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What started as a podcast exploring B Corps and B Corp certification, has turned into a show dedicated to elevating the efforts of businesses solving some of the biggest challenges facing people and the planet. Come learn along side hosts Brittany Angelo and Benn Marine as they seek out answers to how businesses can leverage consumer spending as a force for good. Brought to you by certified B Corp and 1% for the planet member Dirigo Collective.


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What started as a podcast exploring B Corps and B Corp certification, has turned into a show dedicated to elevating the efforts of businesses solving some of the biggest challenges facing people and the planet. Come learn along side hosts Brittany Angelo and Benn Marine as they seek out answers to how businesses can leverage consumer spending as a force for good. Brought to you by certified B Corp and 1% for the planet member Dirigo Collective.






Curious Coworkers: with Special Guest, Anne Richardson

Meet Anne Richardson, the dynamic personality behind the B Corp certified Richardson Media Group, and dive into her inspiring journey of podcasting. We love how she's leveraged her media planning and buying SEO agency to create a platform for meaningful conversations. In this episode, we get personal about our shared love for podcasting, and how our values have influenced our business choices. We chat about the joy we've found in collaborating with the B Corp community and the exciting work we've been doing with the UNH B Impact Clinic and the B Corp Leadership Development Conference. Anne's podcast, BSuite has a unique story behind its name, and the narrative continues to evolve with each episode. It all began with her love for media kits, her fascination with oral traditions, and now her podcast is a testament to how these early experiences have shaped her career. We also shed light on a uniquely inspiring guest of hers - a man from New York City who paints bee murals as a metaphor for self-sustaining life. We also get real about intergenerational conversations in the workplace. She has been part of a small lunch group that bridges a ten-year age gap, and the richness of these discussions has been profound for her. Anne touches upon the podcast episode where she had this group of women on her podcast. We'll also touch upon the upcoming panel with NHBSR, where we'll emphasize the importance of not stereotyping individuals based on their age, gender, or identity. Our mini-podcast series on empowering women has brought fresh perspectives to the table, and we discuss how to strike a delicate balance between offering advice and sounding preachy. So join us as we embark on this engaging podcast journey, where we promise enlightening insights, hearty laughs, and thought-provoking conversations. New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) Richardson Media Group BSuite Podcast Dirigo Collective Website


The Power of Collective Climate Action with Tradewater's Jenny Morgan

Ready to unearth some mechanisms behind combating greenhouse gases and climate change? Join me in this enlightening conversation with Jenny Morgan, a passionate environmental justice advocate, and Market Development Manager at Tradewater. We dive straight into Tradewater's remarkable work in managing halocarbons and methane equivalent to a staggering 6.7 million metric tons of CO2, and the profound impact this has on our environment. The episode takes a fascinating turn as we brave the choppy waters of cancel culture, greenwashing, and greenHUSHING. We break down how these controversial topics shape climate discourse and the cascading effects they have on brands like Windex and Nature Valley. Striking an optimistic note, we reveal how you can be a catalyst for change, starting with the power of your dollar. Then, we peel back the layers of the complex task of plugging orphaned oil and gas wells and the environmental hazards posed by leaking methane. No stone is left unturned as we delve into the transformative power of collective action in curbing climate change. We share inspiring stories from Tradewater's impactful initiatives in Ghana and the courageous individuals on the frontlines of environmental conservation. The conversation takes a serious turn as we reflect on the ramifications of the Supreme Court's decision to lift federal protections for the majority of our wetlands. We round up the episode with a detailed discussion on B Corp certification, the insidious influence of greenwashing, and the potential of collective action to make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. Learn more at; Drawdown Solutions Library | Project Drawdown, and Giving Green | High-impact climate giving. Dirigo Collective Website


