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Insurance Journal TV - Property and causualty insurance news and features.

Insurance Journal TV - Property and causualty insurance news and features.
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Insurance Journal TV - Property and causualty insurance news and features.




Larger Agencies, Commercial Lines Will Dominate

In five to 10 years, the primary insurance sales channel will be direct to consumer, predicts Ed Majkowski, Ernst & Young’s insurance advisory leader for the Americas. In this provocative discussion, Ed walks through five key issues facing carriers and agencies. “We’ll always have agents, but there will be far fewer, they’ll be larger, and they’ll invest in technology and their brands,” he says. Meanwhile, no carrier eventually will be able to avoid the direct-to-consumer channel. Personal...


Insurance Customer Experience Changes Coming

Customer experience, or CX, understanding among insurance executives overall has been slow going, but new tools are on the way, says Jim McKeown, VP of customer experience and mobility at Selective Insurance. On this podcast, he outlines several Selective initiatives. “We’re no longer just competing with shopping for insurance from carrier to carrier. We’re competing for people’s time in the day. It’s a moment in time – or a micro-moment. If people are going to look for an insurance product...


Citizens CEO Gilway: Expect Major Changes from AOB Reform

Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the state-run insurer of last resort, is preparing for big changes from the recently passed and signed House Bill 7065, also known as assignment of benefits reforms. Citizens has borne the brunt of the abuse of the policyholder benefit, particularly in South Florida where AOB lawsuits have exploded over the last 10 years. Thanks to the new law, on June 19th the Citizens Board approved an updated rate filing requesting an overall statewide rate...


SPONSORED: How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

In this podcast, Dr. Tom Jeffery from CoreLogic walks through the risk and exposure from storm surge this 2019 hurricane season. Get all the details in Corelogic’s 2019 Storm Surge Report. The post SPONSORED: How to Prepare for Hurricane Season appeared first on Insurance Journal TV.


Industry Gets InsurTech “Sea Legs”

When you examine the last five years of insurtech hype, not much has changed in the legacy industry, argues insurance marketing tech consultant Chris Gagnon. On this recording, he suggests that niche insurtech players and tools enabling brokers will bear the most fruit. Chris say he believes the industry is “starting to get our sea legs around insurtech. And while there is room for improvement, no matter how much money you spend, these solutions don’t point to an actual solution that the...


SPONSORED: CoreLogic Guy Kopperud Discusses the Impact of Underinsurance in High-Risk Areas

CoreLogic’s industry solutions principal, Guy Kopperud, discusses insurance coverage adequacy and why it’s important for insurers to get it right; especially in high-risk areas. Click here to see the full report. The post SPONSORED: CoreLogic Guy Kopperud Discusses the Impact of Underinsurance in High-Risk Areas appeared first on Insurance Journal TV.


Higher Education for Intrepid Agents

Independent agency owner Andy Thompson is a restless soul, and always has something up his sleeve. Sure, there’s the business of his firm, The Thompson Group, based in a small(ish) town in Indiana. But now the self-described “insurance ninja” has wandered to the mountains outside of Denver, where at 8,300 feet there is fresh air and space to coach other agents on how to find their true north. Two types of agents attend Andy’s two-day boot camp: Younger people new to the business, he says,...


California Deputy Insurance Commissioner’s Role Tackling Climate Change

Michael Peterson is California’s deputy commissioner for climate and sustainability, a post that’s believed to be the nation’s first executive-level position focused on engaging the insurance industry in the fight against climate change. Peterson, a scientist by training, has been in the post for five months. He spoke with Insurance Journal about his conversations with the industry. The post California Deputy Insurance Commissioner’s Role Tackling Climate Change appeared first on Insurance...


Distinguished’s Meister on Importance of Historic Property Coverage in Wake of Notre Dame Fire

Kurt Meister, Senior Vice President in charge of business development at Distinguished Programs, recently spoke with Insurance Journal’s Elizabeth Blosfield about the Historic Properties Program at Distinguished and some of the most important considerations for insurers when covering historic, cultural properties. Given the recent news about the Notre Dame fire, Meister discussed what needs to be taken into consideration when there’s a loss or a claim on this type of property and any...


Agents Can Become “Concierge of Services”

Agents can’t afford to be complacent with their small commercial books, advises Sam Freidman, who leads insurance research at Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services. “The small business market appears poised to finally gain traction for those looking to sell coverage direct to consumers, although some of the emerging platforms also are functioning as online MGAs, keeping retail agents in the mix.” Deloitte’s exploration of the middle-market customer is fascinating, yielding consumer...


