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Customer Voice is Key to Product by X-Rite Pantone Strategy Director

In this episode, Shoshana Burgett the Director of Corporate Strategy and Customer Insights for X-Rite Pantone will be talking about the difference between validating questions and probing ones, explaining why you should never use the word 'Why' and discussing what are the different types of voice of the customer (VOC) activities there are out there, different ways of collecting them and actionable next steps to define your own VOC for your next project.


Why Questioning the Product is Important by McDonald's PM

In this episode, Richard Mannion, the PM from McDonald's, talks about the importance of asking 'Why', the purpose and vision of a product and what problems it can solve. He discusses scaling Agile for enterprise and concludes with how to deliver killer features.


Hardware vs. Software Product Management by Pandora Sr PM

In this episode, Ross Yesikov, Senior PM at Pandora, shares his perspective on the differences and similarities in managing Hardware vs Software, as well as B2B vs B2C, products. Ross also discusses the psychological differences in the work approaches, he also goes through several specific examples from a product lifecycle like pitching an idea to stakeholders, product requirements document writing and ultimately taking the product to the market, to provide real insights into the day to...


Intro to Product Management by former Percolate Senior PM Podcast

In this episode, Erica (Pierantozzi) Ackermann, fmr Senior PM at Percolate, discusses what it’s like to work in this dynamic role and what it takes to get your foot in the door. You’ll also get the inside scoop on the day-to-day work as a Product Manager, the challenges of the job and personal insight from Erica's experience at Percolate Inc.


How to Transition From Data to Product by Google Product Manager

In this episode, Yana Yushkina, PM at Google, talks about the concrete steps to transitioning from data analytics to Product Management, how to lean into your particular strengths and filling in the gaps. And finally, Yana, touches upon applying data analysis when developing and launching products.


Transitioning from Analytics to Product by a former Amazon PM

In this episode, Nikil Ramanathan, fmr PM at Amazon, talks about his transition from analytics to Product Management and what part of an analyst job mirrors the work of a Product Manager. Nikil finally concludes with some tips on developing relationships and seeking mentorship from current Product Managers.


What are Voice User Interfaces by Amazon Alexa Senior PM

In this episode, Josey Sandoval, covers the basics of voice as a user interface, including practical examples using the Alexa Skills Kit. He covers the role played by speech recognition and natural language understanding in voice applications, along with some voice UX best practices. Finally, Josey explains some of the major opportunities and challenges for voice, and where up-and-coming Product Managers can help the industry innovate.


How Does B2B vs. B2C Impact Products by Softbank Robotics PM

In this episode, Nicolas Beucher, Global Product Manager at Softbank Robotics, talks about expectations vs. reality for social robotics, Product Management for new product paradigms and concludes with what B2B2C is and how it impacts product.


How to Balance Your Tasks as a Product Manager by Uber PM

In this episode, Patrick Tsao, talks about an important part of any Product Manager's responsibilities that is 'balance'. Patrick discusses how successful products strive to balance the needs between users, business and technology, whilst often not being the experts in any of these areas.


How to Transition Into Product Management by Paypal PM

In this episode, Sunethra Dhileepan, PM at Paypal, talks about transitioning into Product Management, by drawing from her personal experiences talking about when and why she decided to become a PM, the steps she took towards becoming a PM. Finally, Sunethra evaluates what worked for her and what didn't.


Intro To Product Management by Tripadvisor Sr Product Manager

In this episode, Chang Yu, Senior Product Manager at Tripadvisor, gives an introduction to Product Management, specifically our part-time product management course curriculum, as well as what it takes to become a product manager. Chang, also gives examples from personal experience in his career.


What are Strategies to Manage Stakeholders by Boeing PM

In this, episode, Daniel Weiss, Product Manager at Boeing talks about the understanding of stakeholders and their importance to product teams, as well as how stakeholder involvement impacts a product team. Daniel concludes the session with practical strategies to manage stakeholders.


Marketplace Product Management by Wag fmr Product Lead

In this episode, Tal Flanchraych, fmr Product Lead at Wags Labs Inc., talks about the hard lesson she learned about the marketplace product management. You can have what looks like a great marketplace, but it’s actually just a great interface. A great marketplace is something that is a lot deeper than a great digital user experience.


Being a Product Manager for Enterprise Products by Snapchat PM

In this episode, Giovanni Gardelli, fmr Product Manager at Snapchat, talks about a few lessons he's learnt about being a PM for enterprise products. Consumer products and business products are well understood. Enterprise products are a subset of business products which require human interaction in order to be bought or sold. They include a degree of customization and sophistication, so there’s seldom an out of the box “click and buy” option.


5 Truths in Life and Product Management by Omaze fmr PM

In this episode, Ariel Butters, fmr Product Manager at Omaze, draws some lessons from years of Product Management experience that are also applicable to all other aspects of life and work. The PM role at startups is different than at large corporations. You are not only a manager, but you are also a mentor, therapist, and judge. The opportunities to learn are manifold.


The Magic of Meraki: In Teams, Products and Career by FX Network Content Manager

In this episode, Jourdan Mission, the Multiplatform Content Manager at FX Networks, talks about the magic of Meraki in teams, products and career. Meraki can be applied to every aspect of Product Management, and even every aspect of your life. It is used to describe doing something with soul, creativity or love.


Building Products with Empathy by Dollar Shave Club Sr Product Manager

In this episode, Loren Khulusi, Sr PM at Dollar Shave Club (DSC), discusses the importance of building products with empathy. DSC have a different take on how to build an MVP, a lot of what they do is tied to the emotional value and usability, as well as functionality. Loren believes in empathizing with a customer's needs in order to build a successful product.


Break Your Own Product Rules by Tinder Product Manager

In this episode, Ryan Mick, Designer and Product Manager at Tinder, discusses the importance of breaking the rules you set yourself. B peeling back the rules you put in place on your product, you give users reasons to stay, because you are in effect adding more value to their experience.


The SaaS Product Manager by PlayStation fmr Product Manager

In this episode, Guy Assedou, fmr Product Management explains SaaS, the three key activities of SaaS businesses and the key metrics. Guy concentrates on churn rate and what PMs can do impact monthly recurring revenue.


Human Ingenuity in AR/VR Products by Walt Disney Senior Project Manager

In this episode: Forbes recently ran a headline that stated “Big Data is Overrated Compared to Human Ingenuity.” Kathleen Cohen, would take this a step further: The future is overrated compared to human ingenuity. Kathleen talks about the values that define us and the importance of soft skills, values, diversity, beliefs systems and team work.