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Postal Biz-Buzz is a podcast that discusses the value of innovative postal and marketing products and services and the educational and networking power of Postal Customer Council membership.


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Postal Biz-Buzz is a podcast that discusses the value of innovative postal and marketing products and services and the educational and networking power of Postal Customer Council membership.




We're Back with the new Connecticut Postal Customer Council

In this long overdue return to the podcast world, Postal Biz-Buzz welcomes Melissa O'Mara. Melissa works out of Hartford and is responsible for the brand new Connecticut PCC. We have also recruited Jon Reynolds of the USPS to host this return podcast. For those expecting to hear Lisa and Art, Lisa retired but Art is still involved and may host from time to time. In the meantime, the award winning Fairfield, Hartford, and New Haven PCC's joined forces to create the brand new Connecticut PCC.


Getting to the "Heart" of a PCC Hero!

We turn the tables on PCC Superstar and Postal Biz-Buzz host Art Gerckens to hear his story on the enduring value of The Postal Service, PCCs, and their impact on his amazing life and career.


USPS Connect™ an e-Commerce Game-Changer!

Drumroll please! Introducing USPS Connect™ a dynamic suite of services with speedy delivery options, tracking, local, regional, national, and returns options that will help any size business move forward. Jon Reynolds, USPS Business Lead Development Specialist, tells you how! Learn more here!


Music to Business Mailer's Ears

Need to make your mailing, printing, and data processes simpler, safer and less expensive?! Chuck Chesler, Owner Corporate Mailing and Data Services, explains how his super-secure, one-stop shop gets it all done! He might even sing you a song! Learn more at Listen to Chuck's original band Tyrone Shoelaces at


Love, Trust, Loyalty, "Tails" from a Dog that Nobody Wanted

Jill Horan, Special Education Teacher and Author chats with Art about her book "The Dog That Nobody Wanted" a heartwarming true story of hope and transformation written from the perspective of Joey the dog who finally found his "forever home". Learn more about Joey here


Come "Snail" Away with Direct Mail Tracking and Campaign Management

Dave Lewis, President of SnailWorks™ talks about how mail tracking and web-based interfaces create a solution that allows direct marketers to increase the effectiveness of direct mail through coordinated channels with powerful and easy-to-use reports. Learn more at


PCC Superhero Advocate Shares the Scoop on National Postal Forum, PCC Day, and More!

Get an inside look into the 2021 National Postal Customer Counsel Day and 2022 National Postal Forum with special guest Da Shiek Woodard, Customer Outreach Specialist (A)| USPS HQ Industry Engagement and Outreach – Corporate Affairs Learn more about National PCC Day at and National Postal Forum at


The USPS Vital Role in Our Country's Economy and Diversity

Attorney L. Kay Wilson former USPS Legal Eagle and USPS Advocate gives us a "Birdseye" view of the agencies significant and innovative contributions to diversity and our nations economy.


A USPS/PCC Story of Love, Gratitude, Music, and Lobsters

When "Plan A" reluctantly gives into "Plan B" and "Plan B" becomes the best plan of all.


Moms, Music, and Messages with Art and Lisa

In this special Mother's Day episode Art and Lisa discuss their top 10 songs about mothers and more. Be sure listen all the way to the end for special messages to and from moms. P.S. "Call your mom!"


How To Make Potentially Difficult Conversations Easier!

Difficult conversations are hard. In this special episode internationally renowned motivational speaker and author Joy Baldridge discusses how knowing the right words to use to defuse inevitable tensions makes them easier. Learn more about Joy by visiting her website at


Delivery Locker Systems - The Future is here!

Special guest Gary Shank, President and Founder of QTrak explains how Package Pod Delivery Locker Systems save package delivery resources by eliminating long lines at your mailroom, consolidating multiple delivery points and much more. Learn more at by visiting QTrak's website at or by contacting Gary at 610.972.0290


Putting a "Stamp" on History with Urban Archeologist Greg Van Antwerp!

Get ready to "dig in" as Urban Archeologist Greg Van Antwerp brings history to life with fascinating stories of postal artifacts discovered in peoples homes. Learn more about Greg's work by visiting his website at Contact Greg at


Operation Santa - A Chat with USPS "Chief Elf"!

In this very special episode Art welcomes Gail Branham, USPS Customer Relations Coordinator and "Chief Elf" for the Operation Santa Program! Each year, hundreds of thousands of letters sent to Santa from children and families arrive at Post Offices around the country. Most letters ask for toys and games. Some ask for basic necessities. Some ask for help for themselves and their loved ones. USPS Operation Santa makes it possible for individuals and organizations to adopt these letters and send responses and thoughtful gifts in Santa’s place.


The Power and Purpose of Connecting

Cathy Rupard, Vice President at Midwest Mailing Service and long time Industry Chair of the National PCC Advisory Board, shares her stories about the value Postal Customer Councils, the enduring power of mail, and the joy of being thankful and giving back.


Is Print Dead?

Ed Burzminski, President and CEO Chamber Marketing Partners, Inc. discusses the value of print in today's digital world. Ed also shares an amazing and inspiring story of hope, courage, and purpose!


Strategies and Technologies for a Successful Political Mail Campaign

Art welcomes mailing/marketing expert Tom Mackel, President of Engage Marketing Inc., QRM Inc. and Co-Founder of Freewheel by PSterling, LLC, and member of MTAC for the American Association of Political consultants. Art and Tom discus a variety of topics related to the upcoming election including political mailings, Enterprise Payment Systems, Informed Delivery, and more.


The U.S. Postal Service America's Most Trusted Government Agency

Art welcomes Maureen Marion, USPS Strategic Communications Manager, to discuss what makes the United States Postal Service "America's Most Trusted Government Agency"!


"Proof" Positive - 5th State Distillery Pivots from Spirits to Hand Sanitizer!

Host Art Gerckens talks with Bridget Schulten, owner of award winning 5th State Distillery about her company's successful pivot to hand sanitizer manufacturing during COVID 19.


Using the Power of Positive Psychology to Enhance the Customer Experience

Host Art Gerckens welcomes Wanda Santos-Haynes, USPS Manager, Consumer and Industry Contact and Positive Psychology expert. Wanda explains the principles of Positive Psychology and the value of fostering a growth mindset in the workplace to produce better customer outcomes.