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PP 534: Starting And Selling Businesses with Steve Little

“Really find a way to put in practice the things that fuel your most creative energy” Steven Little is the founder and managing partner for Zero Limits Ventures. He started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13 and when he turned 15 he sold his first company for not less than 6 figures. Listen to Steve as he brings Kim through his amazing adventures as an entrepreneur and shares his learnings about starting and selling his businesses. Check out my website:...


PP 532: Yoga Like Never Before with Shanthi Yogini

“Yogaha is the science of how to live right. It is very important to incorporate it in every aspect of our life.” -Shanthi Yogini The vital question: What really is Yoga? Many are aware of what Yoga is but only a few understand what it really is or how it should be done. Today’s interview with Yoga Teacher-Trainer and #1 International Best-Selling Author, Shanthi Yogini will bring us back to the authenticity of Yoga and how we can all benefit from it. Started out as a software...


PP 529: My Life, My Happiness with Belkis Clarke-Mitcham

“Life is too short for you to live in the shadows. We were created by light … Do not give the power of your light. Claim it for yourself!”- Belkis Clarke-Mitcham Life is marked with so much pain that it became a normal part of living. But how can we choose to be happy amidst all of these? Kim interviews Belkis Clarke, a Spiritual Life coach and a Motivational Teacher. Robbed out of her childhood innocence by abusive people, Belkis struggled with a load of negative emotions while growing...


PP 528: It’s More Than Just The Money with Roberta Ross

“I used to think it was all about the money...but we really all want much more than that...so it led me from focusing on helping people just make more money to being on a mission to helping them make more money, experience more joy, and succeed with ease” Here we have on this podcast Roberta Ross, the President of Six Figure Real Estate Coach Inc. Now a polarizing figure in the business of Real estate, you would not even realize that her entrepreneur journey started in her dorm room at 19...


PP 526: The “Best Day Of My Life” Perspective with Adam Sobieski

“There is always something you can be grateful for, there is always something you can look forward to if you choose to…it’s a choice, and that’s “Best Day Of My Life”, you choose it” Adam Sobieski is the Director of Sales for the lifestyle brand called “The Best Day Of My Life”. The brand started from precisely that tongue and cheek saying among friends, and it grew from an idea to a full on business. Join Kim and Adam as he chronicles his journey with the company. How he started it off...


PP 525: The Importance Of Going from A to B with Raquel Gonzales

“I wish I had a bunch of cool things to say, except for “don’t give up”...EVER” Raquel Gonzales or R.G. Chandler is the author of “Surviving Xcarion”, a science fiction novel telling the story a fictional character named Rheannon Neves. Despite coming from an abusive family where nobody graduated high school and a town made up mostly of drug addicts, Raquel has set the bar higher for herself and her children. She is a single mom raising 2 kids in the better Bay area and she is now a writer...


PP 524: Choosing Life with David Conley

“You can live to see the sunrise, or you could die, and...I chose life” -Dave Conley Kim is so excited to interview David Conley. Founder of Limitl.es, this man turned his life around by just asking himself the right questions. After fumbling out of college, Dave was invited to be the project manager of AOL and be a government executive but never really found happiness in both. In an unexpected turn of events, his life crumbled when his wife passed away; he gained weight and didn’t really...


PP 522: Live a Purpose Filled Life with Dr. Maryann Miller

“The ability to achieve higher consciousness, to actively consciously raise your consciousness.” Maryann Miller is the founder and president of Institute For Global Transformation, a non-profit organization that was established in 2002. A certified Rayid teacher, new decision therapy practitioner, a published writer and artist, Maryann’s advocacy has always been centered in making the world a better place for everyone. With a firm belief that humanity is meant to work together, Maryann...


PP 521: Know What a Good Referral Can do for You with Stacey Brown Randall

“When we force a requirement around a referral, it’s just not going to work, because what we have to understand, the human dynamic and the psychology why a referral actually happens? It’s not about us.” Stacey Brown Randall would claim that she had her masters in Communication and Ph.D. in business failure, but this is where it all started. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs she knew she wanted her own business but just didn’t know where to start. She moved on to be a productivity coach...


