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How to Utilize Product Design Sprints by Blue Bottle Coffee PM

If you're resource-strapped or if you're not quite sure the Minimum Viable Product is going to be impactful, try the Google Design Sprint process. Over the course of 5 days, you work in a cross-functional team to solve for a core problem together. The best part? You build a high-fidelity prototype and validate the experience with your target audience. Out of one of these Design Sprints, a team at Blue Bottle developed the Welcome Kit experience, which increased their new customer lifetime...


How to Drive Prioritization and Planning by Microsoft Product Manager

Engineering teams rely on the Product Manager to drive prioritization and planning. They expect the Product Manager to know exactly what the customer wants and to have a pulse on the market and competitors. In this talk, Salah talks about how to be deliberate about the investments your team makes and the features you build. You can learn the importance of defining goals and getting buy-in from key stakeholders, how to use those goals to prioritize your features, how to keep the team...


How to Shift into Product Management by Google Product Manager

Growing as an Engineer and wondering what the next step should be in your career? Are you thinking of transitioning from an engineering role to product management? Unsure whether going back to school for an MBA would be the right option for you? This talk will help you understand whether a change to product management is the right step for you. Manjot will also talk about how to actually make that transition happen while learning the required business skills for succeeding on the job and...


How to Launch Mobile Apps by Oracle Director of Product Manager

In the era of Google, Facebook, Uber and Amazon, enterprise users expect deeper interactions and usable interfaces with mobile apps. Suresh will take you through his experience of the mobile app launch from concept to mature state. Should it be a single mobile app or multiple apps? Should you first launch on iOS or on Android? Should we release every 3 months, 2 month or every week? Should you market the mobile app separately? How do we get the user feedback? Should it be free or should...


How to Master Simple Questions by Off The Grid Dir. of Product

The most common question we get asked at Off the Grid markets is “What is your favorite food truck?” While seemingly easy enough to answer, the product team at Off the Grid wants to know more. Why are guests asking that question? How do guests choose what to eat at our markets? Which trucks should we book for next week? Although fairly simple questions, they are surprisingly tough to answer, especially as they relate to the nuances in personal food preference. This talk conveys how good...


How to Create Blockchain Products by Fr8 Network Lead Engineer

Blockchain has swept the tech space by storm and we are now seeing the first wave of products built using this technology. One of the biggest challenges with blockchain is taking very technical concepts, such as signing transactions, and making them intuitive and easy to use. In this talk, Yev discussed the tools, design decisions, and best practices involved when creating a blockchain product.


What Is Lean Product Development by Xero Senior Product Manager

Ever feel stuck or unable to decide what the team should work on next? Ever get steamrolled by an exec to take on their new favorite idea? You are not alone. As Product Managers we are constantly dealing with issues like this. In this talk, Joshuah focuses on a lean product development strategy that helps reduce and in some cases eliminate some of these common issues. The process is called Evidence Driven Development. This process is similar to the scientific method, and helps us define...


How to Do Growth Product Management by Dropbox Product Manager

If you're involved in tech in any way, you've likely heard of the concept of a "Growth Hacker" or just a "Growth" role in general. Over the last five years, this term has gotten wildly out of control. People want to be in Growth and companies want to hire Growth roles. However, from Willie's experience talking to many people who want to hop in the field as well as talking to numerous companies, he's found most of the people who talk about Growth actually have no idea what it is. In this...


What Is Product Personalization by former Zendesk Growth Lead

Many companies talk about personalization, but few have enough valuable data to make it actionable. In this talk, Brianne Kimmel presents a framework for collecting the right data at the right time and best practices on how to build personalized programs to keep users engaged over time. She also discusses how you can learn more about your customers without overwhelming them and how to build scalable user engagement programs.


