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Welcome to Process to Profitability, a podcast all about the tools and strategies you need to serve your clients and grow your small business. Join me as I chat with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners about how they built and grew their businesses and how you can do the do the same in a way that fits you.

Welcome to Process to Profitability, a podcast all about the tools and strategies you need to serve your clients and grow your small business. Join me as I chat with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners about how they built and grew their businesses and how you can do the do the same in a way that fits you.
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Welcome to Process to Profitability, a podcast all about the tools and strategies you need to serve your clients and grow your small business. Join me as I chat with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners about how they built and grew their businesses and how you can do the do the same in a way that fits you.






Re-Release | Getting Started with Wholesale with Carolyn Keating

Today I’m talking with Carolyn Keating of Wholesale 4 Creatives all about getting started with wholesale. Carolyn has a 10 year background in wholesale for other businesses and she has translated that into helping small creative businesses get into retail stores and get their products seen by bigger businesses. Today we’re covering a lot of information that is mostly aimed at product-based business, but there are some great tips for cultivating relationships and figuring out pricing...


Re-Release | How a Website Designer Can Save You Time and Money

Today is a continuation of my website design series and I’m going to be talking about how a website designer can save you time and money. I’m going to go into some really important things to think about when you are considering whether you want to DIY your website or hire someone to help you with the design and development in order to save you time and ultimately save you money so you can spend more time working with your clients and growing your business. Topics Discussed: Resources...


100 | That’s a Wrap! Reviewing Season 1 of Process to Profitability

Topics Discussed: Action Steps:


99 | Running a Business as a Side-Hustle with Shannon Mattern

Today I’m talking about running a business as a side-hustle with Shannon Mattern. We chat about a lot of topics, including how she got started with her business and the transition she made to running it full time. We also talk about how you can run your business as a side-hustle in a way that benefits your business and the difference between that and running a full-time business. Shannon shares about creating a strategic plan when you’re running a side-hustle and some tips for balancing a...


98 | Hosting a Podcast that Supports Your Business

Today I’m talking about hosting a podcast that supports your business. As I approach 100 episodes of Process to Profitability, I’ve talked to a lot of people about why I started a podcast and how I run it while still maintaining my service-based business. Podcasting has become the main way I create content to support my business, so today I’m sharing how I got started, how my podcast grew, and what you should consider if you want to start a podcast of your own. Topics Discussed: Resources...


97 | Partnering with an OBM or Team with Brooke Jackson

Today I’m talking about partnering with an OBM or team with Brooke Jackson. Brooke starts by explaining what an Online Business Manager does and how they work with business owners. We discuss the types of tasks an OBM can do and what they won’t do in your business. We then talk about building a team, with or without an OBM to help, including choosing the right people to hire, on-boarding new team members, and managing your team. Brooke Jackson is an Online Business Manager (OBM) for female...


96 | What’s Included with Your Website Design

Today I’m talking about what’s included with your website design when you work with Lemon and the Sea. One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a designer is “is this thing included in your quote?” so today I’m taking some time to lay out what I include with every website design and to talk about why it’s important to ask these types of questions when you choose a website designer. Topics Discussed: Resources Discussed: Why You Need to Specialize (or why I’m not a copywriter,...


95 | Managing Entrepreneurial Anxiety with Wendy Breakstone

Today I’m talking about managing entrepreneurial anxiety with Wendy Breakstone. We have a great conversation for you to listen in on today talking about why entrepreneurs tend to struggle with anxiety, how we can set and achieve goals in our businesses and some recommendations for future planning. Wendy also talks about systems that we need to set up in our businesses that are fairly simple to help you get started and feel confident when you’re showing up in your business and for your...


94 | Choosing What to Invest In

Today I’m talking about choosing what to invest in for your business. As your business grows, or even when you’re just starting, there are going to be some things you want to really invest in – coaching, professional design or copywriting, events – that aren’t an everyday expense. As the business owner, it’s up to you to decide what you should be investing in and how your money can best be used to support your business as it grows. Topics Discussed: Action Steps:


93 | Customer Service is Queen with Catherine Hildner

Today I’m talking about how customer service is queen with Catherine Hildner. We have a great conversation about why customer service is important, what it looks like in our businesses, and how we can set everything up to be really customer focused. Catherine talks about her experience with both good and bad clients and how she has evolved her customer service over time. We also talk about how you create a one-of-a-kind experience without spending a lot of money. I suggest you go check out...


