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Radio Ignite Live with Eric Greenspan - Helping accountants, bookkeepers, tax pros and attorneys Ignite Your Practice!

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Ignite your accounting, legal, or bookkeeping practice! Radio Ignite Live is a service of 74 Systems, with your host Eric Greenspan. | Visit to tune in live

Ignite your accounting, legal, or bookkeeping practice! Radio Ignite Live is a service of 74 Systems, with your host Eric Greenspan. | Visit to tune in live


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Ignite your accounting, legal, or bookkeeping practice! Radio Ignite Live is a service of 74 Systems, with your host Eric Greenspan. | Visit to tune in live






Radio Ignite Live - How Important Is Passion For Success In Business - It Might Be What's Missing

NOW BROADCASTING LIVE AT! Be sure to register so you will be alerted to future broadcasts! Welcome Igniters to Radio Ignite Live! That's right, our audience now has its own identity! From now on those that listen to Radio Ignite Live will be referred to as Igniters. Why? Because you take the time to build, grow and manage your firm or practice and you do it with passion, desire and the willingness to do whatever it takes! Your never give up attitude is one of the things...


Radio Ignite Live - Amazon Echo

Excited about my new skill on Amazon Echo! Stay tuned!!!


Radio Ignite Live - What Are You Afraid Of - Getting Started Is The Hardest Part

If you don’t try something, how do you even know if you’re afraid? What are afraid of? Starting? Or the something? Perhaps it’s failure or being judged. Just get on with it and try! Whether it’s a podcast, a talk in front of an audience, dancing, or anything else that scares you, remember how short life is and make sure you don’t leave anything behind. No unfinished business or desires that you were afraid to tackle. Avoid regret and get over your fears. You might suck, and that’s just fine....


Radio Ignite Live - The Entrepreneur - Thinking On Your Feet - Writing Your Own Ticket

We are entrepreneurs and we must think on our feet. Challenges come in at us in all directions, constantly, and without warning. But we navigate the waters better than most, because we are true entrepreneurs. If this sentence is unsettling, it is likely you are not an entrepreneur. Or, you are an entrepreneur in training. But fear, is not something we generally have. We just do it. Because at the end of the day, we want to write our own ticket, achieve the best success, fix something, build...


Radio Ignite Live - Travel In 2019

So you buy a plane ticket for $100. What a deal. But wait, then you have to pay for your seat, another $69. Then it’s $49 for a checked bag or $55 for a carry on. You can spend another $50 to board early and you can upgrade to a seat that is actually sized for an average human for another $50. Food cost $12. Drinks are free. Cocktails are still pretty cheap too. Did I mention you need to get to most airports 2 hours early these days just to get through security? What a mess. We’ll discuss...


Radio Ignite Live - Talk Tech - IPhone - Alexa - Sonos - Ember Mug

Sometimes, we have to just be who we are. I’m a bit of a techie, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’ll geek out today on Radio Ignite Live and talk about my favorite gadgets and tech. I mean seriously, a self heating mug? You wouldn’t believe how much I love this thing. So does the wife. And Sonos…oh my. Music everywhere, voice controlled (sort of), and Alexa, you know the name. But there will be a few other surprises too! Be sure to tune in or catch the recording on just about any platform...


Radio Ignite Live - Customer Service And The Benefit Of The Doubt

Tax season is over; time to work ON your business. Let’s start with customer service and support. How many times have you contacted support or customer service and the response is “Oh, well, that is not available here…” or “No, it must be something on your end…” or “That sounds great, but it’s not something we can help you with.” It’s infuriating. Zapier is one great example of a company that DOES NOT do this. They always reply with, “Hey Eric, let me make sure I understand your question. So...


Radio Ignite Live - What's A Bot And How Can They Help My Company

You hear them when you call the airlines, or Apple, or just about any large company today. They’re getting better and we hate them less. Websites use them; I use them on all my sites. What the heck is this madness? What is a bot? What does it do? How can it help me? Are bots a good thing? I’ll answer all these questions and more in today’s Radio Ignite Live. Or maybe 74D2 my bot will, who knows. P.S. It’s not what you think it is. Bots aren’t taking over the world. They’re just extensions...


Radio Ignite Live - Website Hosting, Security and SEO

Website hosting may seem like it’s just a commodity but a great web host can make the difference between lost data, downtime, lost sales due to performance issues, and the ability to drive traffic to your site depends on all of these things. Maintenance, backup, and support are truly important and the difference in cost between a decent web host and a great web host is nominal. We’ll talk all about it on today’s Radio Ignite Live.


