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119 | How A Rapid Fire Power Hour Can Get You Back On Track

I introduce a strategy I use every week like clockwork to clear my task list so I can have more focused time to invest in my highest value activities. I dive deep into how you can keep low-value tasks from inundating you and running your week, discuss the immediate, positive effects of completing your weekly Rapid Fire Power Hour, and walk through the three questions to ask to determine which tasks should be completed during your Power Hour. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ The...


118 | Conquer Your Day Using The 5 Daily Planning Pavers

I walk you through the 5 Daily Planning Pavers that will help you pave your way to a successful day every day. I touch upon why your well-intentioned plans might not be coming to fruition, what happens when you let your day depend on your feelings, and how I utilize mind sweeping and triggers to aid in my daily review. I hope you’ll enjoy my episode on the 5 Daily Planning Pavers and encourage you to start planning each of your days utilizing them. Now let’s get to the straight talk! What...


117 | Contact Clean-Up: Making This Necessary Evil Profitable

I dive deep into a) how to find, select, and execute on a contact relationship management (CRM) program if you don’t have one and b) how to clean up and fully utilize your CRM if you do. Why? So you can make your database profitable by drumming up business for you. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ The Benefits Of A Contact Management Database ✔️ How To Select The Best One For Your Business ✔️ Clean-Up Hacks You’ve Gotta Try ✔️ How To Make Money Off Your Contact Clean-Up ✔️ So...


116 | Negotiating Done Right With Jamie Lieberman, Esq.

I sit down with Jamie Lieberman, the Owner & Founder of Hashtag Legal. A trailblazer of virtual law and having 15 years’ experience as a lawyer, Jamie knows a thing or two about negotiating. We discuss smart strategies to bring your A game to the negotiating table and walk away with what you wanted. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ What You Need To Do Before Any Negotiation ✔️ How To Determine Your Walkaway Position ✔️ Jamie’s 70/30 Rule For Phone Negotiations & Why They’re A...


115 | Cultivating Self-Discipline One Choice At A Time

I explore the connection between the small choices you make and the results you see in your business. I go on to guide you through numerous ways to cultivate self-discipline so you can make all that time and labor you put into your business generate greater revenue. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ What Being Self-Disciplined Entails ✔️ How It Affects Your Productivity And Overall Success ✔️ Ways To Build Self-Discipline ✔️ When Zoning Out Is Okay ✔️ So Much More! I hope you...


114 | The Must Do’s And You’d Better Not’s Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant With Mary Baird-Wilcock

I sit down with Mary Baird-Wilcock who runs a team of virtual assistants from three countries as a division of her event management business. We discuss best practices for finding and hiring reliable and competent virtual assistants who will help up-level your business. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ What To Outsource To Your V.A.s ✔️ Why You Need To See Your V.A.s As Partners, Not Employees ✔️ 4 Places To Find Reliable, Smart V.A.s ✔️ The Grilled Cheese Method For Documenting...


113 | 5 Ways To K.I.S.S. That Improve Productivity

Too many entrepreneurs over-complicate, over-organize, and over-create in their business which creates overwhelm and decreases efficiency. I discuss a few ways you should keep it stupid simple so you can run your business with a clearer head, feel less overwhelmed, and be productive. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Where You Might Be Stumbling When It Comes To Your Systems ✔️ Simple But Effective Ways To Improve Your Productivity ✔️ Tips For Organizing Your Files And Emails ✔️...


112 | Going Where The Money Is To Amplify Your Life With Brandi Mowles

I sit down with Facebook ad and Instagram strategist Brandi Mowles for an entrepreneurial case study in which we get a behind-the-scenes look at the innerworkings of her successful business. While only a year into being a business owner, Brandi is consistently having $10,000 months and helping her clients do the same. Her secret? Keeping her blinders on and going where the money is. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ How Brandi Niched Down And Found Her Sweet Spot ✔️ The Journey...


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111 | A Midsummer Night's Decision

I encourage you to acknowledge we’re halfway through 2019 and you may not be on track to hit your goals this year. I lead you through the decision-making process of what to do next – whether that’s recommit to your goals, recreate your strategy, and refocus your efforts or reset your goals and create a strategy to attain them. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ The Goals You Should Doubledown On ✔️ The Goals You Should Put To Bed… At Least For Now ✔️ Tips For Approaching The Second...


