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PHEC 101: Interview with Dr. Rebecca Drewette-Card, President of Public Health Partners

In this episode, I share an interview with Dr. Rebecca Drewette-Card. Dr. Drewette-Card is the President of Public Health Partners, which is a woman-owned consulting firm based in Maine and serving clients throughout the United States. She was also one of the cohosts of my first Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship Expo held back in March of 2019. Dr. Drewette-Card previously worked for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the Public Health Prevention...


PHEC 100: Reverse the Mic & Real Behind the Scenes

Can you believe we are at episode 100? Wow! In this episode, I share an interview with you that I believe is the perfect way to celebrate this milestone episode. If you follow me on social media, then you probably noticed that I was recently featured in a video interview entitled “This Epidemiologist Serves as a Guide to Up and Coming Scientists” and it was for a show called “Your Mark on the World” by Devin Thorpe. Your Mark on the World publishes their interviews in a...


Free Student Workshop

Public Health Students Only⁠ ⁠ Students are LOVING this workshop! I am helping students begin to think strategically about your career early in the journey, so that you can be better prepared for the transition into the career field upon graduation.⁠ ⁠ The 4-day workshop is FREE. ⁠ 👉🏽Click to register for the workshop.⁠


PHEC 099: Another Great Resource for Public Health

In this episode, I’m sharing with you another valuable resource and will tell you how you can try it out for FREE! That resource is Audible. Audible will provide a free trial of their service to listeners of the Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast and also provide financial support to the podcast just for sharing and promoting their service. It is a win-win all around because it’s a great resource and I absolutely love using it! I want to explain what audible is,...


PHEC 098: Career Resources for Public Health Students and Professionals

This is a coaching episode for both students of public health and professionals who are already in the field of public health. You will want to listen to carefully, think creatively, and check the bottom of this show notes page for details and links. I’m going to share a valuable resource with you, including some of my favorite examples of use, and then tell you how you can try it out for free. I want you to listen carefully, before you sign up for the free trial. This way you can...


PHEC 097: Student Research: Obesity in Sub-Saharan Africa

This episode features an interview with Ifeoma Ozodiegwu, a member of the APHA Epidemiology section, and recent graduate of the DrPH program at East Tennessee State University (ETSU). She joins us to discuss her student research of obesity in Sub-Saharan Africa.


PHEC 096: What is your biggest public health career challenge?

Recently, I asked our community to name their biggest public health career challenge, the one thing that was preventing them from accomplishing their career goals. My reason for asking was so that I could direct people toward helpful resources. I found that some people didn’t realize that resources were available to address their specific challenges. Some people were aware of the resources, but just not taking action, and others were trying to ignore their challenges and not do anything...


PHEC 095: Interview with Leah Roman, Roman Public Health Consulting

In this episode, you will meet the Leah Roman of Roman Public Health Consulting. In a previous episode, I mentioned Leah as a great example of professional networking. Those of you who know her are probably nodding your heads right now. She is very genuine and networking seems to come naturally to her. You may also remember Leah from the very first Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship Expo that I held, where she was one of my cohosts. She joins me on this episode to talk about her...


PHEC 094: Interview with Christie VanHorne, CVH Consulting

In this episode, you will meet the CEO of CVH Consulting, Christie VanHorn. If her name sounds familiar to you, then you may remember her from the very first Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship Expo that I held, where she was one of my cohosts. She joins me on this episode to talk about her public health journey, from employee to consultant. She talks about who she serves in her business, her ideal client, the types of services she provides, and what she loves about her role as a...


PHEC 093: The Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Initiative for Universal Quality Healthcare

In this episode, I share a story, a message, and an opportunity with you all. I encourage you to listen closely, and take action if any part of this message resonates with you. The opportunity is a global health initiative, a fellowship opportunity for visionary young women compelled to carry out the work of achieving universal health coverage for those in greatest need. The story and message is that the initiative is in memory of, Samya Stumo, who died at age 24 in an airplane crash. She...


