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067 | 5 Things You’re Doing That Threaten Your Success

In this episode, I discuss some acts of self-sabotage you might be engaging in unknowingly. These activities not only negatively affect aspects of both your business and personal life, but they hinder your overall success as well. I also cover asking for help in the right places, setting yourself up to slay each day, what happens when you choose to follow someone else’s path, the most important thing you can do to prevent burnout, and the single, negative affirmation I strongly stand behind...


SPSS Bonus Eps #9 | Pushing Past Your Breaking Point

In this episode, I dive into why it’s so important for entrepreneurs to take breaks even when you feel like you don’t have the time, how breaks actually increase your productivity, and ways you can fit breaks into your schedule. I also discuss the types of breaks that best serve your energy levels and divulge my top tips and creative techniques for taking productivity-increasing breaks. As a bonus, previous Productivity Straight Talk guest Mariah Secrest Comer chimes in to offer some...


066 | The Devil’s In The (Lack Of Systems) Details With Josh Fonger

In this episode, I sit down with business performance architect and co-founder of Work The System, Josh Fonger. Josh discusses investing in systems, how a mechanical shift can save you time and make you money, how to make documenting processes less overwhelming, and ways to build the freedom to chase shiny objects. We also talk about the amount of time you should spend working on your systems each week, your biological prime time, mindset shifts, process diagrams and outlines, and why...


SPSS Bonus Eps #8 | The Art Of Multitasking: Friend or Foe?

In this episode, I reveal the truth about multitasking, introduce the concept of switchtasking, and offer suggestions to complete your workload with the utmost efficiency. I also talk about the effects of multitasking, the best way to power through your tasks effectively, and how to combat natural triggers that lead you off a productive path. I hope you enjoy my episode on multitasking and encourage you to examine your methods of maintaining efficiency to see if changes are needed. Now...


SPSS Bonus Eps #7 | 12 Time Maximizers To Capitalize On Your Most Precious Resource

In this episode, I introduce my top 12 time management strategies that can help you improve your productivity, increase your profits, and provide you with more time for the people and things you cherish most. I discuss ways to best tackle incorporating these Time Maximizers into your work, how creating boundaries can help you improve your productivity, and what you absolutely must do every day to help you refresh and rest. I hope you’ll enjoy my episode on Time Maximizers and encourage...


064 | The Biggest Cover-Up In Productivity History With Demir Bentley

In this episode, I sit down with the co-creator of Lifehack Bootcamp, Demir Bentley, as he walks us through how an illness forced him into systems, automation, and productivity which helped him go from working the 9 to 5 to working the 5 to 9. We discuss why you need all four pillars of the F.A.S.T. Time Management Model to excel in time mastery, why occasional acts of radical self-care is absolutely necessary, and why you need to lean into a scarcity mindset with your time. We also talk...


SPSS Bonus Eps #6 | How Entrepreneurs Can Create Productive Routines

In this episode, I talk about the correlation between daily routines and experiencing productive, efficient, and organized days. I lay out my top tips for creating productive routines that align with your goals, maintaining focus, and achieving consistency and success with your routines. I also address the biggest challenge to having routines take hold, the rewarding habit that can make or break your following day, and the solution to failing routines that breed inconsistent results. I...


063 | Live From My Summer Travels: How To Be Productive On The Road

In this episode, I divulge some of the hiccups I’ve been experiencing during my month on the road and how I coped with them in order to achieve balance and keep plugging away at my goals. I also offer my favorite strategies for staying productive in any zip code and provide tips on how to apply them. Finally, I weigh in on the important aspects of planning, expectations, boundaries, checklists, batching, and so much more! I hope you enjoy my episode on staying productive on the road and...


SPSS Bonus Eps #5 | How A Rapid Fire Power Hour Can Get You Back On Track

In this episode, I introduce a strategy I use every week like clockwork to clear my task list so I can have more focused time to invest in my highest value activities. I dive deep into how you can keep low-value tasks from inundating you and running your week, discuss the immediate, positive effects of completing your weekly Rapid Fire Power Hour, and walk through the three questions to ask to determine which tasks should be completed during your Power Hour. I hope you enjoy my episode...


062 | Nailing Down Your ONE Thing With Geoff Woods

In this episode, I sit down with Geoff Woods, Vice President of The ONE Thing, one of highest-rated business books in the world. We dive into the meaning of the book, the limiting beliefs that almost held him back from his destiny, and the pain in his life that compelled him to take action and achieve his dream. We also talk about why you must get comfortable being uncomfortable, leveraging the different roles people serve in your life, and how I’ve set myself up for possible humiliation....