Curious Coworkers: Responsible Banking Choices

What if your banking choices could significantly reduce your carbon footprint? Welcome to a journey where we navigate the environmental and social impacts of banking. Inspired by Charlie Cummings of Walden Mutual Bank's profound comparison of an average American's carbon footprint to a lump sum in a bank account, we explore how your financial decisions can make a real difference. Drawing insights from our research and our experiences, we offer practical advice and resources for making responsible banking choices. Ever thought your banking practices could reflect your personal values? Find out how banking with credit unions and entities like Aspirations Bank can uplift local economies and communities. Aspirations Bank, a certified B Corp and a 1% for the planet member, exemplify how your debit card usage can actively offset your carbon footprint. We delve into the benefits of aligning your financial decisions with your convictions and explore how Conscious Coalition provides 10% cashback when we shop with certain businesses. Now, what if we told you ESG wasn't just three random letters but held the key to understanding banking's impact on the environment, people, and communities? Join us as we dissect ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) and its relevance in banking. We discuss the disparities in banking, focusing on how communities of color have been historically denied wealth-building opportunities. To elucidate this, we take you through the history of Black-owned banks in the US and their commitment to their communities. Let's make sense of the past, challenge the present, and build a brighter future together! Quotes: "$125,000 in a bank account is equivalent to an entire year of the average American's carbon impact. So an entire year of eating, driving, flying, buying, etc. All those behaviors are the same as $125,000 parked in a bank account with one of the top five banks in the country. And the reason is because those same five institutions are the single largest funders of fossil fuel development in the world."- Charley Cummings “When 70% of African Americans don’t have a bank branch in their neighborhood, it suggests to me that they are much further away from the American Dream.” - Kenneth Kelly, chairman and CEO of First Independence bank in Detroit Links: Aspiration BankConscience Coalition ListPlanet Protect by offsetting your fuelREI and Capital One PartnershipWhy we need Black-Owned BanksThe Black Businessman Who Built and Empire Despite Jim Crow OppressionOur Episode with PayActiveBooks: Let Us Put Our Money Together: The Founding of America's First Black BanksThe Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated AmericaThings we didn't talk about but still helpful! ESG & B Corps Event Tickets,Dirigo Collective Website


B Local Series: Stepping into the Right Room with Nathan Stuck of B Local Georgia

Have you ever found yourself in the right room at the right time, and it remarkably changed the course of your life? That's precisely what happens most days to our guest, Nathan Stuck. An unexpected invitation to the B Summit in Amsterdam shifted his career and led him to start championing the B Local movement in Georgia. From his vibrant upbringing across the United States to his philosophy of placing oneself in the right situations, Nathan’s story is a testament to the transformative power of serendipity and proactive engagement through networking. Nathan’s journey has seen him ignite a spark in the B Local movement in Georgia, growing it from a modest group of eight into a robust community of 30. Learn how his collaborations with Twanna Harris injected fresh energy into the organization, and how an old boss played a critical role in the early stages. From tackling the tricky dynamics of board membership to the importance of a structured approach and delegation, you'll gain a rare insider's perspective into the evolution of B Local Georgia and the significance of B Corp certification in this process. But don't think that Nathan's impact stops at community building; his knack for networking is truly awe-inspiring. Known for his omnipresence at events, Nathan shares his unique approach to creating significant connections and staying top of mind. Hear about his different experiences and his unyielding passion for connecting people. We wrap up our intriguing conversation by discussing the reimagination of capitalism and the power of fostering supportive relationships which all will be taking place at the B Corp Leadership Development Conference (BLD) in the Southeast in the fall of 2023. If you've ever wondered about the possibilities that come with stepping into the right room, this episode is your invitation. BLD Southeast website B Local Georgia website B the Change Georgia podcast Nathan's Ted Talk - TEDxFolsom Nathan's Book - Happy Monday: Designing Your Dream Career Board Members Nathan Stuck, Chairperson - Profitable Purpose Consulting Scott Sadler - Boardwalk Capital Management Ceddrick Lovins - BetterWorld Technology Jake Mosley - University of Georgia Stuart Wood - Last Bottle Clothing Zack Godfrey - Benevity Twanna Harris - Tribal Good Garrett Warmbein, MBA Board Fellow - UGA Ally Hellenga, Community Manager Riley Moran, MBA Board Fellow Sally Lorimer, MBA Board Fellow Dirigo Collective Website


B Local Series: Exploring Sustainable Development with Lisa Geason-Bauer of B Local Wisconsin

