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106 | My Dirty Little Secret

I walk my biggest skeleton right out of my super organized, color-coordinated closet and reveal my dirty little secret. You’ll get the juicy, embarrassing details but also grasp the same valuable lessons I learned from revealing it and cleaning up the mess - without all the effort and power struggles I faced. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ My Embarrassing Secret Only 3 People Know About… Until Now ✔️ What I Learned From Letting Go Of My Ego And Power ✔️ Why Secrets Are Meant To...


105 | Instagram Alchemy: How To Turn Posts Into Profits With Stefanie Gass

I sit down with the host and creator of The Mompreneur Mastermind Show Podcast and Podcast Pro University, Stefanie Gass. A mastermind at Instagram, Stefanie walks us through her best tips and strategies for using the power platform to gain visibility and increase profits while setting smart boundaries. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Tips For Navigating The Black Hole Of Social Media ✔️ Life-Changing Instagram Hacks ✔️ How To Prevent Instagram From Being Such A Time Sucker ✔️...


104 | Just Stop It Already! 15 Quick Ways To Amplify Your Success

I discuss how to quickly gain traction in your business, not by starting something, but by stopping certain activities that are hindering your success and will fail to serve your business over the long haul. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ How You’re Habitually Sabotaging Your Success ✔️ Why Doing Less Can Make You More Money ✔️ The Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately ✔️ How Just Do It! Works For Nike But Not For You ✔️So Much More! I hope you enjoy my episode on...


103 | All You Need To Know About Writing A Book With Katie Cross

I sit down with the ghostwriter of my future book, Katie Cross. Katie owns a book-producing and ghost-writing boutique that specializes in thinking up creative solutions to driving your message home to your audience. She walks us through the exciting path of writing a book, from having an idea to production, and weighs on the myriad of factors that will influence your success. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ How To Know When You’re Ready To Write A Book ✔️ The Different Avenues...


102 | My Ultimate System To Whip Your Bottom Line Into Shape With Special Guest Sarah Laufer, CPA

I walk you through my Ultimate System To Whip Your Bottom Line Into Shape so you can develop a bookkeeping system tailored for your business, improve the state of your finances, make more informed business decisions, and go into each tax season prepared, confident, and with a good handle on how much you’re going to owe or get back. As a bonus, you’ll hear five ways to have less stress and anxiety over bookkeeping from my CPA, special guest Sarah Laufer. What You’ll Discover In This...


101 | Cracking The Code To Optimize Yourself With Zack Arnold

I sit down with documentary director, Hollywood film & television editor, productivity nerd, and the creator of the Optimize Yourself program, Zack Arnold. We take a look at how he blended his knowledge of athletics and creative performance to build a business he’s crazy about and deep-dive into ways to optimize yourself and your business using productivity tools. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Why You Should Strive For Work-Life Presence Over Balance ✔️ The Worst Thing You Can...


100 | My Blooper Reel From 7 Years In Business

This an exciting episode because it’s my 100th episode of Productivity Straight Talk! To celebrate, I decided to do something different and take you on a journey through some of the silliest bloopers I’ve made in my business along my 7-year entrepreneurial journey. Don’t worry though, you’ll get more than just a good laugh. You’ll also get some inspiration and takeaways to help you recover quickly from your own business bloopers. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Some Big And Small...


099 | From Paralyzed To Productive: A Strategy Session With Laura K. Cook

I sit down for an on-air strategy session with one of the Financial Advisors of Raymond James, Laura Cook, to tackle her challenges with productivity in the entrepreneurial space. We cover how Laura’s interactions with her clients could be systemized to decrease disruptions to her workflow while providing a superior level of client servicing and reclaim time for more productive activities. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ The Best Place To Start Creating Efficiency In Your...


098 | Kickin’ Clutter To The Curb With Laurie Palau

I sit down with the founder of simply B organized, Laurie Palau, who empowers people suffering from clutter to give them the freedom to do what they want with the people who matter most. We navigate why clutter shows up in your life, how it affects you, practices for decluttering, and how to get organized so you can live a richer, less stressful life. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️The 3 Types Of Clutter ✔️Simple Tips For Eliminating It ✔️Unexpected Negative Consequences Of...


097 | Productivity Pit Stops: Smart Stops On Your Journey To The Top

I walk you through some pit stops you should consider making throughout the course of your work to kick your productivity up a notch and enable greater growth in your business. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ How Your Entrepreneurial Journey Is Like A Road Trip ✔️ 5 Productivity Pitstops You Could Benefit From Today ✔️ Simple Ways To Shave Minutes To Hours Off Every Day ✔️ App Suggestions To Help Keep Your Productivity On Point ✔️So Much More! I hope you enjoy my episode on...


