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Summer Break!

Hey Protractors, Summer is here, and we are taking a few weeks off to enjoy it! We definitely aren't quitting or going away, Just taking a few weeks off for rejuvenation and planning! The best is yet to come! Stay INSPIRED everyone! (and hydrated) See you back here in a few weeks! Martin, show host PS. if you need anything just send us a message. We are still around.


How To Design Homes With Timeless Architecture

Tony Frazier is a home designer with a passion for timeless architecture.But what is timeless architecture. That is a question that we asked Tony, and then spent quite a bit of time discussing. PLUS many more tips and insights concerning entrepreneurship and running a good business.


How To Get Subs and General Contractors To Work Well Together

Adam Wilson the founder of Icon Tile in California dropped out of high school and started working as a tile apprentice. Working closely with his boss, and also a part-time job at Whole Foods Market, he’d come to learn and develop business skills that can be attributed to running and growing his own successful tile company. Listen all the way through and BE INSPIRED!!!


Get Control Of Your Numbers And Your Business Will Improve

Stacy Eakman is the founder of Eakman Construction Company in Seattle which specializes in large scale remodels and custom homes. In this episode, Stacy tells his story, gives insight into how he runs his business, and speaks on the importance of “percent complete” accounting to get control of your numbers.


Building Relationships Is The Key To a Strong Business

Growing up, Christopher Quinn could be found working with his grandparents on various home renovations. He is now the managing partner at Apex Projects in Connecticut with his friend Brian Hyla. In this episode, he talks work life balance, the importance of networking, and shares various marketing tactics he’s currently using to grow his business.


How To Build A Company Bigger Than Yourself

Jeff Pell has been in construction all of his life. After college, he’d move back home and start working his Uncle on various job sites. His passion for creating high-end luxury homes would prompt him to start Sky House Company in North Carolina. In this episode, he explains the importance of increasing exposure on multiple platforms so you can “say 'no' more than you say 'yes.'” And how to setup systems to help you streamline your vision and business.


How To Calculate Your Daily Rate

Luke Miller from Miller Tile and Stone is a Tile Contractor and the Founder and Host of the Tile Money podcast. With encouragement from his wife, he was able to build up the confidence to start his own company. He explains how he used grass roots marketing tactics and great customer service to successfully grow his tile contracting business. Also, he shares how he arrives at the numbers he needs to charge for his daily rate to remain profitable.


How To Setup Your Business And Structure It To Scale

Mike Grainger from Tink Construction Services in New Jersey specializes in bringing homes back to life. As a child, seeing his father grow and scale his contracting business would give him the inspiration to establish his own contracting business in 2009. In this episode, he shares advice on how to properly setup and structure a contracting business to scale.


Find Your Voice And Never Give Up

After losing his job, Donnie Galli from Designs By Donnie found his passion as local furniture builder. In this episode, he shares the many trials and tribulations that have helped him build a profitable furniture design business.


The Best Cure For Anxiety Is ACTION!

After leaving his job, Tyler Farrell started a custom home building business following the success of his first spec home. He attributes his success to staying focused on what he’s good at and hiring great talent to support him in areas that he is weak in.


Everything You Do - Do It With Integrity

In this episode Eddie Leverett chronicles an impactful story that inspired him to create his business One Eleven LTD, which specializes in building universal homes for people with special needs.


We Can’t Control How People Feel But We Can Control The Process

Sean Doyle and his wife Katie are the founders of SD Custom Homes. They call themselves a family building for families. Sean shares stories and insights he’s learned over the years that have helped him start and run a successful contracting business.


You Must Learn To Go With Your Gut Instinct

In this episode, Matt Weber of Cross Grain, LLC, tells us how he developed his work ethic as a kid working long days on his Dad’s farm. He shares key lessons, such as going with your gut instinct. If your wrong, you can refine and change your instinct for the next time.


You Have To Understand The Value You Bring And Charge Accordingly

From working on highway construction projects to high rise condominiums, Ryan Hay @oakmanbuildingco is a dynamic Protractor with a dynamic skill set. In this episode he discusses what it took to scale his contracting business in the heart of Austin, TX. Also mentioned in this episode: Toby Cornell From Cornell Custom Construction Extreme Ownership - Book about leadership Contractor Tools - Estimating software Johnny Hourihan Shawn Van Dyke


Top 5 People A Contractor Should Have On Speed Dial

In this episode Martin reads an article from the Protractor Blog entitled: [Top 5 People A Contractor Should Have On Speed Dial] written by Jonathan Walters. Protractor website client mentioned in this episode is Joe Wilkerson from Maplehurst Outdoor Living. Book recommended in this episode is The EMyth Revisited by Michael Gerber. You can find a link to this book on this page:


Try To Be A Better Version Of Yourself Each Day

After a hearing disability left him barred from his dream of working in law enforcement, Jesse Hoover stumbled into wood working and professional contracting. In this episode, he shares his journey and explains how Instagram has proved to be one of his most powerful marketing tools.


Keep On Learning And Progressing As You Go

When he’s not scuba diving, George is running a successful contracting business called McGarry Construction in Sydney, Australia. He shares the importance of identifying red flags when vetting new clients, finding work life balance, and explains how he is currently utilizing online marketing and project management tools to grow his business.


IBS2019 LIVE Podcast

In this episode Martin has conversations with 3 amazing people: Andy Moore, Rob Yagid, and Brad Leavitt. This was broadcast live from the International Builders show (IBS) this year in Las Vegas. Andy Moore speaks on the importance of getting to know other tradesmen. Rob Yagid introduces #keepcraftalive, an organization that helps raise awareness for the opportunities that exist in the skills trade. Brad Leavitt shares the importance of having a social media presence and a silent...


Why You Should Not Apologize For What You Are Charging

After quitting an entry job out of college, Kristen used her innate passion for art, math, and science to birth her very own design driven contracting business. It was much more successful than she ever imagined. In this episode, she shares her story and some tips that have contributed to her success.


The Difference Between An Entrepreneur And A Craftsman

In this episode, Brian Kashas shares various applications he is currently using to run and grow his contracting business. In addition, he outlines the importance of systems and processes when building a business that can sustain itself. #Protractors - Making A Difference!