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Weekly episodes, mostly interview based in discussing real estate issues, and other related businesses that directly or indirectly affect real estate. Not all podcasts are specific to real estate.

Weekly episodes, mostly interview based in discussing real estate issues, and other related businesses that directly or indirectly affect real estate. Not all podcasts are specific to real estate.
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Weekly episodes, mostly interview based in discussing real estate issues, and other related businesses that directly or indirectly affect real estate. Not all podcasts are specific to real estate.






You Can't Spend It All

Michael Curtis of Movement Bank, our local lender, is in the house to educate us on growing our credit and winning with our personal finances. Michael is set to discuss the best practices with growing credit as well as touching on good habits when it comes to debt management and budgeting. Later, a brief discussion on FHA (Federal Housing Administration) secondary mortgage products, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Also, Greg Angello reveals a big announcement. Find out what it is right here...


Real Estate Meets Rock n Roll

Greg Angello hosts a new guest, Terry Trey "Icetrey" Smith! Terry is a local Charlottean with deep roots in North Carolina. A military veteran, a musician, a DJ, and a student at UNC. Terry has a lot of history in real estate with his family -- as it says -- Raised on Real Estate. We find out about Terry's background, his love of music, and blending his DJ talents with real estate. This is a very lively and spirited podcast. We hope you enjoy it. Terry Trey Smith is available for hire in...


Upcoming Podcast Episodes!

We are back! Next week, we have scheduled two podcasts: the first: a new guest, Terry "Trey" Smith is a local here in the Charlotte area. Terry is also a military veteran and has a great story. He is also a DJ and plays in a band called Paco Lipps. This will be one spirited show!! Michael Curtis is scheduled as well and he will be discussing growing your credit and winning with your personal finances, along with FHA/Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac backed loans. Lastly, we are working on scheduling...


VA Lending. The Information You Need to Know!

Greg Angello talks with Micheal Curtis of Movement Bank on VA loans. This is one of the most talked about mortgage products today. If you are a veteran, currently in military service, or military spouse, we thank you for your service! And we encourage you to listen through this podcast and please share with others who you think may benefit. Real estate professionals and lenders should check it out as well. Greg Angello is a real estate broker with Costello Real Estate and Investments in...


School's Out. Now How Do I Pay For It?

This is a not-to-miss as Michael Curtis of Movement Bank returns to discuss student loan debt so many are facing. There is some great information that Michael gives in response to this overwhelming issue, including how to be pro-active and how student loans impact a mortgage. We hope you listen to the entire episode and walk away with some important information discussed. Greg Angello is a real estate broker with Costello Real Estate and Investments in North Carolina. For all of Greg's...


Weekend Update: What's Coming This Week!

Coming this week, Michael Curtis of Movement Bank is returning. Greg and Michael will discuss student loan debt, the impact it is having and much more. Greg Angello is a real estate broker with Costello Real Estate and Investments in Charlotte, NC. Please visit www.buzzspout.com for all RORE's previous episodes.


The Stolen Podcast! How Did This Happen?

Shocking News!! This was the podcast that was not supposed to air, yet somehow it has! In a thorough investigation, Raised on Real Estate determined that the person identified was in fact the guest on the show, Isaac! Apparently, in his very young age of 4, he was able to get into the computer where the podcast file was stored and put it on the airwaves! That's incredible! Given his technical savviness, RORE has decided to forgive Isaac and let the podcast air! We hope you enjoy this very...


Pop, Pop, Pop Away!

In this episode, Greg Angello hosts a local Charlotte business owner, Debbie Carver, who created Mama K's Kettle Corn, which is making a major "POP" in North Carolina! This is an inspirational story as Debbie talks about how and why she got into the kettle corn business, how she came up with the name, Mama K, her early success and much, much more. If you are a small business owner/independent business owner, this is one for you with great insight from this entrepreneur! You can contact...


RORE 2019 Labor Day Weekend Update

This is a 2019 Labor Day Update. Coming this week, a guest who started a kettle corn business in the Charlotte area about 1.5 years ago and is doing phenomenal. We are very grateful to all our guests and all of you who have caught this podcast wave! Thanks so much!


Commercial Spot for Valvoline Oil

This is a spot for Valvoline Oil that Greg Angello was the voice.


RORE Montage of Recent Episodes

It has been a month since Raised on Real Estate launched its podcast series! We put together a montage with our most recent guests: Beth Miller of 13th Floor Commercial Advisors, Michael Curtis of Movement Bank and Jarrod Campbell of North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance. We are excited about RORE's early success with this series, and are so much looking forward to the next month of episodes. Please share with others. We greatly appreciate all the great feedback so far!


It's More Than Just Commercial Real Estate!

In this episode, Beth Miller of 13th Floor Commercial Advisers sits down with Raised on Real Estate. Beth, born and raised in New York, talks about her background and how she made a transition to becoming a prominent commercial broker in Charlotte. She gives great insight on leadership and what's important in growing her business, and much more. If you are a business owner or in sales, there is much to take away in this episode of RORE. Greg Angello, the host of RORE, is a real estate...


Weekend Update: What's Coming!

On the next full episode of Raised on Real Estate, Greg Angello hosts a commercial realtor in the Charlotte area discussing commercial real estate. And after Labor Day, Greg has on an individual who went from the ordinary to the not-so-ordinary in creating their own stand alone business in kettle corn. That's right. Who knows, this episode could make an impact on you in taking a leap into business for yourself. And remember, for all your real estate needs in the Carolinas, please visit...


Insurance? Really? What's It All About?

Greg Angello, host of Raised on Real Estate, talks with Jarrod Campbell of North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance about basic insurance policies: residential, town home/condo, renters and auto. We learn a little about Jarrod before he got into insurance, his family, and why building relationships is vitally important! If you are a homeowner, renter, or already have home/auto coverage, this is a great podcast to learn more.


Raised on Real Estate Upcoming Episodes

Greg Angello gives a quick soundbite to new episodes: 1) insurance: home, renters, auto, and 2) commercial real estate... all coming to Raised on Real Estate!


Things Do Happen to Guests! Raised on Real Estate Second Episode of 8-12-19

In this episode, Greg mentions what happened with the "unique and interesting" guest who did a short podcast.Things do happen! Then we talk with Michael Curtis of Movement Bank of the ins and outs of new construction loans. There is also some cool dialogue with Greg and Micheal about their kids, the fun things they experience as dads, and some stuff we didn't know about Michael growing up in South Africa. This is a great podcast show! Greg Angello is a Real Estate Broker in the Carolinas....


Raised on Real Estate - First Episode 7-29-19

This is the very first podcast episode entitled, "Raised on Real Estate." In this very first session, we discuss in general terms real estate from a lender. Our guest is a mortgage lender with Movement Bank. Michael Curtis is a lending expert in the Charlotte, NC area. Michael gives a "market update," and then we move into discussions that are, in general, focused on first time home buyers, and other home buyers, and different mortgage programs. Raised on Real Estate is hosted by Greg...