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I help Tech Startups, CEO's, CTO's, and Founders Get Funded by Massively Improving Public Speaking and Pitching Skills.

I help Tech Startups, CEO's, CTO's, and Founders Get Funded by Massively Improving Public Speaking and Pitching Skills.
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I help Tech Startups, CEO's, CTO's, and Founders Get Funded by Massively Improving Public Speaking and Pitching Skills.






THIS is the #1 thing keeping you from your goals and your money.

Follow on Instagram @JBtheSpeakingPro for more content and send me a DM about the 6-8 week PSP System Group Coaching and one on one coaching. When it comes to your life, your goals, and your money, there are so many things that you think that you don't want but today's podcast addresses the things that are in your life that are there because you're allowing them to be there. I've spoken with people who have gone through abuse or bankruptcy and other atrocities and I know this sounds crazy at...


3 Powerful Tips to Make 2019 Your BEST Year EVER.

Did you TAKE OVER 2019 Yet!?? If that looks confusing then you need to listen to this right now. In order to actually make certain that you are going to be where you want to be by this time next year you MUST begin now. We all know that goals don't work and we all know that a majority of the resolutions don't stick. But most people don't know what to do about that. The answer is that you must begin before it gets here or you're already in catchup mode. You're already behind if you begin on...


Are You Terrified of LIVE Interviews? Listen to this!

Are you TERRIFIED of doing Live interviews or going on a Podcast or television segment because everything is just so... Live? Yea. It makes sense. In today's Podcast I talk about my interview where almost everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong, and how I not only came out alive, but invigorated! The most important point is that you can too. Listen and connect with me on Instagram @JBtheSpeakingPro and send me a DM! You can also email me at: Talk soon!...


Don't be replaced once you're funded!

Today we're talking about not being replaced once you're funded. There is an attitude that you as a founder or CEO can simply be replaced once the company gets too big for you is one that can be heart-breaking. If that's what you're going for then fine but if you want to be in it for the long-haul then the key is ensuring that you are who you need to be. Share you thoughts. Like, comment and reach out to me if you need help. My email is Talk soon, JB


Partnerships. What to think about and what you're really asking.

Today's podcast is about what you're really asking from someone when you invite them to be a partner or create a partnership with you. Today we talk about: -What to look for -What others are looking for from you -How to improve your chances of a partnership -What to think about before you take the leap. If you're a startup and you need funding, an entrepreneur who needs clients, an attorney who wants to win more cases, or a realtor who needs to close more deals, then send me an email at...


How to Inspire & Communicate Effectively with Your Team and Company

Today’s podcast is about the importance of being able to communicate your message and vision in a way that will get you funded. In order to secure funding, lead your team, and inspire your company to want to follow you, you need to become a master at public speaking. If you have to pump a ton of money into your company in order for it to work then something is broken. After you listen to today’s episode, if you need help and you want to up your odds to getting funded, communicate more...


They’re investing in YOU. Period.

Today’s podcast is about Investors and VC’s and who and what they invest in. Too many times startups are focusing on the wrong thing and the worst part to this is that the investors themselves want you to get this right! After you listen to today’s episode, if you need help becoming the person that a VC can invest in and you want to up your odds to getting funded, schedule a time to talk with me at or send me a message here. Talk soon! -JB


Are you a giver or a taker?

Adam Grant summarized this beautifully in recent YouTube clip I watched on his channel. As someone who helps people with public speaking, leadership, getting comfortable on camera, and getting funded, what does being a giver or a taker have to do with your public speaking ability? Everything. Literally. Listen to today’s podcast where I talk more about why the concept of being a giver or taker is the key to your agility to communicate with another person.


If you want Branding, Exposure, or Funding, Do This First!

Does your company or organization need help with change-management, leadership development, or team building? Send me an email at or private message and we’ll discuss how I can help. I was graciously invited by WeWork to speak to their top 20 managers in New York City on leadership, speaking with confidence and authority, and providing value to their members. One of the major concepts was how you can provide value yourself. As a tech startup or business or...


How to get a Billion Dollar valuation and NOT just a $50k investment.

