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Job. Hunting. Sucks... Recruiting Hell takes a look at some of the more frustrating aspects of today's job hunt and helps you find tools to succeed in it.

Job. Hunting. Sucks... Recruiting Hell takes a look at some of the more frustrating aspects of today's job hunt and helps you find tools to succeed in it.


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Job. Hunting. Sucks... Recruiting Hell takes a look at some of the more frustrating aspects of today's job hunt and helps you find tools to succeed in it.




Autheticity is Key - Ft. Roger Wolkoff

"Just be yourself!" tired advice or hidden gem? You might be surprised... Roger Wolkoff, We'll talk about: - The 4 best questions to help find out if a company is the right fit for you. - What is EQ? - When Being "Authentic" isn't actually authentic - and so much more. Guest: Roger Wolkoff - All About Authenticity - Welcome to Season 3 of Recruiting Hell, sponsored by . Visit to potentially end your job search today and support the show...


Changing Collars - White to Blue - ft. Brad Herda

White collar jobs vanished in 2020, and in our season opener, Brad Herda joins us to find out what you can do to pivot into a new career into the trades. We'll talk about: - the training process for trades - what to expect from businesses when it comes to hiring - how to find and contact your local trade halls - and so much more. Guest: Brad Herda - President and CEO of Vision Forward Business Solutions LLC and Co-host of the new podcast "Blue Collar BS"! Welcome to Season 3 of...


The Descent... (Season 3 Trailer)

Season 3 is on its way and it's been a big effort. With our focus on content and community, we humbly present our new trailer to you our community as a sign of what is to come in season 3; namely better ways to help your job hunt and better ways to deliver that to you. Please enjoy and leave us a rating on your favorite platform if you like the direction things are headed! ~Robb


Season 2 Finale - Ft. Mike Rollins

The season Finale is here for Recruiting Hell. Guest host Mike Rollins takes over the show and helps Robb recap where we've been, where we're going for season 3, and tackles Robb's TOP 10 JOB TIPS for 2021. It's all here, and it's a barn burner of a send off. Guest: Michael Rollins


Episode 39 - Engineering your Own Promotion

Engineering Your Own Promotion: Robb discusses some of the strategies he's used at past organizations to help make promotions self generate and talks about the steps you can take to show those in your organization you mean business when it comes to doing more and getting more responsibility and pay in a new or improved role. Also, what the heck is MICRO NETWORKING?! You're only going to find out here! -- (Episode 39: Season 2, Episode 19) Guest: None


Minisode: Ageproofing Recap - Micro Episode 2

In our second mini episode, Robb recaps some outstanding feedback and thoughts for all ages after his PONG Milwaukee speaking engagement.


Episode 38 - Ageproofing your Resume - Live at PONG MIlwaukee

Epsiode 38: Ageproofing your Resume (LIVE at PONG Milwaukee 2/1/21). Tune in for an extra special, extra large edition of the show all about making your resume a living document. Bear in mind this is ONLY my channel of audio from the presentations due to privacy concerns from attendees. This episode is presented uncut and with minimal edits to preserve its presentation format. An accompanying power point is available at . Guest: None


Episode 37 - Unlock Remote Jobs with CareerVault - Ft Demi Yang

Episode 37 (Season 2, Episode 17): So many times we fire up the web browser for our job hunt only to find the same 5 job sites. The big guys, you know 'em. What if there was a better way to job search in these crazy times? Considering working remote? This Episode is for you! Guest - Demi Yang of .


Episode 36 - Betting on YOU - Ft Laurie Reuttimann of Punk Rock HR

Episode 36 - (Season 2, Episode 16) Author and all around amazing person, Laurie Reuttimann joins Robb for discussion about her new book, "Betting on YOU". Covering why you're the only safe bet for your career as well as techniques never heard on this show before, Laurie's energy, generosity, and charisma are a true treat in our most influential episode ever. (Guest: Laurie Ruettimann of , author of "Betting on YOU" and host of Punk Rock HR)


Episode 35 - The Hydra Method

Episode 35: (Season 2 Episode 15): The interview process can be so boring, but when you actually have some success is one of the most dangerous times in your job hunt emotionally. Today, we learn about a revolutionary style of hiring that I encountered for the first time this week, and also my newest strategy to help you deal with disappointment from rejection and shore up your job pipeline at the same time. Guest: None.


