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Episode 31: Double Your Income With YouTube Superchat feat. Exploring With Josh

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend Josh. He has been a consistent Youtuber for 5 years and he really understands how to diversify his income with things like merch and live streaming. He has a lot of great nuggets to share with you! Hope you enjoy!


Episode 30: Dealing With Influencer Insecurities feat. Victoria Baldesarra

Hey guys! Welcome back to a brand new episode of Rakin' It In! Today I am sitting down with someone who has been on my YouTube channel many times and always a pleasure to have on Victoria Baldesarra! Some of you may know Victoria from The Next Step. Now, she has moved to Los Angeles to take her acting career to the next step (pun!) In this podcast, she tells you about her move and what it is like juggling acting, being in a new country, and being an influencer with a very specific demo.


Episode 29: How To Get On Instagram's Explore Page feat. WakeUpandMakeUp

Hey guys! Welcome back to a brand new episode of Rakin' It In! Today I am sitting down with Instagram PRO, Manal! Manal owns and runs 3 Instagram accounts that have over 10 MILLION FOLLOWERS combined... And she did it all on her own! In this podcast she tells us how she grew her instagram accounts and how YOU CAN TOO!


Episode 28: Staying Body Positive On Instagram feat. Isabel Lahela

Voted the best booty on Instagram it's hard to believe that Isabel Lahela could ever feel insecure in her body. But displaying herself in such a public way on Instagram has made her struggle not only with image difficulties but other mental illnesses. In this episode of Rakin' It In with Rachel David, Isabel talks about her struggles with mental illness and how she is working to feel better. Plus, she gives some great advice for people looking to work with brands on long-term contracts.


Episode 27: Managers and MCNs feat. Stef Sanjati

How are all of these creators getting brand deals? Well, it's through their management. But management isn't as straightforward as just getting a manager. In this episode of Rakin' It In with Rachel David, our special guest Stef Sanjati explains what kind of management you should get and how many people should be getting you brand deals.


Episode 26: Surviving YouTube's Algorithm feat. Spankie Valentine

Spankie Valentine is a YouTuber with over 600-thousand subscribers, but some of her videos only get 3-thousand views. If you want to know what is going on with YouTube's algorithm, who you should talk to and what you should do if you aren't getting the views you used to then Spankie has some seriously useful information for you.


Episode 25: Making Money With Risqué Content feat. Hannah Witton

With the ad-pocalypse destroying so many YouTubers ad-revenue its hard to know if it's even worth making content that isn't considered brand friendly. If you're worried that the content that you want to make isn't going to be profitable then this is the episode for you. Hannah Witton is a sex and relationships YouTuber who has found ways to diversify her income in a way that continues to let her create the content that she wants. She has even partnered with her government to raise awareness...


Episode 24: Growing Big With Clickbait feat. Colby Brock

We can deny it all we want, but clickbait works. Colby Brock figured this out and used it to his advantage. With faked stunts to draw controversy, he quickly grew to over a million subscribers on Vine. Now, Colby is using his audience to spread positivity and create quality content. But he still uses clickbait to his advantage to get views, just now in a way that doesn't involve crazy publicity stunts. If you want to know how to create content that people can't resist to click on, tune into...


Episode 23: Moving From Vine To YouTube feat. Brennen Taylor

Brennen Taylor crushes it on every platform that he's on; Vine, Instagram and even YouTube. During this episode of Rakin' It In Brennen talks about his most useful tips and tricks and how he has built his management team.


Episode 21: How To Make Money With Membership Sites feat: Owen Video

Membership websites are one of the most effective and reliable ways to make money with a small audience. Owen Video the master of membership websites walks listeners through the steps of planning, creating and maintaining a membership website.


Episode 20: Using YouTube's Algorithm To Promote Great Content feat: Darryl Eaves

Darryl Eaves drops some serious but surprising wisdom on the twentieth episode of Rakin' It In with Rachel David. Here is how to play YouTube's algorithm to show off your content, why you should delete all of those old videos even if they're still popular and why your content might not be as good as you think that it is.


Episode 19: Creating an Awesome Marketing Strategy feat. Roberto Blake

This week Roberto Blake from Awesome Creator Academy sat down with Rachel David to drop some serious food for thought. If you're looking into making yourself an all-around great creator this is the episode for you. No platform-specific tips and tricks, this is all strategy.


Episode 18: Making Money Through Affiliate Links feat. Sean Cannell

Affiliate links are the easiest way to make a passive income. So why do so many creators ignore them? If you're interested in learning all about affiliate links, where to find them, how to get them, and the other important things you should know, this is the episode for you.


Episode 17: Making $50,000 A Month On Amazon feat: Tatiana Buree

Rakin' It In finally covers the highly requested Amazon marketplace. Rachel David interviews Tatiana Buree on how she built her online store and how others can do the same. If you're interested in selling your product or finding a product to sell under your logo, this is the episode to listen to.


Episode 16: Becoming a YouTube Boss feat. Sunny Lenarduzzi

Learn how to be your own boss with YouTube superstar Sunny Lenarduzzi. While she isn't a content creator herself, Sunny helps content creators get their content actually seen. If you're looking for SEO tips as well as how to title and tag your videos this is the episode to watch!


Episode 15: Making It As A Female Streamer on Twitch feat. KittyPlays

Live streaming can seem like a medium where girls need to stream in suggestive outfits to get viewers. As the second most subscribed Canadian female on Twitch and a five-year relationship under her belt KittyPlays proves that this isn't true. This week she shares tips on how she gained heraudience and built her network.


Episode 14: How To Make $1000 On Twitch With Only 84 Subscribers feat. BBJK26

Making money online apparently runs in the family because this week on Rakin' It In With Rachel David Rachel sat down with her brother Byron. He talked about making money as such a small creator as well as the in's and outs of Twitch.


Episode 13: How To Get Paid To Travel feat. Nomadic Matt

Learn how to travel the world and get paid to do it! This week Nomadic Matt shared his insider knowledge on how to make money as a travel writer and how to grow your online presence.


Episode 12: How To Go From YouTube To Building An Epic Empire feat. Harley Morenstein

Get ready for Rakin' It In's most exciting episode yet! This super long episode features Harley Morenstein a YouTube OG who has now branched off into tons of other media. Listen to him drop some serious tea and some serious shade.


Episode 11: Transitioning From Traditional To Digital Media feat. Victoria Duffield

Victoria Duffield is back and better than ever. She sat down in the Rakin' It In hot seat to answer some steamy questions about her comeback and what it's like switching from traditional media to the new world of online content.