Today’s talk is on leadership and how to get MULTI-MILLIONS in Funding and a Billion-Dollar valuation and NOT just a $50,000 or $100,000 investment. If you need help becoming the leader you know you need to be. If you need help motivating others to fund you and get behind your vision. If you need help reducing your stress and anxiety so that you can grow your company then schedule a call with me at:


Evan Carmichael's Top 6 Skills for Success: Public Speaking is #5 of course

I was invited to WeWork in New York City, Manhattan, to speak to the top 20 managers in the area on leadership, public speaking, providing value, and confidence and I’m setting up other meetings while I’m there so I was watching something on Gary Vaynerchuk and Casey Neistat which led to watching something on Evan Carmichaels and that’s the “6 skills you need to master to attract success.” Today’s Podcast is about the success principles Evan Carmichaels lists out with one of the major ones...


Don’t start crowdfunding without this!

Before you even think about marketing. Before you think about creating a video or a commercial, you MUST first make sure you know what you’re saying. Most people approach this by delegating this to a marketing-firm or a copywriting agency or a graphic designer and that is why most people fail. Before I help people prepare for funding or market their product or create a film, there are a ton of questions I ask so that I’m clear on what we’re going for. Those questions are the key to their...


What next!? The Tech Founder's Answer to Funding and Loneliness

Today we‘re talking about the journey of a founder and how it can be lonely at times. Something that most founders and CEO‘s aren‘t thinking about is what happens once they do get funded. This can be troubling or emotionally challenging in more ways that you realize. The problem with this is that not being prepared for this can jeopardize your funding in a way that can have you lose or burn through all of it in a fraction of the amount of time that it took you to get it. The crazy part is...


Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan on LEADERSHIP & VISION

Hi, I'm JB with and I help Tech companies get funded by massively improving their public speaking so they confidently attract funding, have less stress and anxiety, and become the leader that is capable of leading a multi-million or billion dollar company. Today's episode is about being the person you need to be in order to -get funded and -lead a multi-million dollar or Billion dollar company. -trying to do it alone is not the way Elon Musk was recently on...


Jack Ma: Is Your Business or Tech Different? Better hope so...

On today’s podcast I talk about the MAJOR QUESTION Jack Ma talks about when staying optimistic that is one of the secrets to a great entrepreneurs success. Today we cover: -the MAJOR QUESTION to ask yourself and your company -HOW to turn that question into something that will set you apart from everyone else -WHY having the answer to this is key -JB P.S. If you need help apply the major question to your own business in a way that sets you apart or increases the likelihood of your success...


Say it! Get Funded and Get the Valuation You Need.

Today's podcast is about saying what you need to say regardless of other people saying it's ok or not. If you're going for a valuation or level of funding that other people don't think makes sense. So what. If you have an idea or product that other people think isn't going to work but you know that it will. Say it. There's a balance to all of this and that's what I help my clients with so if you need help with pitching, selling, leading your company, or increasing your valuation then go to:...


Do you feel Alone? It's blocking your money.

Today’s podcast I cover: -3 Major reasons feeling alone will crush your goals, hopes, and certainly your funding and ability to get your product or message out. -Why you ABSOLUTELY MUST address this NOW before it’s too late for you and your family. -How to use the feeling of aloneness to propel you forward After you take a listen, if you’re ready to get funded and massively improve your public speaking then book a call with me here: Talk soon, JB


Marketing and Positioning Yourself so People Listen

Today’s Podcast where I talk about: * Why your topic doesn’t matter * Why being an expert can actually hurt your presentation * Why you’re actually pushing away funding, clients, and sales * What to do to start getting people to listen to you Do you find yourself as an expert in your field buy you have a difficult time putting all your vast knowledge or wisdom into a cohesive product or vision? What if you knew exactly how to present your magic in a way that other people would listen? If you...


Anxiety and Stress... in Life and w/ Public Speaking

ANXIETY AND STRESS... Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to ever NOT have anxiety when you’re pitching? Do you watch people on Youtube or Linkedin and wonder what they’re doing differently than you? They’re probably just born with it. After all, some people have ‘it’ and some people just don’t, right? Anxiety is a serious topic and the truth is, it can propel you forward or it can cripple you. If it cripples you it could cost you millions in financing and valuation and set you back...


Memorizing Your Pitch and Presentation

Memorizing is going to kill your pitch. I was watching Jimmy Fallon and a rapper named Lil’ Wayne was his guest and in addition to all of the awards and net worth of over 120MM while skateboarding and running a family of 4 he was preparing to perform one of his latest songs. Fallon asked him how he memorizes his songs because his lyrics are intense and very verbose, fast, etc. In addition to having to perform many times and in front of the millions of people how does he remember all of those...