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PP 339: Carve Out Time to Do What YOU Do Best

Have you noticed in your personal or professional life that there are activities that when YOU do them take considerably more or less time and effort than when you outsource? I have! Listen as I share a couple of my own personal experiences, and my advice for planning your time appropriately. Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp339.


PP 338: Moneeka Sawyer, The Blissful Millionaire from BlissfulInvestor.com

"Bliss is your birth right. Chose to claim it -- every single day." In this episode, Moneeka Sawyer shows just how important pushing forward through adversity is. After suffering severe depression due to discrimination, Moneeka was introduced to tools and strategies that allowed her to attract and keep joy in her life. Listen to hear how she has turned joy into money -- and is teaching others to do the same! Highlights: 09:30 The definition of bliss 11:00 "Things will be good...


PP 337: Morning Hack #2 - Bagged Clothes

As a mom of five with three ages four and younger, I've learned to be creative when it comes to getting my kids ready and out the door in the morning. Listen as I share another of my morning hacks, bagged clothes. Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp337.


PP 336: Brittany Hoopes, Podcaster and Qualitative Researcher from Soultiply

Brittany Hoopes grew up wanting to be an actress, however, after completing her education and a few professional roles realized she had another life role she wanted to pursue. Listen as Brittany and I discuss goal setting, realizing our true identity, pursuing our dreams and more! Highlights: 04:45 My "Aha!" moment 09:30 Entpreneurial turning points 18:12 Chronic Idea Disorder, idea management, and goal redirection 32:30 Inspired action 34:55 Journey of Un-Striving Get the show notes,...


PP 335: Morning Hack #1 - Beat the Coffee

As a mom of five with three ages four and younger, I've learned to be creative when it comes to getting my kids ready and out the door in the morning. Listen as I share one of my newest morning hacks, "Beat the Coffee." Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp335.


PP 334: Extus Justin, Consultant From Get Elevation

"We don't have business problems. We just have personal problems that reflect in our business." Extus moved to the U.S. from St. Lucia and entered the marines. After leaving the service, he started a business -- and struggled big before making it... BIGGER! Listen to hear how he turned his struggles around! Highlights: 01:30 Entrepreneurship vs. The Marines 05:00 Extus shares his struggles 07.45 I sure my biggest entrepreneurial mistake 12:40 Business problems vs. personal...


PP 333: My Morning Motivation Playlist

The first quarter of 2018 found me once again chasing income, growing frustrated by missing goals. Then I realized why. My motivation and focus were being were straying from the impact I truly want to make. Listen to hear how music is helping me turn it all around! Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp333.


PP 332: Haley Burkhead, CEO of Profit Planner and Host of the Profit Planner Podcast

Haley started her entrepreneurial journey as a web designer in 2012, but found herself miserable. She re-entered the workforce in 2016, learned LOADS about productivity and planning, and transitioned back into entrepreneurship. Listen to hear how she is now helping entrepreneurs through Profit Planner! Highlights: 03:15 I share my own entrepreneurial journey along with my hope planning method 04:30 Methods and tools Haley uses and teaches 07:50 Time traps entrepreneurs face 10:00...


PP 331: The Three Tab Challenge

Take a moment and look at your web browser. How many tabs do you have open? Today I am issuing the Three Tab Challenge! Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp331.


PP 330: Gina Gardiner, Motivational Speaker, Author and Coach with Genuinely-You Ltd.

"Choose to ask for help." Gina was a teacher when a skiing accident left her wheelchair bound. Listen to hear how, despite physical struggles, Gina thrived -- personally AND professionally! Highlights: 01:30 Gina shares her background 10:50 I share how I've faced my own struggles and have been inspired by mentors who have overcome theirs as well 15:00 Discussing personal and professional development 20:30 The readiness and openness necessary for learning and development 34:00...


PP 329: Showing Our True Colors

Are you going to events and presenting yourself on social media as an alternate version of yourself? If so, stop it! It's time that we, as entrepreneurs, start showing our true colors and stop worrying about other peoples expectations! Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp329.


PP 328 Say Gabriel, Chief Strategist at Anansi Content & Coaching

"You can save a lot of trouble by communicating up front." Say has been a writer since she was a child, and initially wanted to be a novelist. Her journey, however, has taken her down the path of copy writing. Listen as Say and I chat about team building, effective communication, and much more! Highlights: 15:40 The attention span of humans 17:25 Scheduling our work weeks 26:00 Say's thoughts and strategies on team building 32:00 Trigger-based tasks vs. pulse based tasks 38:50...


PP 327: Over-Packing

As I prepare to leave for the April 2018 New Media Summit, I realize I have a problem with over-packing... And it extends beyond my suitcase. Tune in to hear what I mean, and how many entrepreneurs face the same struggle! Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp327.


PP 326: Jenny Eden Berk, Founder of Jenny Eden Coaching

"Your relationship with food is all up in your brain." Jenny was in health education for 13 years when she left to start her coaching practice. She now helps people heal their relationship with food. Listen as we chat about lazy food, food triggers, motherhood, making time for self-care and more! Highlights: 05:50 Kim shares her family's experience with "lazy food" 06:30 The energy required to take care of ourselves 08:15 Kim's garden... Or lack thereof 10:40 Not taking time vs. not...


PP 325: Counting Our Chickens Before They Hatch

The boundary between being an optimistic and having big dreams and being a realistic and knowing our limits can sometimes be blurry and baffling. Listen as I discuss why we NEED to keep counting our chickens before they hatch! Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp325.


PP 324: Jennie Nash, Founder and Book Coach at Author Accelerator

Jennie had been a writer and/or working in publishing for years when a colleague asked for help writing/finishing their book. Listen as Jennie and I chat about her company and strategy, and as she coaches ME about MY book! Highlights: 05:45 Would Jennie do it again? 09:00 The importance of asking for help 13:00 I share my resistance behind working on my book 15:00 Not doing vs. doing bad 19:05 The fear of success 27:15 Visualization exercises 31:20 Jennie coaches ME! Get the show...


PP 323: The Last Word vs The Last Laugh

Sometimes it can be hard to not respond to emails, text messages or other communication, especially when the conversation is heated. However... Many times we can be the bigger person when we have the last laugh vs. the last word. Listen to hear my thoughts. Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp323.


PP 322: J.J. Flizanes, Empowerment Strategist from Invisible Fitness

"If you really want true success, then you need to look at all the pieces that make it." J.J. empowers her clients and audience in the areas of health, wellness and relationships through her books, podcasts and coaching work. Listen as we chat about personal motivation, relationships, excuses, taking action and more! Highlights: 02:35 A major key to achieving success in ANY area 04:45 The Invisible Fitness Formula 06:00 Non-Substance-Based addictions 07:00 Willpower 11:45 How J.J....


PP 321: Facebook Messenger Bots

The three pillars of Positive Productivity are Self-Care, Systems and Support. Listen to how setting up Facebook Messenger bots has helped me get more of all three pillars, along with just a few of the activities I have it doing for me! Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp321.


PP 320: Mary Shores, The Accidental Mentor and Author of Conscious Communications

"Awareness of your choices is the key to freedom." Mary went out on her own at age 16, and overcame amazing odds after starting her business at age 24! Listen as we share our entrepreneurial journeys, our thoughts on debt collection tactics, overcoming struggles and more! Highlights: 02:20 Mary shares how she came to start her business at age 24 04:55 Mary shares her approach to debt collection 05:25 Words that Work 10:00 The "But" excuses and the beliefs behind them 10:38 Investng...


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