Radio Ignite Live - Getting Organized - Do You Have Helicopter Vision Of Your Life

When you go to bed, do you feel like you have a clear picture of where you are with your tasks for the day, what remains to be done, and what you accomplished? Would your clients agree? Do you sleep well knowing you have a system in place that works and you literally have “helicopter vision” of your entire practice, business, or life? Can you see it all from above, clearly and confidently so when you wake up tomorrow you will hit the ground running with a plan for the day? Today on Radio...


Radio Ignite Live - Syncing Data In The Cloud - QuickBooks To Insightly To Mailchimp To Xero

One of my regular tasks as an automating workflow marketer with a technology background is to sync data across different apps. The cloud has opened this opportunity up, but also made it a challenge. We use tools like Zapier (one way) and piesync (bi-directional or one way) to get the job done. We’ll discuss how these tools are used for helping you reduce overhead and market your business, automatically. The importance of syncing data reliably is part of the discussion, but if you have 1000...


Radio Ignite Live - Does Creating Content For Your Website Really Work

I’m doing exactly that right now. Yesterday I had a meeting with someone interested in hiring us because he read my book. He will be joining the Ignite System soon. Today someone contacted me because of yesterday’s Radio Ignite Live episode. Last week someone attended a live event and joined 74 Learning. Yes, it works fabulously. You just have to create content, share content, and stay the course. I added over 4,000 pieces of content to my social networks today, spread out over the next...


Radio Ignite Live - More On Alternative Health Insurance

So we bit the bullet and we are switching from the only option in town Blue Shield to an alternative health care provider. Most likely we will do Liberty HealthShare out of Canton Ohio, where I went to high school ironically. I’ll tell you all about it on today’s Radio Ignite Live.


Radio Ignite Live - You Should You Be Doing Your Own Podcast And How To Get Started

I have been marketing for my various companies and my clients for many, many years. I’ve created radio shows on major networks, worked with the best talent, built studios and programs, and flown all over the country to promote and syndicate. It was a ton of work. Today, I have a Blue Yeti microphone, a boom arm, Zoom and Adobe Audition. I also have a son who made a great intro/outro guitar riff for me. But beyond that, I just get up, think up a topic (like this one) and spend 15 minutes live...


Radio Ignite Live - Communicating With Leads And Customers In 2019

The world just keeps changing and communication has changed drastically. Our kids don’t use email and I’m guessing neither should we. But what do we use? Snapchat? Facebook Messenger? FaceTime? Tik Tok? Twitter? Slack? Drift? Yes. Today on Radio Ignite Live, we will discuss the many different ways to communicate with your leads, clients, family and friends and which ones you should be using or at least considering today. Ironically, just as this show was created, a millennial from Drift...


Radio Ignite Live - Is Life Too Expensive - Health Insurance Costs Are NO JOKE

Two things I know to be true: 1. There is nothing healthy about the cost of health insurance in the U.S. 2. There is nothing “family” about family court. The systems put in place to govern our country were done so to stop the tyranny and corruption that we once experienced in the land of our founders. Is it time to do that again?


Radio Ignite Live - Yesterday Was The Apple Event - AppleCard, AppleNews+, AppleTV+, AppleArcade

Today on Radio Ignite Live we’re going to discuss: AppleCard, News+, TV+, Arcade.


Radio Ignite Live - Lending, Loans And Alternative Financing For Business And Personal

The world of lending has forever changed; but I guess money has changed too. We now send it and receive it in an instant and access to capital has never been faster or easier. Today on Radio Ignite Live we’ll discuss the world of Alternative Lending with companies like Bluevine, Kabbage, LoanMe, Can Capital, Paypal Working Capital, Paypal Business Loans (formerly Swift), and the discussion wouldn’t be complete without touching on Klarna and Affirm, instant checkout lenders.


Radio Ignite Live - It's Not Our Problem Mr. Customer Service

Companies that I do business with often say, “We apologize for the inconvenience but it is unlikely that the problem is related to us.” To which I almost always reply, “I pay you, I’m your customer, it’s not working, help me solve the problem please.” And I’m almost always right. It was them. They then apologize. Unless of course it was ME. There are companies out there that own it, and just take it on and fix it, or at least try. They avoid blaming others or never act as if the problem is...


Radio Ignite Live - Automated Assistants - Can Alexa And Siri Really Help At Work Or At Home

Alexa, Hey Google, Siri, Cortana…these are names you know. Remember when William Shatner would say “Computer” in Star Trek? Was it really any different? Remember, later Jean Luc Picard used an iPad most of the time (or something resembling one.) I don’t remember him talking to that device but he often asked for "Tea, Earl Grey, hot” at the replicator. He never said her name though. Today, we ask Siri and Alexa to do many things. Are they helpers or hindrances? We’ll discuss a few key ways...