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A podcast for Realtors featuring trending topics and stories impacting the real estate industry.

A podcast for Realtors featuring trending topics and stories impacting the real estate industry.


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A podcast for Realtors featuring trending topics and stories impacting the real estate industry.








Real Life: CEO Series #1 - "If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They're Not Big Enough"

Introducing the Real Life: CEO Series, featuring NVAR CEO Ryan McLaughlin! Join Ryan as he speaks with NVAR members, industry pros, and local and national leaders about topics and trends that matter to you and your business. In our first episode, Ryan speaks with two NVAR members with incredible success stories in 2020, Jennifer Cook and Nikki Lagouros. Hear how they got started and what challenges they faced as well as what they see coming in the near future, post-Covid world.


Real Life: Spotlight Series - MBH "Stories from the Settlement Table"

Welcome to Season 2 of Real Life! In our first sponsored episode of 2021, we chat with Robert Pope of MBH. Robert gives a great rundown of the brand new MBH Agent Resource Hub on their website at Check it out! We wrap up the episode with some funny and cautionary tales from the settlement table.


#11 Reimagine Replay - Bob Goldberg, NAR CEO

In the second edition of Reimagine Replay, we recap the CEO-to-CEO Series featuring Bob Goldberg, CEO of the National Association of Realtors® and NVAR CEO Ryan McLaughlin! Ryan and Bob talk about the state of the real estate market, enhancing Realtor member benefits and a national focus on digital and emerging technology.


#10 Reimagine Replay - CEO Series with Steve Murray

In our first Reimagine Replay, we take a look at the CEO-to-CEO Series featuring Steve Murray, CEO of Real Trends. Steve and NVAR CEO Ryan McLaughlin discuss the state of the real estate market, how the pandemic has impacted brokerages, REAL Trends latest industry research findings, and how agents can position themselves to succeed in this new environment.


#9 Protecting Your Mental Health During COVID-19

As we move toward reopening and finding a sense of normalcy, take time to check on yourself, and protect your mental health. In this episode of Real Life, we are joined by Marla Zometsky of the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board to review resources, tools, and actions you can take today to improve your mental health. Marla shared her expertise in identifying feelings and symptoms, where to find help, and how.


#8 Guidance for Landlords and Tenants During COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, both landlords and tenants are facing new challenges. This episode discusses some commonly asked questions to NVAR’s Legal Hotline related to property management during this time - especially pertaining to two new forms created by NVAR's Board of Directors. We’re joined by Matt Troiani, NVAR Vice President of Professional Development & Chief Counsel, and Daniel Harris, NVAR Staff Attorney.


#7 Spring Forward with SentriLock

In this episode, we are Springing Forward with Sentrilock! Joined by special guest and Owner of NextHome Reach, Rob Wittman and Associate Director of Professional Services at NVAR, Stevie Fisher. Steve learns what spring forward actually means while covering SentriLock best practices for buyer and seller agents, a summary of rule changes effective March 1, fun stories and much more!


#6 Transportation Takes Us Further

In this episode of Real Life, hear from T.J. Doyle, director of advocacy communications with the American Public Transportation Association and former director of executive & digital communications at the National Association of Realtors®, as he delves into the importance of public transportation and its close connection to real estate. NVAR has long considered transportation one of its top priorities and improving the regional transportation network as essential for quality of life and...


#5 As the VA Legislature Flips, Where Will Realtor® Issues Land?

Is health insurance important to you? Learn how the Realtor® Party advocates for issues such as association health plans and other key matters affecting your business. In this episode, hear from Mary Beth Coya, NVAR senior vice president of public and government affairs, and Kim McClellan, public policy director for the Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors®, as they take us behind the scenes of the advocacy process and the 2020 legislative agenda.


#4 Holiday Tips, Traditions, and Strategies

2019 NVAR President Christine Richardson and Advon Group TTR Sotheby's International Associate Broker Genevieve Concannon joined the podcast to talk about their top tips for Realtors® during the holidays and share some fun family and client traditions.


#3 Amazon HQ2 - One Year Later

We are pleased to be joined by the Economic Director of Prince William, Christina Winn, CEO of the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, Stephanie Landrum, and President and CEO of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, Victor Hoskins. These three were instrumental in making Amazon HQ2 in Northern Virginia a reality. November 13 marks one year since the Amazon announcement and Christina, Stephanie and Victor share a few stories about how we got here, the impact on the...


#2 Collin Henderson, Master Your Mindset - Convention Preview

On this episode we spoke with one of our featured Convention speakers and author of Master Your Mindset, Collin Henderson! See Collin at the NVAR Convention & Trade Show on October 15!


#1 Realtor® Safety Month w/ Michelle Sagatov

Ever wondered when to call 911, or what to say if you’re in a scary situation? Tune in to the first episode of our very first podcast, Real Life, as we speak with Michelle Sagatov, a current Realtor and former Arlington Police officer in honor of Realtor Safety Month. Perfect for your Friday drive home or when on the road this weekend, our new 30 minute podcast series will deliver interesting storytellers who share their insight on the industry and trending topics.


Real Life from NVAR - Episode 0

Welcome to Real Life! The brand new podcast from the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors. We hope to bring you interesting interviews each month featuring Realtors and industry pros that can share their knowledge on the region and business. Know someone with a story to share? Let us know at Our first episode coming in September features Michelle Sagatov, a Realtor with Washington Fine Properties in Arlington. Michelle is a former Arlington police officer and shares...