Venture into the transformative world of sustainable practices thriving in Wisconsin with Lisa Geason-Bauer from B Local Wisconsin. As an ardent sustainability practitioner and sociologist, Lisa illuminates our pathway with insights into B Local Wisconsin's mission, unfolding journey, and the impact of their projects. From the genesis as a group of committed volunteers to emerging as a fully recognized entity under B Lab, and their aspirations of becoming a 501c3 organization, this episode promises an in-depth exploration into sustainable development at the grassroots level. Swim against the current with us as we navigate through the partnerships and education initiatives fueling sustainable business in Wisconsin. Unearth the beauty of collaborations as B Local Wisconsin joins hands with diverse groups - spanning organizations, businesses, and local governments, to weave social sustainability into the fabric of their communities and public policies. Listen in to the fascinating discussions around the influential B Impact Assessment tool and the impact of the co-organized Crash Course in Sustainability event held in partnership with the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. As we steer through the tide, we open up conversations on B Corp advocacy and action, shining a spotlight on B Local Wisconsin's endeavors. Lisa unravels the intricacies of the shifting work environment in the face of COVID-19, and the transformative dialogues around emotional and mental well-being, safety, and social emotional learning. And that's not all. Expect to gain insights into the pivotal role of manufacturers, how B Local Wisconsin is fostering a more equitable, inclusive environment, and the intriguing evolution of career paths. Join us on this enlightening journey full of inspiration, insight, and the future of sustainable business. Benefit Corp vs B Corp episode to share more insight into the difference B Local Wisconsin B Corp Video Current B Local WI Board Members 2023: Lisa Geason-Bauer, Chair - Evolution Marketing Sarah Lasar, Past Chair - Envest Microfinance Mfoniso Ekong, Events Chair - gener8tor Darrie Matthew Burrage, Liberatory Action Chair - Integrated Work Melina Marcus, Marketing Chair - Rebel Green Kelsey Moses, Events Committee - Lakefront Brewery Davidson Kane, Marketing Committee - Kane Communications Ren LaDassor, Graphic & Media Designer (Marketing Committee) - Just Coffee Co-op August Ball, Liberatory Action Committee - Cream City Conservation Laura Loucks, Events Committee - Edge Impact Rachel Winter, Volunteer Community Member on Marketing Committee Kathleen Nicherson, Chair of emerging Climate Action Committee - 3Degrees Tom Eggert - Board Member working on our nonprofit paperwork Co-Founders of B Local WI: Mary Stelletello, Co-founder & Past Chair - Vista Global Coaching & Consulting Tom Eggert, Co-founder - Retired Sustainability Professional & Executive Director Emeritus - Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Scott Anderson, Co-founder & Past Chair - Artisan Dental Mark Starik, Co-Found Dirigo Collective Website


B Local Series: Bridging Business with Sustainability with Michelle Reid of B Local Vancouver

Curious about how to bridge business pursuits with a passion for sustainability and change-making? Michelle Reid, Chairperson of B Local Vancouver, joins us for an enlightening conversation about her journey navigating this unique intersection. Her experiences with Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)and B Lab shed light on the power of businesses as catalysts for good, while also offering some insightful narratives on balancing career and motherhood. Michelle guides us through the evolution of B Local Vancouver, detailing how it bloomed from hosting monthly breakfasts to becoming a cornerstone in the Canadian event scene. She emphasizes the shift from traditional high-scale conferences to a more diverse model that foregrounds climate justice, equity, and inclusion. Furthermore, she shares her aspirations for expanding B Locals throughout British Columbia and the steps being taken to foster inclusivity. The latter part of our discourse with Michelle delves into the monumental efforts of B Local Vancouver in fortifying the Canadian community. With initiatives that promote local involvement, accessibility, and unity, Michelle and her team are revolutionizing the concept of community engagement in local events. Don't miss her recollection of the fun tradition of running the seawall at Champions Retreat. This conversation is bound to spark your curiosity about the potential of business as a force for good. B Local Vancouver Website Business Development Bank of Canada Website B Lab US and Canada Website Dirigo Collective Website


