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Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast is focused on teaching others to gain financial freedom through real estate. Interviews with investors, coaches, and instructors who tell amazing stories and give invaluable advice for real estate success. I want our listeners to be inspired to dream big and reach the next level in their business and personal life.

Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast is focused on teaching others to gain financial freedom through real estate. Interviews with investors, coaches, and instructors who tell amazing stories and give invaluable advice for real estate success. I want our listeners to be inspired to dream big and reach the next level in their business and personal life.


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Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast is focused on teaching others to gain financial freedom through real estate. Interviews with investors, coaches, and instructors who tell amazing stories and give invaluable advice for real estate success. I want our listeners to be inspired to dream big and reach the next level in their business and personal life.




Real Estate And Passive Income With Russ Morgan And Joey Mure

One of the biggest myths around money is that you have to work for 60 years before you can even think about doing the things that you are destined to do in this world. Passive income allows you to do those things now, no matter how old you are. It is possible but how come so many people aren’t pursuing this path to financial freedom? The biggest thing that holds people back is access to cash. Mitch Stephen gets Russ Morgan and Joey Mure, the founding partners of Wealth Without Wallstreet, to...


Private Money Strategy: How To Get Money Away From Hard Money Lenders With Jay Conner

One of the barriers to starting a career in real estate is finding the money for the deals. If you don't think the traditional hard money lenders are a fit for you, then why not get your hands deep into private money? In this episode, Mitch Stephen talks to Jay Conner, the president of The Private Money Authority, all about private money—starting with his journey and down to the ways he has been helping investors attract money. He also lets us in on his book, Where to Get Money Now, where he...


Becoming A Leader With Chris Arnold

Desiring to transition from success to more significance is a great starting point to becoming a leader. Mitch Stephen's guest in this episode is Chris Arnold, co-founder of Multipliers. Chris shares with Mitch about his life-changing moment in high school. He used to be in a lot of trouble, but God stepped into his life, and everything changed. From that point onward, Chris dedicated his life to serving others. Finding great success in real estate, his heart tugged him to lead a life of...


Iron Man Mindset For Entrepreneurs With Robert Clinkenbeard

Entrepreneurs need an Ironman mindset to succeed in business. Mitch Stephen's guest is Robert Clinkenbeard, author of Ironman Mindset for Entrepreneurs. In this episode, Robert explains how you can have an Ironman mindset. You first have to define your goal. Then build a roadmap so you can check your progress along the way. Having the right people around you is also essential to keep pushing you to your full capacity. Join in the discussion to learn more! Love the show? Subscribe, rate,...


Sizing Up Motivated Sellers With Greg Helbeck

The best negotiators know they can't negotiate with all sellers. In fact, their success lies in how they transact with people that can actually lead them to the results they want. So how can you identify whether you have the right person or not? In this episode, Mitch Stephen sits down with Greg Helbeck, the owner of Velocity House Buyers, to talk about how to negotiate like a pro, starting with learning how to size up motivated sellers. Greg breaks down the list of things you can gauge to...


Wholesaling Houses, How Champions Are Built, And Automating Your Business With Kent Clothier

Who would've thought investors would willingly buy and sell houses without physical interactions? New technology opens up a lot of flexible avenues for you to wholesale houses straight from your computer. In this episode, Kent Clothier explains how the COVID-19 pandemic opened up tremendous opportunities in wholesaling houses for him with the use of new technology. Kent also shares his journey with Mitch Stephen, including how he had a great start owning a company with his dad, how he...


Wholesaling Real Estate Using The BRRRR Method With David Dodge

You're in one of only three places: you're currently in a crisis, coming out of a crisis, or you're headed into one. David Dodge, the owner of Discount Property Investor, shares his extensive experience in wholesaling real estate with you today so that you can always win wherever you are in that continuum. In this episode, David discusses with Mitch Stephen their shared life-changing experience with the Multipliers Mastermind, the crazy condition the market's in due to people leaving the...


Finding An Agent Partner With Chris Craddock

There is a lingering feeling in the industry that investors and agents should have a great relationship, which makes it surprising why that is not usually the case. Chris Craddock joins Mitch Stephen on the show to demonstrate why it makes sense to work with an agent partner if you’re an investor. Chris runs the numbers that will show you how building a strong relationship with the right agent can help you capitalize on dead leads. So how do you find a good one? This is the part where you...


Hiring A "Fractional CFO"

When your business starts to grow, you’re going to need someone to handle the financial side and it’s usually just you for a while, which sucks if you don’t know what you’re doing. How do you step out of the tedious financial nitty-gritty of your business’s finances without having to hire somebody full-time? The answer is to hire a fractional CFO. In this episode, Mitch Stephen interviews Lawrence White, CEO of LKW Consulting, who explains the different roles of a fractional CFO, bookkeeper,...