92 | My Maternity Leave Plan

Today I’m talking about my maternity leave plans. If you’ve been following along on social media or to some of the latest podcast episodes, you’ll know that my husband and I are expecting our first child at the beginning of April and I am planning on taking a maternity leave starting the last week of March, which means that I have been doing a lot of preparation over the last few months. Today I’m going to dive into what my maternity leave is going to look like, how I’ve been preparing, and...


91 | Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Client Appreciation with Nadia Anderson

Today I’m talking about accounting, bookkeeping, and client appreciation with Nadia Anderson. We cover a lot of topics in this show including the differences between accounting, bookkeeping, and financial planning, and the types of systems you should have in place as a business owner for your finances. We also talk about getting ready for tax season with quarterly taxes and deductions and how all of that works. Then we talk about client appreciation and how Nadia has used that to build both...


90 | Outsourcing in Small Ways

While we’ve talked about outsourcing and hiring in the past, I wanted to give my insight into why outsourcing in small ways can be beneficial to your business. As a business owner, I know that it can be intimidating to think about hiring someone full time or handing over a lot of work to a virtual assistant or other contractors. While that may work for some businesses, and is very beneficial as you grow, starting small can ease your workload and help you better serve your clients right where...


89 | Creating Your Email Welcome Sequence with Sarah Anderson

Today I’m talking with Sarah Anderson about creating a welcome sequence for your email list. We go into a lot of detail in this episode about why you need a welcome sequence, what you can include, how you can set it all up, and really making sure that this is another way that you’re serving your audience by giving them as much value as you can. Sarah Anderson is a copywriter and email marketing strategist. She believes that building a relationship with your list is one of the most valuable...


88 | 5 Ways to Give Back in Your Business

Today I’m talking about 5 ways to give back in your business. The holiday season just wrapped up here in the United States and for many of us, the start of the New Year also means thinking about how we can do more with our businesses moving forward. If you’re like me, you want to do more than just serve your clients and market on social media – you want to make a difference year-round in bigger ways. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to making giving a part of your business...


87 | Planning for Maternity Leave with Arianna Taboada

Today I’m talking about planning for maternity leave with Arianna Taboada. We cover a ton of information specifically for expecting entrepreneurs, but even if you are looking at planning for the future and taking a leave in your business, this is a really helpful episode. We talk about how a baby is going to affect your business and Arianna’s tips for babyproofing while you’re still in the planning stages. She also gives us tips on changes we can make to our website and how we can let our...


86 | My Top Time Management Tips & Tools

Today I’m talking about my top time management tips and tools. Have you ever looked back at a long day of work and wondered why you didn't get anything done? I certainly have - there have been many times that I've thought I was being productive, but I was actually spending my time on things that weren't as important to my business. As the creative director and only designer at Lemon and the Sea, I have a lot on my plate - and I'm sure you do too. That's why it's important to use your time...


85 | Copyrights and Trademarks with Caroline Fox

Today I’m talking about copyrights, trademarks, and all things intellectual property with Caroline Fox. We cover a ton of topics, so this is a busy episode but it’s full of great information. We talk about copyrights – what they are, how you can get one, why you need one, and what you can do if someone steals your work. Then we talk about trademarks and why they’re important and how they can benefit you. Caroline gives us some great insight into steps we can take to make sure that our...


84 | When a Website Template is the Right Choice for Your Business

Today’s episode is all about how you can know if a website template is the right choice for your business and how to choose the right one. It may seem strange coming from a website designer, but I believe that website templates are valuable resources for many businesses, especially when you’re starting out. Custom website design is a big investment of both time and money, so starting with the right template can help you move your business forward until you’re ready to take that step. I’m...


83 | Finding Your Personal Style with Meghann VanderBaan

Today I’m talking about finding your personal style with Meghann VanderBaan of MVB Style. She shares why having a personal style is beneficial for entrepreneurs, finding your own personal style, and how we can find the right pieces for our wardrobe. We talk about dressing for everyday life and conferences, as well as how we can put together outfits that make us feel confident. Meghann is not your typical personal stylist who recommends fancy designer outfits. She helps moms and business...