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How to Sell on Amazon FBA with Professional Amazon FBA Sellers

How to Sell on Amazon FBA with Professional Amazon FBA Sellers




How to Sell on Amazon FBA with Professional Amazon FBA Sellers






Nacham Lieser Founder of ConnectBooks

Nacham Lieser Founder of ConnectBooks 4Billion + In Amazon transactions processedHe is the go-to guy when sellers want to get real clarity in their business. How did all this get started?The nightmare of sharing products from one account with a partnerdo you also sell on Amazon, or have you ever?What is the craziest thing you've seen in business?What is connectbooks?what are the 2 large equations you've been in the past year?Can I use it for Amazon in Europe?so, if I have QuickBooks and...


Co-Founder and Editor of BarBend & 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 - David Tao

DAVID TAO David Thomas Tao is an entrepreneur, editor, and voice actor based in New York City. He is the Co-Founder and Editor of, a media brand that provides multi-platform coverage of news, analysis, training, and opinion in strength training and sports. One of the largest and fastest-growing fitness sites on the web, BarBend is the Official Media Partner of USA Weightlifting and is also a partner broadcaster for the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games. David is a 2019 Forbes 30 Under...


Freight Forwarding and Logistics With Amit Rosenthal

Amit Rosenthal is the CEO of an 84-year-old freight forwarding and international transportation company, ROSENTHAL How long have you been in logistics? Since 1937?When did you realize Amazon was a big opportunity for logistic services?What services do you offer, do you actually do the transport or mediate it?what if I have products that cant be exposed to extreme cold temperatures?Since most Amazon sellers are inexperienced in international shipping is DDP the best solution?Can you explain...


Michael and Kathryn Redman The Husband & Wife Team Behind Half a Bubble Out (HaBO)

Michael and Kathryn Redman are sweethearts, best friends, and the husband-and-wife team behind Half a Bubble Out (HaBO), a marketing and consulting firm. They’re also founders of HaBO Village, an 8-year hold membership website that helps leaders build Passion & Provision companies, full of profit, purpose, and legacy. For more than 17 years, they have helped business leaders across the world grow their companies, both have taught at the university level and are frequent guest speakers at...


Vitalii Khyzniak, Chief Growth Officer at Profit Whales

Vitalii Khyzniak the Chief Growth Officer at Profit Whales - Tech-Enabled Amazon Advertising Agency.I’m obsessed with increasing profits for 7-9 figure Brands selling on Amazon beyond their expectations with the help of intelligent Amazon Advertising Technology that they developed at Profit Whales. Tell a bit about youWhat exactly is profit whales and what do you doWhy you should keep investing in PPC?How to succeed with a limited budget?How to get a bestseller badge on Amazon with the help...


Amazon Wholesale, Prior Notice and Canadian Prep with Jonathan Proulx

Jonathan Proulx has been able to master the game of selling brand name products on amazon and is now teaching others to do exactly what he did.John didn't start out this as a successful entrepreneur, for years before that he worked in the oil and gas industry with long hours away from loves ones and friends.After working for a year under someone else's rules he decided to go all in. Where in the Oil and Gas did you work?Now you sell on Amazon, and it's mostly Wholesale, how did it start?When...


Author, Speaker and Founder of Amazon 101 Academy - Anna Davidson

Anna Davidson An empowering Female Leader with years of experience in the eCommerce & Digital Marketing space.Anna is an Author of She Made It Happen, Speaker and Founder of Amazon 101 Academy and Your Freedom Podcast.Anna started selling on Amazon in 2013, and she has taught over 2000 students to build successful businesses. She has a knack for being able to rank quickly on Amazon and outsmarting the competition. Questions for Anna Davidson Anna tell me your storyDid you sell somewhere else...


Founder & CEO of Longplay, a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency - Jess Chan

Jess Chan is the founder & CEO of Longplay, a full-service email marketing agency for e-commerce brands where they help businesses nurture, convert, and retain customers.Through their strategies, she's helped generate over $8.5M in revenue through email for their clients.Prior to Longplay, Jess was the CMO at an e-commerce company and she started Longplay to be the type of agency she wished she could have worked with. Jess how did you get into email marketingWhat services does Longplay...


Holder Of The Record For Fastest Million Dollar Funnel, Blake Nubar

Blake Nubar, Holder Of The Record For Fastest Million Dollar Funnel In just a few short years, Blake has generated over $17M in sales and in the process, he helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch a successful sales funnel.Blake has worked with sharks from ABC’s tv series “Shark Tank” along with HG and AMC TV starsBlake is on a mission to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom with an online business. Blake Nubar How did you get started?What is a sales funnel?Tell me...


Creating New Products With Jason Klug Founder at Klugonyx

Jason Klug moved to Utah and got a gig selling and developing Tablet and Ipad enclosures. That company sold and he started Klugonyx out of his 1 bedroom apartment. Full-service product development "firm" at the time. Now he has a team of designers, engineers, management in the US, and an office in China with PMs, QC managers, and customer support. Now they are not only serving customers but they are creating their own brands like Dorai Home. Jason Klug Before starting Klugonyx you were...