096 | What It Takes To Run A Well-Oiled Machine With Chanie Wilschanski

I sit down with the CEO of DiscoverED Consulting, Chanie Wilschanski, who helps school leaders build schools of excellence. We walk through Chanie’s well-oiled systems, processes, and routines that transform everyday chaos into teachable moments, growth, and revenue-generating opportunities. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Best Practices For Integrating Your Business & Personal Life ✔️ What To Aim For In Your Work (And It’s Not Perfection!) ✔️ Where To Find The Biggest Catalyst...


095 | Taking On Your Task Mismanagement: A Strategy Session With Kayce Hodos

I sit down with therapist, Kayce Hodos, who specializes in providing support to moms adjusting to their crazy new life with baby. I guide Kayce through a Strategy Session to take her challenges with task mismanagement head on so she can live a less flustered life and run a more productive business. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️Insight Into Creating A Solid Task Management System ✔️How To Carve Out Purposeful Time In Your Schedule And Stick To It ✔️Why You Must Treat Your Task...


BONUS | Dominate Your Calendar & Conquer Your Email: Two-Part Masterclass Series

Claim Your Spot Sick of getting screwed by your overbooked, under-utilized calendar? Overwhelmed by the mass amount of disorganized emails in your inbox? Then boy, have I got the perfect two-part masterclass series for you… Part 1: Dominate Your Calendar Your calendar is a bad-ass piece of technology. Find out how to utilize its awesome features to execute my expert scheduling strategies, gain ultimate control over your days, and seamlessly plan your...


094 | Remote Teams: Would Your Business Thrive Or Barely Survive? With Wade Foster

I sit down with Wade Foster, the CEO and Co-Founder of Zapier, whose mission is to help everybody be more productive at work by connecting all the different tools you use. We deep-dive into Wade’s entrepreneurial journey in the tech space, from Zapier’s inception to employing 200 productive, remote workers. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️The Pros Of Having A Remote Virtual Team ✔️How To Get On The Same Page In Any Time Zone ✔️What You Need To Double-Down On To Thrive ✔️How To...


093 | Disorganization: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You With Erik De La Garza

I sit down with my eight-year-old son, Erik De La Garza, to discuss why he’s been having a hard time turning in his homework lately. We dissect his habits to get to the root cause of his issue and determine disorganization has been holding him back, but not in the way you think. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️Ways Disorganization Could Be Holding Your Back ✔️How Being Disorganized Comes Down To Your Habits ✔️What You Can Do To Determine The Root Cause Of Your...


092 | The Structure Residing In Every Well-Designed Business With LuAnn Nigara

I sit down with the Co-Owner of Window Works, LuAnn Nigara, who has been in business since 1982 and is thriving in the interior design space. We discuss the ways she infused structure, systems, and processes into her company which helped her scale to become a $2 million business. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ How Structure Fosters More Freedom ✔️ Ways To Create Structure In Your Business ✔️ The Question To Ask Yourself Before Making Any Big Decisions ✔️ What You Must Embrace...


091 | Stepping Up Your CEO Game: A Client Case Study With Tim Clothier

I sit down with my long-term client and CEO of Illusion Projects, Tim Clothier, to discuss how he’s been stepping up his CEO game during our years of working together. We cover his magic power of jumping back and forth between creative and CEO, what hadn’t been working in his business, what he had to release to see better results, and what he’s doing now to stay on top of his game and run a successful international business. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Why Your Time Blocks...


090 | Finding Freedom Through Embracing Structure With Libby Greiwe

I sit down with Financial Advisor Libby Greiwe who runs a 7-figure solo practice while working just 25 hours a week. We take a deep dive into the intricacies of running her business efficiently, with client experience as her guiding star, all while maintaining balance in her home life. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️The Efficiencies That Enabled Libby To Quadruple Her Income While Working MUCH Less ✔️How She Doubled Down On The Client Experience And Won ✔️Libby’s Step-By-Step...


088 | Focus Is Not The F-Word With Stefanie Krievins

I sit down with the owner of Problem Solvers School, Stefanie Krievins, who lives for coaching professional troublemakers and helping those recovering perfectionists and over-achievers show up with integrity and authenticity. We discuss how powerful focus can be in helping you achieve, well, just about anything. And as always, we dish out tips and strategies to improve yours. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ What A Professional Troublemaker Is And How To Know If You’re One ✔️ How...


087 |10 Tips To Make Your Fresh Start Last

I offer some pointers on how to keep your fresh start ignited by the new year rolling through every month of the year, so you can keep the momentum going strong and accomplish your goals. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ The Surest Way To Derail Your Success ✔️ How To Most Easily Avoid Burnout ✔️ Why Your Next Hire Or Fire Could Determine Your Success ✔️Tips For Staying On A Growth Trajectory ✔️ Planning Strategies That Work ✔️ Ways To Stay Motivated ✔️ So Much More! I hope...