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If you're ready to take charge of your career, you need a career strategy first. Join us as we discuss how to reinvent your workplace relevance so you can find your next job and find joy in doing your best work.

If you're ready to take charge of your career, you need a career strategy first. Join us as we discuss how to reinvent your workplace relevance so you can find your next job and find joy in doing your best work.


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If you're ready to take charge of your career, you need a career strategy first. Join us as we discuss how to reinvent your workplace relevance so you can find your next job and find joy in doing your best work.








Starting strong in today's working world - Darius Darling

Young professionals have immense freedom in how they work and that can be overwhelming! How you start your career can have an impact well into your retirement, so playing the cards you are dealt is critical. Join us as we chat with Darius Darling about his career journey so far, what he's learned along the way, and what we all need to know going forward.


Ready, Set Present! Getting your message across with Kyle Murtagh

Have you ever tried to connect with a person but you just couldn't seem to get them to understand what you were trying to say? We all have! In the job search, how you present your reputation and qualifications in an interview are critical factors in who advances, who gets cut, and who ultimately wins the offer. Tune in as we chat with Kyle Murtagh of Confidence by Design to discuss the power of presentation and learn some useful tips to keep in the game.


Getting your career ready for 2021: End of year preparations with Michelle Merritt

Tune in to our tips and tricks episode as Merrfeld founder Michelle Merritt and Jason talk about what job seekers, career changers, and anyone who works for a living need to think about to be ready to succeed in 2021.


Imagine the Possibilities: Unleashing creativity in your career with Dan Nestle

Our guest this week is Dan Nestle, creativity coach. Learn about his sideline that led him to tap into the power of creativity and how you can leverage your inner abilities to find the work you enjoy.


Taking a chance on work you can enjoy: Matt Wiliford

Reinvent Relevance Season 2 Episode 5 People often talk about a career change to pivot to a job they enjoy, but few actually do it. Listen in to hear Matt's story on his journey to success and how he took his love of food and made it his next career. Learn how he planned and executed his job pivot on this episode of Reinvent Relevance- the podcast for people doing work worth doing.


Military to Civilian Employment: A success story - D'Juan Wilcher



Higher Education and Hire Education - College and your job search with Cindy Verduce

So you have earned a degree or you have one already - what can you do with it? Does it still hold the career weight it used to? Join us as we chat with Cindy Verduce, Director of the Career Center at Indiana Tech and we will discuss how higher education matters to the job seeker in today's market.


Making an career impact with your personal image - Karyl Eckerle

Join us as we chat with Karyl Eckerle of Image Impact Group to discuss how intentional personal branding can give the job seeker the edge in the interview and beyond.


Season 2 Episode 1- 'Find Work Worth Doing'

We kick off Season 2 by taking about the launch of the new book! So check out “Find Work Worth Doing: The Handbook for Creating a Meaningful Career” in the Amazon Kindle Store and in paperback! You can find it here: To reach out and find out more about how we can help you get your career on the right track, visit us at our website and hit 'make appointment' to talk to us.


Episode 15: Adam Burtrom - legal questions & your career

Starting a new job is always exciting, but don’t let the excitement cloud your judgement which can lead you to make costly legal mistakes in the process. Listen in as we ask attorney Adam Bartrom what we need to know as we exit and enter our employment situation.


Episode 14: Andy Mork - Using Video in the workplace

Are you uncomfortable being on camera? Hate hearing or seeing yourself on screen? The time to get past those negative feelings is now! The Pandemic has forced some business that was normally conducted face-to-face into the digital arena. More people are connecting via video that ever before. Andy Mork from Mork Productions produces videos for businesses and he shares some great tips on how you can improve your skills in video. Join us and learn how your comfort level on camera can improve...


Episode 13: Patti Hayes - Picking your Career Path

Building a career you love isn’t always about making big changes. Sometimes it’s about finding ways to grow in the same profession and//or organization your passionate about. This week we welcome Patti Hays to the Reinvent Relevant podcast. Patti turned her passion for people and their health into a nursing career. She decided to build on that passion and move into leadership where she became a senior executive with the Lutheran Health Network in Fort Wayne After have a great...


Episode 12: Danyele Easterhaus - Pivoting into work you love

Ever wonder how you move from one career field to another? Many people want to, but very few ever do! Join us to learn how Danyelle moved from being an engineer to NPO executive and learn that it can be done. To learn more about Student Impact of Westfield:


Episode 11: Tim Campsall - Following the Call of Entreprenuership

Have you ever wanted to start a business? Tim took charge of his career path and now he coaches fellow business owners on how to make certain their businesses create successful outcomes.


Episode 10: Linkedin Career Marketing with Anthony Juliano



Episode 9: Degrees Are Not Destiny with Julia Megan Sullivan

Do you have a degree? Are you working in the field you studied? There's a possibility you're not! Join us as we chat with Julia Megan Sullivan and discuss how what you learn in school doesn't limit you to just one career path.


Episode 8: Keeping you lifelong learning on track

It's easy to keep track of your training and development when it's mandated by someone else. But when you manage your own there's a greater risk of things going off the rails. Making a plan can mean the difference between success and regret. #podcast #career #lifelonglearning


Episode 7: Interview with Dottie Davis of Davis Corporate Training

What's is like to be one of the only on of your gender on the police force? How do you move up? Dottie sits down with Jason and share how lifelong learning helped her advance up the ranks to chief then pivot to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Episode 6: Social Media for Career Seekers

Today's career change seekers need to leverage their social media presence to help, not harm, their chances of landing their next job.


Episode 5 - Working with Recruiters

Can recruiters help you in your job search? Are they the answer to everything you need? Knowing how to deal with them can make the difference in getting selected for the open position.