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This podcast explores public health careers, epidemiology, and public health entrepreneurship. The episodes features conversations that encourage you to think creatively and use innovation, while also helping you see public health everywhere.


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This podcast explores public health careers, epidemiology, and public health entrepreneurship. The episodes features conversations that encourage you to think creatively and use innovation, while also helping you see public health everywhere.






PHEC 329: Public Health Roundtable on Diabetes with LaShonda Richardson

Welcome back to Public Health Epidemiology Conversations. In this episode, we share our conversation from the November Public Health Roundtable, which also happened to align with National Diabetes Awareness Month. For this special discussion, Dr. Huntley is joined by LaShonda Richardson, founder of EMERGE LLC, an organization dedicated to public health advocacy, education, and promotion. Tuning in, you’ll learn why diabetes is such a personal subject both for Dr. Huntley and LaShonda, and how LaShonda has been able to build trust in her community and offer support for diabetes management and prevention. Their conversation unpacks the lifestyle changes that can impact diabetes, why it’s not your fault if you are unable to reverse it, and why minimizing the negative implications of the condition is still a huge win, plus a whole lot more. To hear all of LaShonda’s insightful strategies, like celebrating small wins and meeting people where they’re at, be sure to tune in today! DrCHHuntley Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley on LinkedIn DrCHHuntley on LinkedIn PHEC Podcast


PHEC 328: Nurturing Trust, Communication, And Relationships In Public Health

On this latest episode of the PHEC Podcast, Dr. Huntley reflects on her recent experience facilitating a workshop for tribal leaders. Sharing personal stories and key takeaways, she talks about the emerging themes of vulnerability, communication, relationship-building, and trust and how each of those themes play an important role as a community leader. Discover the power of flexibility, the significance of two-way communication, and the lasting impact of building genuine connections within the public health community. PHEC Podcast Show Notes:


PHEC 327: Software Interoperability And Public Health, With Andy Gregorowicz, MS

Welcome to another riveting MITRE episode where Dr. Huntley engages in an insightful conversation with Andy Gregorowicz, Department Chief Engineer at the MITRE Corporation. Andy shares his journey, transitioning from software engineering to the world of public health, where he focuses on system interoperability and patient matching. Discover his passion for public health stemming from the profound impact of vaccination campaigns and how that led him to valuable projects for the CDC, particularly the Childhood Obesity Data Initiative (CODI) project. From decoding data privacy to creating connections between clinical and community organizations, this episode is a compelling exploration of how technology can powerfully reshape public health initiatives and their impact on society.


PHEC 326: The Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO, 2024

Dr. Huntley announces the much-anticipated Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship EXPO 2024. In this episode, she clarifies everything you need to know about the EXPO: what it is, who it is for, why it exists, as well as the changes and additions for the upcoming year. Listen closely as she shares all the essential details for anyone who is curious about the event. Dr. Huntley hopes to provide a clear and informed understanding of what the EXPO is all about. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting event, be sure to tune in. Keep In Touch Dr. Charlotte Huntley on LinkedIn Public Health Entrepreneurs PHEC Podcast


PHEC 325: Defining Public Health, In Plain Language

There is an ongoing need to explain public health to the general public. Although it can feel frustrating at times, this provides us the opportunity to get creative in working to meet this need. Additionally, it provides us with a number of ways to demonstrate our thought leadership, build genuine relationships with people, and grow our networks. In this episode, Dr. Charlotte Huntley together with three innovative and forward-thinking panelists, Zainab Shipchandler, LaShonda Richardson, and Ericka Horne came together to discuss how they go about Defining Public Health, In Plain Language within their communities. Bridging the gap in understanding between the field's complexities and practical explanations for the general public. Tune in as our panelist will delve into the importance of communicating the significance of public health, strategies to articulate its meaning, and practical examples to illustrate how it applies to everyday life. Keep In Touch Dr. Charlotte Huntley on LinkedIn Public Health Entrepreneurs PHEC Podcast


PHEC 324: How Has Remote Work Affected Your Communication Skills

The pandemic has changed the landscape of the workforce worldwide. It accelerated the shift to remote work, giving people the ability to do their jobs from the comfort of their homes. In this team-focused episode, Laura joins Dr. Charlotte Huntley to discuss their unique experiences and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of working remotely. With a core team of five and clients worldwide, they talk about building a strong team culture, working through different communication styles, and balancing communication preferences and time zones. Dr. Huntley shares how she is aiming to build a personal connection with not only her team, but also through her consulting work as this helps create a sense of togetherness despite the physical distance. Keep In Touch Dr. Charlotte Huntley on LinkedIn Public Health Entrepreneurs PHEC Podcast


PHEC 323: When Life Happens: Navigating Loss, Growth, And New Beginnings

Full disclaimer, this new episode is full of really sad moments and happy moments as our host, Dr. Charlotte Huntley, opens up about some personal life updates and experiences, including the recent loss of her mother and her busy travel schedule. She shares how she’s dealing and processing grief while attending to her business with the help and support of the people around her. Despite the challenges and grief, she shares her journey of resilience, self-care, and professional growth, highlighting the exciting development of her public health entrepreneur community and having a supportive team behind her.


