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We are Profit Designers, intentionally designing our businesses to be sustainably profitable. Join your co-hosts, Dr. Sabrina Starling, The Business Psychologist™ and author of How to Hire the Best, and Mike Bruno, CEO of Contractor Business Solutions as we explore the BIG question: What has your business done FOR you lately?

We are Profit Designers, intentionally designing our businesses to be sustainably profitable. Join your co-hosts, Dr. Sabrina Starling, The Business Psychologist™ and author of How to Hire the Best, and Mike Bruno, CEO of Contractor Business Solutions as we explore the BIG question: What has your business done FOR you lately?
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We are Profit Designers, intentionally designing our businesses to be sustainably profitable. Join your co-hosts, Dr. Sabrina Starling, The Business Psychologist™ and author of How to Hire the Best, and Mike Bruno, CEO of Contractor Business Solutions as we explore the BIG question: What has your business done FOR you lately?






57: The WHY Behind How to Hire the Best with Mike and Dr. Sabrina

Dr. Sabrina is in the hot seat in today’s episode! Her co-host, Mike Bruno, interviews her about her BIG NEWS, and that’s the upcoming release of her new book, How to Hire the Best Contractors, which will be published October 24, 2019. As you will hear Dr. Sabrina explain, she had written the first edition of How to Hire the Best for rural business owners, but as soon as that was published, she started getting calls from entrepreneurs not in rural areas, but from large metropolitan areas...


56: Tapping the Potential in Your Business with Jake Lipman

Entrepreneurship is the most rigorous personal development program we can undertake and today’s guest, Jake Lipman is embracing this. Jake shares how he is up-leveling his life and business through his coaching with Dr. Sabrina and the Tap the Potential team. Jake takes part in Tap the Potential’s Exclusive Small Group Coaching Program. He has attended the Breakthroughs on the Bayou Retreat for two years in a row and is coming back in 2020. Jake shares what his business and life were like...


55: Think Big to Avoid Playing Small with Geraldine Carter

Thinking BIG! That’s what my guest, Geraldine Carter, and I will be talking about on today’s show. We’re having a conversation about where we play small, how to think bigger, and the importance of mindset. Geraldine shares with us her favorite tips for having a more positive growth-oriented mindset, and I share some of mine, as well. Come join us! Geraldine Carter specializes in coaching CPAs to help them grow their accounting practice. Her podcast, She Thinks Big, supports business...


54: Systemize Yourself Out of Your Business with David Jenyns

Freedom in your business: is this important to you? It’s so important to today’s guest, David Jenyns, that he systemized himself out of his business and will be hosting the upcoming Business Systems Summit! Join us as David shares his compelling story of why it’s so important to him to use systems to create freedom in business, his passion for sharing it with others, and a surprising benefit of systemizing your own business. The opportunity that popped up in David’s life would never have...


53: The Secrets No One Told You About the Pumpkin Plan with Donna Leyens

There’s a secret hiding in plain sight in The Pumpkin Plan and Dr. Sabrina welcomes back popular guest, Donna Leyens, to reveal the impact this secret has on creating explosive, organic growth for those business owners utilizing it. These business owners are head and shoulders above their industry peers as a result of it. Dr. Sabrina shares her own experience implementing this secret. Donna and Dr. Sabrina discuss what they have learned from guiding clients through this process...what works...


52: Insights and Discoveries from Taking a 4 Week Vacation with Dr. Jennie Byrne

What’s it like to leave your business in the capable hands of others while you take a 24-hour break? What about a week’s vacation? Can you imagine being gone for 4 whole weeks? We’re going to talk to a fellow entrepreneur who shares interesting insights and surprising discoveries that evolved from simply deciding to take a 4 Week Vacation and her coaching with Tap the Potential. Our guest today, Dr. Jennie Byrne, will be discussing going on that vacation and actually having that experience,...


51: Building a High Performance Culture with Wayne Mullins

What are the ingredients for a high performance culture? Vision, mission, and values...Holding yourself accountable to the same standards of performance as those around us...Differentiating between your normal, and someone else’s...We cover all this, and more, as Wayne Mullins joins Dr. Sabrina and Mike to discuss “Building a High Performance Culture”. As someone who tends to dislike structure, Wayne now finds it liberating as it allows him the headspace to be more creative and effective....


50: The Surprising Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs with Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz joins Dr. Sabrina on this episode to discuss the surprising secrets of successful entrepreneurs. HINT: “work harder” is not among them. Dr. Sabrina and Mike give you an inside peek into their own processes while discussing the popular Breakthroughs on the Bayou Retreats they co-host each year at Dr. Sabrina’s home, The Entrepreneurs Retreat Center. Listen in as Dr. Sabrina and Mike dish on the atmosphere of the Breakthroughs on the Bayou Retreat, what they appreciate most...


49: The Coach Approach with Lisa Kramer

Do you have a coaching culture in your business? If not, would you like to find out how to develop one? Today, we bring you a conversation with Lisa Kramer, Dr. Sabrina's very first coach. Lisa recently came on board at Tap the Potential, to facilitate the Leadership Mastermind Program. Lisa has a free-spirited personality. She's an out-of-the-box thinker, she sees things differently, and she is a master of creating coaching cultures in businesses. In the Leadership Mastermind, she supports...


