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This podcast is devoted to the understanding and attainment of prosperity or something even greater. Its sole focus is uncovering how successful, prosperous, happy people, see, understand, and define prosperity.


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This podcast is devoted to the understanding and attainment of prosperity or something even greater. Its sole focus is uncovering how successful, prosperous, happy people, see, understand, and define prosperity.




Ep. 35 | Rem Jackson: Final Podcast Episode: Happiness is a Choice

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. I didn’t know what to expect when I started this podcast. I was certain it would be useful, interesting, and inspiring. I do have some experience with this after all. Membership in my company’s flagship offering, The Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group is in essence a private podcast I’ve been curating and facilitating since January 2007. It’s fun, VERY FUN, and I love the work. So, I knew I could do this. What I hoped for was that...


Ep. 34 | Daryl Browne: The Magic of Saying Yes, Enjoying Your Journey, and Finding Your Way

On the journey of our lives, we are always presented with choices. If we are open to this life and say yes to what comes our way, we have a chance to … maybe … see that small quiet road that might be filled with heart and joy for us instead of whisking right past it and never even know that it, with all its possibilities, was even there. How did a man who was on the team that built the original end up in a salt cave in New Hampshire? I’ve known Daryl Browne since the late 1990s when...


Ep. 33 | Dr. Ebonie Vincent: Sharing our Abundant Blessings Creates Ever Deeper Prosperity

Living our lives, looking forward, and saying “yes” can lead to ever deeper abundance, health, wealth, love, and joy. And then, sharing that abundance almost magically creates even more abundance and prosperity. My guest on this episode is Dr. Ebonie Vincent. She is a podiatrist practicing in Orange County CA. She grew up in Temecula, CA in wine country, but attended college and podiatry school on the East Coast and Midwest. Returning to Southern CA, she built a thriving private practice....


Ep. 32 | Dr. David Thornburg: Family, Health, Invention and Teaching

The technology on your desktop and in your pocket was invented by…well… people. On this episode, you’re going to hear from one of them as he shares some fascinating stories from those times and reflects on the journey, family, health, and teaching. My guest on this episode is Dr. David Thornburg. David started his career as a research scientist and inventor at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center where he worked on a variety of projects, including his invention of the first inexpensive touch...


Ep. 31 | Dan Totaro: Enjoying Vigorous Healthy Growth

Dan Totaro has been working as a therapist, consultant, and educator for the last 40 years. He is currently a compassion fatigue and resiliency educator and works mostly with professional care providers such as Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Addiction Treatment Counselors, and medical personnel. I met Dan through his sister, Tina Del Buono, who works as a consultant with me at Top Practices. Dan spoke at the Western Podiatry Conference in Disneyland a few...


Ep. 30 | Dr. Tyson Franklin: A Healthy Journey to Prosperity

Is finding wealth, and maintaining or restoring your health a path to prosperity? Dr. Tyson Franklin is a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology and over the past 30+ years, he has successfully opened more than 20 podiatry businesses. At one stage, he operated 5 podiatry businesses approximately 1000 miles apart and from that experience, he learned quickly that great systems are paramount if you want a business to run without you. He feels business education is one of the key...


Ep. 29 | Dr. David Weiman: The Four Pillars of Prosperity

Health, freedom from worry, gratitude, and relationships with outstanding people. Are these the four pillars of prosperity? David Weiman is a psychologist and leadership consultant. He has been working for over 25 years with organizations across the US and around the world. His firm, Weiman Consulting, provides talent assessment services to help companies make the best hiring decisions, executive coaching to develop awesome leaders, and development assessments and programs to help foster...


Ep. 28 | Dr. Hartley Miltchin: Finding Prosperity Through Balance in Your Life

Is prosperity found in our lives through the pursuit of balance in our health, work, family, and interests? How important is fun and a pursuit of joy in our prosperity? My guest on this episode is Dr. Hartley Miltchin. He’s been in private podiatry practice for 39 years. He first attended the University of Toronto and then graduated from the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine. He spent 3 years in Chicago learning minimally invasive surgical procedures from one of the first pioneers. And...


Ep. 27 | Dr. Larry Anderson: The Power of the Seed: Planting Seeds in the Lives of Others That Make All the Difference

Who has planted seeds in your life that have changed you? In whose life have you planted seeds that allowed them to grow and blossom? My guest on this episode is Dr. Larry Anderson. Larry is the Founder and CEO of the National Center for Technology Planning headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi. The moment he begins to speak you will know he is a true son of the south. Larry has served as a junior high school industrial arts teacher, middle school principal, and a university professor. He is...


Ep. 26 | Rod Haenke: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live

Becoming comfortable with who you really are. Peeling off the layers and living a life more authentic to who you truly are. Finding more success and fulfillment by just being “real” with those we both love and work with. My guest on this episode is Rod Haenke. He is a senior consultant for Instructional Designs, Inc. As such he is a “go-to” charter school consultant in the areas of accountability systems, governance, curriculum and instructional practices, teacher evaluation systems, and...


