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[Sam Shelton] Be Willing To Adapt And Never Take Shortcuts

Today's featured guest is Sam Shelton from @alaskabuilder


[Joe Edwards] Building A Real Business And Not Just A Hobby

Today’s featured guest is Joe Edwards from @elite_concepts_usa Joe is a soft spoken and a caring person. He is also a man of vision and confidence as well. One thing you will notice as you listen to his story, and it came out of some hardships he went through, is the importance of good legal contracts and sticking with them. Also you'll learn: What he did at 10 years old to earn money.Why There’s so many other great things he said in this interview, So, listen all the way to the end,...


[Ian Cheadle] Take Time And Enjoy The Journey

Today’s featured guest is Ian Cheadle from @DaytonHardwoodCo He is actually in the process of launching his new brand name and logo this week! He has desired for a long time to narrow down and focus on a niche, and that’s exactly what he is doing. He has went from “doing it all” in construction, to specializing in hardwood floors. At the time we recorded this interview he hadn’t fully decided what he was going to do with his brand name and everything, so you will hear as we discuss how he...


[Luke Mann] Keeping The Job Site Clean and Our Customers Happy

Today’s featured guest is Luke Mann from @rangelinehomes in the foothills of Denver Co. One thing you are going to notice as you listen to this story, is Luke’s passion for cleanliness and attention to detail. It’s one thing to have a contracting company, but it’s another thing to run it well. And that is what Luke’s story inspires us to do. I know you’ll have a takeaway from today’s story. So, listen all the way to the end. And be inspired! We have a new author on our team who just came...


[Derek Nichelson] The Very Inspiring Story Behind Redeemed Construction

Today’s featured guest is Derek Nichelson from @redeemedconstruction ... Derek is a boutique home builder in Florida. He had kind of a rough time period in his life, and hence the name Redeemed Construction. He goes on to tell some of the insights he’s learned through the years. HIs is a very inspiring story. I know you’re going to have at least one takeaway from it today. So, listen all the way to the end. And be inspired! Announcements: First of all, We had a great response to the...


[Nate Seaborn] Put A Strong Emphasis On Customer Service And Make Your Clients Happy.

[New Episode!] Today’s featured guest is Nate Seaborn from @NateSeabornConstruction ... He is a general contractor who is passionate about putting a strong emphasis on customer service, and making their clients happy. Today we get to listen to his story, hear some of his ups and downs, and how his business has evolved to where it is today. For some of you this story will give you the inspiration to keep going, or the motivation to get up and try. So, listen all the way to the end. And...


[Jobson Chrisostomo] Even If You Don't Make A Profit - Keep Your Word

Today’s featured guest is Jobson Crisostomo from Affordable Handyman of Greenwhich. @ahofgreenwich He came to the USA when he was 10 years old. He learned immediately that he could make a little money recycling cans. He saved up enough money to buy his first bicycle, and kept growing and learning. He learned carpentry from a high-end builder, and eventually started his own handyman company. Now, he is quite successful at it, and is making plans to open a second branch, and perhaps start a...


[Brad Leavitt LIVE] Inside Secrets To Running A Highly Successful Contracting Company

Today’s featured guest is Brad Leavitt from @aft_construction He runs a high end boutique building firm in Phoenix AZ. Awhile back we asked him to go LIVE on our Instagram account. He did such a great job answering questions and giving insights. ***** In fact, I’ve received messages, and he’s received messages saying that was THE BEST IG LIVE SESSION they've ever heard!!! ***** Thankfully, we were able to record it. And here it is today. ***** There’s so much insight here. Brad has so...


[Bryant Isaacs] Don’t Give Up Even If It Doesn’t Come Easily

Today’s featured guest is Bryant Isaacs with Target Combined Services. @targetcontracting I met Bryant down in Florida at the Builder’s Show, and I was immediately impressed with his infectious smile, and his drive & determination. But what I didn’t know was the crazy story behind all this drive and determination, which has its roots all the way back when he was 16. His success certainly hasn’t came easily as you will hear throughout this interview. But even though he’s been through some...


