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Toy industry veteran Phil Albritton interviews amazing people making amazing things for kids. Toys, games, books, media - we cover it all here in the only podcast dedicated to the modern children's entertainment industry.

Toy industry veteran Phil Albritton interviews amazing people making amazing things for kids. Toys, games, books, media - we cover it all here in the only podcast dedicated to the modern children's entertainment industry.
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Toy industry veteran Phil Albritton interviews amazing people making amazing things for kids. Toys, games, books, media - we cover it all here in the only podcast dedicated to the modern children's entertainment industry.






Inside Learning Express with Richard Derr

“Kids are so much more educated today…they already know from their friends and YouTube what they are looking for…" Richard Derr has spent 22 years on the front lines of the toy industry. As the owner of the Learning Express in Lake Zurich, Illinois he is interacting with and learning from our customers everyday. His previous 20 years as an executive at AC Neilson gives Richard a unique perspective on what it takes to capture and hold his customers attention. Today he unpacks his philosophy...


Race 2 the Bling with Tana Gilmore and Kelli Fisher

Tana Gilmore and Kelli Fisher are the Matchmaking DUO! After helping thousands of busy singles find love and publishing a book to rave reviews they are now ready to take on the game market. They have created a very unique and fun game called "Race 2 the Bling” In this show we discuss the challenges and inspirations for creating a new game. They share their story of how their professional counseling experience gave birth to this brand new game idea. It has been a blast getting to know Kelli...


The future of play with Yesim Kunter

A veteran of Lego, Hasbro and Toys R Us - Yesim Kunter is a futurist, play expert and creative strategist. As a Futurist at Hasbro she studied anthropology and cultural shifts to predict potential future play trends. Through her play workshops she can help make you and your organization more creative and productive! Being raised by the sea in Turkey and creating her own toys as a youth has given her a unique perspective on play and creativity. Great toys offer surprise and magic and help...


Mego is back! Interview with Marty Abrams

Mego is back! Tune in now for the inside scoop with Marty Abrams! The Father of Action Figures joins us today to discuss one of the most important action figure lines in history and its return to the mass market. Since he served as the president of Mego beginning in 1971 Marty has shaped and reshaped the landscape of the action figure mega category and he is positioned to do it again. He has big plans for the brand and he lays it out for us today on the Power Kid Podcast! Listen in as we...


Polyblox with Laresa Tapia & Carolyn Izzo

I come from a family full of wonderful teachers and education professionals and I find that they are some of the most creative and passionate people on the planet. My guests this week are no exception. Laresa Tapia and Carolyn Izzo are on a mission to bring inclusiveness and fun together with a simple and elegant new product - PolyBlox. Patented, researched, certified and available worldwide, Polyblox are "ABC blocks, reimagined. Join us as we discuss the origin of the idea, the challenges...


Fandom and Pop Culture with Anita Castellar

Calling all fans! Anita Castellar of FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management joins us today to discuss fan focused toys. She has covered all areas of product creation for some of the biggest names in the business - Hasbro, Disney, and Lucasfilm. Anita has been instrumental in bringing you some of the most popular Star Wars brand experiences including the Build Your Own Lightsaber station at Disney! Today we discuss the importance of story when building a brand, some of the key criteria when...


Women in Toys (WIT) with Mary Kay Russell, Deb de Sherbinin & Maggie Lynn Held

You won’t have to look long to find someone who has been helped and guided by the group I interview today. In fact many of them have been excellent guests on the Power Kid Podcast! WIT (Women in Toys, Licensing and Entertainment) is constantly helping women world-wide succeed in the toy industry. Today I am joined by 3 wonderful guests - Mary Kay Russell, Deb de Sherbinin and Maggie Lynn Held! Join us as we discuss the history and importance of this organization. You will be impressed by...


Introducing Storyball with Meir Biton

You have probably heard the buzz! Storyball is a revolutionary and award-winning smart toy for children that uses screen-free technology. Once a child takes a Storyball in their hand, they enter a world of active, imaginative play where they can complete cool challenges, take fun quizzes, and go on adventures featuring their favorite characters. They can even code new adventures for themselves! Join me today as I interview Storyball creator Meir Biton about this ground-breaking toy. Why was...


Digital Marketing and PR with Harold Chizick of Chizcomm

‘Understanding people and how to relate to people - that’s the science behind marketing” You will not want to miss this value packed episode! Harold Chizick drops by today to pull back the curtain on his company Chizcomm. Previously he was the VP of Marketing at Mega Brands and VP of Global Communications and Promotions at Spin Master. Today he brings this tremendous experience to bear for his clients and partners as the CEO of Chizcomm. Chizcomm offers innovative and creative PR and...


