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Bringing you unapologetically candid discussions as we navigate through the bullshit of the professional world.

Bringing you unapologetically candid discussions as we navigate through the bullshit of the professional world.
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Bringing you unapologetically candid discussions as we navigate through the bullshit of the professional world.






Career Transition: Writing a cover letter & resume

Learn the tips to writing cover letters and resumes that get you the interview. Learn more about getting career transition help at


Career Transition: What I want to be when I grow up

Are you stuck in your career? Tired of training people that leapfrog in promotions over you? Going back into the career force after a break? Or maybe you're a recent graduate or just finished some additional education and are ready to switch industries. Whatever your career situation... hear a little bit about how Navigate | A Women's Tribe guides clients in career transition to self-discover new possibilities. In this episode, Kim & April discuss a new paradigm for answering the question,...


Clearing the Sentimental Clutter with Christine Stone

In this episode, Kim & April talk to Christine Stone, Professional Organizer and Public Speaker about the real cost of clutter. Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter|This is most difficult for most people and discussing how to finally let go of the guilt associated with this type of clutter. Christine Stone has the ability to motivate her clients with more than 12 years experience to not only get organized but stay organized. She has a unique style that takes the guilt out of purging. Her...


Awaken the Leader Within with Stefanie Shaughnessy

Kim & April chat with Stefanie about her breakout session coming up at the Summit and we get to know more about her including mommy life; her former career in law enforcement; and her current business as an Emerald Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. Stefanie has a team of over 6,000 and will share her secret to building a strong team. She is a breakout speaker at Navigate | A Women's Summit. Learn more at


Attracting the Right Client with Courtnie Nichols

Kim & April chat with Courtnie Nichols. She is the lead travel designer and founder of TravelBash. After years as an ambitious fundraiser, she set out to build the leading boutique travel company from the ground up. And guess what? She did it. She is a breakout speaker at Navigate | A Women's Summit. Learn more at


Women's Expo Vault: Identity Crisis: Freelancing To A New Professional Identity with Dr. Khia Thomas

These episodes from the Women's Expo Vault are recordings we did for promotion of the Expo. The information, message, and women were so amazing we wanted to share them with you. In this interview, April talked with Khia about her breakout session Identity Crisis: Freelancing To A New Professional Identity. Dr. Khia Thomas is a psychologist, educator, college admissions consultant, and the founder of Admissionisms.


How to Navigate As A Woman in a Male Dominated Setting with Linda Forde, CPA

Are you the only woman in room? How do you handle conversations that move to the men's room or the golf course? We will tackle this topic in a positive and humorous manner. I have been the only woman in the room and I will relate my experience and what works and what doesn't. Watch the live interview on Facebook at Linda Forde is a Certified Public Accountant and US Air Force Veteran. She has worked her way up through the...


Bonus Episode: Heather Alice Shea- March Expo Speaker Interview

From the vault, check out our first interview with Heather Alice Shea as we interviewed her about her upcoming breakout session at our March 2019 Women's Expo. Heather's topic resonated with the 200+ women at the event, so we brought her back to be part of the Sept. Summit. You can listen to her recent interview right here at Professionally Obnoxious.


Summon Unshakable Self-Confidence with Heather Alice Shea

Heather Alice Shea is back with us, both on the podcast and the stage. A speaker at our Women's Expo and an upcoming speaker at our Sept. Summit, Navigate, we are talking with her about confidence. As well as picking her brain on how to get the most out of live events both as a speaker and an attendee. Watch the Facebook live conversation at Heather is an Intuitive Life Coach, Life Coach Trainer, and Business Development...


Timeless Content Creation with Stephanie Mack

Kim & April talk to Stephanie about being boujee on a budget, her blogging journey and her upcoming breakout session at Navigate | A Women's Summit. Watch the live interview on Facebook at The Borrowed Babes, written by Stephanie Mack, is a clever fashion and lifestyle blog focused on looking and living luxe for less. She uses wit, southern sass, her inside industry knowledge, and the occasional awkward photo to give the...


Build a Repeat & Referral Machine with Wendy Griffis, Realtor

Wendy Griffis Realtor (R) and group leader. In 2018, she was listed is in the top 15 of all real estate agents in the Jacksonville Florida market according to the Jacksonville Journal Book of Lists. Not only does she know how to run a successful business, she has a passion for helping others do the same. She has written the book Recognize the Difference, as her calling card to the consumer and agents on how running a business differently than the "status quo" can produce amazing results....


Bonus Episode: Estate Planning with Mark Moss, Esq

Estate planning is a topic most of us avoid. Today April Caldwell and Mark Moss chat about why this is important and who this is for. Watch the facebook live interview at


Profitable Productivity with Jenna Waites

In this episode, April & Kim chat with Jenna Wiates. As a recovering engineer and 2-time Peace Corps volunteer, and the founder of 3 companies, Jenna has learned how to combine her analytical, systems-based engineering background with an innovative and creative approach to develop custom business solutions for seemingly insurmountable issues. Listen in as she shares her journey and tells us the 1 thing business owners need to do TODAY. Follow April & Kim on Facebook:...


Building a Tribe Through Events

How the Women's Expo, now the Navigate: A Women's Summit was founded. How to build a tribe through events. Check out the details for the 9/23/19 Summit at


Risks & Rewards to Building a Tribe

What challenges will you face as you build a Tribe? Is it worth it? What happens when you are in a group and you are not getting any value? Kim Bynum shares how saying "Yes" to everything affects her life. What happens when you overcommit?


Should You Have a Tribe in the Office?

Kim & April debate whether you should have a Tribe at the office and discuss the pros and cons. Also included is a discussion about their military service and how Tribe plays a part.


The Journey & Lesson Learned

A vulnerable conversation about struggling to find a tribe and bouncing back when things don't go according to plan.


Building a Tribe

Welcome to the first episode. We are kicking this off with a 6 episode on Tribes.