B Local Series: Nurturing Leadership and Diversity with Kel Moody of B Local PDX

We're thrilled to share our conversation with Kel Moody, an esteemed board member of B Local PDX, who shares their intriguing journey from a woodworking apprenticeship to a leadership role in the B Corp community. Get a close-up view of how Kel spearheads events designed to foster a sense of belonging, optimism, and a strong focus on social and environmental justice. Curious how a woodworking apprenticeship can lead to such impactful work? You won't want to miss this! Our discussion extends into the heart of B Local PDX's operations in Portland, where they are making waves in community engagement and board succession planning. With a rich two-year tenure as board chair, Kel shares their upcoming transition off the board and the succession plan set in place. Hear their thoughts on the critical two-year commitment from board members and the shadowing process that equips new members with the organization's core values and objectives. Sounds like a daunting task, right? You'll be surprised at how Kel and the board manages it all. But every journey has its bumps, and for B Local PDX, it was the pandemic. Discover how they navigated the challenging terrain of event engagement during these times and their ongoing commitment to represent diverse voices in the business world. Kel's intentional effort to create a welcoming space for people of color is noteworthy, as is their reflection on the relationships built and the support received during their tenure. Finally, hear Kel's inspiring story of breaking the mold and embracing their unique identity. Want to know what it takes to break free and embrace your unique identity? Kel's story is a testament to the power of authenticity. Tune in for a dose of inspiration! B Local PDX Website Alluvium Gatherings Website: Cultivating thriving communities and ecosystems through shared experiences Dirigo Collective Website


B Local Series: Building Conscious Communities with Winnie Mulamba of For Good Movement

Imagine a world where businesses align profit with purpose and where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a way of life. This is the vision that our guest, Winnie Mulamba, Executive Director of the For Good Movement in Florida, strives to bring to reality. Winnie's journey from Kenya to the United States and her dedication to sustainability and business management will leave you inspired and looking at the world through a unique lens. Join us as we navigate through the workings of the Florida For Good Network and the B Tourism Collective, initiatives that Winnie is instrumental in. They are more than just organizations, they are communities welcoming businesses at different stages of their sustainability journey. You'll learn about the intricacies of transitioning systems and the importance of inclusivity. But that's not all; we also delve into the vibrant B Corp culture in Florida and how it’s being nurtured, one university, one student at a time. Brace yourselves as we dive into the hard-hitting aspects of advocacy and stakeholder participation, and their indispensable role in shaping communities. Winnie presents a compelling case for the upcoming BLD Conference as a platform for fostering meaningful dialogues and collaboration. So, if you're someone who believes in the power of collective action and the vision of a sustainable future, this conversation with Winnie Mulamba is the perfect opportunity to get involved and be part of the For Good Movement. For Good Movement in Florida Website B Tourism Website Jared Meyer's episode with Benn; Impactful Decisions Are you a business leader in Florida seeking for a values-aligned community? Click the link to. Join - Florida For Good and get connected! Are you interested in starting your B Corp journey or recertify your B Corp status? Sign up for our Spring cohort at the Business For Good Lab Program and get your impact assessment done by a team of student consultants and peer B Corp mentor for as quick as 8 weeks! **valued at $ 6,000​​** Sign up today, spots are filling up quickly! Florida For Good is excited to invite you and your colleagues at the first ever in-person B Leadership Development (BLD) conference in the Southeast. This is going to be a great opportunity for your team members to join fellow B Corps and other mission-driven businesses to learn, connect and establish partnerships that support the growth of your business and positive impact work. You can learn more about the conference and get your tickets HERE. Dirigo Collective Website


B Local Series: Navigating the World of Collaboration with Rose Lavelle of B Lab US and Canada

Ever wonder what it takes to transform a B Corp member into an integral part of the B Local movement? Join us as we sit down with Rose Lavelle from B Lab US and Canada, who weaves the intriguing narrative of her journey from B Local to full-time employment at B Lab. She provides an illuminating look at the mission and layers of B Lab, the B Local program, and the Good Standing Checklist that serves as a powerful tool for strategic planning and onboarding. for B Locals. The riveting conversation continues as we navigate the successes and challenges of B Local groups. From sustainability journeys and forming partnerships, to the contemplation of formalizing as nonprofits, Rose sheds light on a myriad of topics. She spotlights the impressive work of successful B Local leaders and emphasizes the importance of B Corp values as the cornerstone of all their endeavors. In the world of B Locals, succession planning and structured leadership are key. Rose gives us an insider's perspective on the process of recruiting leaders and keeping them engaged. We discuss the potential of a united B Corp community and how they can leverage each other's resources to drive success. As we approach the end of our insightful dialogue, Rose shares her vision for B Lab and B Locals, painting a promising picture of the next five years. Join us for this captivating discussion that reveals the inner workings and future prospects of B Lab and B Locals. B Local Communities - Website Asheville & WNC Bay Area Boston Colorado Connecticut Florida for Good Georgia Idaho for Good Illinois Los Angeles Maine Manitoba Michigan Mid-Atlantic Minnesota New York City North Carolina Triangle Ontario Philadelphia Portland (PDX) Quebec San Diego Tennessee Texas Vancouver Vermont Washington Wisconsin B Corp Networks - Website Black, Indigenous, & People of Color B Locals B Tourism B Corp Beauty Coalition B Corp Marketers B2B B Corps B Corp HR Professionals B Fashion EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating Systems) We the Change Dirigo Collective Website