Introducing Alter Nation action figures with Ryan Magnon

After successful ventures in digital gaming and real estate Ryan Magnon has a new vision for the action figure aisle! Today he and his team are at ASTRA launching their new creation - Alter Nation! Join us today as we discuss the origin of this new brand. Listen in as he discusses the rigorous focus testing he did on the line and the interesting directions the kids sent him. What classic brands inspire him? What are the important touchstones when creating a new boys brand? How do we...


Keeping online safe with Ryan Lexer of Kidoz

It is my pleasure this week to bring you my discussion with the Head of Sales and Business Development at Kidoz Ryan Lexer. Ryan has spent his career training and protecting kids. He was previously a professional basketball player turned youth coach and now finds himself helping kids and brands navigate their way through the digital landscape. The digital world is one part playground and one part wild west and in this show we discuss the dangers and opportunities that exist there. Ryan...


The Rock Father James Zahn - Pop culture promotions and media

Ever since I began seeing James Zahn’s articles and posts on LinkedIn I wanted to reach out to him and understand more. He brings a very unique combination of experiences and skills to the toy industry. He has written for Sprout AND Fangoria which puts him in a category all his own! On his website therockfather.com he provides open and honest reviews of products from the parents perspective. In todays show I ask him about his career and how he got involved with toy promotions and...


Dive into SeaBelievers with Brien Arone

I met Brien Arone at NY Toy Fair 2017. His booth was filled with beautiful animation, unique character designs and prototype toys. Earlier in the day I had seen these costumed characters making a splash throughout the show. I had to know more! Today Brien shares with us his very human and heartfelt story that led to the creation of the SeaBelievers. Listen in as he takes us on his childhood journey and discusses some of the hurdles he has had to overcome to make SeaBelievers a reality....


Toy World Magazine with John Baulch

John Baulch has spent 30 years working in toy trade press. He has applied his experience and love for the toy industry to his publication Toy World Magazine. He has vast knowledge of toy industry history and what it takes to succeed on the media side! In this open and honest conversation we discuss his philosophy in journalism and his reporting during several historical shifts in the toy industry. He shares with us his unique perspective from the crossroads of 3 rapidly changing...


Global Toy Industry analysis with Matthew Hudak

A big thank you to Mathew Hudak who breaks it down for us today in this fun rapid-fire episode! Matthew is the Senior Industry Analyst at Euromonitor International. He is laser focused on the toy and game industry and gives his customers cutting edge market data. In fact his sole responsibility is to develop the toy and game system for Euromonitor. The toy industry is always on the move (quicker than ever) and it is his job to keep us informed of global toy sales data and trends. In the...


Promoting your toy product - Interview with Lisa Orman

Super mom and two-time Women in Toys awards winner Lisa Orman joins us today! Previously she was a writer for the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Newsweek. Today she runs KidStuff PR to promote toys and games worldwide. kidstuffpr.com In this episode we discuss an article she recently wrote about specialty retail vs. Amazon. I ask the questions: What are some of the most coveted awards in our industry? How important are Mommy Bloggers and what should we expect from the bloggers and...


Meet the Animoodles with Marissa Louie

Since childhood Marissa Louie has dreamed of creating amazing plush toys. After 2 years in development and 11 hours on Kickstarter her dream is now a reality! Animoodles, the amazing magnetic mix and match plush creation, is shipping to her backers all over the world and is now finding it’s way into brick and mortar retail. Join us today as we discuss her journey to make her plush dream a reality. From invention to team building to play testing we discuss the details of her experience and...


The Power of Toy Demonstrations with Clayton Hodges

"Show me”. Stay in the toy industry long enough and you will hear these 2 words thousands of times. Whether at a trade show or sales meeting - never underestimate the power of a looks-like works-like prototype….and a great presenter! Clayton Hodges previously served as the Manager of Global Toy Demonstration at Hasbro and is now the Manager/ CEO at FerventlyFunConcepts. He KNOWS how to present your product! His organization casts, trains and provides logistics for live toy demonstrations...


Inside Eolo Toys with the Director of Fun Alex Prieto

Alex Prieto has worked in the toy industry since his childhood - assembling kites and wind-ups on his fathers factory line! He is now the Director of Fun at Eolo Toys. Their great brands include Aqua Gear, Heli Flyerz, Sandtastic, and Funtrix among many others. They have license contracts with Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Minions. Alex is a true professional and loves what he does! http://www.eolo.com Tune in to this candid conversation as we discuss the importance of outdoor play,...


Animating for Kid's Brands - Interview with Pat Giles

Creating characters, drawing, animating - it’s all Pat Giles ever wanted to do. His laser focus on animation and character design has led him to create content for some of the best known brands and characters on the market. www.dangerpigeonstudios.com Join Pat and I as we discuss his career - building and animating characters for children be it for toys, games or food. We discuss the impact and future of YouTube animation and Netflix. We also dive into the history of the Trix Rabbit,...