Amazon Advertising Expert & Founder of AMZ Pathfinder - Brent Zahradnik

Brent ZahradnikAmazon Advertising expert and founder of AMZ Pathfinder3rd time on the show. I think this is the record Prime day was just a couple of weeks ago, how did it go?Do you increate CPC on special event days, or simply increase the budget?Sell through rate and inventory...IPI for outside fulfillment in the UKif you increase your CPC on a particular KW for 3 or 4 days, when you turn it back down will it negatively affect your impressions?What are the latest changes in the PPC...


Alasdair McLean-Foreman Founder and CEO of Teikametrics AI Company For Sellers

Alasdair McLean-Foreman founder and CEO of Teikametrics AI company optimizing 4% of Amazon's total sales for over 6000 brands Harvard graduate, that built his first million-dollar business from the dorm room the eCommerce sports brand HDO Sport, that became HDO Group. Questions for Alasdair McLean-Foreman How did you get started with HDO?When you merged HDO Sport with Clever, you grew sales from 1.5 M to $5 mil in less than 2 years, can you explain the strategyThen we get to 2006 and you...


Founder of VA Staffer, Chief Growth Officer at Branded Media, Jeff J Hunter

Today's guest, Like many people, used to be overworked in a J O B where he managed 1 to 3 million dollars per month, and all he wanted was more free time to spend with family. He is a influencer, a Savage marketer, Chief Growth Officer of and the founder of VA Staffer Questions for Jeff J Hunter Before we get into it, how do you get your FB posts to always be the top of other people's feeds?Jef I've seen you on TV, CBS, ABC, NBC News, you've even been on Russell Brunson's...


Anatoly Spektor a serial entrepreneur, 6-figure Amazon seller, IT consultant

ANATOLY SPEKTOR is a serial entrepreneur, 6-figure Amazon seller, IT consultant, and the host of 2 podcasts Anatoly Spektor was born in Eastern Europe, moves to Canada at the age of 21, changes his career to Software Developer, and works in some of the world’s most successful companies.But that wasn't enough, so he starts some side hustles: an Agile Consultancy and Amazon business.In 3 years Anatoly grows Agile Consultancy to 6-figures and in the next 3 years, the same happens with Amazon...


Founder Of Canexxia With Two Decades Of Building Businesses, Maceo Jourdan

Founder Of Canexxia With Two Decades Of Building Businesses, Maceo Jourdan Maceo Jourdan is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of building businesses by creating great products and great marketing. An early pioneer in computerized trading, Maceo built one of the earliest high-frequency trading systems for the S&P 500. Then, when "pay per click" marketing platforms burst on the scene he translated his work into massively successful automated systems for Google and, later, Facebook,...


The Hypnotic Amazon Listing Copywriter - Diane Boerstler #378

The Hypnotic Amazon Listing Copywriter - Diane Boerstler Today we have with us a Single Mom that is also a top 1% Amazon listing copywriter. She's worked with over 5000 clients in the last 10 years. and helped them generate over 5 billion in sales. And today we are going to pick her brain Diane, you are a Single mom of how many kids? How old were you when you first became an entrepreneur? What got you hooked on writing high converting Amazon listings? What are the three biggest mistakes you...


George Hartley CEO and Co-Founder of Smartrmail, Machine Learning Mail

George Hartley CEO and Co-Founder of Smartrmail, Machine Learning Mail George Hartley is CEO and co-founder of, a tool that helps eCommerce stores send better email marketing by using machine learning to personalize email.SmartrMail stores sent a billion emails that generated $90 million in sales last year for their stores.Prior to SmartrMail he co-founded Australia’s largest art marketplace, Bluethumb has raised over $2.5m, and helps over 10,000 Australian...


Rock the Recession With Recession Expert Jonathan Slain #376

Jonathan Slain Recession Expert, Traction Implementer, Speaker, and Bestselling author of, “Rock the Recession Jonathan coaches high growth leadership teams across the United States to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® Jonathan was Valedictorian of his graduating class and had the highest GPA ever in the history of Shaker Heights High School, where he was also voted “Next Bill Gates and Least Likely to Lose his Virginity.” Did your school mates get it right about Bill and your...


Co-Founder at Heights, Plant Based Brain Pills - Dan Murray Serter

Dan Murray-Serter Co-Founder at Heights, Plant Based Brain Pills Co-Founder at Heights, Host of UKs Top Business Podcast, Secret Leaders Hey Dan at one point you were the number 1 business podcast in the UK, is that still the case? How did you do that?Secret Leaders is almost 5 years old! How did you get started in podcasting?Is it true your dad told cambridge university to piss off?What is the best thing that has happened to you since you started?What was the biggest challenge you've ever...


Marketing Egrow Tools For Amazon Sellers - Rob Horenstein #374

Rob Horenstein is an experienced and successful Amazon seller who started fulfilling orders for his eCommerce stores from his college dorm room. After graduating Rob became interested in expanding his business by also implementing an FBA approach. Now he uses for all of his product research because of its simplicity and powerful features. Rob is currently combining his passions for videography and teaching others by creating video tutorials and educational resources for the company....