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Simple, shop management software. Discover amazing lessons from fellow print shop owners. Try Printavo -

Simple, shop management software. Discover amazing lessons from fellow print shop owners. Try Printavo -
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Simple, shop management software. Discover amazing lessons from fellow print shop owners. Try Printavo -








8 Ideas for 2019 Resolutions in Your Shop

2018 has been wrapped up and we hope it was a solid growth year for everyone. As the new year begins, it's great to list out your goals for 2019. We create a list of 8 potential ideas you can use to craft your own list. 1. Raise Prices. As business owners, we undervalue what we offer. It's natural to think that someone won't pay our asking price so we undercut. As printers, we do this to get more business out of the gate. It's dangerous to the industry as a whole and doesn't accurately...


A Tip From Jeff Bezos To Screen Printers

We too often become wrapped up in "what's next". What will the next greatest technology be or equipment I need at the shop? Which competitor do I need to worry about? It can be exhausting to go through this repetitive cycle especially if you're using it as a guide for your team. Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon made the quote in 2015: --- I very frequently get the question: "What's going to change in the next 10 years?" And that is a very interesting question; it's a very common one. I...


Get More Sales: Talk to Customers With Confidence

When Talking to Customers, Be Confident and Show Your Expertise Everyone wants their customers to be happy. And that requires using the right words, especially since more and more customer interactions take place through writing (email, live chat, even Twitter). Start the conversation by establishing a personal rapport. Show the customer that you’re listening to their problem or complaint, and then shift to a take-charge attitude, using confident, assertive language. Use dominant language...


Lessons Learned: Oklahoma Shirt Company & Justin Lawrence's Story - PrintHustlers Conf 2018

Justin Lawrence, Oklahoma Shirt Company has an incredible story. After leaving med-school to dive into screen-printing he’s grown to a 30 person shop passing $6m in revenue. Try Printavo:


[Podcast] Marketing a Screen Printing Business in a Small Town with Ryan Schraffenberger

I had a great podcast with Ryan Schraffenberger of Promotions Guy. Ryan has a print shop in Florida and in Michigan where he dives into how he balances this. Take a listen as we covered the following topics: - Saying "no" more leading to growth - How he found customers in a small town vs a large one - Lessons learned when hiring sales reps - The changing role of an owner - How to manage live printing - How to host open houses Try Printavo:


2 Tips When Creating True Work-Life Balance

As a business owner, separating your work from personal life is borderline impossible. This is your baby, it's what you created from scratch into a living breathing, separate entity. Your business takes a lot of time, care and attention. When you're at home the shop may be at a different location, but mentally you're still thinking about growth, mistakes, improvements, and people. These demands can create a tough strain on families of business owners. Being that you're mentally preoccupied...


3 Branding Tips For Your Print Shop

Have you ever bought an item that was more expensive because of the name behind it? Shoes, a purse, equipment? The reason you feel strongly about your purchase is because of the brand. It creates an emotional connection to your consumers which makes their purchase decision easier. It is essential to create a brand your customers love and praise. Since this process doesn't happen overnight, here are 3 tips to start now: 1. Create a guarantee. What can you do to guarantee your customers? Can...


Your Mindset When Growing a Shop

After chatting with more successful shop owners, we've learned they all have something in common. Extreme optimism. Everyone started their screen printing shop in one way or the other. A band, clothing line, bought into a business. It didn't make much sense at the time, but you kept persevering past all odds to create a sustainable business. Between improving your workflow, managing a team, and growing sales, extreme positivity has been proven to help keep pushing you forward. Past the...


4 Tips When Automating Your Print Shop - PrintHustlers Conf 2018 Highlights

PrintHustlers Conf was a huge success! We had over 100 people from shops all over North America join us. In this highlight reel, Steven Farag, Co-Owner of Campus Ink, talks about five tips when automated his shop. 1. Add all users to Printavo - Give full access to your account 2. Automate people & technology - Allow pushing a button to print, transform data, and add data where needed. Hire a virtual assistant from Upwork to help with data input. 3. Utilize Zapier to connect your website to...


