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Meet Tshepo Mahloele - Big Capitec shareholder, ABSIP's "CEO of the Decade" now accused by Holomisa as kingpin of corrupt network

The young democracy of South Africa is a noisy place, especially during periods of political power shifts. And after the ejection of Jacob Zuma, wild accusations are being thrown against both the guilty and innocent. Even in this context, a scathing five page letter penned on political party UDM's letterhead by its leader Bantu Holomisa is impossible to miss. Sent to president Cyril Ramaphosa and then surreptitiously distributed via the internet, Holomisa targets four black businessmen. He...


McKinsey’s South African mea culpa bombs as it claims "no corruption", critics reject apology as too little, too late

I enjoyed a front row seat at the first public engagement by Kevin Sneader, new global managing partner of the world’s largest consulting firm, McKinsey & Company – the business in the vortex of South Africa’s State Capture scandal. Sneader, who has been in the post for exactly a week, accepted an invitation from GIBS, a leading South Africa’s business school. A scathing riposte to his 20 minute speech was delivered by the other panelist, Bonang Mohale, CEO of Business Leadership South...


GGA's Alain Tschudin: Providing context on SA's major flashpoints - history helps with solutions to crumbling municipalities, EWC

Dr Alain Tschudin is my kind of interviewee. An academic with a career in professional research, he is also an author so like most wordsmiths, his conversation flows easily. A PhD from Cambridge, he is the executive director of Good Governance Africa, a not-for-profit which aims to help unlock Africa's potential by praising those doing right - and exposing the corrupt. In this interview he addresses South Africa's two big flashpoints - the destruction of rural municipalities and the ANC's...


After hours of deep research, UK film maker Anthony Fabian convinced SA's new dawn will break soon

British film maker Anthony Fabian speaks here about progress on his Good Hope project which has evolved from an eight part documentary on South Africa into a full length documentary feature. After hundreds of hours of filming and a continuous struggle for funding, Fabian is on the final lap of his ambitious project which features on the next generation of South African leadership - a group whose multi-racial, progressive and inclusive outlook on life confirms that after nine years of...


Jakkie Cilliers: We’re missing EWC point – rural chiefs in crosshairs, unleashing growth the priority

As you’ll hear in this episode, apart from giving us some insight into the way next year’s elections will go, author and ISS founder Jakkie Cilliers offers a cool headed counter to scaremongering of many pundits on South Africa's Expropriation Without Compensation. He has drawn on very recent engagements with the ANC top brass to support the prognosis outlined in his book. Lots of meat.


Global internet champion Naspers hitting top gear with "best set of financials in two decades"

In today’s episode, an update from South Africa’s exponential growth marvel, Naspers, as Alec Hogg of Biznews.com gets to spend half an hour in London with the group's CEO Bob van Dijk and its CFO Basil Sgourdos to talk about numbers, strategy, exponential growth and the past decade's 23% Internal Rate of Return on its investments excluding the astonishing TenCent (over 50% when the Chinese company is included) .


An hour in London with iconoclast Pieter-Dirk Uys, opening up on Mandela, Ramaphosa, courage, madness - and sex

Last night, I was among 300 relocated South Africans at London’s annual fundraising dinner for Afrika Tikkun and its associated charities. It was a splendid black tie affair whose theme in this 100th year since Madiba’s birth was to honour 30 iconic South Africans. Each table of ten was named after a national hero. Alongside Nelson Mandela were familiar names like Desmond Tutu, OR Tambo and Dr Chris Barnard. Included on this elite list was Pieter Dirk-Uys, the inconoclastic actor,...


Meet the unheralded American introducing African talent onto global opera stages

In this episode we meet Elise Brunelle, acting MD of the Cape Town Opera, who reckons there are well over 50 South Africans making a living on the world's opera stages. It's an inspiring story showing that even in a country where the needs of the broader population are vast and urgent, talent keeps breaking through in the least likely areas, testament to the resilience of our species, and the way the cream somehow always finds a way of getting recognised.


Six great shares to look at now. London's best value investors share their best ideas.

Two earlier episodes of the Rational Perspective podcast are devoted to interviews with two of the presenters – Dawid Krige and Ben Preston. Thanks to my trusty Zoom Hn4 Pro recorder and a front row seat at the London Value Investor conference, I’ve sifted through the other speakers and selected three more stocks whose virtues were extolled by the best of them.


Coal miner Peabody: A fast-rising phoenix - from bankruptcy to top value manager's stock pick

At the London Value Investor conference last week, stockpicker Ben Preston of Orbis – Allan Gray’s global arm – extolled the virtues of Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private sector coal miner, which declared itself bankrupt in April 2016. I caught up with him during the tea break where we caught some of London's early summer sun outside of the Queen Elizabeth conference centre in Westminster.


