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Episode 14: What it REALLY Means to be a Brand Builder with Ryan Moran – Playbook for Amazon

We’re so excited to announce that on this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff sits down with one of his most influential mentors and a future Cleveland Indian’s owner, Ryan Moran. Listen to Jeff pick his brain and ask him questions about his backstory, his wisdom, wins and losses, how to thrive on Amazon and […]

Episode 13: Communicate Your Brand on Amazon- Playbook for Amazon

Summary: With Amazon becoming increasingly competitive everyday, many people pick a product to sell because it’s a hot comeomedy without a real emotional connection to that niche. In this episode of Playbook for Amazon Podcast, Jeff, will teach you actionable steps to brand your product and create separation between you and your competitors on […]

Episode 12: Making the Most of Coupons on Amazon – Playbook for Amazon

Summary: No matter how amazing your product is, or how out of this world your listing might be, creating product visibility can be challenging for any seller. If an Amazon customer can’t visually see your product they don’t know it even exists in the first place. In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff […]

Episode 11: SOPs for Automating Your Business – Playbook for Amazon

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of work on your plate? Do you feel like there’s never enough time in your day? Trust me, we’ve all been there. In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff will walk you through how to create a Standard Operating Procedure to run an effective business. Never spend another […]

Episode 10: What to do BEFORE Increasing your PPC Ad Budget – Playbook for Amazon

In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff, founder of TurnKey Product Management, talks about the necessary steps you need to take before pouring a bunch of money into Amazon Ads. If your listing isn’t fully up to snuff, driving traffic through paid ads won’t result in higher conversions. All the principles discussed in today’s […]

Episode 9: How to Study Your Competitors to Beat Them – Playbook for Amazon

In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff, shares three easy to implement strategies on how to study your competition and use it to your advantage! As you grow your brand on and off Amazon, you will learn how competition within your niche can be a good thing. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel, […]

Episode 8: How to Make Simple and Inexpensive Product Videos – Playbook for Amazon

Product Videos are becoming more and more important when it comes to converting customers on your sales pages, and if you aren’t utilizing it yet it’s time to make it a priority! In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff discusses product videos that sell! There are 3 different types of videos you can create […]

Episode 7: The Fundamentals Big Brands Miss – Playbook for Amazon

In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff discusses the fundamentals that even large brands often overlook. Ask yourself this…If an Amazon customer lands on your product page, does your listing match your brand voice and the “why” behind your business? When was the last time you looked at your conversion rates? It’s easy to […]

Episode 6: Prepping for Prime Day and Other Promotions – Playbook for Amazon

In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff shares his tips on how to maximize the sales and increase traffic on the biggest day of the year… AMAZON PRIME DAY! Whether you think it’s too late to take advantage of Prime Day, you are still able to apply these TurnKey tips to future national holidays. […]

Episode 5: Prepping your Business to SELL – Playbook for Amazon

In this episode of Playbook for Amazon Podcast, Jeff discusses the do’s and don’ts of selling your business, and the painful lessons he learned while selling his 2 businesses. Whether you’re looking to sell you business in the near future, or if you haven’t yet considered this option, this podcast episode will open your mind […]

Episode 4: How VitaCup Sold Over $3M on Amazon in Year 1 on Amazon – Playbook for Amazon

In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff shares his $3 Million dollar case study with us! When TurnKey started working with this small coffee company they were struggling to make ends meet, only making about $10k a month on Amazon. Less than a year later, they were surpassing $300k a month in Amazon sales! […]

Episode 3: How to Build a Huge Audience for a Product Launch and More, with Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner Kevin Liang – Playbook for Amazon

In this episode of Playbook for Amazon Podcast, Jeff interviews Kevin Liang, a 26 year-old entrepreneur who shares about his journey owning multiple brands and selling over 7-figures. What strategies worked best for Kevin? What is he doing today and how did he scale his business? Kevin shares with us his best tips for Kickstarter […]

Episode 2: How to Take Advantage of TOS-Compliant Amazon Giveaways – Playbook for Amazon

Over the span of 2 months, Jeff helped his client earn $9,500 in trackable revenue, 23,000 webpage visits, 176,000 youtube views to retarget and pixel, all from giving away 26 products ($1000 in product) . How did he do it? Listen to this episode of Playbook for Amazon and Jeff will walk you through TurnKey’s […]

Episode 1: The Backstory and Biggest Lessons Learned from Starting and Selling Businesses with Jeff Lieber – Playbook for Amazon

Summary: In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff, Founder of TurnKey Product Management shares his biggest lessons and failures that helped him lay the foundation for building his successful business. Jeff shares with us the best advice he has been given by his good friend Ryan Moran, along with advice from Priceline Founder Jeff […]

Intro to the Podcast

Welcome to the podcast. We are so glad you’re here. On the Playbook for Amazon Podcast, Jeff Lieber, Founder of TurnKey Product Management, will be sharing his best tips, tricks, and strategies for growing your business on Amazon. He’ll also be talking to major thought leaders and influencers in the e-commerce space, and you’ll be […]