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EP166 Rental Property Maintenance, Contractors, and Dealing with City Inspections with Amanda Szabo & Tom Harrold

Hiring Contractors, handling Maintenance issues and dealing with City Inspections are a reality of owning residential rental property. The level of efficiency and quality employed in handling these issues can either add huge value or create huge problems for your investment properties. It can be helpful to understand the best practices employed by the professionals in our industry to make sure we're following the rules and not wasting money. That's why today's conversation is a must listen...


EP165 Making Your Money When You Buy and the Three Rules of Investing in Multifamily with Joseph Gozlan

Joseph Gozlan is a Multifamily Investment Specialist with a portfolio of over 500 units in strong secondary markets in Texas. He's also a former lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Force and has over 17 years of leadership experiences in the software industry, which helped him sharpen his business and analytical skills as well as his "big picture" perspective. Joseph is also a fascinating guy with a lot of great real estate wisdom to share. In today's conversation Joseph takes us through his...


EP164 Real Estate Investor Tax Update and Opportunity Zones with Duane Culver

Last year we saw the passage of the Trump Administration's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which created opportunities for investors and small business owners to lower the amount of taxes owed. However, there were still some outstanding questions that needed to be answered. Luckily we have Duane Culver back on the show today to shed some light on those lingering questions and how they apply to your 2018 tax preparation. Duane is a CPA and President of Culver CPA Group. Today he'll give us the...


EP163 Building Rapport with Sellers, Finding Off-Market Deals, and Impressing Your Investors with Sterling White

My guest today started investing in Real Estate by buying and selling over 100 single family homes before transitioning into multifamily. Within 3 years he went from owning zero to 300 units across the country! Sterling White is an investor and business owner on a mission to make the world a better place through principled and efficient real estate investment. He's also helped other investors raise money for their deals and attract private money through a software platform he co-developed...


Special 'Gritty to Pretty' Announcement and Annual Conference Update

In this quick update, Jeremy Cole and I share an important announcement about two events you don't want to miss: First off, today (Thursday, February 21, 2019) is the first day of the RPOA's Annual FREE Conference & Expo, and there will be a special Q&A session tonight at 6pm with the stars of HGTV/DIY's hit show 'Gritty to Pretty'. Arrive early for the 5:30 happy hour and chance to meet Jeremy and Ramon Huerta live! You will also have the opportunity to watch their show this Saturday,...


EP162 Commercial and Multi-Family Investing with Sue Nelson

Sue Nelson has constructed almost every type of creative real estate deal: commercial short sales, loan modifications, options, master leases, JV agreements, and note buys. You name it, she's done it! That's why I actually joined Sue's coaching group several years back - I knew that I could learn from her experiences to help get me to the next level as a real estate investor. And today Sue is going to talk about the different ways she's invested in Multi-Family and Apartment Real Estate....


Special Invitation to the RPOA's FREE Conference & Expo

You've heard us talk about it, and you've listened to the episodes with our featured speakers from all over the country. Now its time for you to make the commitment to be there at the "Michigan Landlord & Real Estate Investor FREE Conference & Expo of 2019", happening February 21, 22, & 23 right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In this special episode, Clay Powell and I discuss all of the fantastic featured speakers, breakout sessions, and opportunities for networking with other like-minded...


EP161 Increasing Your Rental Cashflow by the Thousands with Jeffrey Taylor, a.k.a. "Mr. Landlord"

37 years ago, Jeffrey Taylor and his wife became accidental landlords. But they had no way of knowing that long ago, that the mistakes they were making and the challenges they were facing, would someday go on to inspire tens-of-thousands of real estate investors and landlords across the country. Today you will find out how Jeffrey Taylor transitioned from being a full-time school teacher into Mr. Landlord, a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and author who has spent the past 34 years...


EP160 Short-Term & Vacation Rental Investing with Beth Carson

Short-Term & Vacation Rentals like Airbnb are getting a lot of interest from investors because of their potential for exponentially increasing your income. My guest today, Beth Carson, helps investors and vacation rental owners make as much money as possible out of their investment. Beth has been in the hospitality industry for 18 years working with mini-resorts and high-end homes, and has helped investors go from losing millions a year to being profitable in one month. Beth is a...


EP159 Self–Storage Investing with Scott Meyers

Today we're going to talk about a real estate asset-class that I love. It's one where you have renters, but they don't live in the property. You quite often don't have to worry about heat or water, and when someone moves out you can sweep their unit clean and move someone else in the very same day. I'm talking about Self-Storage investing, and my guest today, Scott Meyers, is going to show us how this can be a great way to create massive cash flow without all of the downside associated with...