Setting Up Team Commissions

Over time we found that sales is a team sport. It's a basketball team where the ball gets passed around with the end goal of a slam-dunk. This process requires the company to work together on the same goal together. If one sales rep creates a lead from a tradeshow, and someone back at the office closes them, you're working together to win. A company brand is the full customer experience someone encounters. This may warrant using a team-based commission structure for your sales reps. At...


Hiring A Customer Sales Rep

Hiring A Customer Sales Rep by Printavo


Switching From Manual Press to Automatic with Justin Moore

Justin Moore started Barrel Maker Printing in 2009. They printed on a manual screen printing press for several years before they purchased an automatic press. Justin and his wife, Erin Moore, felt they could get a lot out of their manual press, but it was exhausting. Listen to Justin talk about how when he switched to an automatic screen printing press and how it helped their shop. Try Printavo -


How to Train New Employees at Your Screen Printing Shop

An untrained employee is likely to be unhappy due to confusion. They will underperform, and you will be frustrated because they're not doing what you want. Your new hire won't stay long and you'll have to spend time searching for another, which will cost you time and money. Quality of work delivered will be less than expected. Don't believe the new hire's deliverables will be exactly what you asked for since you didn't take the time to teach them properly. Not only that, you're going to...


How To Handle Payroll At Your Print Shop

Getting started with a reputable HR provider early on will save you many headaches down the road. Dealing with new employee documentation, benefits, taxes, offer letters, payroll, hourly, contractor, and full-time employees will drive you up a wall! At Printavo, when we first started hiring employees, we wanted to make sure everything was very clear for our team members. When was payday, how to enroll in benefits, etc needed to all be written clearly and easily comprehensible for everyone....


Hire Better Employees In Your Screen Print Shop - Tip We Use

Hiring the right people is the single most important job you have as a shop owner. As the business grows, your team is the most important asset of the company. It's what you should be spending a significant time on in regards to hiring, training, 1-on-1's, improvements and more. Hiring can be tricky as the goal is to fully vet candidates to make the right choice. Candidates may not tell the full truth, exaggerate responsibilities or not just be the right cultural fit for your shop. If you...


Squeezing More Productivity out of Your Day

We can all agree that we'd like to be more productive each day. As a business owner, you probably feel many days escape from you. You'll start off with a task list for the day and end up completing little to none of it as the day winds down. Putting out fires is a constant reason for not being able to execute on the things you need to complete either in your screen-printing/embroidery shop. The long-term solution is to continue to hire for the tasks that you do every day. With people that...


A Breakdown Of How Facebook Marketing Works

Shelby Craig, Founder of Rocket Shirts is a marketing guru. “Making Shirt Happen and Getting Shirt Done.” Shelby’s LinkedIn quote perfectly describes him. Shelby dives into how facebook marketing works to help your screen-printing shop suceed. He gives you easy steps on how to get started! PrintHustlers Conf 2018 is the second annual conference for the decorated apparel industry organized by Printavo. This conference will provide a unique opportunity to grow, develop, learn new ways to...


Preparing Your Print Shop For The Long Haul

Starting and running a business isn't easy. And it doesn't get easier. There's an ever ending amount of tasks to be done, goals to be met and sales to generate. This constant process of wanting to grow your shop can be mentally draining. It's tough to keep up with everything especially if you're a sole owner. To prepare your mind for a 20 year plus haul, you have to find happiness in your work. This sounds cliche, I know. Let me break it down further. What truly is your passion? When you...


Expanding Your Print Shop - How Ryan Moor Grew Ryonet

Ryan Moor, Founder & CEO of Ryonet ( started in 2004 and has grown it into multi-million dollar enterprise of screen printing supplies and education. Ryonet's growth didn't happen overnight and Ryan touches on what helped make them successful. People, systems, investments in yourself and your team are the major themes Ryan will touch on. Try Printavo - Subscribe to our podcast:...


How to Stand out with Your Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is so important. It's the core of your business and creates longevity for you and your company. Treat it wisely as every interaction with your shop creates your brand and image. Josh Keane from Thread Monster talks about how he goes above and beyond with customers. Handwritten notes, writing down birthdays, special events and more. Take a listen to how Josh excels in customer service.