B Local Series: The Impact and Future of B Locals, Overview Episode

Ever wondered how businesses can leverage their power to transform global economy for the greater good? Buckle up for an enlightening journey as we traverse the landscape of B Locals - a thriving network of businesses committed to creating waves of positive change in their local communities. With Brittany's experience on B Local Boston and Benn's journey with Maine B Corp Champions Group, we delve into the unique dynamics of these communities across North America. B Locals are not just about businesses, they are about people - people like Nathan, Winnie, Kel, Michelle and Lisa who have reshaped our understanding of event engagement, inclusivity and the power of representation. Hear their compelling stories of changing norms and their inspiring initiatives such as Wisconsin's Libertory Action Committee and B Local Vancouver's justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion chair. They challenge us to rethink our definition of event success and underscore the significant role diversity plays in fostering a truly inclusive community. In the final phase of our journey, we explore the tangible impact of B Locals. From advocacy to onboarding new board members, these communities are leaving an indelible mark on their regions. As we travel from Vancouver to Florida, we uncover the enormous potential of these communities and the dynamic ways they are shaping their respective regions. Hear Michelle, Kel, Winnie, Nathan, Lisa, and Rose share their experiences, their vision for the future, and a stirring call-to-action for all of us to be intentionally good and reimagine capitalism. So tune in, get inspired, and join us in this relentless pursuit of using business as a force for good. B Local Communities Website Overview of the B Local Leader's Full Conversations: Dirigo Collective Website


Curious Coworkers: Your Attention Has Impact

Ever wondered how your casual TV time or scrolling through social media affects big industries and cultural norms? Get ready to have your eyes opened! Join us as we delve into the attention economy and the ripple effects of our media choices. We put reality TV under the microscope - examining how it hooks us with outrageous content, in stark contrast to more uplifting, thoughtful series like Ted Lasso. We also tackle the bombarding reality of being exposed to between 6,000 and 10,000 ads every day - and offer tips on how to ensure what we consume aligns with our values and comes from trustworthy sources. What's your attention worth? As we uncover the value of advertising in the attention economy, you'll realize how your time and focus can be monetized. It's not all about the money, though - we discuss how our media consumption habits can be a form of voting, shaping industries in subtle ways. We also expose the strategies reality TV uses to keep viewers engaged and highlight the importance of using our attention wisely. Wrapping it all up, we dive into transparency, ethics, and digital wellbeing in content creation, leaving you empowered to navigate media with a fresh perspective. Tune in for an enlightening discussion on the intersection of media, advertising, and values. Dirigo Collective Website


Curious Coworkers: Decoding Barbie's Impact on Society and Identity

*Spoiler Alert* Remember the warm nostalgia of the Barbie doll? Join us as we journey down memory lane with our childhood companion in a conversation with Celine Miranda, 1% for the Planet's Account Manager for Eastern North America, and Tara Jenkins, CEO and Founder of Conscious Revolution. Reflecting on the iconic movie "Barbie", we discuss how these toys have left a lasting impression on us, causing us to explore deeper and challenge our thoughts. Together, we unpack some of the messaging behind the movie, and how it incorporates the past and the present to teach us about empowerment and dreaming big. Transitioning from our childhood memories, we analyze how our reactions to the movie "Barbie" impacted each of us. We consider the cultural and societal implications of this iconic doll and the film. The production value, lack of CGI, and the strategic use of handmade sets are just a few of the aspects we discuss. Moreover, we examine how different the conversation might have been had we grown up in different decades, exploring the impact of Barbie on different generations. Finally, we reflect on the evolution of Barbie, from being a subject of criticism to being a symbol of empowerment through the process of rebranding. We discuss how this movie, and the makeover of Barbie as a character, bridged the gap between the criticisms and the rebranding of the product. We consider the implications of consumer capitalism in the marketing of the movie. Join us as we uncover the gap between our interests and values, and how the movie "Barbie" helps us bridge it. Links from this Episode Learn more about 1% for the Planet in our conversation with Celine Miranda Learn about the differences in B Corp Certification and becoming a Benefit Corporation in our conversation with Tara Jenkins UNBOXING BARBIE: A FILMIC ODE TO EMPOWERMENT AND SELF-DISCOVERY - Read our blog about Barbie Visit 1% for the Planet's Website Visit Conscious Revolution's Website Dirigo Collective Website


