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Welcome to Real Estate Talk, with Host Zelda. We Share with you Top Tips and Trends in Today's Real Estate Market Boom. "Everything you want to know about real estate"

Welcome to Real Estate Talk, with Host Zelda. We Share with you Top Tips and Trends in Today's Real Estate Market Boom. "Everything you want to know about real estate"
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Welcome to Real Estate Talk, with Host Zelda. We Share with you Top Tips and Trends in Today's Real Estate Market Boom. "Everything you want to know about real estate"




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Open House Doggie Day Care

Sunland Acres In this episode, Lynn Lamoureux discusses the importance of finding a safe and clean environment to board your pet. Lynn is a Jacksonville native and has been involved in the Pet Industry since 1976; she loves making a difference for pets and their people! Lynn has a team of animal lovers; they give her the flexibility to be out for short periods. For example, her husband, James Lamoureux is an Internationally Certified Professional Animal Care Provider. He took a series of...


Swim into the Summer

Swimming Safari In this episode, Joani Maskell discusses the importance of learning how to swim. Joani started teaching lessons in her own backyard, helping neighborhood children learn to swim. She also taught swimming while in college where she earned her B.A. and M.A. in Elementary Education and Special Education. Post-college she started working as a teacher, then it began all over again when her child needed a lifeguard for her troop. Joani went back and got her lifeguarding certificate...


May Market Update



Curb Appeal Clarification from an Expert

Today’s guest, Laurie Prescott, has been helping people in Jacksonville make their gardens beautiful since 1985. Owner of Green Schemes, Laurie Prescott is a Florida native and a passionate gardener. She has a degree in landscape design and is a Florida Certified Landscape Designer. In this episode, Laurie reveals how her typical client is one with an overgrown yard, and she explains what they should plant to revitalize their gardens. A majority of her work is doing the design and...


Tell Me What I Need to Hear

Tell me what I need to hear On this weeks episode Zelda has in the house producer Elliott Greenberg. They’re going to share the importance of hiring full time versus part time agents, what to look for when hiring a realtor, and tips and tricks in preparing to sell your home. I hope you enjoy this weeks episode of The Real Estate Talk Podcast with host Zelda Greenberg.


April Flowers the Market

In this weeks mid week market update Zelda shares with our audience what is happening in today's real estate market boom. Get ready, get set, and GO GO GO for the latest in how the market shift is helping buyers and sellers, like you, make the best decisions. Thank you for tuning into this weeks market recap and be sure to rate and subscribe to the podcast to receive the latest news and updates. NEW EPISODES EVERY TUESDAY


From India to Florida

When you don’t feel well or you have a toothache minutes feel like hours and you are just plain miserable. Today’s episode we are fortunate to have with us Dr. Shyam Paryani. He’s going to talk to us about the importance of taking care of your oral health today to avoid future diseases throughout our entire body. A fascinating man that moved to Florida from India at the age of 11. Dr. Paryani is an ENGINEER, NUCLEAR PHYSICIST, PHYSICIAN, , TEACHER, INNOVATOR, ENTREPRENEUR, and PHILANTHROPIST.


Furniture for the Future

Future-Proof Furniture--CEO and President of advanced furniture solutions, Jillian Hubbard, is in the house. Zelda and Jillian speak about home office furniture that is budget friendly, how to shop quality even if your a newly established business, and furniture that is future proof. Thank you for tuning into this weeks episode. Please be sure to rate and subscribe to the show to hear the latest news and market updates. REAL ESTATE TALK PODCAST....NEW EPISODES EVERY WEEK


Shift Happens

Midweek Real Estate Market Recap. Zelda explains shifting in the market and how buyers and sellers can best prepare. Stay tuned for the newest segment addition to the Real Estate Talk Podcast with Host Zelda.


Whats Love Got to Do With It

Barbara Tolliver-Haskins , Founder of Executive Coaching Solutions is an accomplished organizational leader and prior successful executive for State Farm Insurance Companies. She was constantly recognized for her influence and sustained impact relative to mentoring, training, and development of aspiring leaders on a national basis. Jacksonville is her hometown. Today she is going to talk to us about Emotional Intelligence...Emotional Buying. We all buy and sell on emotions she will...


Becoming an expert buyer

First time home buyers, listen up! This episode is for you. On this weeks episode our host Zelda is in the studio sharing all the need to know tips for becoming a real estate home buying expert. Everything from first steps and mistakes to avoid, as well as, preparing for showings, and what to offer when ready to purchase that dream home. BE SURE TO TUNE IN EACH WEEK JUST HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON AT THE TOP OF YOUR SCREEN. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND PLEASE RATE AND LEAVE FEEDBACK TO...


Hale Theresa!

On this weeks episode of real estate talk, Theresa Hale from Iberia Bank is debunking some of the mortgage industry's most common myths. Theresa brings her knowledge of over 25 years in the banking and mortgage industry and we are excited to have her as this weeks guest. Sit back and grab some headphones (maybe some popcorn) because you don't want to miss a word. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW TO RECEIVE THE LATEST EPISODES EVERY TUESDAY!


RVin' Across the Country

This week's episode is a real treat. Ellen and her husband David Bushnell are on the show. They are living the American dream 21st century style. Nothing but the open road after selling their dream home, the Bushnell's bought and RV to travel across the country. NEW EPISODES EVERY TUESDAY....Be sure to rate and subscribe to receive the latest release.