Ep. 25 | E. Dollie Wolverton: Prosperity Through a Lifetime of Serving Others

Choose carefully the hills you’re willing to die on. Find the win/win in everything you. In all things, find the positiveness and blessings. My guest on this episode is E. Dollie Wolverton. Dollie’s entire career has been in public service. She began as a teacher and elementary school administrator. It’s inspiring how she started by being the first member of her entire family to attend college to retiring as Chief of Education for the Head Start Bureau, Department of Health and Human...


Ep. 24 | Neil Baum, MD: When You Reach the Top of the Ladder Will It Be Facing the Wrong Wall

Finding balance in our lives is never easy. Not for any of us. Yet, some people seem to have figured it out. They’ve cracked the code. And if you listen carefully they often try to share how they did it so we can follow their path to prosperity and balance. Dr. Neil Baum is a professor of Clinical Urology at Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also the author of Marketing Your Clinical Practice: Ethically, Effectively, and Economically. It is a classic and required...


Ep. 23 | Landon Ray: Having Happy Healthy Hours To Do More Of What We Want

How do you spend your time? Do you, as so many do, say you value time with your loved ones more than anything, but when pressed, you would have to say they are not actually your top priority? My guest is Landon Ray, the CEO & Co-Founder of Ontraport. Ontraport is a company we’ve used at Top Practices for a decade now to run our marketing and outreach. It is a sophisticated marketing platform. You’ll hear Landon share how he came up with the idea out of necessity and started the company...


Ep. 22 | Sharon Lopez: Prosperity: Bringing Love to Life

Can we view prosperity as bringing love to life? My guest on this episode is Sharon Lopez. Sharon is an attorney who represents workers and plaintiffs in employment law, discrimination, and police misconduct cases. She is the managing partner of her firm, Triquetra Law®, located in Lancaster, PA. She recently served as special counsel for the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, where she prosecuted discrimination complaints before the Commission at public hearings. She also served the...


Ep. 21 | Dr. Jane Graebner: A Day of Kindness and Making a Difference in the World

Could prosperity be as simple as making the choice to be kind? My guest for this episode is Dr. Jane Graebner. She is a podiatrist who practices in Delaware, Ohio. She is one of the earliest and longest-tenured Top Practices member – 14 years. She has been working toward retirement on her terms and is completing her plan of leaving her practice in the very competent hands of her younger partners. Her story is inspiring and instructive and especially so because she is a pioneer in a...


Ep. 20 | Dr. Marybeth Crane: Deciding What Time You Want to Get up in the Morning and Having a Purpose When You Do

Have you ever thought - I’d like to retire when I’m still young? Maybe your early 50’s or earlier? In 2007 I met Dr. Marybeth Crane and she became one of the earliest and most successful Top Practices members in the history of the company. Dr. Crane opened her podiatry practice in Grapevine, TX in 1997 with her mother answering the phone. When she retired at age 52 on Dec 31, 2020, her practice had become the multi-million dollar, Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas (FAANT) with 2...


Ep. 19 | Captain David Marquet: Prosperity - “It’s about controlling the bottom half of the equation."

David Marquet (MAR-KAY) was assigned to command the nuclear-powered submarine USS Santa Fe, then ranked last in retention and operational standing. He “turned the ship around” by treating the crew as leaders, not followers, and giving control, not taking control. This revolutionary approach not only took the Santa Fe from “worst to first” in the rankings, but also created more subsequent leaders than any other submarine. Stephen R. Covey called the Santa Fe “the most empowering organization...


Ep. 18 | Quarantine. Pandemic. Vaccines. Polio. Family.

This third and final installment of the mini-series has had some twists and turns as it came to life. It started in mid-march when the COVID-19 epidemic was obviously going to impact the United States and San Francisco became the first Major US City to shut down. I was researching Pandemics and Quarantines. At the time – mid-March - there was no reference to COVID-19 at all. That has certainly changed now. Interestingly, what primarily came up were references to polio. Polio has plagued...


Ep. 17 | Your Inner Six-Year-Old: Change Your Life Forever

What if this Saturday you could drive up to your childhood home and pick up your six-year-old self so the two of you could spend the day together? What would that be like? What would that mean to you? Maybe there is still time.


Ep. 16 | Think and Grow Rich: The Story of Napoleon Hill

In 1937 Napoleon Hill published “Think and Grow Rich.” Arguably one the most influential personal development and self-improvement books ever written. Most of what has been written since 1937, in my opinion, is derivative of this remarkable book. And Napoleon Hill himself stands on the shoulders of James Allen in “As a Man Thinketh” as well as Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and the stoics, Socrates and so many more. His 17 Principles of Personal Achievement have been the guidepost and...