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053 | The Fast Track To Achieving That Elusive Entrepreneurial Balance

In this episode, I discuss how to create and maintain entrepreneurial balance so you can lead a more well-rounded, fulfilling, and rewarding life plus rock your business. I offer two actionable strategies for achieving entrepreneurial balance, provide tips for ensuring certain aspects of your life don’t bleed into the rest of your activities, and uncover why saying yes is a must. I also weigh in on what you’re likely doing that’s anything but sustainable, how your plan for creating balance...


052 | Taking A Stand For Your Health And Wellness With Dr. Valorie Davidson

In this episode I sit down with my doctor, Dr. Valorie Davidson of Progress Your Health, as she discusses the effects of adrenal fatigue on your life and business and becoming an advocate for your own health. She provides a glimpse into her world of functional medicine and reveals why her patients never face a wait time. We also dive into carrying the minutia of life, dealing with chronic stress, the different types of energy, and my perfect storm of stress and hormonal issues. This was...


051 | 5 Simple But Powerful Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs

In this episode, I share five productivity hacks for entrepreneurs that are easy to implement and deliver big results. I reveal a great way to clean your slate and start fresh every week, how to not let one-off tasks slow you down, and the best way to end each of your work days I also discuss how to simplify your workload and a guaranteed method of moving faster through emails, projects, tasks, marketing, and proposals. I hope you enjoy my episode on simple but powerful productivity...


050 | Creating Efficiency In All The Right Places: A Coaching Session With Carol Cox

In this episode, I sit down with Carol Cox of Speaking Your Brand who quadrupled her income in the past year! Carol joins me for a special on-air, one-hour coaching session in which I instruct how to create more efficiency by investing her time differently. We tackle some of Carol’s productivity challenges including not having enough time to complete the multitude of tasks on her plate, battling decision fatigue, and having success with time blocking. We also dive into the topics of...


049 | Procrastination: Productivity Medicine Or Poison?

In this episode, I weigh in on the hot topic of procrastination and why engaging in it may not always be a bad thing. I lay out the conditions in which procrastination would be beneficial and offer tips on how you could use procrastination to your advantage. I also admit to a giant mistake I made while preparing for a presentation that you could learn from and discuss creating a working style that stays true to who you are to obtain the best results. I hope you enjoy my episode on...


048 | Schedules: Unlocking The Key To Having It All With Katie Krimitsos

In this episode, I sit down with Katie Krimitsos, Founder of Biz Women Rock, as she walks us through her entrepreneurial journey and the purposeful scheduling that has led her to enjoy three-day work weeks running a phenomenal business. Katie discusses her passion for lifting women up, her low tolerance for unhappiness that launched her into entrepreneurship, and how she schedules the hell out of her life to ensure she can be fully present and achieve balance. We also talk about task...


047 | Shutting Down Information Overload To Combat Content Obesity

In this episode, I introduce the concept of content obesity, provide strategies to analyze whether the content you’re consuming is really worth your time, and tell you how to break free from the chains of information overload holding you back from being productive. I cover the nutritional value of content selection, FOMO, the Forgetting Curve, course-aholism, shiny object syndrome, DIY versus delegating, multiple listens, and weigh in on what content you need to cut out to reduce stress,...


046 | Inside The Head Of A Results-Driven Project Manager With Natalie Gingrich

In this episode, I sit down with Project Manager Natalie Gingrich whose business journey really took off when she became a Chief Of Staff in a Fortune 150 company. Natalie gives insight into the project management side of small businesses including how to prioritize your objectives that piggyback off one another, the maximum number of projects you should have going at one time no matter how big or how small, and the unrealized truth about setting hard deadlines for projects. We also...


045 | Lessons Learned From Building My Own Team

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I walk you through the pivotal points of my hiring journey so you can obtain valuable insights to utilize when building your own team. I discuss numerous ways you can gain leverage in your business and at home, reveal an effective strategy to remove the stress of making a new hire, and explain the constraints you should put on yourself when contemplating hiring for another position or project. I also talk about the structure of my business...


044 | Stacking Talent To Build A Top-Performing Team With Shelli Warren

In this episode, I sit down with the Chief People Officer at BizChix, Shelli Warren, who has over 25 years of experience building and leading teams at Proctor & Gamble. Shelli walks us through developing a recruitment strategy to ensure you hire based on data instead of emotions, streamlining the hiring process, and performing best candidate selections for people joining the company. We also talk about how NOT leading your employees can help you attain flow freedom, how to overcome your...


