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PP560: Owning Our Story and Stepping into Our Strength with Linda Olson

“Once you’re there, you can recognize that vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness.” After experiencing tragic loss as a child, it took Linda Olson years to own and share HER story. Today Linda is a speaker, trainer and story coach, and empowers others to tell their story. During their chat, Linda and Kim share their stories as well as the reasons why sharing stories opens doors of possibility and strength. HIGHLIGHTS 2:45 The place of vulnerability 12:08 Coming to complete...


PP559: Kim's Q1 2019 Reading List

Kim Sutton has dedicated 2019 to increased self-care and personal development. In this episode, she shares the books she read in the first quarter, and the takeaways she took from each. You're invited to find the show notes, resources and transcription for this episode at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp559.


PP558: Better Communication, Better Business with Kerry Walls

“The stronger your relationship is with others, the more you can accomplish together.” Kerry has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and has been an executive coach for almost 20 years. Today she helps small business owners get out of the mom and pop role, and she also helps business partners strengthen their relationships. Listen to hear Kerry and Kim chat about their entrepreneurial journeys, the value of communication and relationships, the benefits of boundaries, and...


PP557: Saving Sanity Systems with Natasha Vorompiova

“Start tracking the most important numbers for your business.” Natasha Vorompiova found herself at a crossroads after moving to a new country with an infant, and decided to give entrepreneurship a shot. In the years since, she’s transformed her organizational skills into a sanity saving service for small business owners. Listen as Natasha and Kim dive deep into one of the pillars of Positive Productivity… Systems! HIGHLIGHTS 4:00 Raising a baby and a business at the same time 6:48 The...


PP556: Helping Entrepreneurs Soar After an Eye Sore with Christy Laurence

PP556: Helping Entrepreneurs Soar After an Eye Sore with Christy Laurence “If you want something badly enough, you can make anything happen for yourself.” Christy was working in corporate marketing when she realized a pain point in the area of Instagram marketing. After falling ill with the flu, an idea for an app went big. Listen to hear Christy’s journey as an entrepreneur and app designer. Get the show notes and transcription at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp556.


PP555: Getting Shit Done vs. Prioritized Purposeful Actions

Kim Sutton was recently inspired to rename her "Get Shit Done" list. Listen to learn why, as well as what the change has meant for her productivity. You're invited to find the show notes, resources and transcription for this episode at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp555.


PP550: Climbing Off Mount Doom with Erica Ormsby

“Let’s pull it out of our head and out of our heart and into our life. And let’s make THAT the thing we show up in everyday.” Erica has been an entrepreneur for 19 years, but a successful entrepreneur for 10. During multiple climbs up the wrong mountain, she learned what true success looks like to her, and fought back against burnt-out and external satisfaction. Listen as Kim and Erica chat about climbing their own Mount Dooms, essential entrepreneurial self-care, and alignment with our...


PP548: Quadrupling Business Revenue Through Outsourcing with Bonnie Fahy

“There’s two ways we can look at the world. There’s a fixed mindset… and there’s a growth mindset… People who have a growth mindset are more likely to be successful.” The entrepreneurial world is very small, and, coincidentally, Bonnie Fahy and Kim worked together 5-6 years before this conversation. Bonnie was a balloon artist, who, after learning about SEO, became a consultant. At a conference party, she was amazed by the $38K+ bar bill they racked up in a couple hours — and didn’t even...


PP547: Getting Caught Up in Our Cinderella Tale

As we work to grow, personally and professionally, it's important to be mindful about the circumstances - internal and external - which may hold us back. Listen as Kim Sutton shares a few ways she's been caught up in her own Cinderella tale, and how you can prevent doing the same. Get the show notes and transcription at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp547.


PP546: Perfecting Parentpreneurship with Peter Shinen

“Focus on your next 90 days… People over-estimate what they can do in a day, and under-estimate what they can do in five years.” Peter Shinen grew up in a family business, and saw the business scale tremendously. Having seen growth from the ground-up, he’s now taking his experience to empower entrepreneurs as an ROI maximizer. During their chat, Peter and Kim dive in to parentpreneurship, and the five F’s: faith, family, fitness, fun and finances. HIGHLIGHTS 3:40 Parentpreneurs and the...


PP545: Launching Your Book the Right Way with Julie Broad

“The missing piece is always action.” Julie started her entrepreneurial journey as a real estate investor in 2001, and wrote her first book to share her experience and expertise in that field. After being told the book wouldn’t sell, she took it to a #1 Amazon Best Seller. Book Launchers came to be after friends and colleagues wanted to know how Julie took her self-published book to the top. Listen as Julie and Kim talk about the right and wrong ways to write and market your (next)...


