nadia Archambault interviews Dr. Dr. Jenna W. Clack


Finding Fuel: The Birth of Fasted Athlete | Sports Pharmacy Podcast

Sports Pharmacy Podcast is back with a brand new episode featuring an in-depth conversation with Kevin Young, the founder of Fasted Athlete. Hosted by Dr. H, the episode delves into the active lifestyle Kevin leads, which is greatly influenced by his philosophy around fasting. This episode goes behind the 'mat' to give us an insight into Young's love for sports, striking a unique balance between managing his brainchild 'Fasted Athlete' and pursuing his passion for various sports, such as foil surfing, pickleball, and snowboarding. The episode gives listeners a privileged look into Kevin's current favorite sports and how fasting supports his active lifestyle. Kevin's journey serves as a testament to the potential of balancing fitness with an enjoyable life - a message echoing the truth that health and happiness can coexist. As Kevin's story unfolds, he portrays a lifestyle designed around intermittent fasting, nutrient-rich eating, and a committed physical activity routine that leaves room for the pleasures of life, such as sharing meals, occasional indulgence, and enjoying a good game of pickleball. New boost


Welcome to the Pharmacy Success Strategy Series | Pharmacy Success

Guest is Pharmacy Owner Bob Lomenick. Owner of Tyson Drugs in Holly Springs MS. Bob is a transformative leader in community pharmacy. He is known as the godfather of Med Sync programs and his pharmacy and team continues to be a leader in developing clinical programs and patient care.


Act Early to Lighten the Heavy Burden of T2D | T2D: Don’t Sugar Coat It

What is the burden of the type 2 diabetes (T2D) epidemic? Join experts in T2D: Dr John Anderson (primary care provider), Dr Susan Cornell (clinical pharmacist and certified diabetes care and education specialist) and Dr Doron Schneider (primary care provider) as they discuss the physical, emotional, psychological and economic burden of T2D and its comorbidities on the US healthcare system and on their patients and what they, as clinicians need to do to ease this burden.


Mapping a Successful Herbal Career by Going Deep w/ Sara Chana Silverstein | The Holistic Pharmacy Podcast

Hello dear ones! I am over the moon and beyond grateful to share this next episode with you, where I got to interview one of my herbal teachers. We go deep into clinical pearls from this super-experienced powerhouse of a woman who’d like you to take away the following bottom line: the herbs are here to help heal us, they’re inexpensive, safe and easy to use. Sara-Chana Silverstein is the author of the book MOODTOPIA: Tame your moods, de-stress, and find balance using herbal remedies...which has been #1 on Amazon. Her book got accolades from Mayim Bialik, Deepak Chopra, and Christie Brinkley. She is a Master Herbalist RH (AHG), Classical Homeopath, Board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), wife, keynote speaker, and mother of seven children. She is regularly featured on TV news shows across the US discussing how people can safely integrate alternative medicine with conventional medicine. She is a consultant to many pediatricians, midwives, general doctors, and guest lectures to residents at medical schools. After working with over 45,000 clients for the past 28 years she saw that most people needed help with their moodiness and created a program that teaches people how to: “BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR MOODS, SO THEY DON'T CONTROL YOU." Connect with Sara Chana via: Instagram @sarachanas Website *Enter the raffle for free bottle of herbs by sending your email and phone number to


Using Technology to Decrease Barriers to the Clinical Implementation of Pharmacogenomics: LetsGetChecked’s PGx Story | PGx For Pharmacists

On this episode, Dr. Avni Santani, Chief Genomics Officer of Let's Get Checked, Dr. Behnaz Sarrami, and I discuss how Let's Get Checked solves several major barriers that have held pharmacogenomics back from becoming the standard of care in medication therapy management, pharmacists' critical and unique role in PGX at Let's Get Checked, and how nontraditional PGx payers are championing for PGx testing to decrease adverse drug events, increase therapeutic medication outcomes, and improve patient adherence to their medications. Becky Winslow, BS, PharmD and Behnaz Sarrami, MS, PharmD (Hosts) Avni A. Santani, PhD, FACMG, Chief Genomics Officer at LetsGetChecked New boost


5 Things to Know About the Inflation Reduction Act | The PUTTcast

What does the IRA really achieve when it comes to prescription medications? What are its effects on independent pharmacies, the 340B program, or even DIR fees? What parts of the equation are missing, and what inclusions would make the IRA better for everyone? Listen in as PUTTcast hosts Monique Whitney and Lauren Young take a deep dive into the answers to these questions and many more with special guest American Pharmacies General Counsel, Miguel Rodriguez.


