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A podcast guaranteed to trigger your next ah-ha moment. Changing how leaders lead and smashing the status quo with each story we unfold. How will you be remembered?

A podcast guaranteed to trigger your next ah-ha moment. Changing how leaders lead and smashing the status quo with each story we unfold. How will you be remembered?


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A podcast guaranteed to trigger your next ah-ha moment. Changing how leaders lead and smashing the status quo with each story we unfold. How will you be remembered?






Episode 42: Anatomy of a High-Performing Team

Teams are incredibly complex to build. To inspire. To coach. To lead. So we decided to take a break from the day to day and reflect back on one of our highest performing teams at Rebel interactive group: new business. Bryn Tindall, the CEO & Owner of Rebel Interactive and Joe Martin, the Senior Director of Business Development at Rebel Interactive sit down with me to break down the anatomy of our high performing new business team. Everything from constant feedback to live coaching,...


Episode 41: The Caring Salesman

Which words come to mind when you think of a salesman? Car sales? Aggressive? Annoying? Sneaky? On today’s episode of the Rebel leadership Podcast, we’re talking to someone we consider to be a Caring Salesman. Yep, it’s possible. Scott Donofrio is one of our senior business development leads at Rebel Interactive Group and has built a reputation of authenticity, honesty, kindness, trust, and compassion for both his peers and his clients. He not only crushes it from a new business standpoint,...


Episode 40: Your Invisible Reputation

Above all the work you produce or professional successes you have, your invisible reputation means the most. This topic hits home for Lora Olivieri, Rebel Interactive Group's VP of Client Services. It's defined in how you make people feel behind the scenes, when no one else is watching. It's the Slack messages you send when you think no one will know. It's how you treat people in moments of stress or crisis. It's the time and attention you give to others; the credit you take (or don't)...


Episode 40: Patience Pays Off

How annoying is it when someone tells you to be patient? We’ve all been there. Patience in business is more than another way to say…. Just wait. It’s time. It’s trust. It’s knowing that there will be another side to this tough patch you’re going through, and keeping a positive attitude while you wait. On today’s episode, we’re talking to Andrew Hummel, Associate Business Strategist on our Strategy Team at Rebel Interactive Group. We recently bonded over a tough experience, so I asked...


Episode 39: The Juggle is Real

Add leadership to the mix of life’s great balancing act? And It’s a daily game of where to place your time and energy. On today’s episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast, we’re talking to Michael Diamond, the Academic Director of the Integrated Marketing Communications department at NYU's School of Professional Studies, within its Division of Programs in Business. Between balancing team dynamic, personal & professional shifts, responsibility and training, unlearning and relearning… The...


Episode 38: Whiteboard Magic

Ahhhh the blank sheet of paper. The blank Google Doc. The blank email. The PowerPoint you have yet to start. The paralysis that overcomes us when seeing it. There’s a tool that exists that’s consensus building, an ideas ignitor, a physical place to capture perspectives and challenge them… the whiteboard. On today’s episode of the rebel leadership podcast, BJ Kito, Rebel Interactive Group's Chief Strategy Officer, geeks out with me about the power of the whiteboard.


Episode 37: Stories of Courage: Bess Edition

Of all the emotions that come with leadership, one is most important: courage. When it feels hard. Scary. Daunting. When you feel doubt, uncertainty, stress, unknown. Something inside you draws you in — to lean into that moment and have the courage to do what’s right. On today’s episode, we’re talking to Bess Freedman, the CEO of Brown Harris Stevens. She oversees 55 offices and more than 2,300 agents across New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida. Under her leadership, Brown...


Episode 36: Vulnerability at Work

Vulnerability. It’s a tough topic to understand and even harder to embrace. Especially at work. Vulnerability at work isn’t about sharing your deepest darkest personal secrets — it is at the root of what fuels empowerment, honesty, authenticity… it is a core rebel leadership principle that I explore with our very own Rebel, Nikki Cassells. She’s on our Client Services team and recently joined our company in the fall of 2021. Quickly she has excelled in her role and had a very vulnerable...


Episode 35: The Dreaded Topic

It starts with a moment of courage. It feels like you’re about to drop a bomb on someone you care about. But it’s your ultimate responsibility to give it to them. Hard feedback. It’s a gift. And delivering it can be easier with a simple formula. Dave Jakubowski is the CEO of Ureeka and an avid investor and advisor to growth-stage companies. He is a lifelong learner and storyteller and gets real with us about some actual hard conversations he’s had and has to have soon. He shares his...