110 | Obsessed With Tweaking: When Is Good, Good Enough? A Strategy Session With Shelley Tappin

I sit down with real estate broker Shelley Tappin for a one-on-one strategy session. We work through Shelley’s tendency to continue tweaking and tweaking projects which stalls them from generating revenue and prevents her from marking tasks off her growing to-do list. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ The Downsides Of Tweaking ✔️ How To Know When Good, Is Good Enough ✔️ My Golden Rules For Tweaking ✔️ Tips For Succeeding At Time Blocking ✔️ The Power Of Moving Projects To The...


109 | Insider’s Access To Amber De La Garza: A Personal Interview

This episode is totally atypical as I step outside my comfort zone and move to the other side of the mic for an in-depth interview with my assistant Krystle. She asks personal questions about my upbringing, my college years, my family life, and strives to get to the bottom of who I really am. It’s an all access pass behind the curtains of my life and I was nervous! I was also really glad with how it turned out. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ What I Was Like Growing Up ✔️ The...


108 | 5 Tricks To Make Your Task List Your B*tch

I walk you through five simple ways to master your task list so you can plow through your tasks with ease and efficiency, and prevent tasks from falling through the cracks. Put these tips to work and you’ll gain more control over your time, business growth, and life. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Smart Ways To Dominate Your To-Do’s ✔️ The Benefits Of Going Digital With Your Task List ✔️ How To Use Capitalization To Make Your Task List More Effective ✔️ The Main Source Of Your...


107 | Escalate Your Sales With The Selling Staircase With Nikki Rausch

I sit down with my very own sales coach, Sales Maven Nikki Rausch. Nikki walks you through the structure of her Selling Staircase which you can use to easily, seamlessly, and naturally move your clients to the place where you exchange products or services for dollars (i.e., make sales!). What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Strategies To Make Networking Events Profitable ✔️ The Unexpected Places To Plant Seeds For Your Business ✔️ Tips For Reading Buying Signals ✔️ The 30-Second...


106 | My Dirty Little Secret

I walk my biggest skeleton right out of my super organized, color-coordinated closet and reveal my dirty little secret. You’ll get the juicy, embarrassing details but also grasp the same valuable lessons I learned from revealing it and cleaning up the mess - without all the effort and power struggles I faced. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ My Embarrassing Secret Only 3 People Know About… Until Now ✔️ What I Learned From Letting Go Of My Ego And Power ✔️ Why Secrets Are Meant To...


105 | Instagram Alchemy: How To Turn Posts Into Profits With Stefanie Gass

I sit down with the host and creator of The Mompreneur Mastermind Show Podcast and Podcast Pro University, Stefanie Gass. A mastermind at Instagram, Stefanie walks us through her best tips and strategies for using the power platform to gain visibility and increase profits while setting smart boundaries. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Tips For Navigating The Black Hole Of Social Media ✔️ Life-Changing Instagram Hacks ✔️ How To Prevent Instagram From Being Such A Time Sucker ✔️...


104 | Just Stop It Already! 15 Quick Ways To Amplify Your Success

I discuss how to quickly gain traction in your business, not by starting something, but by stopping certain activities that are hindering your success and will fail to serve your business over the long haul. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ How You’re Habitually Sabotaging Your Success ✔️ Why Doing Less Can Make You More Money ✔️ The Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately ✔️ How Just Do It! Works For Nike But Not For You ✔️So Much More! I hope you enjoy my episode on...


103 | All You Need To Know About Writing A Book With Katie Cross

I sit down with the ghostwriter of my future book, Katie Cross. Katie owns a book-producing and ghost-writing boutique that specializes in thinking up creative solutions to driving your message home to your audience. She walks us through the exciting path of writing a book, from having an idea to production, and weighs on the myriad of factors that will influence your success. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ How To Know When You’re Ready To Write A Book ✔️ The Different Avenues...


102 | My Ultimate System To Whip Your Bottom Line Into Shape With Special Guest Sarah Laufer, CPA

I walk you through my Ultimate System To Whip Your Bottom Line Into Shape so you can develop a bookkeeping system tailored for your business, improve the state of your finances, make more informed business decisions, and go into each tax season prepared, confident, and with a good handle on how much you’re going to owe or get back. As a bonus, you’ll hear five ways to have less stress and anxiety over bookkeeping from my CPA, special guest Sarah Laufer. What You’ll Discover In This...


101 | Cracking The Code To Optimize Yourself With Zack Arnold

I sit down with documentary director, Hollywood film & television editor, productivity nerd, and the creator of the Optimize Yourself program, Zack Arnold. We take a look at how he blended his knowledge of athletics and creative performance to build a business he’s crazy about and deep-dive into ways to optimize yourself and your business using productivity tools. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️ Why You Should Strive For Work-Life Presence Over Balance ✔️ The Worst Thing You Can...