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Welcome to Pipeline Meeting, a sales podcast for founders and sales leaders. You're going to get ideas that you can apply today to close high ticket deals and find repeatability in your sales process. Pipeline Meeting is brought to you by Intro, learn more at introcrm.com.

Welcome to Pipeline Meeting, a sales podcast for founders and sales leaders. You're going to get ideas that you can apply today to close high ticket deals and find repeatability in your sales process. Pipeline Meeting is brought to you by Intro, learn more at introcrm.com.


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Welcome to Pipeline Meeting, a sales podcast for founders and sales leaders. You're going to get ideas that you can apply today to close high ticket deals and find repeatability in your sales process. Pipeline Meeting is brought to you by Intro, learn more at introcrm.com.






Product Led vs. Sales Led Growth with Aazar Shad

In this podcast, we talk about sales. Sales is not the right way to grow every single company. And when I say sales, I'm talking about the process of having conversations with your customers, explaining how your product works, helping them see value and how you can take them from where they are today, to where they want to go. This involves people. But there are a lot of companies that grow without this type of sales motion. This movement is called product led growth. And there's a tension...


Trailer (November 2021)

This episode is just a trailer recorded November 2021. You can subscribe through the following feeds: ➔ Amazon ➔ Apple ➔ Castbox ➔ Castro ➔ Deezer ➔ Google ➔ Overcast ➔ Pandora ➔ PlayerFM ➔ Pocket Casts ➔ Podcast Addict ➔ Podcast Index ➔ RSS ➔ Stitcher ➔ Spotify ➔ TuneIn ➔ Twitter Or search for Pipeline Meeting wherever you get your podcasts.


Introducing... Intro

In today's episode, Harris shares two big updates. The first update is both major and minor: We're changing our name. And we're expanding the format of this show to include more team interviews, guests, and additional voices. With the name change, Intro CRM is now simply Intro. It's been 10 months since we stopped developing our CRM. The pivot to tech-enabled services has gone well and we are fully embracing this new model for our business. Note that our domain and social media handles will...


Introducing Lead Reply

Harris is on the mic this episode to share our new offering, Lead Reply. He discusses what it is, who it's for, and how it is going for customers so far. With Lead Reply, we respond quickly, as if we are a member of your team. We develop clear messaging and a clear call to action. And the follow through. For most customers, this means taking an opportunity, qualifying it (e.g. making sure it's a fit), and then booking a time on your calendar. The best part? Pricing is largely...


Meet the Team: Sailja Talks About How Things Have Changed

In our first-ever Meet the Team interview, we are joined by Sailja. Sailja and Harris ask each other three questions to take you behind the scenes to learn more about our company, customers who are succeeding, and where we're going next. Harris asks Sailja to to reflect back on what it was like when we first started our work together, how things have changed, and what it looks like for our clients who are achieving success in their sales efforts. Sailja was one of the first people to join...


Introducing Lead Rater

Harris introduces you to Lead Rater, the new app from Intro CRM that is currently in beta with paying customers. Lead Rater is part of our outbound offering and puts founders and early stage sales leaders in charge of the demand generation process. We believe that high quality, filtered lead lists are the best way to test outbound sales is a channel. This is for low-volume, omni channel testing. In this episode, Harris shares how talking to founders led to our minimal viable version of...


We're back!

Harris has three big updates today as we get back into the swing of things this fall. He talks through: We're going to go into more of each of these areas in upcoming episodes, but this welcome back gives you a quick walk through each of them to get you acclimated. You are hearing this all here on the Intro CRM podcast first, so don't be surprised when the updates start rolling out on the website next.


Our New Customer Onboarding Process

As we bring new customers onboard at Intro CRM, we were thinking about the best way to do it. Along came Arrows, a tool that elevates the customer onboarding process. In this episode, we talk through who needs to think about onboarding, what constitutes a good customer onboarding process, and three things we like about Arrows. Plus, an unexpected use case. Read the episode transcript here. On the Intro CRM YouTube channel: Customer Onboarding Process Demo of Arrows → On the Intro CRM blog:...