043 | The Greatest Factor Sabotaging Your Success

In this episode, I introduce the concept of self-sabotage and how YOU might be the greatest factor holding yourself back from achieving what you desire. I go on to explain the many different types of self-sabotage, the first step to preventing it, what to do when you realize your engaging in it, and how to ultimately stop doing it. I also weigh in taking risks, taking on a number of projects at once, perfectionism, self-negotiation, and thinking you’re God’s gift to the business world. I...


042 | How To Be Productive When Life Throws You A Curveball With Betsy Furler

In this episode, I sit down with speech pathologist and owner of multiple businesses, Betsy Furler, as she walks us through how she overcame struggles with productivity and discusses her mission to make technology as impactful to other people’s lives as it has been to her own and user-friendly so people don’t get frustrated but instead utilize it to improve their lives. Betsy also talks about the two keys to being productive after an event makes getting work done seem impossible, ways she...



In this episode, I discuss trying to get it all done, why you shouldn’t attempt to, and what you should do with your overloaded plate of tasks instead. I walk you through the 5 Ds to approach any task on your to-do list, ways to increase the efficiency of your business, and how assigning due dates can help you take massive, focused action toward your goals. I also offer tips for determining your high-value activities and prioritizing your projects against your tasks. I hope you enjoy my...


040 | Uncovering The Motivation Myth With Jeff Haden

In this episode, I sit down with author, speaker, and contributing editor for Inc. Magazine, Jeff Haden, as he walks us through how a conversation with tennis star Venus Williams sparked him to write his book on motivation, the first step to take when you have zero motivation, and the link between accountability and motivation that can help you reach your goals. We also dive into what you should and should not be doing during “me time,” why you shouldn’t give up for lack of a lightning...


039 | Cut The Sh!t To Simplify Your Business And Life

In this episode, I introduce the concept of eliminating tasks and activities from your life to reclaim your time. I reveal the best way to figure out how much your time is worth, help you discover what you should eliminate, and explain three simple methods of effectively cutting your sh!t without suffering any repercussions. I also discuss simple ways to service your clients better, increase your efficiency, lighten your workload, leverage the talent of others, and increase your...


038 | Strategies To Activate Your Productivity Daily With Rachel Wenman

In this episode, I sit down with Rachel Wenman, Co-Founder and Vice President of Urban Seed Inc., a startup that is reinventing and repositioning not just the way we grow food, but the way we provide it from produce to packaging, across the world. Rachel discusses how to activate life flows that lay the groundwork for increased productivity, her typical day wearing many hats in a startup, and ways she effectively sets boundaries as it pertains to her time. We also talk about how feeling...


037 | Setting Boundaries To Grow Your Business While Keeping Your Sanity

In this episode, I discuss how creating and consistently implementing business boundaries can help you reduce feeling overwhelmed and get you closer to the elusive work/life balance you crave along with so many other benefits. I also provide help on creating boundaries during the different seasons of your life, reveal who you should convey your boundaries to, explain the importance of theme days when it comes to creating effective boundaries, and offer proven methods for implementing...


036 | Putting The Right People And Processes In Place With Josh Haynam

In this episode, I sit down with co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, Josh Haynam, to discuss how putting the right people and processes into place in his company led to them helping over 40,000 brands create lead generation platforms in the form of quizzes, assessments, and giveaways. We talk about how the recession forced him into entrepreneurship and got him hooked on building things, a typical day as CEO over in-house, remote, and flexible employees, and what he refused to let go of...


035 | Productivity + Profitability: Why You Need Both To Succeed In Business

In this episode, I unpack the relationship between productivity and profitability, introduce the three “buckets” you need to invest your time in in order to be profitable, and discuss the big problem with living in the “other bucket.” I also divulge why the proverb “Time is money” is not exactly true, the effects of failing to protect your mindset, and ways I keep my business in check for profitability that if implemented, could have a huge impact on your business’ ability to make...


034 | Why Your New Year’s Resolution Is Sure To Fail

In this episode, I delve into why your New Year’s resolution is destined to fail and address how you can fix it so you can beat the odds and achieve your resolution in 2018. I discuss the specific criteria a well-designed resolution should meet, why trying to accomplish your resolution on your own and your finances could be the biggest obstacles to its success, and why it’s so important to vocalize your resolution to others. I hope you enjoy my episode on New Year’s resolutions and...


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