PHEC 322: Public Health Informatics, With Brittani L. Harmon, DrPH, MHA

The technology that makes up the system and processes in public health may be lagging behind the course of innovation compared to other industries. This is where the challenges in public health informatics come in. But what is Public Health Informatics all about? Join us in another MITRE episode where Dr. Brittani L. Harmon, the Public Health Lead and Informatics Expert at the MITRE Corporation, joins Dr. Charlotte Huntley for another informative and value-packed conversation. In this episode, Dr. Harmon shares her journey from an aspiring medical doctor to discovering her passion for public health. She elaborates on her role at MITRE and the intersection between public health and informatics. Show Notes:


PHEC 321: What Can I Do With My Degree In Public Health?

Choosing a career in public health can be a daunting task, especially if you are a student who doesn’t have a full grasp of what career opportunities are available for you after graduation. In this episode, Dr. Huntley recounts her recent role as a career panelist at the CDC Lewis Public Health Scholars and Ferguson Emerging Infectious Disease Fellows 2023 Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia. She sheds some light on the array of inquiries raised by public health students, exploring some of their burning questions. Tune in as Dr. Huntley introduces a valuable resource designed to answer these questions and address the challenges students face when considering their career paths.


PHEC 320: Understanding Public Health Versus Healthcare

As many have noticed, there is an ongoing need to explain public health to the general public. Dr. Huntley hosts a monthly roundtable discussing a variety of public health topics. During this episode, specialists LaShonda Richardson, Andrea L. Lowe, and Ericka Horne join Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley to share how they answer this question. To help distinguish the field of public health from other areas, the conversation centers around how public health differs from the healthcare field. Each guest shares her approach to answering this question in plain language, along with key similarities, values, and goals that each has in common with the other. Join us for an empowering public health roundtable equipping you to understand how these two fields interact with the common goal of creating health for all. Thanks for listening! PHEC Podcast Public Health Entrepreneurs Public Health Roundtable


PHEC 318: Public Health Information In The Digital Era, With Denise K. Scannell, PhD

In a world where there’s an influx of information and misinformation, understanding the intricacies between public health and the digital age is more critical than ever. In this episode, Dr. Denise K. Scannell, Chief Social and Behavioral Scientist at MITRE and the force behind HIPE™ Lab, joins the conversation. Dr. Scannell shares her extensive knowledge on the dynamically evolving information ecosystem and the impact of technology and social media on public health and on the health information landscape. Tune in to hear how HIPE™ Lab monitors this information ecosystem to better understand its influence on health behaviors and get some of her insights into the importance of local community engagement and partnership. Let's dive in! PHEC Podcast Show Notes:


PHEC 317: Inspiring Inclusivity Through Innovation, with Pierre Paul

Turning dreams into reality and using those dreams to help people is truly possible, and that's what Pierre Paul, Founder & CEO of We Hear You LLC, proves to us in this episode of the PHEC Podcast. Pierre's path from a diverse upbringing, spanning the landscapes of Guyana, South America, and the bustling streets of Ohio, United States, has shaped him into a visionary entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for change. His passion for innovation and helping people, especially those with various disabilities or exceptionalities, led him to create We Hear You, a company focused on accessible technology. Get ready for an engaging conversation highlighting the intersection of public health, technology and inclusivity. And make sure to watch out for all the amazing gems that Pierre imparts throughout the entire conversation, as it will definitely leave you not just inspired but also deeply encouraged to move towards your journey of positive change. Show Notes Public Health Entrepreneurs


PHEC 316: A Heart For Health And Community, With LaShonda Richardson, MPH

My guest today is LaShonda Richardson, a public health professional with a heart for health and community. She is also the founder of EMERGE Public Health and Community Development LLC (EMPHCD LLC), which is an organization dedicated to public health advocacy, education, and promotion. EMERGE’s mission is to Educate, Motivate, Empower, Restore, Grow, and Evolve communities with specific emphasis on communities of color. You’ll hear her journey into public health and consulting through our conversation, hosted by Dr. Charlotte Huntley, on this episode. PHEC Podcast Show Notes:


PHEC 315: Public Health Preparedness, with Dr. Monique K. Mansoura

The array of public health threats we face is expanding rapidly and everyone has a responsibility to have a level of preparedness for these situations. We continue with another MITRE-sponsored episode and are joined by Dr. Monique K. Mansoura to discuss her incredible career in public health and how we can all be prepared for public health disasters. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about Dr. Mansoura’s wonderful career, what inspired her to get involved in public health, what she is most passionate about, her role at MITRE, and so much more! We then delve into the kinds of public health threats we face and how we can be prepared before Dr. Mansoura reminds us of the importance of empowering individuals through personalized public health. Finally, our guest shares some invaluable advice for anyone pursuing a career in public health. Thanks for listening in! PHEC Podcast Show Notes:


PHEC 314: Real World Evidence And Public Health, With Paul Arora, PhD, MSc

There will always be the need for professionals to make informed, evidence-based decisions when it comes to public health. Dr. Paul Arora, vice president of Cytel, joins us today to discuss the importance of using evidence to make decisions about public health, to explain quantitative bias analysis, and share his passion for oncology. Tune in to hear all about what drew Paul to public health, how his epidemiology background makes him excellent at his job, and even get some pearls of wisdom for pursuing a career in public health. Thanks for listening in! PHEC Podcast Show Notes: Public Health Entrepreneurs


PHEC 313: Everyone in Public Health Should Know MITRE, With E. Oscar Alleyne, DrPH, MPH

Our guest today is part of a special sponsored series of episodes where listeners will learn about MITRE through conversations with leaders across the organization. Joining us on today’s episode is Dr. E. Oscar Alleyne, the Managing Director of the Public Health Division at MITRE Health, a federally funded research and development center or FFRDC. He is deeply passionate about elevating and improving the health outcomes of communities, as people are the business of public health! In this conversation we hear about the defining moment that rocketed him into the public health sector and his opinion on the bigger public health family. He eloquently explains the principles of MITRE and details the range of services available in his division. He shares how a grasp of public health or epidemiology can greatly impact the effectiveness of his work and leaves listeners who are wanting to pursue a similar career with sound advice. This episode is filled with invaluable perspectives and will interest anyone from students to senior and executive level career professionals, to entrepreneurs, and everyone in between! So be sure to tune in and start listening now. PHEC Podcast Show Notes:


BONUS: You Are Invited

This could be exactly what you’ve been needing! In this bonus episode, you’ll learn about an opportunity to receive coaching, guidance, and support in person this year. Location options include the United States and the United Kingdom. By tuning into this bonus episode, you will learn about the event including locations, dates, and exactly who should be attending. There’s even a bit of myth-busting included. Tune in for all of the details! Do not overlook this opportunity or miss out on something that could be a great fit for you.


PHEC 312: Community Relationships And Data Collection, With Princess Jennings

Today’s guest is one of the many people who are impacting public health in an unconventional way. Princess Jennings is the founder of Community Tracking Services, a data collection company focused on building relationships and trust among the communities it serves. She joins us to tell us about her life, how she got introduced to public health, her passion for the mental health and substance abuse population, what her company does, and so much more! We delve into how her ‘Data Bounty Hunters’ build trust in their communities, the services they provide, and how her knowledge of epidemiology and public health helps her serve her clients. Finally, she shares some words of wisdom for aspiring data collectors looking to make a difference. To hear all this and find out how Princess is connected to our last guest, Dr. Joyee Washington, tune in now! PHEC Podcast Show Notes:


PHEC 311: Revolutionizing Public Health Research, With Joyee Washington, PhD

When too big of a gap exists between researchers, project implementers, and communities, more harm than good ends up being done (even when those people have the best intentions). Dr. Joyee Washington, founder of Joyee Washington Consulting, joins us in the episode to explain how she is helping to bridge that gap. Tune in today to hear her thoughts on how public health researchers can conduct research “with” rather than “on” communities and why this is the key to affecting positive change. Driven by her passion for improving lives and spreading joy in the Mississippi community that she knows and loves, Dr. Joyee is revolutionizing public health research. Don’t miss this inspiring episode with a real powerhouse in our field! PHEC Podcast Show Notes Show Notes Episode 311


PHEC 310: Tribal Health Through Student Internship, With Gary Piercey, PhD

Welcome to another episode in our special sponsored series about the Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TECs) and the public health professionals who work there. Today’s guest is Gary Piercey, who joins us to discuss his career journey in public health and his commitment to serving tribal communities at the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board (SPTHB). We take a deep dive into some of the programs that Gary is excited about right now, including an 8-week internship program known as the Tribal Health Experiential Student Internship Seminar (THESIS). We also discuss how the SPTHB promotes innovation and leadership skills, and Gary shares his advice for aspiring public health professionals, highlighting the power of continuous education. For all this and more, be sure to tune in to this conversation with Gary Piercey! PHEC Podcast Show Notes: