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How to Sell on Amazon FBA with Professional Amazon FBA Sellers

How to Sell on Amazon FBA with Professional Amazon FBA Sellers




How to Sell on Amazon FBA with Professional Amazon FBA Sellers






Managing Director at MATH Venture Partners and Co-author of Exit Right - Mark Achler

Mark Achler Managing Director at MATH Venture Partners and Co-author of Exit Right. Mark was an early employee of Apple and Head of Innovation at Redbox What's your business story?Was RedBox the DVD rental ATM?What is Math venture partners?So you guys are not buying brands like aggregators, you are simply funding them?Where are these investments made? The US only?The only companies you invest in are digital tech?Can you give examples of companies or services funded?So if I were looking for...


Word Of Mouth With CEO of CloudSpong, Jay Gibb

Today’s guest, Jay Gibb, is a former software engineer and the Founder and CEO of B2B SaaS company, CloudSponge. Together with his team, Jay has helped thousands of ecommerce store owners optimize their word-of-mouth sales since 2010. Jay is an expert at helping e-commerce stores build the right features to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase sales. Welcome to the show, Jay! You live in California, but you studied at SAIT?How did you get into software development?Do you still...


Ecom Brokers With Ben Leonard

Ben Leonard, best known as the founder of Beast Gear, Ben Leonard is the classic millennial entrepreneur. He built a business on a laptop, in a cupboard, in his spare time. The difference? Ben grew an international 7-figure business and successfully exited after 3 years; the business holy grail. Now Ben is doing it all over again and helping others to do the same with his ecommerce brokerage ( Tell me about your journey to where you are nowWhat does Ecom Brokers do?Why...


Sell In Europe With Andy Hooper CEO of Global ECommerce Experts

Andy Hooper CEO of Global ECommerce Experts has been successfully expanding e-commerce brands into new markets for over 15 years. ⦁ Before we start, tell me what is a Petty Officer of the sea cadets⦁ Tell us about our journey⦁ Expanding your brand into Europe⦁ Has Brexit affected the expansion to Europe?⦁ is it worth selling on Amazon Europe?⦁ What is needed?⦁ Does Amazon collect taxes automatically?⦁ if I sell in Europe on Amazon and Shopify, do you recommend having Amazon fulfill my EU...


Amazon PPC With Brent Zahradnik Founder of AMZ Pathfinder #412

Brent Zahradnik Founder of AMZ PathfinderBrent started Amazon ads in 2015 and he already had a Google ads background. ⦁ The only guest to have been here 4 times⦁ Are you still in France?⦁ How many people do you have on your team now?⦁ What's new in the Amazon PPC world⦁ Do you use 1 ad per campaign? for relevancy⦁ Do you see better results with DSP or SP?⦁ How about DSP for external services, like yours for example?⦁ do you use Amazon Advertising Manager for anything? I created rules⦁ Do you...


Robyn Johnson Founder and CEO at Marketplace Blueprint #411

Robyn Johnson Founder and CEO at Marketplace Blueprint, and owner of Best from the nest ⦁ We are together in the SEMrush / Sellzone lifetime VIP circle⦁ I see you are also a professor on the SEMrush Academy free course⦁ You are a VIP contributor for the search engine journal, how long have you been writing there?⦁ Robyn, I heard you started with $100 tell us the story⦁ We both know the days of starting with $100 are gone, do you think starting with $10K today would be as good as $100 back...


PostPilot Bringing Direct Mail Into the Digital Age - Michael Epstein #407

Michael Epstein sold his first company in 2013 and served as CMO of multiple ecommerce brands.He's a principal at PostPilot, a platform that allows you to send personalized postcards automatically at scale, as easily as you'd create an email campaign. ⦁ How did you get started with ecommerce⦁ What was the biggest exit you were involved in?⦁ What is PostPilot?⦁ I hear that Ezra Firestone uses PostPilot⦁ Getting clients for software is different than getting clients for physical products?⦁ Do...


Science Natural Supplements, & Supplement Millionaire – Cody Bramlet

Founder of Science Natural Supplements Cody Bramlet Cody Bramlett is a “recovering personal trainer” turned eight-figure nutritional supplement brand owner.After scraping by as a personal trainer and gym owner, Cody’s supplement empire all started with solving problems with his own His father's chronic inflammation. Cody's dad had pain because of his diet, stress, and being generally overweight. He custom formulated products such as Turmeric with BioPerine that stopped his Dad’s chronic...


Touseef Riaz, CTO at Inventooly - Inventory Management & Forecasting (AI-based)

Touseef Riaz, CTO at Inventooly, a tool that helps with inventory management and Forecasting (AI-based forecasting) across multiple channels including Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify. Brother of Omer Riaz, Founder of Urtasker - One of the biggest Amazon agencies Questions for Touseef Riaz ⦁ Do you work with Urtasker?⦁ How big is the Urtasker team now?⦁ So, what is this new tool Inventooly?⦁ The tool predicts my future sales so It can estimate how much inventory is needed?⦁ What is the Strategic...


Frederick Vallaeys, CEO at Optmyzr and One of Google’s first 500 employees

Frederick Vallaeys CEO at Optmyzr and One of Google’s first 500 employeesFred spent 10 years at Google building AdWords and teaching advertisers how to get the most out of it. How did you start with Google back in 2002⦁ it's safe to say you are Google certified lol⦁ What was your job at Google?⦁ How did Optmyzr start?⦁ Did you have a day you realized it was going to work?⦁ Tell me how Optmyzr works⦁ Do I create the ads in your platform and it sends them to Google or do I create them the old...


Amazon Ads With AiHello Artificial Intelligence - Founder Ganesh Krishnan

Ganesh Krishnan founder of AiHello AiHello uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms ⦁ How did you get started?⦁ Are you still a seller?⦁ Is AiHello actual Ai?⦁ With the number of new sellers every day, getting new customers to your platform is easy?⦁ What's an example of cost per acquisition?⦁ Very important for me is to dominate a keyword and not simply get sales from it. Can I tell my ai, at the keyword level what my intentions are?⦁ If I have multiple accounts can...


Optometrist Turned Ecommerce Entrepreneur - Travis Zigler

Dr. Travis Zigler is a recovering optometrist turned ecommerce entrepreneur. He is the founder of Eye Love and an Amazon PPC specialist. Due to the success of Eye Love (over $5.4 million in 2021), others have asked if Dr. Travis would help them grow their business online, and more specifically with Amazon, which led to the creation of the Profitable Pineapple Ads Agency Questions Asked to Dr. Travis Zigler ⦁ How do I fix my chronic dry eye?⦁ How did you get started on Amazon?⦁ Why should...


Fintech Innovator, Founder at ProfitPay - Chase Harmer

Chase Harmer Founder and CEO at ProfitPayAn entrepreneur since the age of 19 - learned from the school of hard knocks - raised 25 million Almost died but came back to life to make a successful company from the ashes ⦁ ProfitPay isn't your first venture, what's your story before profitPay⦁ ProfitPay is a payment processor, like Stripe or PayPal?⦁ So I can use PP on my shopify, Woocommerce…?⦁ The logo is a flying pig? Why?⦁ You have a virtual CC with cashback! How does it work?⦁ Can I use it...


Anita Mar The Trademark Angel

Anita Mar is a registered Trademark agent and the founder of Trademark Angel ⦁ How do you know if you need to protect your business name?⦁ The most interesting legal battles she has seen and how to protect yourself.⦁ Do you know how many trademarks you have done?⦁ Benefits of getting a TM in China?⦁ What if I want a brand that is already trademarked in another country?⦁ Does an EU trademark capture all European EU members? ( 27 countries)⦁ How long is it taking now to actually get the TM⦁...


Isaac Kuhlman - Co-founder at Real Coaching

He is an active Amazon Seller and has also coached other Amazon Sellers on how to grow their business. Isaac Kuhlman - Co-founder at Real Coaching Isaac, how did you start your eCommerce journey?Selling since 2013Do you remember the moment you realized it was going to be more than just part-time?Do you mostly Private label?What is the biggest mistake you see new sellers making?Who do you coach? starting sellers, advanced, or both?How is your coaching? Zoom calls, in person, 1vs 1?Since you...


Lesley Hensell Co-founder of Riverbend Consulting

Lesley Hensell Co-founder of Riverbend Consulting An Amazon seller turned consultant, Lesley and her team at Riverbend solve critical problems and offer growth strategies for sellers on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms Lesley, how did you get started with eCommerce?When did you realize it was going to work, and you could finally leave the 9-5?How does one become a high-quality seller on Amazon?What's the best way to deal with the storage limitations?Black hat and dirty tricks are growing...


Founder of Branded Shareables, Edwin Dearborn #401

Directly from LV Nevada founder of Branded Shareables, Edwin Dearborn Edwin is on a mission to help business professionals attract their ideal customers.To that end, Edwin has written three books on the topics of branding, social media strategies, and influencer marketing.His latest book, Referology, details proven methods to exponentially grow one’s best clientele. source: referrals. How long have you lived in Vegas?Was Vegas a strategic location or simply a personal choice?I want to talk...


ios 15 Changes eCommerce with Omnisend - Greg Zakowicz

He is a commerce marketing strategist, analyst, and content marketer with more than 15 years of experience in email, mobile and social media marketing Director of Content at Omnisend - host of the podcast, Cart Insiders: Greg Zakowicz What is Omnisend? Omnisend email & SMS automation platform for eCommerce.More than 70,000 eCommerce brands use Omnisend Questions Tells us a bit about yourselfCan you explain Omnisend for those who don't know itI believe IOS 15 came out a few days ago, what are...


CEO of Marketing Agency Alpha Inbound - Nigel Thomas

Nigel Thomas, the CEO of Alpha Inbound ⦁ How did you get started?⦁ What is Alpha Inbound?⦁ You were the chief growth officer and now CEO⦁ Recently we added SMS marketing to our service list - the insights & results we got are mind-blowing⦁ The upcoming Black Friday and eCommerce businesses' must-dos, to prep for it⦁ Why Lifetime Value & Economics are important to scale an eCommerce Brand. Links for Nigel Thomas and Alpha Inbound


Rael Lowenthal Head Of Sales at Zee, Importer of Record

Rael Lowenthal Head Of Sales at Zee What is an Importer of Record and how does it apply to Amazon FBA?What is Zee and what service or services does Zee offer to Amazon sellers?Why Zee, was it just because you guys were lucky enough to get the domain?In which countries does Zee support an Importer of Record service for Amazon sellers?Who are Zee’s target clients? Is there a certain size that a seller has to be in order to use Zee?What is the difference between Zee and a Freight Forwarder?How...