PP544: The Value of Authentic Visibility with Michelle Kopper

“Don’t wait to be ready. Take imperfect action.” Michelle has been a professional performer for 30 years, and was called to be on stage as a child despite a ton of fear. Today, Michelle is the founder, owner and CEO of The Inspired Voice Business Coaching, and helps others find and free their voice. During their conversation, Kim and Michelle discuss the multiple levels of visibility and authenticity we all need to have to take our lives to the next level. HIGHLIGHTS 4:35 Kim shares her...


PP542: How to Mindfully Build Our Business with Debi Maldonado

“It’s really not about the money. It’s about the purpose and what you’re doing.” Debra is the CEO of Creative Mind Media, and coaches based on Jungian psychology. In this powerful conversation, Debi and Kim dive deep into how our businesses are a reflection of our mind, and the action steps we can take to see immediate improvement! HIGHLIGHTS 1:50 What is Jungian psychology? 7:40 Oneness and Imposter Syndrome 10:20 Looking externally vs. internally 11:27 Feel good goals and...


PP541: Working Smarter, Not Harder with Johnathan Grzybowski

“If you’re not having fun, stop doing it.” Johnathan started his entrepreneurial journey at 14 mowing lawns. Today he is the Co-Founder of Penji, a provider of unlimited graphic design. Listen as Johnathan and Kim chat about mindset, team building, productivity, delegation and more. HIGHLIGHTS 9:00 Johnathan defines “Lucky” and explains his thoughts on luck 10:50 What Penji does 12:55 Cutting back on service to step up success 15:40 Unlimited graphic design 20:40 Ego and how it...


PP540: Redefining Leadership in Business and Beyond with Shannon Adkins

“It’s good and healthy to aspire and to drive and to be committed. And it’s also good and healthy to know that you will fall short and you are still of value. You are still of worth. You are still ‘perfect.’” Shannon is the CEO of Future State, however it was a full-circle journey which brought her to this role. During their deep conversation, Kim and Shannon chat about health and wellness, leadership, employee care, and a whole lot more! HIGHLIGHTS 8:00 The “price” of free 14:00 Setting...


PP539: Letting Go of Whats Not Working in Our Lives

Maintaining physical, emotional and financial health requires letting go of what's not working in our lives. Listen as Kim Sutton shares a few recent experiences, and challenges you to make room for good. Get the show notes and transcription at http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp539.


PP 534: Starting And Selling Businesses with Steve Little

“Really find a way to put in practice the things that fuel your most creative energy” Steven Little is the founder and managing partner for Zero Limits Ventures. He started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13 and when he turned 15 he sold his first company for not less than 6 figures. Listen to Steve as he brings Kim through his amazing adventures as an entrepreneur and shares his learnings about starting and selling his businesses. Check out my website:...


PP538: Mastering the Art of NOT Hustling with Jac Julien

Jac Julien is an anti-hustle coach who helps people get out of the grind and back to working in flow. Listen as Kim and Jac cover a wide variety of topics including mompreneurship, time management, mental health, delegating tasks and more! HIGHLIGHTS 3:20 The need which led Jac to become an anti-hustle coach and the changes which resulted 8:15 “What does hustle mean to you?” 13:00 Bartering with time and money 21:40 Balancing the simple pleasures (aka time sucks) with...


PP537: The Power of Thinking Differently with Alison Donaghey

Alison Donaghey was a single mom on welfare when her boyfriend died, leaving her to figure out what to do next. Listen to hear how Alison turned a challenging time into a thriving business! 10:45 Ignorance is bliss 11:45 Kim shares her story of leaving her ex-husband 14:00 Growing a team and growing pains 15:40 Domino Thinking: Challenging people to think about what they’re thinking about 19:15 Honoring your worth 22:15 Alison’s sleep schedule 25:30 Alison’s journey as a...


PP536: The Right Way to Ride Our Entrepreneurial Horse with Jarrod Haning

“If your life is calling you to do something greater, then your responsibility is to not do it, but rather cause it to happen.” Jarrod Haning is a serial entrepreneur, whose experience taught him the critical skills and mindset needed to take a business from suffering to successful. Listen as Jarrod shares a boatload of golden nuggets! 3:50 Jarrod’s entrepreneurial journey 9:00 “I was switching horses because I thought there was something wrong with my horse.” 10:10 “Stop working...