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He Sold $6M of Solar Eclipse Glasses on Amazon | Brock Johnson | Reezy Talks #53

Brock Johnson has an amazing story to tell you. Its the story of how he left the 9-5 world. Fueled by a huge RA Radio Shack closeout score, he was hooked. But thats just where it began. In 2017 Brock had the foresight to sell solar eclipse glasses. What he didn't know at the time, is that it would end up with him selling over $6 Million dollars of them! Follow Brock on YT and IG Grab my FREE Amazon...


FBA fees are going down?? - Reezy Talks #68

Amazon fees are going down. Yes you heard me right. This has never happened before and I know what you're thinking.. "whats the catch" right? Well thats why I brought Caleb Roth on here to discuss all the details and specifically how it will affect book sellers. Follow Caleb over at Grab my free course at Checkout tools and software I use and recommend here


1yr Anniversary Episode!!! Reezy Raps - Reezy Talks #52

I cant believe, I have been doing this show for a year now! This is pretty insane, and represents one of the largest projects I have ever been a part of. Im really glad to be able to provide value to you guys and at the same time, do something I love to do, which is talk, help, make videos etc! Thanks for tuning in :) Warning; I may or may not end up rapping at the end of this one... sorry, I was just that hype. Sign up for my free Amazon Course here


Selling Used Shoes in Bulk | Miggidy Miggidy Mike | Reezy Talks #51

Selling Used Shoes in Bulk | Miggidy Miggidy Mike | Reezy Talks #51 In this episode, I talk w a very successful ebay/amazon seller who has a specialty in used shoes and books. We discussed all sorts of topics, from sourcing, to prep, to storage, shipping, average profit per pair, overhead, hiring help etc. Very informative episode Mike's Insta Visit my website checkout the supplies I use to run my Amazon store...


Professional Couponer @CouponQueenOrlando - Reezy Talks #50

CouponQueenOrlando is MF a BEAST!!!! Literally, she is a hustler in the purest sense of the word, dont believe me? Just listen to this podcast, or follow her on instagram, she is straight robbing stores (legally). This pumps me up, and reminds me of when I had a short stint as an extreme couponer Follow her on instagram: Checkout my mastermind:


Reselling in Canada - Josh Profits & ToonieFlip - Reezy Talks #49

This year I was blessed with the opportunity to add another country to my travels list, and this time it was our neighbor up north, Canada. While there, I met Josh and Cris and we talked a lot about the differences between Canada and US reselling, including ways we could both take advantage of it. Some real gems in here! Show some love to the guests Josh's Youtube Joshs Instagram Cris's Instagram Video...


Poshmark 101 w/ The Deal Queen - Reezy Talks #48

If you have ever wanted to sell clothing online or were interested in Poshmark, this episode is gonna be killer for you! Alexandria has spoken at Poshfest and is one of the most successful Poshers that I know Follow TheDealQueen at the links below: Instagram: Youtube: ------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE Buy my book Checkout my merch...


Reselling as a Vehicle - Zach Rosas - Reezy Talks #47

If you don't know who Zach Rosas is, youre about to find out. Zach is an extremely ambitious hustler who has a IDGAF attitude, and is quite successful with any ecommerce venture he gets his hands on. He resells, he does private label, he has his own clothing brand, he teaches others. Just a cool cat, and his ambition is extremely inspiring. Follow Zach's journey at the links below:


Half a Million on Ebay - Vogue Squared - Josh Mcallary Reezy Talks #46

Make sure to checkout Josh's Instagram For a free month of Bench accounting click here Join my Patreon


Ebay Sneakers Fulltime - Ken The Hustle Bee - Reezy Talks #45

Meet Ken, @TheHustleBee !! Ken sells primarily Nike shoes on Ebay. Hes not approved to sell Nike on Amazon, but he didnt let that hold him back from making a full-time income selling on Ebay. Learn his story and get some great tips from him regarding flipping shoes on ebay and just having the drive to continue going for your dreams Follow Ken on instagram


