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This podcast explores public health careers, epidemiology, and public health entrepreneurship. The episodes features conversations that encourage you to think creatively and use innovation, while also helping you see public health everywhere.

This podcast explores public health careers, epidemiology, and public health entrepreneurship. The episodes features conversations that encourage you to think creatively and use innovation, while also helping you see public health everywhere.


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This podcast explores public health careers, epidemiology, and public health entrepreneurship. The episodes features conversations that encourage you to think creatively and use innovation, while also helping you see public health everywhere.






PHEC 213: The Intersection Of The Practice of Law And Public Health, With Aila Hoss, JD

This episode is a massively inspiring one. We are lucky enough to welcome Aila Hoss, JD to the show to talk about the intersection of public health, the practice of law, and epidemiology, with a specific focus on how these subjects relate to tribal communities.


PHEC 212: The Downstream Impact Of Burnout, With Sumana Jeddy, MPH

Burnout can manifest in many ways, starting subtly and suddenly leading to memory loss and other issues. Our guest today is passionate about burnout and the downstream impact that it has on chronic diseases. Sumana Jeddy is a content creator, influencer, and the founder and CEO of Jeddy Wellness. In this episode, you’ll hear about Sumana’s background in infectious disease epidemiology and surveillance. Sumana’s interest in public health began when she was studying microbiology, and she...


PHEC 211: Filling The Gap Between Clinical Health Care & Public Health With Dr. Meghan O’Connell, Great Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center

Today’s guest is a clinical doctor and a public health practitioner, who is working towards bridging the gap between these two somewhat disconnected fields. Dr. Meghan O’Connell has dedicated her life’s work to the achievement of health equity in the United States, and firmly believes that connecting clinical medicine and public health is an essential element in reaching the goal to eliminate health disparities. Dr. O’Connell has worked in a number of roles throughout her career, which you...


PHEC 210: Training Front-Line Health Workers, With Quisha Umemba, MPH, BSN

Our guest on this episode is Quisha Umemba, CEO and founder of Umemba Health, LLC. Quisha is a Bachelors prepared Registered Nurse with a Masters degree in Public Health. During the interview, she explained how having a public health perspective shaped her nursing practice and ultimately the trajectory of her career. She later explained that once she realized epidemiology wasn't just about diseases but that it included all factors of health, even the social structural factors, then...


PHEC 209: Podcast Title Shifts from "Careers" to "Conversations"

If you’ve listened to the last two episodes, you’ll know that there are some changes to the podcast that I have been working on in the background. Today is the day these changes come to life. Welcome to the Public Health Epidemiology CONVERSATIONS Podcast! In this episode you’ll hear about why I decided to swap the word “careers” for “conversations” as well as the various other exciting changes I’ve made to my podcast content and my website. There are also some brand-new resources I’m...


PHEC 208: The Courage To Change, Pivot, and Grow

Our episode today picks up where episode 207 left off. Last week Dr. Huntley outlined some of the challenges facing graduates in the public health industry and how she is adapting her business to address these difficulties. In today’s episode, Dr. Huntley outlines the details of these changes and how they will affect the show. Tuning in you’ll hear Dr. Huntley break down why she’ll be inviting more guests from other fields onto her show and how she will be tailoring her questions to...


PHEC 207: 4 Years Consulting, 4 Years Podcasting & A Pandemic

Four years of consulting, four years of podcasting, and one long year of COVID-19; your host, Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley, thinks it’s time to change things up a bit! There are times in our careers, businesses, and life when we need to refresh our plans, make adjustments, and set new goals. The pandemic has made us all acutely aware of this fact. Any number of things can happen that require us to pivot. It can simply be the result of growth and the need to naturally adjust. Children, for...


PHEC 206: Child Health and Wellness with Denny MedicineBird, Oklahoma Tribal Epidemiology Center

Denny is the program coordinator of the Child Health and Wellness Program initiated by the Oklahoma Area Tribal Epidemiology Center. Join us for today’s episode wherein Denny explains how this program is positively impacting child health and wellness through stakeholder engagement and the creation of coherent messages which are disseminated throughout the tribes situated within the Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas borders. Denny’s passion for his work runs deep, and his work is improving the...