[Darrin Marcure] The Importance Of Being Professional And Keeping Your Standards High

Today’s featured guest is Darrin Marcure from @ezwindowanddoor. He specializes in high quality window and door installation, and On social media he calls himself an “Exterior Remodeling Lover.” Darrin is passionate about being a professional and Holding the profession to the highest standards. He is Trying his hardest to improve the image of this profession, and make a difference in the next generation. listen all the way through and You’ll be inspired. ***** The Protractor Tip today...


[Jamie Verdura] The Importance Of Building An All Star Team

Jamie Verdura from @verduraconstruction is our featured guest this week. He is passionate about building an all star team. You'll see what I mean as you listen through this episode. Also, be sure and listen to the #ProtractorTip at the beginning of this show by Brad Leavitt @aft_construction. He talks about the most important assets in your business. (hint: it goes right along with this show's theme) We'll be running our website promotion for 10 contractors very soon. So, if you don't...


New Season Updates & Announcements

This is a very short episode simply to let you know that we are working on the new season and it will be coming to you before long. Thank you! Martin


[Trevor Tipton] How Trevor Sells High End Luxury Projects

Today's guest is Trevor Tipton from @outdoorlivinginnovator in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has quite a story! In this episode, among other things, you'll learn: This episode is jam-packed full of experience. Trevor's history is full, and he doesn't spare the goods in this interview. If you love this show, please help spread the word and share it with others. Thanks for joining us today! We are behind you all the way. Go out there and work. Stay in your lane. And leave an impact on those...


[Lakisha Woods] An Exclusive Interview With The Senior Vice President and CMO of The National Association Of Homebuilders

How would you like to sit down with the senior vice president and chief marketing officer of NAHB? (National Association Of Homebuilders) Well, that's exactly what we get to do today! It is such an honor and privilege to have Lakisha Woods on the show. You get to hear some of her own story and experiences in this industry. She also shares a very experience about one contractor in Montana who is making a difference in the lives of veterans. Among other things she expounded on these...


[Sean Collinsgru] The Importance Of Knowing WHY You Do What You Do

Sean Collinsgru from Premier Outdoor Living is our guest today! We had an awesome conversation. The main theme seemed to be centered around the importance of knowing why you are doing what you are doing. If you know why you are working on a project, or even why you are in this business, then it will help carry you through the inevitable hard times that come with business. Here is just a sampling of some of things we talked about in this episode: Listen to this episode all the way...


[Lou Olerio] How To Protect Your Personal and Company Assets When Building Million Dollar Spec Homes

In this episode Lou Olerio from @oleriohomes talks about how he grew his home building business. He has definitely had his ups and downs, and he tells all about it in this episode. Listen to this episode and learn: Listen to day and be inspired! #Protractors - Making A Difference!


[Kyle Stumpenhorst] An Exclusive LIVE Session With Kyle About His Business

This is a special episode where Kyle Stumpenhorst @rrbuildings goes LIVE and answers people's questions. Contractors from all over had the chance to ask Kyle questions about his post-frame building business. He took the time to answer every one. We have the entire session published here for your inspiration. He revealed such things as: After you listen to the show be sure to go tell Kyle "Hi." @rrbuildings Thanks so much for being with us this week. Have some feedback you'd like to...


[Blake Carter] How This Contractor Deals With Difficult Situations In The Marketplace Without Losing His Mind

[New Episode] "How This Contractor Deals With Difficult Situations In The Marketplace Without Losing His Mind" In this episode, Blake Carter @californiadeckpros and I discuss dealing with difficult people and situations in the marketplace. Plus, much more! So if you want to get through tough times victoriously, get more leads using social media, be more efficient with time management, and successfully get through hard situations in the marketplace, tune in now! In this episode, you'll...


[Alan Muncey] How Alan Is building His Business Debt Free

Today our guest, coming to you all the way from Prince Edward Island is Alan Muncey. He is a carpenter, specializing in custom cabinetry and other fine finish work. In this episode we discussed many interesting things, but one thing that stands out to me is what Alan had to say about taking on debt in business. It actually came up a few times throughout our conversation. He also shared the story of how he got ripped off by another contractor, and what he learned from that hard lesson....