Simplifying Life Down And Gain Business Freedom With Brett Snodgrass

Whether you are a successful business owner or someone planning to be one, is it really the money that makes you truly happy? Owner of Simple Wholesaling, Brett Snodgrass, believes freedom is what truly matters. In this episode, he joins Mitch Stephen to talk about why business owners don't choose freedom and why, more importantly, they should simplify their life and go after it instead. He highlights the complex considerations you need to think over before diving deep into the business,...


Commercial/Multifamily With Charles Carillo

Charles Carillo was introduced to commercial and multifamily investing by his father, who had been investing and self-managing 100+ units in multifamily and commercial properties since the '80s. Working alongside his father and eventually investing on his own taught Charles a great deal about how to succeed in this space. In this episode, he joins Mitch Stephen to discuss the importance of getting your numbers right when assessing units for rehabilitation and why it's vital to raise private...


What's Trending Post-COVID With Connor Steinbrook

Although the pandemic is far from over, many things that will most likely trend post-COVID can be seen as early as now. And if everyone in the real estate can catch up with them before anyone else, big things are indeed in store. Mitch Stephen sits down with Connor Steinbrook to discuss not only the importance of getting your license but also the most effective ways to achieve financial freedom. They also venture into the world of credibility marketing and how it can be leveraged to build...


Zero Interest Funding Source With Mike Banks

Do you need capital to start your business, but you're unsure where to get it? Today's guest is Mike Banks, the Chief Operations Officer of Fund&Grow. Fund&Grow is a company offering zero-interest funding to empower entrepreneurs and real estate investors like yourself to take the plunge and start your business. Listen to this episode and find out how you can qualify to have a zero-interest business credit for an average of 12 months. Fund&Grow even offers a free consultation for you to...


Creative Financial Freedom Strategy With Ann Sieg

Do you want to have financial freedom and claim back the 2,600 hours you spend working on day jobs yearly? Then this episode is for you! Ann Sieg, the Founder of E-Commerce Business School, discusses how you can attain financial freedom through automated eCommerce business. Ann offers a coaching program you can join where she and her team will teach you everything you need to know about running your own e-commerce business. The biggest factor that can launch you into success is to have a...


Starting In Self-Storage

It may not be the first option for real estate investors, but self-storage is definitely an appealing asset. Some of its pros include low overhead, large revenue potential, and low construction and building costs. But how does one get started in the self-storage business? In this episode, join Mitch Stephen and his guest, Stacy Rossetti, as they talk about the main keys to get started in the industry. Stacy is a self-storage investor and teacher at the Super Secret Investors Society. She...


Fast & True Rehab Estimate Software With Matthew Hedstrom

Are you a real estate investor who needs a pro rehab estimate software to determine your property value? That's what Mitch Stephen’s guest for today, Matthew Hedstrom, offers you. Matthew is the co-creator of Rehab Estimator Pro, which helps you calculate the cost of rehab with minimal learning curve needed. It also enables you to come up with an offer to your seller before you leave the house and comes with a checkbox system you can easily follow. Tune in to discover how you can further...


Systematizing That Works With Dan Schwartz

The vast majority of real estate investors never make it past their first year. Too often, they get buried alive in the hustle and get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things that they think they need to do. To avoid being one of those investors, you need to be able to systematize your business so that you can focus on working on it instead of in it. Yes, we all have to hustle, but there is a way to do it smartly. Dan Schwartz returns on the show with Mitch Stephen to share specific steps...


LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy With Yakov Smart

Do you know that you can use LinkedIn to generate leads and build relationships with high-net-worth investors? Mitch Stephen’s guest today is Yakov Smart, the President of Linked Lead Enterprises. Yakov explains that the first thing you need to do is to build a targeted list. He explains why you should remember to target locally and find those who have common traits with you. He also highlights the importance of sending messages, giving value, and building trust. What type of messages are...


Branding For The Big Boys With Jeffrey Brogger

Running digital marketing campaigns will certainly generate leads and high investment returns, but only when done with the right strategies and adequate planning. Otherwise, you'll just waste resources without actually being seen by anyone. Helping various companies level up their online ventures is Jeffrey Brogger, the Founder of Steezy.Digital. Together with Mitch Stephen, he talks about how businesses should approach digital marketing by focusing on brand awareness and recognition, as...


Wholesaling Lease Options With Joe McCall

Everybody thinks that their market is the hardest place to do deals. While it’s true that it’s more competitive and more challenging than it used to be, the deals are still out there, and Joe McCall is out to prove it. Joe helps people find simple ways to make money in real estate. Today, he joins Mitch Stephen to talk about lease options and why he thinks they’re the easiest and fastest way to make money in real estate! He also shares some valuable lessons on the best wholesaling lease...