PP 520: Aligning Your Values with Rachell Kitchen

“When we are not aligned with what we value and not aligned with what we feel is not our purpose, our mind tricks us. It’s very clever on how it’s going to get us back in alignment.” As she’s some kind of wonder woman, Rachell Kitchen is a certified life coach, mom, homemaker, business woman and a tireless volunteer. She has gone through so many transitions in her life which she has now chosen to use to consciously renavigate her path to where she wants it to go. At 50, Rachell is now...


PP 519: A Candid Conversation About My Current Struggle with Anxiety

“Nothing is stopping me, and nothing should stop you either...You can do this...Never ever give up” In her most transparent and real episode, Kim comes clean about the reason for cutting back to 2 episodes a week. Here she details her issues with anxiety, how it has affected her work and family life, and how she has been dealing with it. She also candidly talks about how CBD oil has helped in her journey. Check out my website: http://thekimsutton.com/ Shownotes:...


PP 518: Be the Best Leader You Can Be with Anne Sugar

“The favorite part for me is, I’m your partner. I’m here to partner with you and to help you be the best leader you can be.” Anne Sugar learned a lot from her many years in marketing and one of her favorites was mentoring her team and seeing them succeed. Naturally, in her coaching and consulting business, she enjoys partnering with people to help them become the best leader they can be. Listen as Kim and Anne have a great conversation about the importance of continuing to learn and...


PP 517: Break Free From What is Holding You Back with Alyson Franz

“I believe we are spiritual beings and it’s in our nature to live in unlimited ways. Just figure out how to do what you want to do and if you need support, get support.” It has always been in Alyson Franz’s nature to be a healer and a helper, so becoming a transformational healer and coach came naturally for her. After going through a major tragedy in her life, Alyson dug deep and did a lot of spiritual work on herself and found that her inner calling was to go back to the people she is...


PP 516: Get Out of the Technical and Back Into the Content with Kevin Koskella

“One of my main values in life is to have the freedom.” You wouldn’t think that an activity such as swimming could provide an online business opportunity, but Kevin Koskella built a membership site and made a living off of it. In addition to the membership site, Kevin is the Founder of Work Hero, a company that takes the technical tasks in running a business off your plate so that you have more time to do what you love in your business. Join Kim and Kevin as they reflect back on the...


PP 515: Learn How to Adjust Your Expectations with Art Costello

“I believe the events in our lives are meant to teach us. The good ones and the bad ones. And it’s up to us to learn them.” Throughout this life we are faced with challenges of all sizes and Art Costello teaches us that our expectations are what drive us forward. His journey shares moments of joy, times of trial, and how his faith and expectations that there is always something better has kept him going. Listen as Kim and Art discuss faith, the message received on top of a hill, taking...


PP 514: Strategize Your Digital Marketing with Rev Ciancio

“Be awesome at two things and outsource everything else.” The first part of Rev Ciancio’s career was in the entertainment business where he learned a lot about digital marketing in its early years and owned multiple agencies of his own. Eventually leaving the entertainment world, he switched to hospitality and now is the Director of Industry Insights at Yext, providing tools to help companies both large and small manage their public information online. Join us as we discuss some of the...


PP 513: 9 Free Ways to Fill Your Funnel

Are you struggling to find FREE ways to fill your marketing funnel? In this episode, I provide NINE ways and a brief explanation for each! Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp513


PP 512: Get Your Book Completed with Arlene Gale

“None of us is promised another minute, another day. If you have wisdom inside of you and you have wanted to write a book...don’t wait.” After successfully helping so many others write their books, she decided to go into the writing business and is now the CEO of The Book Writing Business. Arlene Gale has been writing since she was eight years old and possesses the skills to combine writing and marketing to help others complete their story . Listen as Kim and Arlene discuss her journey of...


PP 511: Riding the Horse Upside Down and Backwards

Happy trails to you in your business… Or are they? Are you like me and riding the horse upside down and backwards? Listen to hear what I mean! Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp511


PP 510: Change Your Mindset with Kim Ades

“What do you really really want?... What would your life be like if you didn't ever have what you really really wanted?... So why don't you have what you really really want?” While she owned her own software company, Kim Ades, Founder and President of Frame of Mind Coaching, and her team discovered what one key performance indicator made for a better hiring choice. Later, Kim was recruited to a coaching company but something felt off. Listen as Kim Ades shares with Kim her discovery of what...