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Removing the Overwhelm in Big Goals

075: Removing the Overwhelm in Big Goals WITH CYNTHIA BLESKACHEK Cynthia Bleskachek is with us today to share a business challenge. She has been doing upholstery professionally since 2001 and is the owner of The Funky Little Chair which focuses on hands-on education for aspiring professionals. Cynthia’s challenge is around the organization of all the thoughts, ideas and actions necessary to bring her vision and long-term strategy to serve the upholstery trade to fruition. Listen in as we...


Challenge to Trust

074: Challenge to Trust WITH SHARI WALLA Joining us today is Shari Walla, owner of Accent Custom Drapery in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Shari is a to the trade workroom and is sharing a business challenge with us today. As you listen, you will hear that the challenge may be presenting as one thing – but that there is a different fear and challenge behind it. Maybe this has happened to you. We are going to dig into the ideas of fear of rejection, fear of being abused in a business...


Scaling Your Interior Design Business

073: Scaling Your Interior Design Business WITH MICHELE WILLIAMS On the podcast today, we're talking all about growing your interior design, business, and scaling. Isn't that a great topic to kick off the year? My hope is that by the end of the podcast, the idea of scaling is not something scary, but something that you feel like you can tackle. I remember the first time I was asked how I was going to scale my business, and honestly, I got a little irritated. In my mind, all I could think...


Pivoting in Business

071: Pivoting in Business WITH SHERI COREY Welcome to another episode of our Business Challenges Series. In this series, business owners share their challenges and we work through the issues to solve the problems they are facing. Even if your challenge is not the same, listen in to see if the methods and thought processes could apply to you. Our business challenge today is from Sheri Corey of Style and Stitch in Homewood, Alabama. Sheri is pivoting in her business to also prepare for the...


Business Challenges with Scaling

070: Business Challenges with Scaling WITH ANNETTE FABER The podcast today is part of a new series called Business Challenges. In this series, business owners share their challenges and we work through some methods to solve the problems they are facing. Even if your challenge is not the same, listen in to see if the methods and thought processes could apply to you. Our first business challenge is from Annette Faber of Kaylee’s Creations in Greenville, SC. Annette is a to the trade...


The Weight of Entrepreneurship

069: The Weight of Entrepreneurship WITH BRENDA THOMPSON On the podcast today is Brenda Thompson, owner and lead designer at HouseLift Design. She is a designer in the Metro Atlanta area and started it as a second career after 20 years working in corporate. Brenda and I are going to talk about three main topics today: transitioning from corporate to being an entrepreneur, how she scaled her business and realized she could not do everything, and creating a work/life balance. Brenda is open...


Committed to the Pursuit

072: Committed to the Pursuit WITH CEIL DIGUGLIELMO With me again on the podcast is Ceil DiGuglielmo. Ceil and I had a joint podcast at the end of 2018 and agreed to do another based on the feedback. Ceil is owner of the Curtain and Soft Furnishings Library as well as Sew Much More podcast and also a drapery workroom by the same name. We are going to share how we approach a review of our company at year-end, how our thoughts and impressions impact our goal setting, what our goals look...


Transparency in Pricing

068: Transparency in Pricing WITH MICHELE WILLIAMS On the podcast today we are going to talk about transparency in pricing. We hear it all the time. The need to be transparent. I am going to tell you right now, there should be some boundaries around this - and spoiler alert – I don’t think we need to tell our clients everything. Listen to the podcast to hear the argument for being transparent in our process but guarded in our pricing. Topics Mentioned: Thoughts from...


Detailed Bookkeeping for Designers

067: Detailed Bookkeeping for Designers WITH SHERRY WILSON Joining me on the podcast today is Sherry Wilson, owner of Business By The Book which provides bookkeeping services across the country. Sherry started her business as a side hustle in 2013 and I met her in 2014. She has grown the firm to more than 5 people and now has a location outside of her home. Sherry and her team strive to offer excellent service and industry understanding. Some of their offerings include budgeting, payroll,...


Staging Can Be Fun And Lucrative

066: Staging Can Be Fun And Lucrative WITH CINDY LIN Cindy Lin is on the podcast today. She is a home staging educator, podcaster and the founder of Staged4more School of Home Staging. Her podcast, The Home Staging Show, is the longest-running and the #1 podcast on iTunes dedicated to home staging. Her goal is to provide modern, practical and quality home staging education to help home stagers excel and build profitable and sustainable businesses. In our time together today, we focused on...