PHEC 205: The Marriage Of Nutrition And Public Health, With Bernadette Paul, PhD, MPH

When Dr. Bernadette Paul’s mother was first diagnosed with high blood pressure, she became very aware of some of the health problems in her community and how they could be treated with proper nutrition. Today, Dr. Bernadette Paul is a public health and nutrition consultant, community specialist, teacher, and a brand new podcast host. She holds a Ph.D. in public health, specializing in health promotion and community health in addition to a master's degree in nutrition. She is also a member...


PHEC 204: Redefining Self-Care For Community Health Workers, With Tasha Whitaker

Our guest on this podcast episode is Tasha Whitaker, a national speaker, author, educator, trainer, and owner of CREW Wellness, LLC., a health education consulting agency that builds capacity and provides professional development training for healthcare professionals. Tasha redefines self-care to include things like proper time management and shares some simple and practical tips for practicing self-care using a model she calls NICE. She also shares her advice for students looking to pursue...


PHEC 203: Online Exposure And Public Health, With Omari Richins, MPH

Omari Richins, founder of The Public Health Millennial, joins us on this episode to share his public health journey. Omari currently holds the position of health improvement program officer for the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, prior to which he worked in Alaska for 14 months during the COVID-19 pandemic as a community health fellow for the Mat-Su Health Foundation. In our conversation, Omari shares why he decided to pursue a master’s in public health after realizing that he could have...


PHEC 202: For the Community, By the Community, Interview with Alejandra Cabrera, MPH

American Indian and Alaska Native tribes have a history of trauma, and to this day are still marginalized in a multitude of ways in the United States. The California Rural Indian Health Board is a program aimed at enhancing the public health status of these demographic groups, and our guest today has been working passionately for this cause for the past 3 years. Alejandra Cabrera coordinates projects which deal with monitoring health status in tribal communities and developing culturally...


PHEC 201: Public Health in a Post-Pandemic World, Interview with Nebraska DHHS CEO Dannette Smith

Public health is no longer a silent partner, but a major one. Following the pandemic, we’ve all realized that everything must be filtered through a public health lens. Today, we speak with a forerunner in the public health space, Dannette Smith, CEO of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. CEO Smith kicks off our interview with an introduction to her professional and personal background. Next, we dive into the role of developing your interpersonal skills as a leader. We talk...


Why The Best Time To Start Public Health Consulting Is Right NOW!

On this episode, I'm going to talk about why right now is the best time to start your public health consulting business.


PHEC 200: What I Love About Podcasting, After 200 Episodes

As we celebrate our 200th episode of the Public Health in Epidemiology Careers podcast, I wanted to use this opportunity to share my seven favorite things about podcasting and this journey so far! First of all, it is important to acknowledge all the listeners and the entire amazing community that has connected around this great platform, it really is something special. When looking back at the last four years of weekly shows, what really stands out are the connections that have been made;...


How To Narrow Down Your Public Health Ideas and Start Your Business with Confidence!

On this bonus episode, we are going to focus on how to sort through your public health ideas and build your business with confidence!


PHEC 199: Top Five Public Health Career Tips and Advice

The doorstep of our 200th episode is a good time to pause and reflect. As we look back on the last 198 episodes, it has been all about sharing career journeys in public health and demonstrating that there are so many different ways for you to use your education to advance the field of public health. You have heard from a multitude of guests from different backgrounds and walks of life who have shared their path into the field and talked about the work that they do and the diverse ways in...


Work Full-time and Run Your Consulting Business, Like a BOSS!

This episode is taken from a LinkedIn Live recording where I share three helpful tips for working full time and running a consulting business.


PHEC 198: Faith Based Health Promotion Opportunities, with Tonya Nash, MPH

When there is no clear path, make your own. Our guest on this episode had been faced with what could be considered challenges, but which she instead chose to see as opportunities. Tonya Nash is a passionate advocate for people with disabilities. Her interest in this particular specialization within public health arose when her two sons were diagnosed with autism, and one with epilepsy. It didn’t take long for her to realize that there is a lack of understanding within many faith-based...


PHEC 197: Thinking Creatively About Public Health, With Dr. April Moreno

Dr. April Moreno knows how it feels to live with an autoimmune condition, and her diagnosis is what drove her to help others with this type of disease. Autoimmune diseases are pervasive (about one in five people!) but historically have not received much attention. Dr. Moreno is also passionate about achieving health equity because she is aware of the disparities that currently exist within the realm of public health. Her educational background is diverse; cultural anthropology and health...