EP158 Mobile Home Investing Systems, Management & Mastery with Marco Kozlowski

Many investors are turning to mobile home investing to avoid the crazy competition in the real estate market for rentals and flips—and they’re succeeding! Mobile homes are sometimes the only alternative for those families with less money to spend on rent. My guest today, Marco Kozlowski, believes that anyone can achieve success in real estate and is betting that mobile home investing is the fastest and best way to achieve that dream in today’s market. Marco shares specific examples of the...


EP157 Where to Get More Money to Do More Real Estate Deals with Alan Cowgill

One of the biggest questions real estate investors have is "where can I get More Money to do More deals?". Or, if you're just starting out, how can you find the funds to do your first deal? My guest today has the answers. Alan Cowgill teaches investors around the world how to find Win-Win situations and attract and convert folks into Private Money Lenders to get all the money you need to get deals done. Alan will discuss how he first stumbled upon the power of using private money, the...


EP156 The Nuts & Bolts of Rehabbing & Flipping For Profit with Cameron Gaskill

Cameron Gaskill didn't start in Real Estate Investing from a place of wealth or privilege. He was struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck. When he would tell people he wanted to become a real estate investor they would laugh at him. After disaster struck he decided to follow his dream, and he's since rehabbed and flipped over 800 houses in Florida. Today Cameron is going to take us through his successful process of rehabbing and flipping, working with contractors, and...


EP155 From Apartment Syndication to Purchasing Distressed Mortgages with Adam Adams

My guest today is an experienced buyer of Non-Performing Notes who got his start investing in Multifamily and Syndicating Apartment opportunities. Adam Adams' first deal was an 11-unit apartment complex, and he has bought and sold over 500 units. Currently he's a net-seller. Adam jumped into buying Non-Performing Notes by buying a pool (multiple notes) for just under $1 Million. We're going to discuss that pool today, and Adam will share how he was able to profit while helping home-owners...


EP154 How He Made and Lost Millions in Real Estate, Market Cycles, and Qualified Retirement Plans V.S. SDIRAs with Damion Lupo

My guest today is a really interesting guy with a lot of great stories to tell. Damion Lupo has a 5th degree black belt in real estate investing, and he's a financial transformation architect. You'll have to listen to this episode to understand what both of those mean. You'll also want to listen and learn how Damion built up a portfolio worth $20 million, and then lost much of it in the Great Recession. Damion shares many of his crazy stories about losing money, dealing with tenants, and...


EP153 How He Quit His Job and Built a $65 Million Multifamily Portfolio Buying Off-Market Properties with James Kandasamy

James Kandasamy has built an impressive portfolio of Value-Add Multifamily and Apartment Properties in San Antonio Texas. He currently controls over 1,000 units worth $65 Million and oversees the management and construction through his company Achieve Investment Group. Today James tells us how he did it: why & how he transitioned from purchasing single-family homes through the BRRR strategy to investing in multifamily, how he identified and acquired value-add properties, and how he bypassed...


EP152 A Roller Coaster Ride through the Great Recession, Cutting Your Losses, and Investing in Discounted Mortgages with Kyle Zimpleman

Kyle Zimpleman has a really great story to tell about his roller-coaster ride through the Great Recession - how he began investing in single & multifamily properties, why he got rid of them too soon, and the emotions he experienced during the ups and down's of the recessionary market cycle. Today Kyle is the President & CEO of Expand Capital Group which purchases discounted mortgages throughout the U.S. On this episode Kyle is going to share his stories of the great investments he made in...


EP151 Investing in Out-Of-State Multifamily, Mastering Meetup Groups, and Miracle Mornings with Powell Chee

Powell Chee bought his first Single Family Rental in Kansas City by using his Credit Cards to pay All Cash. His next purchase was a 40-Unit Multi-Family in Indianapolis, and Powell has been asset managing and improving this property while living and working in Los Angeles, California. Today Powell and I have a fun conversation discussing the process he went through to find, fund, and improve these investments, and the mistakes he's made along the way. Powell will share his thoughts on the...


EP150 Managing Risk & Adding Value With Your Rental Property Insurance with Mike Murphy

Today we're going to talk about an item that every Rental Property Owner has, but many of us don't think about or understand until something Bad Happens. I'm talking about Your Rental Property Insurance Policy. There are many ways that you can use Insurance to protect your wealth and property, and there are many ways to make mistakes that will cost you money if and when the time ever comes that you need to make a claim against that insurance policy. So I've invited my Insurance Broker,...


EP149 Breaking Up with Your Property Management Company and Going It Alone with Ben Blake

Quite often real estate investors start out by managing their own properties and once they acquire a certain number of units they decide to hire a Third-Party Professional Property Management Company to looks after their portfolio. My guest today decided to go in the opposite direction. After working with several property management companies, Ben Blake figured that he could save himself money and headaches by taking control of the property management on his 12-unit portfolio in Grand...