SPSS Bonus Eps #4 | Conquer Your Day Using The 5 Daily Planning Pavers

Planning your day does not have to be a huge, fully orchestrated, drawn out event. When done right, planning your day will save you hours of time and relieve loads of stress. In this episode, I walk you through the 5 Daily Planning Pavers that will help you pave your way to a successful day every day. I touch upon why your well-intentioned plans might not be coming to fruition, what happens when you let your day depend on your feelings, and how I utilize mind sweeping and triggers to aid...


061 | An Insider's Look In My Toolbox: The Tech, Tools, & Tips I Use To Run My Business

In this episode, I give you a behind-the-scenes tour of my productivity toolbox so you can benefit from the awesome tech, tools, and tips I use to run my business. I also give you the straight talk on why apps don’t make you productive, discuss the important difference between efficiency, organization, and productivity, make suggestions on implementing new apps and programs, and offer tips to help you take advantage of some lesser known functions of my favorite tools. I hope you enjoy...


SPSS Bonus Eps #3 | How To Get Sh!t Done: Time Blocking Strategies That Work

In this episode, I introduce the seven steps to creating a time blocking success schedule along with my top eight tips to aid in its creation, discuss the foundational strategies to maximize productivity, and talk about why it’s important to go slow to go fast when it comes to productivity. I also revealed the secret to not double-book yourself, what you need to hold sacred in order to be successful with time blocking, and which activities you absolutely need to plan for because they tend...


060 | The Automation Advantage: Letting Robots Take Care Of The Rest So You Can Focus On Your Best With Zachary Sexton

In this app-heavy episode, I sit down with Zachary Sexton, a business productivity coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs create simple systems to save time at work. Zachary and I discuss how you can use automation as a powerful tool to gain leverage, how to automate routine processes using simple software, and why you can’t just keep doing things with brute force, the old-fashioned way. We also talk about Zachary’s favorite automation apps that save him time, money, and energy,...


SPSS Bonus Eps #2 | Affirmations: Programming A Mindset Capable Of Success

In this episode, I share with you the power of affirmations and how they’re essential to reprograming your mind for success. I also share my own personal affirmations and elaborate more on why I have chosen those specific affirmations to reprogram my own negative self-talk. You will get to meet my son Erik as he shares with us his personal affirmations and how they have helped him in school and Jiu Jitsu. I hope you’ll enjoy my episode on affirmations and I encourage you to take action...


059 | Email Inbox Insanity: How To Tame It Then Maintain It

In this episode, I aim to help you solve the problem of feeling overwhelmed every time you open your inbox. I explain the main difference between checking versus processing your emails, talk about the mistakes that prevent successful processing, and offer tips for using the 5 Simple Email Decisions effectively. I also talk about the assumptions people make when you don’t respond to their emails, the insane number of emails you’re sending and receiving every day, the types of folders you...


SPSS Bonus Eps #1 | The Truth About Productivity: Common Myths Debunked

In this episode I introduce eight common misconceptions about productivity, discuss how believing in and abiding by those myths actually hinders your productivity, and talk about how real productivity can seriously grow your business. I also discuss how tweaking productivity strategies to work for you can help you maximize your success and answer the question What’s your favorite productivity app? I hope you’ll enjoy my episode on productivity myths and hope you start taking the...


058 | From Victim To Victor: Methods To Manipulate Your Time To Work For You With Jeff Sanders

In this episode, I sit down with productivity author, speaker, and host of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast, Jeff Sanders, as he walks us through how practicing productivity by default forced him to transition from being a “last minute guy” to a productivity expert. He dives into his mental shift that made him look at his time, calendar, tasks and projects differently, how he reverse-engineered his schedule to accomplish more, and his strong opinion on our abundance of free time. We also talk...


057 | Finding The Right Support To Grow Your Business: Deciphering The World Of Courses, Trainings, Masterminds, Coaching, And Mentorship

In this episode, I decipher the different types of business support to help you gain clarity on the type of support that would best serve you and your business based on the stage of business you’re in, your current challenges, and your personality. I also deep dive into my personal journey of finding support, lay out the seven-step method I use to choose who I obtain support from, and discuss why the best support with the highest ROI in the world, may not be the right support for...


056 | Unveiling The Myth Of Multitasking With Dave Crenshaw

In this episode, I sit down with productive leadership author and speaker, Dave Crenshaw, as he walks us through his previous struggles with ADHD, productivity, organization, and time management. We go on to discuss the inherent problem with multitasking, how to tell if you’re suffering from Short Attention Span Syndrome, and the effect of multitasking on the amount of work you get done, the quality of your work, and your stress level. Dave also offers his best advice for content...