Revolutionizing Sustainability with Orgain and Measure Meant

Brittany sits down with Annie Wissmiller of Measure Meant and Ally Wettengel of Orgain to talk about their paths to get them into their sustainable focused careers. Measure Meant is a Certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet Member focused on supporting other businesses in their journey. Orgain is a newly Certified B Corp that creates shakes, meal replacements, powders, and more made from hand-selected ingredients for maximum nutrition and deliciousness. Having both of them on the podcast was a joy as they share so much of their personal stories as well as the impact driven work they see everyday. Measure Meant Orgain Last year there were over 300,000 meals to communities in need. The good, clean nutrition podcast Other Things Spokane Indian Baseball team - Zero waste campaign, the first of its kind in minor league baseball Townshend Cellar and BAM Bamboo Clothing examples Mind Mapping resources - how to plan what you need more of in your life. Calm Meditation App to help with mental health Expo West - a west coast conference focused on natural products, if you happen to be that way next year, should consider attending. Dirigo Collective Website


Curious Coworkers: Celebrating 100 Episodes, A Journey of Growth, Learning and Impact on Responsibly Different™

Responsibly Different™ is celebrating 3 years and 100 episodes! It’s a huge milestone for us and it is a huge milestone for this community! As we look back on our past 3 years with this community, we wanted to share the inside scoop on all things podcast land here at Responsibly Different™. We hope you will take a listen as we look forward to the next 3 years and 100 more episodes! A few episodes we wanted to highlight to make sure you go back and listen if you have not already are; Pronouns Fit for Dance The UN SDG series - #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities Episode - while you're checking out the SDG series, not mentioned in this episode but one that we feel is vitally important for everyone to listen to, is our episode about UN SDG #10: Reduced inequalities, be sure to check that out at the UN SDG link above. Aether Diamonds - takes CO2 from the air and turns it into diamonds! Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Bureo - Turns fishing nets into durable goods Patagonia & Vote Early Day Patagonia Dirigo Collective Website


Pride is Protest: Progress, and Persisting Challenges

Celebrate Pride with us by embarking on a riveting journey through history, filled with defiant acts of resistance, breakthroughs in acceptance, and the resilient spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. We promise you a deeper understanding of the roots of Pride that extend beyond the oft-cited Stonewall Riots, and into lesser-known historical narratives such as the Cooper Donuts riots in 1959. We invite you to revel with us as we trace the enduring presence of gender and sexual diversity across time, from the acceptance of same-sex relationships in ancient Greece to the revered two-spirit individuals in many indigenous cultures. As we celebrate progress, we also shine a light on the daunting challenges that persist, with over 490 anti-LGBTQ+ bills across the U.S. and the crucial role of B Corps in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. Your presence here is a beacon of hope, an encouraging sign of your willingness to learn and stand in solidarity with us. Listen in as we offer insights into how businesses can foster inclusivity, while also featuring intimate interviews with LGBTQ+ business leaders and grassroots organizers. Together, let's continue to march forward, striving for a future where everyone can live authentically, without fear, and proudly live their truth. Dirigo Collective Website


Pride: Fear, Courage and Creating Inclusive Businesses – A Discussion with Chris Lyon

Get ready to redefine business as a force for good with our guest, Chris Lyon, Director of Corporate Impact at Androscoggin Bank and an influential figure in the B Corp movement. Chris takes us on a transformative journey, where he navigates fear and uncertainty, and cultivates inclusivity with authenticity and courageous conversations. Ever wondered what it was like to work for a company as impactful as Seventh Generation? Chris shares his experience while discussing Androscoggin Bank's plans to celebrate Pride Month. How can businesses show their support for inclusion beyond the usual symbolic gestures during Pride Month? That's what we unravel in our candid discussion with Chris. We throw light on the importance of year-round commitment to inclusivity and belonging in the workplace. Get ready for some insightful suggestions on how to transform policies to be more friendly, including the need for gender-neutral family leave policies. In the final part of our chat, we delve into the concept of intersectionality, where we examine the intersection of identity and race within our community. Chris shares some inspiring stories about the role of queer people of color in shaping queer history and the role of organizations like White Men for Racial Justice (WMRJ) in creating brave and open spaces for learning and self-reflection. We wrap up the episode with a deep discussion about fear - how it challenges us, how it shapes us, and more importantly, how one can navigate through it. Don't miss out on this enlightening episode with Chris Lyon who brings a wealth of knowledge on creating inclusive spaces, supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and fostering authentic connections. Dirigo Collective Website