Productivity Affects Profitability

065: Productivity Affects Profitability WITH AMBER DE LA GARZA Amber De La Garza is on the podcast today. She is a productivity specialist who helps entrepreneurs create actionable solutions to maximize profit, reduce stress and to focus on what matters most to them. Amber also hosts a podcast, Productivity Straight Talk. She and I met at Podcast Movement, a conference for podcasters in late summer. After realizing how many connections we had in common over a lunch meeting, we hit it off....


Married to an Entrepreneur

064: Married to an Entrepreneur WITH JOEL AND MICHELE WILLIAMS On the podcast today, I have my husband Joel. I am pretty excited and just a little bit scared about the conversation that we're going to have…but I think it's going to be fun for many of you. My listeners have asked what my husband thinks of what I do, so I'm going to ask him some questions. Topics Mentioned: Thoughts from Joel and Michele: Socials: References and Resources: Profit FirstThe Designers' Inner Circle


063: Legal Assistance Supports Profitability

063: Legal Assistance Supports Profitability WITH JAMIE LIEBERMAN Jamie Lieberman joins the podcast today. Jamie is a lawyer and founder of Hashtag Legal. Jamie describes her firm as not only your lawyer, but a partner in your business. I love that description. Her firm focuses on helping you maximize your profit while protecting your assets. And who can’t get behind that! Jamie and I met at Podcast Movement this summer. And as you can hear me share with Jamie in our discussion – she was...


062: Courage for the Journey

062: Courage for the Journey WITH RICHELLE PLETT Richelle Plett, of RLP Interiors is with us on the podcast today for a second time. Richelle joined us initially on Episode 8 in 2018 entitled, Stepping Back can be a Growth Strategy. At that time Richelle shared that she was closing her custom upholstery shop after many years and many iterations – as well as the difficulty she was facing from not having a scalable business – and not digging into the financials earlier. Since then, Richelle...


061: Help and Encouragement for Designers

061: Help and Encouragement for Designers WITH AMY FERRER On the podcast today is Amy Ferrer of Miko and Boone Home. Amy and I have been friends for quite a few years. Probably since 2013 when I met her through another colleague. Amy is just one of a kind and I'm so excited to bring this podcast to you today. What we're going to talk about is her journey and how she uses that to encourage others. Amy started off as a drapery workroom and she definitely has a heart for designers. I don't...


Trust is What You are Selling

060: Trust is What You are Selling WITH MICHELE WILLIAMS On today’s podcast we are talking about trust. What is it, how to tell if you have it, and why it matters. Topics Mentioned: Thoughts from Michele: Socials: References and Resources: EP. 052 with Michele WilliamsThe Designers' Inner Circle


Embellishment for Self-Expression

059: Embellishment for Self-Expression WITH JANA PLATINA PHIPPS With us on the podcast today is the Trim Queen – Jana Platina Phipps. Jana is an expert in all things trimmings and as the title of this episode of the podcast, she believes embellishment is a creative form of self-expression. Jana will share with us her start with embellishments and where it has taken her. Topics we cover include unexpectedly finding a passion that you were not actively seeking, stepping out in faith and not...


Creating A Board of Directors That Supports You

058: Creating A Board of Directors that Supports You WITH JENNIFER SMITH With me today is Jennifer Smith of JLS Designs in middle Tennessee (just outside of Nashville). Jennifer began her business almost 20 years ago focused on window coverings. She now offers design services to her clients as well. Jennifer has a vast portfolio of clients. She has completed design projects for Fortune 500 executives, some of the country’s most talented music and athletic industry professionals and...


Client Service Strategies that WOW

057: Client Service Strategies that Wow WITH ASHLEY UHL Ashley Uhl is the owner of Ashley Uhl Consulting which offers client service consulting for designers. Ashley has been cultivating a love of service her entire lifetime. Traveling extensively throughout the world early on in life, she developed an incredible respect, understanding, and interest in the five star service she encountered. Eager to expand her knowledge of service, Ashley gained her degree in psychology and minor in...


Year One of Profit Is A Choice

056: Year One of Profit is a Choice WITH MICHELE WILLIAMS Wow, I cannot believe that we are a year into this podcast journey of Profit is a choice. I am not sure if you all heard my beginnings in podcasting – but I started investigating a podcast in 2016. At that time, I determined the amount of time it would take was time I did not have available – so I shelved it. Then in 2018, I was able to create sustainable time in my calendar to create and produce the podcast. And now – here we are....