Episode 34 - Escapee Edition II Ft Jess Bajwa and Francine Parham

Episode 34: Escapee Edition 2 (Season 2 episode 14): It's amazing what a simple LinkedIn post can lead to. Robb invites one of his longest time listeners on to discuss her recent new position and how vulnerability, networking, and honesty made a great opportunity for her, and the steps she's willing to share with you to do the same. PLUS: We take it a step further and bring her new employer on to boot! Guests: Jessica Bajwa and Francine Parham of


Episode 33 - Real - New Year New Hustle

2020 is OVER, and you need to make sure you hit 2021 running. These 3 recommendations can help make sure you have the best chance to ride the rebound (Hopefully!) that comes in 2021 for hiring and get a new job. (Guest: none)


Episode 32 - LinkedIn Crash Course - Ft Chelsea Berg

Episode 32: LinkedIn Crash Course. Robb dives into the biggest listener requested topic of 2020, "How the heck do I make LinkedIn start to work for ME?!" With his guest, who is coming back to the LinkedIn Scene, they dive into the strategies that ANYONE can do to start building their network on LinkedIn... and the best part is, they're all FREE. Ft. Chelsea Berg - @ChelseaWandering


Episode 31 -Buying Yourself a Job?! - Ft. James Aiken of Legacy Search

Episode 31 - Can you BUY yourself a job these days? Our guest James Aiken discusses that and how to increase the number of offers you get for a job here on episode 31 of Recruiting Hell. Additional topics include more techniques to market yourself as a better candidate and followup strategies for helping to boost the number of interviews and offers you get. Guest: James Aiken of


Episode 30-9 - Retargetting and Marketing Minisode 1

Episode 30.9 (Season 2 Extra Mini Episode 1) - 12/16/2020's release of Episode 31 has an incredible strategy to help someone potentially find a job, however to ensure that every listener has the knowledge required to fully appreciate the concept, the first ever Recruiting Hell Mini episode was made to help get folks up to speed on some marketing jargon and concepts that will make the main event of Episode 31 shine. (Guest: none)


Episode 30 - Pre interview Questions

Episode 30 (Season 2: Episode 10): The shoe is on the other foot with pre-interview questions you should be asking recruiters and HR when they call. Making sure an interview makes sense for you to take so that you can perform your best is critical. Even the playing field with our questions that help ensure you and your interviewer are on even footing. Prep for panel interviews by asking the question that makes hiring managers tip their hand. Recruiting Hell has the answers here in this...


Episode 29 What the HECK do I ask after an interview?!

Episode 29 (Season 2: Episode 9): We've all been in that hot seat, when an interviewer turns to us and says, "What questions do YOU have about the position." We all know the wrong answer is to say "None", but what's the right answer and how should we go about tackling that before we wind up in that situation. Recruiting Hell has the answers here in this first part of our December Doubleheader on the Questions YOU should ask recruiters. Guest: None


Episode 28 - Attitude of Gratitude -Thanksgiving 2020

Attitude of Gratitude - Thanksgiving 2020 SHOW SUMMARY: Thanksgiving this year is definitely a challenge. So many have lost so much, from jobs to loved ones. There is still much to be thankful for and this episode digs deep into some powerful concepts that have helped me in the past 6 years;The Secret and The Abundance Spiral. Moving out of a negativity and scarcity mindset is incredibly important to your job hunt, and ensuring you can do this while still retaining the breadth of emotion...


Episode 27 - Cruit Scout - Virtual Job Fairs Ft Yalanda Taylor

EPISODE 27 (Season 2 Episode 7) SHOW SUMMARY - Online job application processes are stale as all get out. aims to change that by helping you attend a virtual career fair for multiple employers all at once. Spending a short time filling out a single form to be presented to multiple employers is the fast and easy way to find new opportunities and also even the playing field for you, the applicant. Developed by a 20 year HR veteran, she joins the show to not only talk about her...


Episode 26 - Transitioning to the Civilian Job Hunt (Veterans' Day Special)

Episode 26 (Season 2 Episode 6): Recruiting Hell salutes the Armed Forces in a special episode dedicated to the post service job hunt. Even if you haven't served your country as a part of the military, the tactics and tips in this episode are easily applied to civilian job searches as well. This episode is full of actionable tips for vets and civilians alike as they discuss starting from scratch on LinkedIn, the importance of having a security clearance, and so much more. Guest: Cam Macias,...