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Work is broken. Join host Laurie Ruettimann, the failed HR lady who went on to become one of the world’s top career advisers, as she talks to some of her closest friends and peers about what happens behind the scenes at your job. Laurie covers the buzzwords, the nerdy, the contrarian. She'll give you the tools you need to take control of your career, put yourself first, and be your own HR.

Work is broken. Join host Laurie Ruettimann, the failed HR lady who went on to become one of the world’s top career advisers, as she talks to some of her closest friends and peers about what happens behind the scenes at your job. Laurie covers the buzzwords, the nerdy, the contrarian. She'll give you the tools you need to take control of your career, put yourself first, and be your own HR.


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Work is broken. Join host Laurie Ruettimann, the failed HR lady who went on to become one of the world’s top career advisers, as she talks to some of her closest friends and peers about what happens behind the scenes at your job. Laurie covers the buzzwords, the nerdy, the contrarian. She'll give you the tools you need to take control of your career, put yourself first, and be your own HR.






#164: Workplace Coaching for All with Whitney Herrington

This week I am joined by Whitney Herrington, an HR pro who founded Kith Republic. In my conversation with Whitney, we discuss her new company, the need for workplace coaching for professionals at all levels and the likely future of workplace coaching for needs beyond the world of HR. Listen to this episode to learn how you and your team could benefit from workplace coaching.


#163: Fight For Yourself with Andy Storch

This week I’m joined by a fellow author, podcaster, speaker and coach, Andy Storch. In this conversation, Andy shares his experience in talent development and what led him to launch his online group, the Talent Development Think Tank Community. He also shares some ideas from his book, “Own Your Career Own Your Life,” and the challenges of launching a book while undergoing treatment for cancer. If you’re ready to shift your career and your mindset, this episode is for you.


#162: Caring for Mental Health Through Art with Doug Shaw

This week, I am joined by a dear friend of mine, Doug Shaw, who is a visual artist rooted in music, self-care and speaking truth to power. Doug runs an award-winning project called “We Are All Artists,” which encourages community engagement through workshops, pop-up exhibitions and a weekly free art drop, where he hides a piece of art in his neighborhood for strangers to find. In this episode, we discuss the importance of prioritizing mental well-being and self-care, Doug’s passion project...


160: Hurdling Fear and Adversity with John Register

My guest this week is John Register, a change-mindset warrior who helps business leaders and individuals overcome adversity and fear, embrace a “new normal” mindset and win at life. John is one of those people who has an inspirational story that leaves you feeling ready to transform your outlook on life. In our conversation, John shares his story of adapting to his “new normal,” the power of storytelling, the dangers of ableism, and what all that has to do with the world of work.


#160: Giving Managers the Support They Need with Sharlyn Lauby

My guest today is Sharlyn Lauby, author of the absolutely essential blog HR Bartender and president of ITM Group Inc. I’ve known Sharlyn for well over a decade, and I can say that her body of work just keeps getting better. Not only is she an amazing author, speaker and consultant, but she also recently became a fellow podcast host. Listen to our conversation about the ways that onboarding can be done more effectively and how companies can offer better management support.


#159: Modern Work Has No Song with Matt Johnson

My guest this week is Matt Johnson, a communications and change management expert. His story is rich: He’s toured in a punk rock band, worked at the Pentagon during the Obama administration and is now head of communications for Markel International. He’s also the author of a fantastic book, “Work Songs.” In it, Matt argues that song is something that is all but absent from our modern work lives. Listen to our conversation about the value that songs and storytelling provide, how they relate...


Bonus: Tackling Sexism in the Workplace with Amy Guth

In celebration of a great Women’s History Month here on Punk Rock HR and everywhere else, I’m super excited to bring you another bonus episode to close out the month of March. My guest is Amy Guth, a Chicago-based writer, speaker, journalist, author and all-around badass. There’s still a lot that we need to accomplish in terms of how we treat women, the systemic issues at play and what we can do about it going forward. And I believe Amy can get us there.


#158: Negotiating Your Worth with Ching Valdezco

My guest today is Ching Valdezco. She’s a global learning consultant with Exec-Comm and helps leaders and teams learn to communicate, influence and negotiate effectively. I met Ching several years ago at a conference in San Jose, and the audience (myself included) was absolutely wowed by Ching’s tips and tricks on how they could successfully negotiate their worth. It was a real pleasure to connect with her once again and hear her share truly insightful information on how you can begin...


#157: Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work

I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling you get when you’re driving along peacefully and, out of nowhere, your GPS will start shouting, “Recalculating!” Sometimes this is exactly what your career path feels like, as well. My guest this week, Lindsey Pollak, illustrates this analogy perfectly. Lindsey is a career and workplace expert and a New York Times bestselling author with a new book titled “Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work.” Sit back and enjoy...


#156: The HR Uprising with Rebecca Weaver

My guest this week is Rebecca Weaver, a former HR leader who is now the founder and CEO of HRuprise, a platform that connects workers who are navigating challenging issues with independent HR coaches. Sit back and enjoy my conversation with Rebecca about the challenges she faced in her career, what she hopes to accomplish through HRuprise and how HR has the opportunity to be part of the solution when done correctly.


#155: Ladies Get Paid with Claire Wasserman

My guest this week, Claire Wasserman, is the founder and author of Ladies Get Paid, a platform that helps women advance professionally and financially. The umbrella of her organization covers an event series, an active Slack group and now a book, providing many opportunities for women to share knowledge and support each other. Listen in to find out more about Ladies Get Paid, as well as our discussion about equal pay for equal work and advancing the rights of working women and mothers.


Bonus: HR Check-In with Susan Richards

I’m excited to bring you this special bonus episode of Punk Rock HR, in which I speak with a woman in HR who I really respect, Susan Richards. She’s the CEO and founder of Sapient Insights Group and, above all else, describes herself as a “people fixer.” Susan and I talked about how investments in technology can help counter employee burnout, as well as the importance of focusing on well-being as part of the employee experience. Listen to our conversation and find out how HR leaders can take...


#154: Career Rehab with Kanika Tolver

My guest is Kanika Tolver, founder and CEO of Career Rehab, a coaching company that helps people renovate themselves and find their dream jobs. She’s also the author of “Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work,” a fantastic book where she outlines her approach to helping others be the architects of both their careers and their lives. Listen to hear Kanika talk about what Career Rehab is all about, what it means to be a corporate rebel and how she sees the...


153: Brag Better with Meredith Fineman

My guest is Meredith Fineman, author of the book “Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion.” She offers an effortless and unapologetic approach to self-promotion and championing yourself. Listen to our conversation about her amazing book and the parts that go into an effective brag. If you’ve ever been told that bragging on your accomplishments should be avoided at all costs, you’ll learn from Meredith about why this advice couldn’t be any worse.


152: Limeade HR BFF Chat with Dr. Laura Hamill and Colleagues

On this episode of Punk Rock HR, we chat with current and former Limeade team members about returning to the basics of HR, what HR can do to improve employee experience during COVID and beyond, and a bit on the culture of care at Limeade and what it’s like to be a valued member of the team.


151: Doing the Work with Torin Ellis

On this episode of Punk Rock HR, Torin Ellis joins me in a conversation that takes a deeper look at diversity and inclusion than what you may have experienced in those training exercises that simply checked off corporate boxes. Listen to find out why he isn’t afraid to challenge people to have conversations that push them out of their comfort zones.


150: Start Finishing Stuff That Matters with Charlie Gilkey

My guest is Charlie Gilkey, author of “Start Finishing.” Charlie has deep expertise in helping people get out of the weeds to finish things that matter. In today’s show, we cover procrastination, inertia, the excuses we make to ourselves: all of the things that come together to prevent us from completing the things we were meant to do on this planet. If you’re someone who’s nurturing big ideas in 2021 and beyond, sit back and learn from my friend Charlie Gilkey.


149: The Empathetic Workplace with Katharine Manning

My guest is Katharine Manning, author of “The Empathetic Workplace.” For 15 years, Katharine advised the Justice Department on victims’ issues, working on some of the most challenging cases you’ve heard of. Now, Katharine uses her expertise to advise governments, educational institutions and corporations on how to prepare for and respond to trauma. If you’re a leader and wonder how you can be there for your workforce, sit tight and enjoy my conversation with Katharine Manning.


148: Redefining HR with Lars Schmidt

My guest is Lars Schmidt, author of “Redefining HR.” Lars is my friend, and I’m incredibly proud of him. But more importantly, I love the way he thinks — especially about the future of work. So if you’re interested in a conversation where someone’s actually positive about human resources, I know you’ll enjoy our conversation. Sit back and learn from my friend Lars Schmidt.


147: Convey Yourself Clearly with Ita Olsen

My guest is Ita Olsen, founder and CEO at Convey Clearly, and she’s here to offer advice for communicating with confidence. If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I improve the sound of my voice?” or thought, “I hate my voice and I want to fix it,” then we recorded this episode just for you. So sit back and enjoy my conversation with Ita Olsen.