PHEC 092: Why I Do What I Do & Why I Care

This is a great opportunity for me to talk to you about my why. In this episode, I explain why I started this podcast, and created programs. Of all of the businesses I could have started, I explain why I chose to build a business around helping all of you get into the field of public health or transition into public health careers. You’ll better understand why I care so much.


Interview with Dr. Donna Elliston, President & CEO of Public Health Solutions Executive Search Firm

Dr. Elliston is a public health executive with extensive work experience with several public health institutions. She is the President and CEO of Public Health Solutions Executive Search Firm (PHS), which serves as the catalyst in connecting mid to senior level professionals with top public health firms. Dr. Elliston and I are working on ways to combine efforts and better serve our communities. For now, I’d like you to focus your attention on this interview and get to know Dr. Elliston and...


Podcast: Growth, Changes, and Opportunity

Our community has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and I’m thrilled about that. With growth comes change, and it is time to pivot and make adjustments. Not only to accommodate our growth to date, but we must change in order to continue to grow. You know the saying, “what got us here, won’t get us there." Change is good. In fact, I will say that change is great! Especially in this case. Listen to the full episode to hear the details.


PHEC 089: Interview with Sreelekha Prakash, MD, MPH, Global Epidemiology

This episode features a member of the American Public Health Association (APHA) Epidemiology section. My guest is Dr. Sreelekha Prakash. She shares her journey into public health with a global health prospective. She started her career as a medical doctor, specifically an emergency clinician, treating patients in India. She describes how that experience created an opportunity for research and laid the foundation for her journey into public health and her career in academics and research...


PHEC 088: Interview with Maria Mora Pinzon, MD, MS, Preventive Medicine and Public Health

My guest on this episode is Dr. Maria Mora Pinzon. She is a preventive medicine and public health physician. Doctors in this specialty use research, epidemiology, quality improvement and policy to promote health. Since they have full medical licenses, they are also able to diagnose and treat patients in a variety of settings. Dr. Pinzon is the president-elect of the Young Physicians section of the American College of Preventive Medicine, which is the medical organization were preventive...


PHEC 087: Interview with Rosalie Aguilar, National Project Coordinator for Salud America!

I’m delighted to introduce you to my special guest on this episode, Rosalie Aguilar. Rosalie is the national project coordinator for Salud America!, which is a national Latino-focused organization that creates culturally relevant and research-based stories, videos, and tools to inspire people to start and support healthy changes to policies, systems, and environments where Latino children and families can equitably live, learn, work, and play. The content created and distributed by Salud...


PHEC 086: Professional Networking in Public Health

Today we are going to talk about professional networking in public health by sharing a few tips and specific stories of some recent and awesome networking success story examples. Whether you are seeking, starting, or transitioning into a job in public health, or starting a consulting or other type of public health business, you should definitely give this episode your full attention.


PHEC 085: Interview with Jane Fadesere, PharmD, MBA, MPH

Jane Fadesere has over 16 years of experience as a community pharmacist. She has practiced pharmacy in Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, Louisiana and currently in Texas. She has experience in various pharmacy settings including pain management, medical supplies, independent pharmacy, and chain pharmacy. Jane practices medication safety on a daily basis, ensuring that patients receive the right medications and dosages. Jane obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Howard...


PHEC 084: Interview with Dr. Monique Brown, Professor, Researcher, Consultant

Dr. Brown talks about her journey into public health and her experiences along the way. She is a professor, researcher, owns a consulting business, and hosts a podcast. She is passionate about HIV research, mental health, trauma, and aging. She shares some valuable tips and advice for public health students, professionals, and those interested in starting a business. So be sure to listen to this full episode. I also want to point out that this interview was recorded when I was sick....


PHEC 083: Childhood Vaccination and Public Health Communication

In this episode, I pour out my heart and even share a personal story to help me drive my message as I discuss the topic of childhood vaccination. I’m not discussing this from the point of whether or not you should vaccinate your children. The purpose of discussing this topic is to address the need for improved public health communication on the topic of childhood vaccination. Social media platforms provide an incredible opportunity for effective public health communication, with millions...