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Alec Hogg : Here's why South Africa is poised to take off

Sometimes we all get caught up in the day-to-day grind and it can feel like nothing changes. But when you take time to look up and examine the bigger picture, you can truly see how far we've come. In this speech, Alec Hogg lays out exactly why South Africans have every reason to be optimistic about the future of the beloved country. From government to business we are seeing important changes that, taken together, bode well for the nation's future.


Lord Robin Renwick, Britain's "undiplomatic diplomat", lays bare the Zuma kleptocracy

It's perhaps no surprise that Lord Robin Renwick works out of offices in Mayfair that are directly opposite the house where "The Lady With The Lamp" lived and died. Because like the famous Florence Nightingale, this most undiplomatic diplomat uses a lamp of his own, his books, to expose areas of darkness. In his ninth book, How To Steal A Country, Renwick lets the facts speak for themselves, and then skilfully follows the advice of his friend Pravin Gordhan to ‘join the dots.’ It’s a well...


From the Wall Street Journal: Why Trump is trashing Amazon (and how much it hurts)

U.S. president Donald Trump is a long-time Amazon critic. Lately, however, he has been tweeting up a storm about the online retail giant. Trump has criticised Amazon's relationship with the U.S. Postal Service and has complained that the company doesn't pay sales tax (it does in states that require it to). The Amazon share price has fallen in response to the attacks as investors worry about potential regulation or changes to Amazon's delivery costs. This podcast takes a look at the Trump...


From the Wall Street Journal: More tech in cars, more problems for drivers

Cars are getting increasingly high tech - they now come with touchscreens, complex software, bluetooth connectivity, and plenty of automation. But with this new technology comes a host of new problems. Drivers report screens that switch off mid-drive, problems connecting, stalled software updates and a host of other issues. While it can be annoying when your new smartphone screen goes dead, when your car's touchscreen goes dead it can be a matter of life or death. In this episode, a look...


From The Wall Street Journal: Here’s what Facebook’s data scandal means for you

Facebook has come under heavy fire after revelations emerged about the uses to which Facebook user data has been put. Whatever you may think about the story, it’s crystal clear that Facebook has, at best, a very cavalier attitude towards users’ privacy. The company seems happy to give anyone with a $10 ad budget access to its data treasure trove and make no mistake – studies show that Facebook knows as much about you as your spouse does. Some people think that, as long as they aren’t doing...


From The Wall Street Journal: After pedestrian death, questions about the future of self-driving cars

After an Uber self-driving car hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona, some people are asking if self-driving cars are truly ready to be out on the streets. While some states in America ban self-driving cars, many are allowing them to be tested on public roads. But is the technology really ready? In this podcast, The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the state of the tech and its track record.


It's Ramaphoria vs "Leninist" ANC as Dr Martyn Davies waves some sceptical flags

Deloitte's Emerging Markets and Africa MD Martyn Davies talks to Alec Hogg about South African politics, economics, and the SA-style "Developmental State" model that is doomed to failure - because its "Leninist" protagonists have a deliberately skewed and notion of how the China economic miracle.


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