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The ProfitLayer Podcast with Timothy Dick.

The ProfitLayer Podcast with Timothy Dick.
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The ProfitLayer Podcast with Timothy Dick.






EP10: Facebook and Retargeting with Seth Pennington and Glen Hoddinott

“Organic and paid marketing are exactly the same. You pay for organic with time, and paid with money.” - Glen Hoddinott (39:25-39:30) When organic marketing isn’t enough, marketers look to paid ads on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. Facebook marketing is still one of the most effective ways for businesses to share their messages with their audiences. Retargeting strategies make it easy for you to reach more of the right customers with the right messages at the right times. Seth...


EP9: Forcing Business Growth

“Growth is a process of eliminating the friction and limits. It’s not about forcing the thing you’re already doing.” - Nic Peterson (7:56-8:06) Timothy Dick Profit Layer There are countless tools and tactics that business owners can use to build their clients, market their businesses, and generate more revenue. But service providers can struggle to grow their businesses, often trying to force their growth. If you’re a service provider, be careful with trying to force growth. There are...


EP8: Accounting for Entrepreneurs with Dan Nicholson

“People want to build a balanced life. But you have to deconstruct what that means when you have a business.” - Dan Nicholson (17:05-17:14) Timothy Dick Profit Layer Having the right financial processes in your business is critical to your success. Failing to manage your money impacts your ability to market your business or deliver your services in a way that builds credibility and client loyalty. Dan Nicholson helps entrepreneurs get clear on their financial goals while helping them...


EP7: Social Proof as a System in Your Business With Michelle and Justin Demers

“Part of your process as a business owner is celebrating your clients.” - Justin Demers (8:29-8:32) Timothy Dick Profit Layer Social proof is a powerful way to demonstrate the value of your services. Testimonials, reviews, and other forms of social proof give prospective clients the confidence to say “yes” to your offer. But business owners fail to use social proof in a strategic way, so they often struggle to increase revenue and retain clients over time. Michelle and Justin Demers...


EP6: Mindset and Mental Blocks with Malorie Nicole

“The mindset layer is one of the most important... At the end of the day, if your mindset isn’t optimized, you can’t provide the best service because you can’t show up in the best way for your business and your clients.” - Timothy Dick (2:57) Timothy Dick Profit Layer Malorie Nicole coaches entrepreneurs to help them remove mindset blocks and turn their stress into profits and fulfillment. Her clients include agency owners, copywriters, ad specialists, and even other coaches. Maximize...


EP5: ATM Machines that Generate Passive Income with Carey Buck

"ATMs are like little rental properties without tenants, toilets, or trash." - Carey Buck (25:59-26:02) Timothy Dick Profit Layer Success in any industry requires a commitment to persistent action. But with some businesses, the hard work paves the way for an income stream that requires relatively little time, energy, and attention. Carey Buck has built a profitable business by owning and operating independent Automated Teller Machines (ATM) while teaching others how to do the same....


EP4: Outbound Marketing and Direct Outreach with Steven Perchikov

“If you can connect with people and put something compelling in front of them that can help them grow their business...then it’s just easier and more lucrative.” - Steven Perchikov (17:30-18:00) Timothy Dick Profit Layer Inbound marketing strategies have become the go-to method for anyone who wants to generate new clients and position themselves as an industry leader. But too many entrepreneurs overlook the outbound marketing methods that produce better results at a fraction of the...


EP3: Marketing Diversification

“I look at marketing and tactics, but I also figure out what unique combination makes sense for each business.” - Timothy Dick (5:56) Timothy Dick Profit Layer Online marketing is a hamster-wheel of new techniques, engaging content, and tactic testing. Anyone in the online business world knows how overwhelming it can be to try and stay abreast of the algorithms and strategies associated with marketing to an audience. These tools and tricks have their purpose, of course, but a weapon...


EP2: Repeat What Works

“You want to make money and build your business. Step back and look at what you have done before that works. That’s what you should do next.” - Nic Peterson (2:02-2:15) Timothy Dick Profit Layer Keep it simple. Let’s face it. Too many entrepreneurs overcomplicate the marketing process. When it comes to your marketing, keeping it simple may be all you need to sustain growth, acquire more customers, and position your brand as an industry leader. There’s a simple way to get great...


EP1: The Marketing Layer

“If you don’t have a good product, you can spend millions of dollars and a lot of time in marketing, but it won’t work.” - Timothy Dick Marketing is not a trendy advertising method. A lot of people think marketing is business. We have a lot of ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ out there teaching ‘marketing.’ What they’re actually teaching is an advertising method. People often look at a certain tactic and mistake it for marketing. When you break it down, the layer of marketing is all about...


Pilot - ProfitLayer with Timothy Dick

“There is no magic bullet to make your business successful. It’s the right combination of layers strategically put together.” Welcome to ProfitLayer. While internet marketers are blasting their six-figure months, Timothy Dick is having six-figure days. Want to learn the secret to his massive success? Tim never really wanted a podcast, but he’s realized that the information he has learned in a lifetime of entrepreneurship needs to be out there. The real world information you’ll find in...