The Art of Finesse - Retail Arbitrage w/ @FlipaDollar

Anthony AKA FlipaDollar is a savvy retail arbitrage seller from Philly and a self proclaimed Digital Trapper. He's also known as the Finesse Father, he is the king of making RA relationships that benefit his business tremendously. Hes also super savvy w shipping, he ships most of his shipments to FBA from the parking lot of the same store he just bought the stuff from. He does this using ipads, a wireless printer etc, hes killing it. Youll definitely learn from this one Follow him on...


How to Start - Reezy Talks #43

How to get started! Please make sure you are subscribed to my youtube channel Also checkout my facebook group If you want to be part of my exclusive Ninja group, please join via my Patreon


Scaling Merch by Amazon w/ RJ Martinez - Reezy Talks #42

I learned almost everything I know about Merch by Amazon and print on demand from RJ. The kid is smart, driven, and hard working. Pay attention to him and whatever he's doing, youre guaranteed to level up. Real Talk. follow RJ on instagram Follow RJ on youtube We talked about Merchinformer, check that out here And Merchinator


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ft Chris Dunn TV - Reezy Talks #41

Please note that this was recorded DEC 11th 2017, and as such is over 4 months old and the market has changed a lot, so prices mentioned might not make sense anymore. Still lots of great info, and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to see more, please checkout my youtube channel SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE


How to Get 20K Followers on Instagram

This is exactly how I grew my instagram account to 20K which is now sitting at 34K followers. If you want to grow your instagram account, for business, or your personal brand, some if not all of these tactics will help you. Follow me


Social Media Keynote @ Scanpower Conference

Big shout out to Chris green for giving me the opportunity to drop this speech. This was my 2nd time speaking, and was my first time speaking in regards to social media/personal branding. I made a vlog for this trip, you can see that here Below are some software tools I use that can make you some money, they all have free trials, and I recommend you check them out Tactical Arbitrage Eflip...


Hustle like a Mother! w/ Hustle at Home Mom - Reezy Talks #40

Ashley AKA Cashley AKA Hustle at Home Mom is one of the sweetest most genuine Amazon sellers you will meet. As much as she seems like things are out of control, I can assure you she is fully in control. she runs a successful Amazon FBA & Ebay business and handles a full mom/wife duty including taking care of her 2 boys (they are super cute!) She is the next gen Stay at Home Mom. I like to think of her as the modern day Rosie the Riveter (real talk) Follow her on instagram...


Merch By Amazon Tips W Hustler Hacks AKA Glen Zubia Reezy Talks #39

This episode with Glen Zubia Hustler Hacks is based mostly around Merch by Amazon, but also touches on a lot of other Amazon topics, including retail arbitrage and Amazon FBA. We also talk a bit about his trip to visit Garyvee. checkout Glens Website Checkout his Merch by Amazon Podcast w/ Yong Thanks to our Sponsor; Payability Get $100 in account credits!! check them out at GO.PAYABILITY.COM/REEZY



If you dont listen to this episode, and you didnt do the research concerning the new FBA long term storage fee structures on Amazon, you could easily go out of business. Let Caleb Roth, the data wizard explain what these changes mean to you, and even better yet, he's using my inventory data to explain it to you. Get your notebook out! Some of the stuff we mention are Scout IQ Free Trial Eflip 21 day FREE trial Accelerlist...


Eflip & Scout IQ Creator Caleb Roth the Data God | Reezy Talks #038

We are blessed to have Caleb Roth on tonights episode! In this episode we discuss Eflips new add-on "Eflip Outliers" where Caleb found profitable flips live that the youtube viewers bought and flipped for profit. We also discussed his book scanning app SCOUTIQ and how it changed the game. Its also my preferred book scouting app now Link to Eflip FREEE Trial Link to ScoutIQ FREE trial Link to Calebs website...