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The Real Estate Money School Podcast helps up-and-coming investors tackle your biggest challenge - where to find the money for your deals. Through the podcast, you'll become a Rebel Banker - mastering how money really works - so you can use it to gain the upper hand and take command of your finances. Remember, investing isn't about resources, it's about being resourceful. So listen today and join the rebellion!

The Real Estate Money School Podcast helps up-and-coming investors tackle your biggest challenge - where to find the money for your deals. Through the podcast, you'll become a Rebel Banker - mastering how money really works - so you can use it to gain the upper hand and take command of your finances. Remember, investing isn't about resources, it's about being resourceful. So listen today and join the rebellion!


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The Real Estate Money School Podcast helps up-and-coming investors tackle your biggest challenge - where to find the money for your deals. Through the podcast, you'll become a Rebel Banker - mastering how money really works - so you can use it to gain the upper hand and take command of your finances. Remember, investing isn't about resources, it's about being resourceful. So listen today and join the rebellion!




Creative Financing: 2 Lucrative Market Gaps for New Investors Short on Cash w/Eddie Speed

If you’re really paying attention, today’s market isn’t as rosy as it looks on the surface, it’s scary as hell. It’s a perfect storm of bad decisions, misleading numbers, and huge risks lurking under the surface. While these factors make the market scary - it’s also fertile ground for creative financing and alternative lending opportunities. In the negative factors of the market there are gaps we can take advantage of. New investors have a great shot of getting into the market and...


Do Good, Earn Money: The Investing Model Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis w/Evan Holladay

Real estate investing isn’t just a path to wealth, it’s an opportunity to do good with our capital and solve urgent problems that have been ignored for too long. As our nation plunges further into an affordable housing crisis, some entrepreneurs are stepping up, making a dent in this issue and creating a different future. Can you become a part of this movement? Investors have the chance to bring real economic stability and security to the people who need it most. Our guest is going to...


How Tony Javier Scaled to 7 Companies & 800 Flips By Doing Less In the Business

One of the most harmful fallacies of entrepreneurship is that we have to remain entrenched in the business if we want to be profitable. Unfortunately, trying to hold onto everything can actually have the complete opposite effect - it can kill all prospects of growth, scalability and freedom. In today’s episode, I talk to an entrepreneur who went from the burnout of doing everything in the business, to freedom and multiple successful companies without piling on more stress. What was the...


How to Win as a Likeable Salesperson w/Steve Trang

There are two massive lies that pervade real estate investing - that you can succeed without direct actions that generate wealth, and that you have to take advantage of people to win. We can choose to do things differently. Doing what other people aren’t willing to do is what will propel us to achieve our wildest dreams and make an impact. It’s possible to sell and still be likable. We can be the people who create an experience where consumers feel helped and valued, not taken...


Lessons On Note Investing From an Investor Who Survived 2008 w/Jorie Aulston

Some of today’s most successful real estate investors cut their teeth during the 2008 recession, and they have a unique understanding of how to tailor their strategies for down markets. The crash served as the perfect training ground to identify opportunities and potential pitfalls. What we’re seeing in the market right now is all too familiar. We’re clearly headed for a huge downturn, and we need to prepare by creating models that match the market. The smartest investors are...


Integrity: The Most Valuable Quality Every Investor Should Possess w/Dave Holman

When capital is the barrier to our ability to scale, and we’re tapped out on our own resources, partnering with investors is the best path to more deals. Whether we borrow money from family or private investors, people want to work with us because they know they can trust us. Integrity and good stewardship of other people’s money is the key to a good reputation in this business, and it’s the secret weapon to continuing to raise money. Making our investors whole should always be our top...


Investing As a Side Hustle: Key Strategies For Success w/Chad Duval

Real estate investing isn’t just a wealth building vehicle for people who choose to pursue it full time - it’s also the perfect path to passive income for those working a 9-5 job. It’s a chance to explore your entrepreneurial style, benefit from the real estate market, and put your unique skills and abilities to good use. Even though investing while you have a full-time job requires a different focus, if you’re smart and strategic, you still can gain access to capital and great...


Unlocking The Power of Business Credit & The Money Strategies of the Wealthy w/Andrew Rey

To most ordinary people, it seems like wealthy people play the finance game from a secret playbook we can’t access. They may use tactics that are different to what we’ve been taught - but the good news is that this knowledge is available and we can leverage it in our own financial plans. Business credit and LLCs are the most common ways that wealthy individuals set themselves up for success in raising money, and protecting themselves financially. On the other hand, we’re taught that...


How Tyler Cauble Went From a Zero Net Worth to $1 Million in 1 Year

The real estate investor’s journey requires uncomfortable sacrifices, especially in the beginning. We have to sacrifice time, money and our own comfort to create a business worth having. The most successful people who came from nothing have faced the tough choice between their immediate financial needs, and the money required to keep the business going for the foreseeable future. For my guest today, that choice was between paying for electricity or paying his assistant. He chose to...