Episode 34: The Force Multiplier (Town Hall Edition)

If you’re skeptical about whether or not Rebellious Leadership can truly make an impact or change an organization, this episode will change your mind. We recorded this episode live on our agency-wide Town Hall meeting one day — 95 Rebels were gathered and get real, get vulnerable, and reflect on the force multiplier that is perpetual optimism. Special thanks to Emmy Gray, Eric Mayrhofer, Warren Hershkowitz, Elianna Reyes, David Givens, Mike Walker, Nikki Cassells, and Jonathan Mumby for...


Episode 33: Hiring 100,000

Can you imagine hiring 100 people in a year? Now picture hiring 100,000. On today’s episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast, I’m talking to Dan Black. He’s the Global Leader for Talent Attraction & Acquisition at Ernst & Young. And yep, he oversees the recruitment of EY’s global operations — that 100,000 number is his reality. We dig deep into rebel leadership at big business — how to speak truth to power, how to challenge status quo, how to have hard conversations for the good of the...


Episode 32: Positivity: It Costs Nothing

In late 2016, a 6-year old boy named Alex Myteberi wrote a letter to President Obama offering to help a five-year-old Syrian refugee boy — if you recall, the iconic image of the horrific conflict in Syria showed a young boy covered in blood and dust in an ambulance after his house in Aleppo was destroyed in a blast. Obama not only read Alex’s letter — but he celebrated his kindness at the White House, and as part of an international refugee speech. His mom, Val Myteberi, held back tears...


Episode 31: The Work is Worth It

Hard work. It’s often connected to producing things you can see or feel — it’s tangible. When you’re shifting from the ultimate producer of things, to leader of people… it’s uncomfortable. What you once described as hard work — physically producing deliverables and tangible things — now becomes putting in the time and effort onto becoming a better person, a better leader of people. In today’s episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast, I’m talking to Colleen Luby, the Director of Brand...


Episode 30: Leadership Is Experienced, Not Taught

On this episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast, the host mic is being flipped around. Following a meteoric rise within Rebel Interactive Group, Allison Minutillo will continue to help direct the cutting-edge digital marketing agency’s explosive growth as a partner in the firm. Rebel's Shannon King sits down with Allison to talk about her journey within Rebel, what co-ownership of the agency means, and why leadership can’t be taught, but can only truly be learned and experienced.


Episode 29: Creativity Unleashed

Has anyone ever told you to just come up with a few ideas? To some…easy peasy. To others… the most terrifying task ever. On today’s episode of the Rebel leadership podcast, I’m talking to Paul Pita, Chief Experience Officer at Rebel Interactive Group. He used to own his own agency and has been a creative all his life. We dive deep into the world of creativity and as leaders, how to unleash it in your organization.


Episode 28: Don't Sacrifice Who You Could Become

Every experience along your journey is worth it, whether you realize it or not. Who you are today doesn’t define who you will become tomorrow. If we get into the habit of pausing to reflect and listen to what those around us are trying to tell us — so we believe in it ourselves — opportunities will open and true transformation starts to happen. In this episode of The Rebel leadership podcast, we’re talking to two developers at different stages of their journey. Kyle Sheldon, a senior SaaS...


Episode 27: Navigating Ambition

The cold hard truth? There's no map for this. There's no GPS that tells you exactly what you need to do to get from your current position to the next level. For all of our listeners who aspire to be more, affect more, lead someday...this episode explores the details, work, and dedication it takes on the journey to becoming a leader. I guess you could consider this episode a map.


Episode 26: Art of the Ah-Ha Moment

The art of the ah-ha moment is a tricky thing. You can see it happening. A lightbulb. A revelation. A rebelation. But to arrive there requires self-reflection, a pause moment. Katy McGrath, our VP, Client Services at Rebel Interactive Group, tells her powerful story on today’s episode about the ah-ha she just experienced, and how she arrived there.


Episode 25: The Sweet Spot

When someone is in their sweet spot, magic happens. Leaders have a tremendous responsibility in finding the sweet spots of their employees. It’s a choice. They can either seek to understand each employee on a human level in order to learn what truly drives and motivates them, or they can simply have them do the job they were hired to do. When you allow people the freedom to work on what fills their cup — lights them up — it’s a movement that can take businesses to greater heights they...


Episode 24: Affirmation: A Love Language

One simple question managers or leaders can ask that has the power to change the dynamic between themselves and those around them: “What motivates you in the day to day?” I sent a quick email back to Emmy Gray the other day, boosting her up for handling a very complex client communication with poise and clarity. She’s a strategic client relationship lead in our company — and that job is very intense. It’s filled with a lot of emotions and complexities and pressure from all angles —...