48: Freelance to Freedom with Vincent Pugliese

From $140,000 in debt to living debt-free, and enjoying freedom. This is Vincent’s story. Vincent Pugliese was an award-winning photographer who believed the idea that if we work hard, we will be successful. It took a painful lesson to push him towards independence from his employer, and that’s a decision that forever changed the course of his life. As Dr. Sabrina interviews Vincent, he walks us through the difficult times and enlightens us about the curiosity we need to have to ask the...


47: Using Systems to Build Integrity in Your Business with Andre Ong

What does integrity mean to you? Why is integrity important? And how do your business systems and your team members support the integrity of your business? These are some important considerations that determine the success of our businesses. Today Dr. Sabrina interviews Andre Ong. Integrity is key to building trust in today’s business environment. While many of us entrepreneurs are mindful of our own integrity, we may not be paying enough attention to the important role our systems and team...


46: Emotional Intelligence for Business Owners with Anne Beaulieu

What’s your EQ? What impact is your emotional intelligence having on your team? your strategic planning? your sales? and your closest relationships? Dr. Sabrina interviews Anne Beaulieu, an Emotional Intelligence Coach and author of The EQ Blueprint for Closing Sales. Anne and Dr. Sabrina dive deep into vulnerability, what success really is, and about the impact of chasing money, success, and perfectionism in our lives. Anne Beaulieu holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and is a Chartered...


45: Affluent Marketing for Contractors with David Hawke

Would you like to be more effective with your marketing? Dr. Sabrina interviews David Hawke, about affluent marketing for contractors. If you're not a contractor, use this as an opportunity to do some cross-industry learning, using what Pumpkin Planners call the “Leapfrog Technique.” This means that you take something that is working for someone in another industry and utilize it in your own industry to really stand out. In today's episode, David and Dr. Sabrina talk about marketing...


44: Work the System with Josh Fonger

Do have dysfunction in your business? Are there things in your business that just aren't running smoothly, or in the way they should? If so, today's show might just blow your mind because Mike and Dr. Sabrina are talking systems with Josh Fonger, of Work the System. Mindset is crucial for business owners and entrepreneurs. In today's episode, Josh dispels many of the limiting beliefs that entrepreneurs have about systems. He also explains the concept that dysfunction in business is gold....


43: Overcoming Hiring PTSD with Erin Longmoon

It can be easy to take business personally, but it’s vital to learn to separate the two. Today Dr. Sabrina, Mike and Erin Longmoon discuss the importance of self-reflection when dealing with employees and hiring. Mike offers his own experiences with hiring. Dr. Sabrina and Erin observe patterns of behavior and emotional reactions in entrepreneurs that look very similar to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The term “Hiring PTSD” is one to which many entrepreneurs immediately...


42: Take Back Your Life and Health with Dr. Nancy Trimboli

Just a few years ago, Dr. Nancy Trimboli endured extreme levels of stress as she managed her bustling chiropractic practice across two locations and 40 employees. She knew she needed a change. She was disheartened when an industry coach told her he would not work with her because she was seeking to expand and contract at the same time. Through a series of connections, Dr. Nancy found Dr. Sabrina and they have been working together to transform Dr. Nancy’s business over the last 2 years. On...


41: The Hidden Role on Your Organizational Chart with Sir Steven Wilkinson

Dr. Sabrina interviews Sir Steven Wilkinson founder of Good and Prosper, and co-founder of the Small Giants Community. Sir Steven believes there is a role that is hidden on our organizational charts, and taking a 4 Week Vacation is the first step to revealing that role. Sir Steven applies his love of poetry and literature to helping entrepreneurs become curious about the story their balance sheet is telling. He has developed a system for calculating the share price of a small business, which...


40: SPECIAL FATHER'S DAY EDITION: Blending Entrepreneurship and Fatherhood

Welcome to our special Father's Day edition of the Profit by Design Podcast! Today, we are exploring the blend of fatherhood and entrepreneurship. Mike Ciavolino, the owner of Shore Creative, is back on the show with us. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is the father of fourteen-year-old triplets. We will also be hearing from our very own Mike Bruno today, who is a father of three. Both are sharing life lessons and challenges they’ve experienced in their roles as fathers and...


39: Using Systems to Gain Freedom in Your Business with Randall Soules

Did you know that systems will make you successful? Randall Soules is a systems guy. He has always had a profitable business and attributes this to his systems. In today's episode, he will be talking to us about the impact that systems can have on smoothing out the emotional ups and downs that clients and customers experience in dealing with our businesses. Tune in now, to find out more. Randall Soules is one of six children of missionary parents to Brazil. He had no experience with...


38: "A" Players in Great Places to Work

Do you work really hard? And are you giving your all to support the business you're working for and wondering what's in it for you? In today's episode, we're talking about how work supports life and not the other way around. Tune in now to find out more. In today's podcast, Dr. Sabrina and Mike have a conversation with Maegan Raymond and Britney Shore, two A-Players from two very different A-Player small businesses. Both of these businesses are great places to work because the owners are...