How to Best Utilize Your Product Community by former AMEX PM

Jonathan Lai, former Product Manager at AMEX, talks about the mindset, tools, and tactics you should use but most people neglect. For people who are trying to switch careers and become Product Managers, this talk is relevant because Jonathan shares counterintuitive strategies to help you stand out at MeetUp events. And for seasoned Product Managers, he talks through some advanced tactics on how to leverage your community to get to the next level in your career. Jonathan also shares some...


How to Work in Large and Small Businesses by Product Conference Panelists

The panelists discuss the differences of a Product Manager role in small and large organisations across different types of companies. They talk about how different it is building a physical product versus a non-physical one. They also share their insight on what different product titles include in small versus large companies. Moderator: Carlos González de Villaumbrosia is the CEO of Product School. Panelists: Matt Bariletti, Lead Product Manager at Banjo. Fred Radford, Product Manager at...


What Is the PM Role in Securing the IoT by IoT Product Leader

Security is the biggest challenge in IoT today. In this talk, Daniel discusses the importance of security in the internet of things, and what product managers need to take into consideration when building IoT products. He talks about the fact that customers need to be able to trust a product they use and pay for, and this includes security.


Three Great Things That Product Managers Do by Mixpanel PM

Jenny Li, Product Manager at Mixpanel, shares her three key ideas in product management from her experience. Firstly, product managers are business owners, secondly, they manage their environment and lastly, they create opportunities. She discusses each point with real-life examples.


9 Important Lessons of a Product Manager by Facebook PM

In this talk, David will share 9 lessons that he has learned over the years while working as a Product Manager at Facebook. He talks about the importance of preparing for success and having diverse teams. He also discusses the qualities of a good product manager, and more specifically the fact that a PM needs to be adjustable.


How to Achieve Product Market Fit by Dan Olsen

In this talk, Dan Olsen discusses what product market fit is, what it means to have it and how to achieve it. He shares his methodology on how companies can find product market fit from the book he wrote "The Lean Product Playbook". He also talks about the problem space vs. solution space framework.


Diversity and Inclusion in Product by the Product Conference Panelists

The product women talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion in a team, and how crucial it is to acknowledge and recognize different personality types in a team. They also discuss what it means to be successful as a product manager. Moderator: Laura Holmes, Senior Product Manager at Google. Panelists: Gloria Lin, Product Leader at Stripe. Evonne Johnson, Head of Product at Accompany. Jackie Bavaro, Head of Product Management at Asana & Co-Author of Cracking the PM Interview.


How to Unleash Your Leader Within by Kenneth Berger, Slack's 1st PM

In this talk, Kenneth shares his insights and hacks on leadership. The first thing you need to do is "let go of being right". That's not the focus in your job as a product manager. He also talked about how to be effective, how to get stuff done, how to communicate and influence.


How to Lead Your Product Team Right by Barnes & Noble Product Manager

Product Managers are generalists leading product teams of domain experts (developers, designers, etc). This can lead to gray areas of responsibility and conflict. Product Managers are responsible for the success of the product and are expected to weigh-in on all product elements - from design to development to delivery - yet at the same time defer to other team members on important product decisions. John Kresse talks about some of the gray areas he's experienced in his product management...


How to Create Experience Products by Logitech Product Manager

The internet of things is proliferating thanks to the availability of better and faster connectivity in and outside the home; as well as the strong push for the adoption of the smart home by key players, especially with voice assistants. In this talk, Gaurav covers creating IOT products and experiences with his views on: - The precursors to help make decisions about whether you should make a connected smart device. - Learnings about each component - the hardware, the cloud; and the end...


How to Nail the Product Manager Interview by Gayle McDowell

Gayle McDowell is the Founder and CEO of CareerCup and the author of Cracking the Coding Interview, Cracking the Coding Interview and Cracking the Tech Career. She talks about how to prepare for Product Manager interviews, what top companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft really look for, and how to tackle the toughest problems. She also discussed how PM role varies across companies, what experience you need, how to make your existing experience translate, what a great PM resume and...