Pride: Inclusivity and Sustainability in Business with Tim Frick

Do you ever wonder how pride and inclusivity can be built within businesses? As I sit down with Tim Frick, the founder of Mightybytes and a leader in the B-Corp movement, we unravel the challenges that the LGBTQ+ community faces within the rural and urban contexts, the evolution of pride celebrations and more. Our conversation is robust, covering the potential of businesses to be a positive force, the importance of supporting local organizations, and the necessity to create impactful initiatives. Switching gears, we also delve into the fascinating realm of sustainability and organizational agility. Tim and I explore how companies, particularly digital agencies, can leverage a B-Corp certification for continuous improvement. We also consider the environmental implications of the internet, why digital sustainability is crucial, and how we can all take steps to reduce our carbon footprints online. Lastly, we reflect on Mightybyte's accolades for supporting progressive causes. We also discuss how business can be a tool to create a better future, the importance of fostering inclusive policies for LGBTQ+ communities, how to avoid "pride washing", and how to enact meaningful change throughout the year while navigating fear. A lively and insightful conversation awaits. Tune in and join us. Links from this Episode About Tim (includes a list of publications) B Corp Certifications and Accolades B Local Illinois Mightybytes NGLCC, Certified LGBTBE Dirigo Collective Website


Pride: From Profits to Purpose, the Importance of Inclusive Businesses with Kel Moody

Could you imagine using your business as a force for good, fostering equity, and building a strong, vibrant community? That's exactly what our guest, Kel Moody, founder of Aluvium Gatherings and chair of B Local PDX, does. We engage in an enlightening conversation where Kel shares their journey as an entrepreneur and their vision for creating more inclusive and safer spaces. Kel's insights into the significance of authentic engagement and collaboration are truly thought-provoking. How often do you consider your privilege and its impact on others? We delve into the complexities of privilege and the navigation of Pride with Kel. This episode will challenge your perspective as we explore the importance of visibility and support for the LGBTQ+ community, and the role of business in promoting inclusivity. We also touch on pronouns, and the critical role they play in fostering a sense of belonging. How can businesses actively support the LGBTQ+ community and promote responsible living? Kel provides practical tips on engaging local politics, showing up for the community, and developing an abundance mindset in business. It's not just about making profits; it's about creating a sense of place, a connection to the community, and a responsibility to do good. Join us as Kel outlines how to engage local businesses to become more inclusive, visible, and create safer spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. Dirigo Collective Website


Pride Series Announcement & Quick Tips

Hi friends! This episode is just a quick update on our Pride series with a few helpful quick tips! We'll be back next week with our B Corp leaders wrapping up our Pride series. Register for the Pride is Protest Event with the ACLU and B Lab US Canada. The Event is free and takes place tomorrow from noon to 1pm EST. This is a great event for anyone looking to learn how their business can best support the LGBTQ community in this time. Also check out our episode on Pronouns. Lot's of great content in there and one of our most popular episodes. See you next week! Let us know by writing us at if you have any burning questions around Pride or supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Dirigo Collective Website


Igniting Pride: Unleashing Hope in a Changing World

In this first of three episode series, Benn shares some conversations with some of his LGBTQ organizing friends. You'll hear about heartfelt stories working on marriage, some leadership tools that have served the movement well, and we explore fear and vulnerability. This episode is meant to inspire and instill a sense of hope, that despite the over 490 anti-LGBT bills being pushed across the country, underneath it all is a strong, vibrant, and resilient community. Register for the Pride is Protest Virtual Event with B Lab US & Canada & the ACLU Here - June 22nd at noon EST. Listen to full interview with Monna Wong Listen to a full interview with JeanMarie Gossard on Ocean of Organizing Listen to a full interview with JeanMarie Gossard on Renegades and Mavericks Listen to the full interview with Quinn Gormley on Ocean of Organizing Dirigo Collective Website