Tips For When You’re Ready To Sell Your Pharmacy? | Pharmacy Crossroads

When the time comes to ponder selling your pharmacy it might help to know it is complicated. Understanding valuation, dealing with licenses, leases and finding a buyer are critical success factors. The good news is there are people out there that can help you. Tim Clark and Owen BonDurant are pharmacists, pharmacy owners and ownership transition experts. They also help people start, operate and sell pharmacies. In this episode they layout some of the changes that have occurred in the marketplace in the past year or so. They also describe some new options for finding buyers that many owners may not know about. You can check out their website at:


The Future of LTC Pharmacy | Framework Focus

In this episode, host Mark Fulton and guest Patrick Hussey talk about emerging trends in pharmacy and what the future will look like for LTC pharmacy operators. They highlight both new opportunities and challenges from a regulatory, technological and practice evolution perspective.


AI-Powered Pharmacy Care: Revolutionizing Patient Support and Adherence | Digital Therapeutalks

Imagine being able to use A.I. text interaction with a patient who recently began to use a continuous glucose monitoring device and was able to ask questions and recieve contexual human-like responoses which were documented and tied into the medical records for pharmacist and physician reference? Artifical intelligence (AI) is impacting virtual every aspect of society in one form or another, including through the transformation of the health care industry and all of its sectors. Pharmacy practice is no exception. Medication and treatment plan adherence will be impacted and patients will have access to a first level reference guides backed by human follow up from Providers. Pharmesol Inc. delivers an automated and intelligent HIPAA compliant SMS text message assistant to support all conversations with patients. References: The Rise of AI in Pharmacy Practice Presents Benefits and Challenges by Ned Milenkovich, PharmD, JD What are smart inhalers? By Dr. Liji Thomas, MD Reviewed by Sophia Coveney


Impact of Guided Weight-Based Medication Dosing in Pediatric Patients with Obesity | The Pediatric Pharmacist Review

9/8/2023 "Hannah Palsgraf went to pharmacy school at Albany College of Pharmacy in upstate NY. She completed her PGY1 at John R. Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo, NY and went on to complete her PGY2 in pediatrics through Philadelphia College of Pharmacy with the practice site at Children's Regional Hospital at Cooper in Camden, NJ. She currently practices as a Neonatal ICU Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY on Long Island."



AION Labs CEO - Mati Gil About AION Labs AION Labs is a first-of-its-kind alliance of global pharma and technology leaders and investors that have come together with one clear mission: to create and adopt gateway AI and computational technologies that will transform the process of drug discovery and development for the betterment of human health. We invite brilliant inventors, scientists and technologists to solve the biggest R&D challenges of today’s pharma with the support and guidance of years of accumulated know-how, data, and experience of our partners. Backed by our partners’ wealth of knowledge and fresh multidisciplinary approach, we combine the ingenuity, agility and innovative instinct of Israel’s start-up ecosystem to create and develop strong companies with disruptive technology which will pave the way to the future of pharma. Our unique venture creation process eliminates the gap between technologies and markets with our built in product-market innovation model.


Meet the OG Franchisee of Happier At Home | Happier At Home PRN

Meet Trent Voelkl of Buffalo Pharmacies, who we consider the original gangster, the fusion innovator of all things home care and pharmacy. We discuss the differences and appropriate options of medication management solutions in the home, how to approach independent living facilities to earn their business, how to refer private pay business to your own company and much more!