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The Jeannie Take Over Part 1 - Real Insights Podcast #14

Are you babysitting that RE investment?


Crazy Like A Fox - Real Insights Podcast #13

How to handle an acquisition fee among friends, typically you don’t charge a fee on a smaller deal, blind faith in RE holdings, industry standards even when doing business with friends, repair savings, yes it is ‘crazy” to invest in multi-family tune in to understand what we mean, coaching student chimes in on why she likes the coaching program and dealing with Fort Lauderdale properties.


The One About The Backdoor Donuts - Real Insights Podcast - Episode 12

Dave returns from Martha’s Vineyard with a story about why the locals there bang on the door of a donut shop at all hours, how one of our students went through our real estate programs and “killed it” and now has retired to the Vineyard, Immersion tour in Miami, structuring deals, Ultimate Partnering, starting with commercial real estate as opposed to apartments, Dave tells stories about his original mentors, “the equilibrium of managing properties”, returns on investments, a Hindu who...


Bad Deals & Bad Weather Are Not The Same Thing - Read Insights Podcast #11

Submitting letters of intent, putting offers on the letter, back-out clauses, if it is only a 7% cash on cash return your investors are not going to be happy, weathering out bad deals is a bad idea, and what drives sponsors away.


Don’t Cut Your Head Off To Pay Back Investors - Real Insights Podcast #10

Coming back from the 4th of July, investment history, 20/50 rule, when does it become legally binding on a purchase to sale agreement, LOIs are different, the holy trinity crops up again, cutting your head off to pay back investors, and don’t get too friendly with that SEC attorney. contact us: Join Dave Lindahl and Sugar Ray Leonard for the main event at Ultimate Partnering 2018


9 Rounds with Sugar Ray Leonard - Real Insights Podcast #9

Dave here with a special guest… 6-time world champion boxer, Olympic gold medal winner, world-class pugilist, Sugar Ray Leonard. Dave breaks the ice by talking about Sugar Ray beating his hometown hero, Marvin Hagler in one of the most important and memorable fights in boxing history. Join Dave Lindahl and Sugar Ray Leonard for the main event at Ultimate Partnering 2018 Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation The foundation was established in 2009 by boxing legend and...


Let The Good Rents Roll Special Edition - Real Insights Podcast #8

Jeannie and Jermaine discuss how to read a rent roll and what you should be adding to your property package. It was a very powerful episode. Here is what was discussed. RENT ROLLS – What to look for in a rent roll – How to read a rent roll – Comparable rents in an area Property Package – How to write a property – What you should have in your property package – Why you need a property package Who needs 10X when you have Deal Lab? New monthly sub with constantly updated investor resources,...


She Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried - Real Insights Podcast #7 - REMentor

Bringing investors in, talking the talk so you can walk the walk, piggybacking on other investments so you can close deals.


The Holy Trinity of Real Estate - Real Insights Podcast #3 - From REMentor, of course.

Jeannie is back with another great episode. Joined once again by Jermaine as they engage in another conversation answering questions about the current real estate investment markets, figuring out if the buyer’s broker is sharing communications with seller’s broker, raising closing cost at the closing table to pay your broker, deal brokers at 12% cash on cash returns, when to show your underwriting skills, deciding when to buy properties or not, how to tell if the seller is really...


How Many Shipping Containers Does It Take To Make A House? - Real Insights Podcast #1 - REMentor

He is joined by Nizan Mosery, "The Serial Entrepreneur." Dave asks Nizan to tell his origin story before he got into real estate, Nizan discusses losing his father, rough transitions into business owning, a stint in Israeli armed services, doing everything Dave said not to do in the real estate game --- Nizan did, including owning a property before he knew it came with a "resident drug dealer" ( relax, folks, it gets worked out ), sacrificing a legendary ponytail to raise money for...