The Customer Is the Product

Our repeat guest Dennis Moseley-Williams is a fascinating, fun and informative personality – don’t miss this episode in which he outlines danger lurking for firms that aim to improve service and efficiency – all for the sake of convenience alone. Dennis is a speaker and author on the Experience Economy, where it’s not so much about speedy service. “Services and experiences are not the same thing. Service isn’t the experience. People try to improve service instead of improving experience.” He...


Solutions to Deal with California’s Severe Wildfires Include Wildfire Authority, Fund

James Woods has been busy working with lawmakers and the governor’s office on ways to help mitigate the threat of wildfires and to help pay for them. Woods, who was instrumental in helping to create the California Earthquake Authority, owns and operates Woods Group Solutions, headquartered in Sonoma, Calif. He spoke with Insurance Journal about his most recent efforts in a follow up conversation with Insurance Journal in February about finding solutions to the state’s wildfire problems. The...


Texas Insurance Commissioner Sees AI Potential in Policy Form Review Process

Texas Insurance Commissioner Kent Sullivan is on a quest to bring insurance regulation in his state into the 21st century. To that end he’s instructed the Texas Department of Insurance to embark on a number of ambitious projects aimed at making the agency more efficient as well as more user-friendly. One of those initiatives is an overhaul of the way the agency reviews the policy forms submitted by insurance carriers. By incorporating artificial intelligence, TDI is looking to create an...


“Discussion Partners” Are Strongest Client Relationships

Former insurance agent and now speaker and management consultant Troy Korsgaden has lots to say on organizational change, and you’ll embrace the energy on this podcast. Troy recently authored a new book, “Discussion Partner,” and is president of Korsgaden International. For anyone in a small or large company, in the field or home office C suite, in a sole proprietorship… “It doesn’t matter where – you’ve got to be a profit center,” he says. “If you’re not, you’re a cost center. You have to...


“Technology & Talent” Decisions Face Carriers

What’s on the minds of insurance carrier CEOs? Hear about that from industry insider Bob Rusbuldt, IIABA’s CEO. Listen as he outlines both opportunities and challenges around “the two Ts,” or technology and talent. Carriers also are concerned about the rapid pace of M&A activity in the independent agency system. Large insurance organizations such as Brown & Brown and Gallagher were the acquirers 20 years ago; today, there are myriad private equity and venture capital firms in play, and these...


Mitchell International’s Hatamian Discusses Workers’ Comp Tech Transformation

Mitchell International’s product management and strategy group leader, Shahin Hatamian, recently spoke with Insurance Journal’s Elizabeth Blosfield about how technology has been transforming workers’ compensation. In this audio interview, Hatamian discusses some of the new challenges workers’ compensation insurers may face as a result of technological changes, the benefits of the increased use of technology in workers’ comp and some of the emerging technologies that are still on the horizon...


Twitter Basics: Get Your Tweet On

Ready to take the Twitter plunge? Or maybe you already have, but you’d just like to understand it a little better. In either case, Wells Media’s social media manager, Ly (‘Lee’) Short has put together a course to help you get started. In this Twitter Basics course, Ly shares her screen and not only shows you the basics, but she also gives you some no nonsense tips. The post Twitter Basics: Get Your Tweet On appeared first on Insurance Journal TV.


Insurance Happy Hour: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Podcasting

A few years ago during an industry event, ITC’s CEO and Sr. VP of Marketing and Sales, Laird Rixford and Becky Schroeder, were bantering back and forth. Someone overhead them and said that they ought to record what they were saying. Now, they not only record it, but they have a regular Friday afternoon audio podcast called “Insurance Happy Hour”. In this vodcast, you’ll learn about where they get inspiration for topics, the importance of titles, and many other great tips for starting your...


“Narrow Focus” Drives Insurtech Success

Having previously managed strategic partnerships at industry unicorns Tumblr and Shazam, Jason Keck offers a unique perspective on the future of commercial insurance. The CEO of insuretech Broker Buddha aims to simplify the application process for agents and brokers. The lesson for successful insuretechs, he says, is to “get narrowly focused around a problem that is painful enough where people are willing enough to pay for a solution to fix it. And it’s big enough a problem so that you can...


Can the Industry Disrupt Itself?

Intrigued by the “what ifs” of an insurance industry completely starting over with the agent and consumer experience? Then you’ll love these comments by two industry pundits and frequent conference speakers. Steve Anderson and Rick Morgan, volunteers with IIABA’s Agents Council for Technology, are posing interesting questions, such as: What if we launched an initiative to stop all paper in the insurance industry? No paper applications, ACORD forms or ID cards. No paper for agents. No paper...