Devin Elder On Instantly Building Trust & Credibility With Investors

Personal funding doesn’t have to be the barrier that keeps us from becoming real estate investors. One alternate strategy is to tap into other people’s money, and we can only do that if we learn to be good stewards of investor capital. Delivering for our investors has to be the most important thing, and at the top of our list of priorities in business. If we set up a win-win scenario for all parties involved, we will never run out of sources of capital and investment...


Choosing a Bulletproof Financial Investing Model w/Bob Fraser

One of the fundamental truths about investing is that the stock market is incredibly volatile and fickle, and that the people who do well over time opt for a more stable wealth building vehicle. Many investors who were burned in the last recession have worked on building something that is more stable - and very often that’s investing in loans. The people who invest in loans often do better than the people who focus on equity investment. In this episode, I talk to an investor whose fund...


Blake Stargel on What It Takes to Win in a Competitive Luxury Market

When the market is good, people flood into real estate on the promise of earning tons of money. The problem is, a market this good can only be followed by a huge correction, and newly minted agents who wanted instant gratification will be in for a rude awakening. Real estate is a long-term play, not a path to short term gain. It takes time and hard work to really get traction. My guest today is a young agent who has put in the time and work to succeed in real estate, carving out a...


Debbie Harris On The Life-Changing Responsibility & Impact of Free Agency

In corporate America, people are often forced to fit into a toxic work environment and culture, and this makes their daily experience difficult and uninspiring. As free agents, we can take that bad experience, and use it to inspire us to create a business and culture where people are happy to come to work every single day. As business owners, we don’t just have financial responsibility. We are the glue that holds the team together, and we get to determine what experience and culture our...


Harry Dent On Why We’re Headed for the Biggest Deflation Crisis in Our Lifetimes

When a 90-year cycle meets a 40-year downturn, what we can expect is the greatest bubble in history, followed by an adjustment that’s literally decades in the making. Bubbles will always burst, and they will always end badly for anyone caught in the financial aftermath. We’re about to see a big adjustment in our economy unfold right in front of our eyes, but most people are not only blind to it - but also aren’t preparing for it at all. If you study history, you’ll always understand...


IBC Isn’t Just a Financial Process, It’s a State of Mind w/Russ Morgan and Joey Mure

Human beings have to choose between two paths - conformity or creating an amazing life for ourselves. If we want to build wealth and gain personal freedom, we have to take a journey of clarity and create a life outside of the financial lessons forced upon us. This is where the Infinite Banking Concept comes in. It is a process of creativity and unlimited opportunity that requires changing one thing - where our money goes first. Everytime we spend money outside of IBC, we’re losing...


25 Creative Ways to Raise Capital w/Daniel Wood

Finding suitable funding for deals is the biggest hurdle investors face. It’s the one thing that holds people back from pursuing real estate as a path to financial freedom. But money doesn’t have to be a hurdle if we know where to find it. There are so many creative avenues for financing deals, even if we’re just starting out. If we want to move our investing along faster, work smarter and more efficiently, we have to look beyond conventional funding sources. Instead of thinking...


How to Build Wealth, Legacy & Gain Territory in Real Estate w/Joe Bell

The most lucrative and profitable part of real estate takes place right in front of agents, but the opportunities often pass them by. While they are exposed to wealth distribution, a very small number of agents are able to experience true wealth and retire comfortably. To change this in a meaningful way, real estate agents need to start participating in the conversation around asset building and focus on building a legacy. Agents already bring so much value to the table. They can use...


Sean Whalen On Breaking Free From the Big Lie of Conformity

Very few people in our world are able to live their perfect life. Instead of living authentically, most people are miserable and over-burdened in their daily lives. It goes back to how we were programmed as kids. We’re taught to conform, not to take risks, and even when we’re encouraged to dream big, those same people also tell us to be realistic. The result? A world filled with angry people who feel like they are living a lie and generations of people who wish they had something...


The 3 Foundational Pillars of Money School w/Stephen Nagy

The journey to financial freedom begins when we learn the truth about money, see what the wealthy do with it, and most importantly, implement it in our own lives. We’re currently living through some of the most economically volatile times in our nation’s history. Times of great uncertainty are also times of great opportunity. These are the times that turn people into millionaires and set them up for a future without financial stress. How we navigate this current economy can be the key to...


Accumulation vs. Acceleration: Making Your Money Work For You w/Chris Mile

Conventional financial advice dictates that we should save everything, spend nothing, let compound interest work for us and hope that will give us a good life. The sad truth is, this is a big lie financial advisors get people to buy into. Instead of parking our money, making it work hard for us is the true path to financial independence and freedom. There’s a huge difference between accumulation and acceleration. When we put money in motion, we create a powerful tailwind that gives us...