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Will Abraaj’s ambitious global health strategy survive the scandal?

The latest Returns on Investment podcast takes up the case of the $1 billion Abraaj Growth Markets Health Fund and impact investing failures more broadly. The health fund, which was pursuing an ambitious effort to build comprehensive healthcare networks in the megacities of the 21st century – think Lagos and Karachi and Mumbai – is now embroiled in the larger scandal that has engulfed Abraaj Group.


Can Impact Investments Build Popular Support for Inclusive, Sustainable and, Yes, Global Prosperity?

Impact investing types, it seems, are proud globalists. That optimistic, connected, cross-border approach to challenges, solutions and human relationships puts them in a unique position in this peculiar historic moment when walls are going up and strangers are suspect. At the same time, the essential precondition of investing – having capital to invest – means most investors are largely distant from the lived experience of many of the people their investments are purported to benefit....


The M-word: Investors bring ESG into the material world.

In the latest Returns on Investment podcast, our roundtable regulars take up the April memo from the Department of Labor that tried, albeit weakly, to walk back the Obama-era guidance about how fiduciaries could consider ESG factors.


Institutional Shift: Long-term asset owners move to future-proof their portfolios

The obsession with financial returns that for decades kept major institutional investors away is now pushing them towards a serious accounting of environmental risks. Ashby Monk joins Dave Chen, the chair of Equilibrium Capital, and David Bank, editor of Impact Alpha, on this episode of Returns on Investment: Institutional Shift.


Pain Killers: How Can Impact Investors Help Stop the Opioid Addiction Epidemic?

If impact investors are worth their salt, they’ll soon –– if not soon enough –– come up with a whole raft of investible solutions to the crushing burden of opioid addiction. The problem may have snuck up over the past decade, but there’s no escaping the costs of the crisis now. As many as 23 million addicts in the U.S. More than 64,000 overdose deaths, most of them opioid-related. The annual economic cost: an estimated $193 billion. On this episode of ROI, our panel discusses where impact...


Should Impact Entrepreneurs Beware the Strategic Corporate Investor?

Corporate venture capital is a thing. And that thing is converging on impact investing. The amount that global corporations put into strategic investments in startup companies last year reached $31 billion across 1800 deals, both all-time records. Today on the podcast David Bank, Imogen Rose-Smith and Brian Walsh discuss Corporate Venture Capital and Impact.


Institutional Shift: Pension and Sovereign Funds Come for the Risk Reduction, Stay for the Impact

The billionaires with their family offices command on outsized share of attention from impact fund managers. But, the real dollars, as in trillions, are in the huge pension and sovereign wealth funds around the world. Today on ROI, David Bank speaks with Dave Chen, the head of Equilibrium Capital, about the burgeoning shift towards sustainability and EGS within the world of institutional investors.


Which financial innovations will grow from billions to trillions?

A raft of new social-impact and environmental financing vehicle are emerging from labs, incubators and startup funds. By finding inventive ways to monetize social inclusion and environmental regeneration, the new models are "internalizing the positive externalities." Too wonky? Just say "impact alpha." Returns on Investment's resident blue-sky optimist, David Bank, lays bets that the best new ideas will scale up to attract real dollars. Our curmudgeon, Imogen Rose-Smith, is skeptical that...


#IWD2018: Gender Equity is Not Only the Smart Thing to Do, It's the Right Thing

It has been said that "for impact investing, every day is international women's day." As the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements continue to demonstrate their staying power, is it time that impact and finance at large take a closer look at gender equality within firms as well as in their investments? Brian Walsh, Imogen Rose-Smith and David Bank discuss in the latest ROI.


The GIIN's Amit Bouri looks ahead as `impact investing’ turns 10

David Bank chats with Amit Bouri, the founder of the GIIN, about the past ten years of impact investing - and looks forward to the next ten.


The Innovation Blindspot: A conversation with Ross Baird.

Ross Baird, President of Village Capital, chats with David Bank about his new book "The Innovation Blindspot," why many VC firms are missing out on great investment opportunities, and more.


The ImPact in Korea

On this special episode of Returns on Investment, David speaks with Kyungsun Chung, the Founder and CEO of Root Impact, a nonprofit that focuses on building capacity for the social innovation sector in Korea.


Impact in Brasil

On this special episode of ROI, we're featuring an interview with Fernando Scodro, a founding member of The ImPact's Brazil chapter.


The Future of Business as a Force for Good

On this special edition of Returns on Investment, we're featuring a panel discussion from The Liquidnet for Good 10 Year Anniversary Forum. The conversation focuses on the future of business as a force for good, and is moderated by Daryl Brewster, the CEO of CECP It features insights from Cammie Erickson, a Senior Manager with Linkedin For Good, Jen Field, the Social Impact Director for GLG, and Andy Fyfe of B Lab.


ROI Special: The Future of Impact Investing

On this special edition of Returns on Investment, we're featuring a panel discussion from The Liquidnet for Good 10 Year Anniversary Forum. The conversation focuses on the future of impact investing, and is moderated. by Georgia Keohane, the Executive Director of the Pershing Square Foundation. It features insights from Liz Luckett, the president of TSEF, Brian Trelsted, a partner at Bridges Fund Management, and Daniel Pianko, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of University Ventures.


ROI Special Edition: The Future of Effective Philanthropy

On this special edition of Returns on Investment, we're featuring a panel discussion from The Liquidnet for Good 10 Year Anniversary Forum. The conversation focuses on the future of philanthropy and includes Fay Twersky of the Hewlett Foundation, Dennis Whittle of Feedback Labs, and Blue Meridian's Chuck Harris. The moderator is business and philanthropy journalist Mark Gunther.


Impact Investing's Annual Report Card

Each year The GIIN releases their Impact Investor survey. Our panel sees some reasons for optimism in the report. But, is impact growing at a fast enough clip to tackle the challenges it's staked for itself?


Unpacking the Sustainable Development Goals

Back in 2015, U.N. leaders adopted a set of 17 targets describing what the world should look like in 2030. The goals are highly ambitious, calling for solutions to climate change and poverty, as well as huge conservation targets and a revamping of the global agricultural system. A lot has happened on the geopolitical stage in the past years, but the SDGs, as they're called (to Imogen's chagrin), are still on the table. Has progress been made? Find out on this episode of Returns on Investment.


Get the Hippies Out of Impact?

TPG Capital is moving into the impact world in a big way with a new 2 billion dollar fund. Bono, the famous face of the new fund, turned heads with some controversial comments at The Skoll World Forum. Are the impact investors of the past big hippies who aren't real investors? Is TPG about to change the game?


Big Shift at Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation president, Darren Walker, broke through a barrier of sorts recently with the announcement the foundation would commit $1 billion from its roughly $14 billion endowment to so-called mission-related investments. In the latest Returns on Investment podcast, our roundtable takes on the question of just how significant Ford’s announcement really was. Will it help unlock many more billions for high-impact investments? Will it change how foundations think about deploying their...