Your virtual sales assistant

The team has been busy and growing over the last six weeks. Harris brought in four new people to help execute the new concierge services offering in Intro CRM, which is that we literally help you with sales. Think building a lead list, qualifying inbound leads, preparing proposals, and more. In this episode, you'll get a sense of where we're going next. Announcing a new offering from Intro CRM: Introducing Concierge Services → Meet the newly expanded team: About Intro CRM → Tyler Tringas...


Intro CRM Basecamp Integration

The Intro CRM Basecamp integration was the first one that I announced in 2020, it's live and I want to share more details about how it works. I also talk about Jason Fried, DHH, and some of the other members of the Basecamp team who have inspired my work over the years. Basecamp CRM integration →Intro CRM Basecamp documentation →Basecamp →Rework podcast →The sales topic today is a challenge for you. How much do you need to know about your product to be successful selling it? In my...


Intro CRM Beta Release

Let's talk about what made it into the beta release and the problems he's trying to solve with Intro CRM. Learn how freelancers and entrepreneurs can quickly add deals; integrate with tools like Basecamp, Trello, and Asana; and forecast your cash flow. The overall theme for the episode is making the most of the leads you have. If you have a leaky funnel, it's not much good pouring more leads into it—particularly if you're bootstrapping. Harris is looking for ideas and feedback about how to...


Do grants count as sales?

Harris shares new updates to the Intro CRM alpha that's being tested right now. New updates include a host of UI and accessibility improvements, single click importing, and the ability to configure deal stages to refine your sales and go to market process. There's also a big announcement: Alpha testers will get one year of Intro CRM for free. If you are interested in trying Intro CRM, you have until the end of December to join the alpha testing group! The project will move into private beta...


Should you sell to people you know?

In this episode, Harris talks about how selling to people you know can jumpstart your business. It can also be a source of frustration as those deals may never close. Whether it's friends and family or past colleagues, these are people you know and who you in return. So, should you avoid selling to people you know? Harris shares two tips that can make this source of sales worthwhile. This episode also kicks off a series focusing on tools that you can use to grow your business like...


Personal News

In this episode, Harris shares some big personal news featuring a special guest from an eight-week old guest whose arrival caused the show to go on a short hiatus. Next an update on Intro CRM. The CRM integration with project management tools like Basecamp, Asana, and Trello is complete and available for alpha testers. Harris talks through the rationale of how the integrations work today. If you don't want to spend all day in your CRM, then this tool might be for you. Whether you are a...


Who are they?

In this episode we explore the question of who are you selling to? Building on who you are—as we explored in our last episode—it also matters who they are. Who is on the other side of the table? That can affect whether or not a deal is viable from the get-go. There are red herrings, or false leads that may present as quality leads but that don't materialize. We explore an example of that. We also begin to explore the concept of customer development. And the differences in needs for a needs...


Who are you?

The theme this week is simple: Be yourself. Can you think of ways that embracing yourself (or your business) might help you? Whether it's closing a deal, hiring someone, or just navigating a tough situation with a little more grace. This episode features the first guest submission from friend of the show Alex Medick. Alex is a freelance full stack digital marketer—or at least, that's how he describes himself these days. Learn about that evolution and how his business is up nearly 50% as a...


Audit Your Pipeline

For the first full episode, Harris put together a worksheet that you can use to go through and audit your pipeline. Whether these leads came in before or during the Coronavirus pandemic, it's worth taking a step back and getting a sense of what you're really working with. He put together a framework that will help you put those leads into one of six buckets, so you get take control. If you have leads that feel stuck, try this out. Listen to the episode or read the episode...


Trailer (August 2020)

Pipeline Meeting is a space for people who don't have anyone else to talk about their sales pipeline with. Whether you are a founder or the person responsible for sales... Welcome. Keep an eye on your podcast feed for future episodes, coming soon. --- Pipeline Meeting is a podcast brought to you by Intro CRM, a simple, privacy-friendly CRM for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Hosted by Harris Kenny. Website: https://introcrm.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/introcrm/ LinkedIn:...