Dawid Krige's best ideas - buying shares in two giant Chinese companies you've never heard of

Dawid Krige is one of many highly skilled South Africans who are making names for themselves in the world’s financial centre. He’s also one of the few westerners who identified the opportunity in Chinese stocks long before they started becoming fashionable. In this episode, he elaborates on the keynote presentation he gave to the London Value Investor's conference - and shares the two stocks that he recommended to the 450 kindred spirits in the audience.


Claudius van Wyk uncovers links between Deepak Chopra, Jan Smuts's Holism and Ubuntu.

Claudius van Wyk shares his encyclopaedic knowledge in this fascinating podcast on a thought process that is sweeping the world. The conversation with Rational Perspective host Alec Hogg draws together the links between Holism, teachings of bestselling author Deepak Chopra, and the South African concept of Ubuntu. Keen to explore new territory? Then this one's for you.


Educating The Donald – “Trade War” on hold as adults start surrounding Oval Office incumbent

Those who voted Donald Trump into White House in 2016 believed the controversial businessman would show the politicos a thing or two about dealmaking and negotiating the best deal for America. It hasn’t worked out that way. What sounds great on the stump is rarely translatable into policy. Put differently, the skills required to get elected are very different to those needed to govern responsibly. But even the most stubborn of our species don’t keep banging their heads against the wall...


Why anti-corruption activists Lord Peter Hain, Paul O'Sullivan, now gunning for global law firm Hogan Lovells

A riveting half hour with anti-corruption activists Paul O'Sullivan and Lord Peter Hain who share why they're determined to put global law firm Logan Hovells in the dock. They say the high powered lawyers were willing accomplices in South Africa's network of corruption, because they protected those perpetrating industrial scale plunder - and also served as attack dogs against honest officials who tried to stop it. Hain and O'Sullivan explain why they believe Hogan Lovells needs to be...


Compelling argument why America's FAANGs will keep rolling and top 2018 performance league

Every now and then Wall Street gets the jitters about the tech stocks which have pulled the overall market higher for some years already, lashing FAANGs (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) which have served investors so well. But without fail, those who sold out of these tech titans have lived to regret their decision as they watch the prices soar past previous highs. One of those who has called the FAANGs bull market virtually since inception is Credit Suisse's head of US...


CEO Bob van Dijk: Why Naspers is cashing its Flipkart chips in Walmart's historic $20bn Indian swoop

Media group Naspers is one of the world's most successful examples of a company that has managed to overcome the radical transformation of its industry. Another successful chapter in its story was published today when the group sold its 11% stake in India’s Flipkart for a chunky $1.6bn profit, banking $2,2bn after a cumulative $616m investment over five and a half years. It has proven to be another hugely successful investment for the South African-born global internet group whose $30m...


Warren Buffett's share investment journey: Lessons learnt when he was 11 still work today

The world is getting ever-more complex and fast-paced, and every day seems to bring new investment options - cryptocurrencies, CDOs, contracts for difference, hybrid notes. But sometimes, the best investment advice is the simplest, as this tale by Warren Buffett illustrates. It's easy for individual investors to feel overwhelmed, and to feel like they don't stand a chance against highly-trained analysts. But as Buffett explained, all investors really need to do is harness the productive...


Charlie Munger's Berkshire AGM zinger for "ridiculous" Elon Musk: A "moat" is not a puddle.

Plenty of people love Elon Musk for iconoclastic style and his refusal to play by the rules in business. But sometimes, sense is more important than style. Lately, perhaps feeling the pressure of Tesla's growing pains, Musk's behaviour has been a little more wacky than usual. As Tesla groans under the weight of growing debts, Musk's jokes about bankruptcy fell flat, and his strange behaviour on Tesla's recent earnings call (combined with some weak numbers) saw the share price plunge. Now,...


Ian Kilbride: Warwick does a huge deal with Cadiz and says more to come

With many South Africans starting to take a critical stance on new president Cyril Ramaphosa, it's refreshing to listen to Ian Kilbride's more moderate perspective. In this interview, Kilbride shows us the power of optimism - he's a big believer in South Africa and he's putting his money where his mouth is with a big new acquisition. His company, Warwick, has acquired Cadiz Asset Management and Kilbride says there's more to come. His comments are a powerful antidote to some of the negative...


DA young gun Dean McPherson on Ramaphoria, Steinhoff’s German connection

In most democracies, politics is the preserve of an older generation – a world dominated by those looking for a new challenge after establishing themselves financially. Or, in developing countries like South Africa, a reward for loyal service to the party over many years. But the DA’s 37 year old leader Mmusi Maimane is surrounded by a more vigorous animal. Among Mmusi’s young bucks is Dean MacPherson, the fresh-faced shadow minister of Trade & Industry. Elected to Parliament in 2014 as a...