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#14: How to Fill Your Live Coaching Events and Workshops (Part 1 of 2)

So many coaches ask me about reaping the impressive rewards of hosting live events and workshops that I decided to put together a two-part podcast series on how to fill your live coaching events and workshops.Events are a great way to get coaching clients and build your credibility and for good reason too! With a live event, you have a group of ideal coaching clients sat in front of you who are highly engaged with you and what you have to offer. Providing you know what you're doing, this is...


#13: Coaching in a Multi-Coach Practice with Hugo Heij

Ever considered working with a group of coaches in a multi-coach coaching practice? In this episode of the Podcast for Coaches, we're learning from Business Coach Hugo Heij who started out his coaching career in a multi-coach practice and recently became a solo business coach. In fact, for those that don't know, I first met Hugo when I first started out my career in the world coaching, thanks to being given the opportunity at a world-class multi-coach practice. Hugo first featured on the...


#12: Stop Trying to Figure it Out on Your Own Featuring Napoleon Hill

Are you struggling with marketing your coaching business? Do you know what works and what doesn't? Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, stuck and lacking structure when it comes to marketing your services? Do you know how to survive in a digital world? How about creating videos, writing emails, editing web-pages, manging your social media accounts and dare I say it... your sales process? Are you wasting time, money and energy on all the wrong things? There are so many moving...


#11: From Corporate Refugees to Leadership Coaches with Nicky Billou & Michael Palmer

In today's episode we're learning from Leadership Coaches Nicky Billou and Michael Palmer on how they went from career-refugees in corporate Canada to becoming thought leaders in the business and coaching space. Nicky Billou is a Master NLP Practitioner and the author of the book Finish Line Thinking™: How To Think & Win Like a Champion. He's a former corporate executive and is now a trusted adviser to CEOs and entrepreneurs for optimizing high performance and personal health. Michael Palmer...


#10: Why Your Identity Matters More Than Ever! with Coach & Speaker Julie Holmes

In today’s episode we’re learning from sales leadership coach, consultant and speaker, Julie Holmes as she shares why your identity is key when trying to attract coaching clients and business growth opportunities. Julie started her corporate life in America the 1990s as a software consultant and over the last 20 years, she has built a track record in the B2B technology industry where she’s been a sales rep, product manager and a Director of Marketing working at a host of companies including...


#9: Why Self-Doubt & Fear is Hurting Your Coaching Business (and How to Fix it!) with David Sargant

In today’s episode of the Credibility Coach podcast, I am discussing a subject area that I have a huge connection with — it’s self-doubt and fear; and why they are hurting your coaching business. Maybe you want to increase your coaching rates, host an event, become a speaker or just attract coaching clients with more self-belief and confidence — if you’re doubting yourself, the odds are hugely stacked against you. So we need to fix it, and fast! Self-doubt and fear are much more closely...


#8: How to Sell Your Coaching Services Even if You Hate Sales! with David Sargant

On the Credibility Coach® podcast today we’re exploring how to sell your coaching services even when you hate sales. Have you ever met someone who you deem to be a “natural-born sales person?” or someone who seems to sell easily without being annoying or pushy? Well in today's show I am taking a look at how being a likeable, value-first 'salesperson' is the best route to take, and how you can easily sell your coaching services without selling anything! For most coaches selling brings to mind...


#7: Career, Kids & Coaching with ICF Master Coach Jane Adshead-Grant

Today I am joined by Award-Winning, ICF Master Coach Jane Adshead-Grant. Jane is a high performing Executive & Mentor Coach who works with team leaders, managers, directors and individuals across the world who want to progress in their corporate career. Today, Jane will be sharing some amazing insights, tips and advice with us on how she started out in her coaching business, how she grew her business and how she tackled the challenges she faced along the way, as she went from a 9-5 career in...


#6: Webinars: 7 Ways to Get More People on Your Next Webinar with David Sargant

Hey Coach! On the Credibility Coach® podcast today we’re discussing how to maximise the power of your webinars and online training using 7 essential strategies that will help you attract more people to sign up—and not just any people: The right people. Ones who will appreciate your coaching skills and your solutions and hopefully go on to trust you and eventually become clients for your coaching business. In episode #6 we take a look at all of this (and more!): > How to Make Sure Your...


#5: How Hugo Heij Grew His Coaching Business & Made Over £37k Revenue Using Social Media

In today’s episode we’re learning from business coach and speaker, Hugo Heij as he shares how he uses social media to grow his coaching business, and how it’s generated over £37,000 of revenue in just 2 years! Hugo is originally from the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands and in 2008 at the age of just 33, he moved his life, along with his young family, to the UK to become Managing Director for a multinational Swedish shipping company based in Essex. In the show, Hugo shares with us the...


#4: How to Use LinkedIn Articles to Get Coaching Clients

Hey Coach! As promised in episode #3, in episode #4 of the Credibility Coach® Podcast I'm sharing with you how I use LinkedIn articles to get coaching clients. More specifically, I explain what my marketing strategy and thought process was behind my LinkedIn article titled How to Get Coaching Clients that has so far generated £3,825.00 in revenue (gross) which equates to 3 coaching clients IN JUST ONE MONTH (so far). Here's just some of the value-bombs from this 15 minute episode: > How to...


#3: How to Get Coaching Clients for Your Coaching Business

I get asked how to get coaching clients every day — and if you’re asking this question too, rest assured, you are not alone! There is over 1,000 unique Google searches per month for the magic question of how to get coaching clients! Therefore, as I provide marketing leadership to coaches every single day, I feel that I have a responsibility to share my strategy on how to get coaching clients with you my coach-tribe, and hopefully help you understand how to get coaching clients for your own...


#2: How Peter Boolkah Took His Coaching Business from Survival to Success

In today's episode we're learning from multi-award-winning business coach, Peter Boolkah. I am excited and honored to have Peter Boolkah on to the show as my first ever guest because not only has he been there and done it with growing his coaching business over a 12 year period, he has over 24,000 coaching hours and has endured (and survived!) the dark times too -- and now he is sharing his story, insights, tips and advice with you! In this insightful, frank and direct conversation with...


#1: Welcome to the Credibility Coach® Podcast for Coaches with David Sargant

The Credibility Coach® Podcast with David Sargant is the weekly show dedicated to helping you to get coaching clients and grow a successful coaching business. If you're a new or established coach in any coaching niche and you want to get more clients and grow your business, this is the show for you! Tune in every week as David Sargant (The Credibility Coach®) and guests, share stories of their own trials and errors in their coaching journey, along with practical and actionable insights, tips...