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Where conversation is cultivated and ideas grow. In "ask me anything" style, the Rhyzone Podcast brings together horticulture leaders to discuss the current issues, trends, and solutions within our industry. Become a stronger leader on your team and in your community with inspiring discussions. Brought to you by the team from Qualitree.




Where conversation is cultivated and ideas grow. In "ask me anything" style, the Rhyzone Podcast brings together horticulture leaders to discuss the current issues, trends, and solutions within our industry. Become a stronger leader on your team and in your community with inspiring discussions. Brought to you by the team from Qualitree.




The Human Side of Productivity with Ricardo Campos of Ball Seed – Episode 13

Are your people the drivers of profitability in your business? Ricardo Campos, from Ball Seed Company, takes us along on his journeys through the worlds of commercial horticulture, academic research, lighting innovations, and soil science to offer actionable insights into your workforce’s operational success. And shines light on how you can empower and motivate your...


The Plant Whisperer: Plant Empowerment 101 with Peter Van Weel – Episode 12

What are your plants telling you? Plant Empowerment pioneer, Peter Van Weel, is no stranger to the idea of branching out from traditional growing practices. He gives us a glimpse into the methodology behind this holistic mindset, simple steps you can take to enhance your growing process, and ways to tap into the natural growing...


Attract, Engage, Retain: Tap into the Power of People with Trevor Throness – Episode 11

Do you have the right people in the right seats? As an Executive Leadership Coach and Author (The Power of People Skills), Trevor has honed in on assessment tools for enhancing the self-awareness of leaders and employees, while creating a culture of belonging. We unlock the tools for attracting and retaining the best talent and...


Bugging Out on IPM with Greg Welfing of Anatis Bioprotection – Episode 10

Tech and nature collide in the world of Integrated Pest Management. Get ready to deep dive into this fascinating world and explore the powerful potential of biological controls with professional Agrologist and IPM Specialist, Greg Welfing. From natural predators and beneficials to drones and biotechnology, this episode uncovers the various holistic strategies used to keep...


Decoding the Economics of Horticulture with Dr. Charlie Hall – Episode 9

In the economics realm, Dr. Charlie Hall truly has a green thumb! Over the past 30+ years, he has grown to be the preeminent source for wisdom and guidance within the horticultural world. He joins us (as our first virtual guest) for a deep dive into the topics and tools that matter most to you...


The Psyche of the Workplace with Lindsay Benard of Dale Carnegie – Episode 8

Ready to unlock the full potential of your team? With 30+ years of experience under her belt, Lindsay Benard (Senior Corporate Trainer) is an advocate for learning how to navigate generational and cultural shifts in our workplaces –while relating to each other on a human level. Our conversation delves into how you can be a...


Innovative Groundwork with Cor Bremmer & Jack Ford of ErfGoed – Episode 7

It’s what’s underneath that counts when cultivating the foundation for an optimal growing environment. Encompassing a range of cultivation floors and water management solutions, the ErfGoed team is a global leader in complete, efficient, and easy-to-use systems. Cor Bremmer (Head of Commerce) and Jack Ford (Sales Manager USA) join us to dive into their approach...


Shifting the Finish Line with Will De Rover of Qualitree’s Continuous Improvement Department – Episode 6

There’s no time to rest on your laurels in the quest for continuous improvement. As head of this industry-leading department at Qualitree, Will De Rover is embracing change, sparking discussions, and guiding his fellow teams to collaborate on solutions that improve everyone’s daily work lives –all with a healthy dose of self-reflection, humility, and perseverance!...


Wisdom of the Crowd: Nurturing Company Culture with Dave Van Belle of Van Belle Nursery – Episode 5

It’s all about the people! As President of Van Belle Nursery, Dave Van Belle is surrounded by a team that leads and grows by example. Dave relates his team-first approach, highlighting how investing in your people and developing their skills leads to mutual loyalty, confident decision-making, and free-flowing idea sharing –propelled by those closest to...


Driving Continuous Improvement with Henk Rozendaal of Qualitree – Episode 4

With a continuous improvement mindset, there is always room to grow! Henk Rozendaal, Qualitree’s Director of Process Innovation and Automation, has built a career in streamlining operations –and striving for buy-in across the teams involved in every step. Henk shares his journey to Qualitree and his practices for overall success: remaining curious, embracing change, assessing...


Family Ties in the Green Sector with Gerard Schouwenaar of Orchard Park Growers – Episode 3

For multi-generational businesses in the green sector, it’s all in the family! As a second-generation Owner/Manager of Orchard Park Growers, Gerard Schouwenaar exemplifies the balance between effective succession planning and fostering the professional development of his own children who have active roles within the company. Culture, leadership, and core values drive this conversation. “I’d be...


State of the Horticultural Industry with Jim Kennedy of Ball Seed – Episode 2

Much like the plants produced, the world of horticulture is a living, breathing entity. Growers and suppliers must be adaptive, leveraging sales and operational data to make informed decisions and offering the best plant for every end consumer. As Sales Director of Ball Seed, Jim Kennedy is always on the pulse of this dynamic industry....


Welcome to Rhyzone – Episode 1

The Horticultural Industry stems from a community of learning, sharing, and growing. Brought to you by the team at Qualitree, the Rhyzone Podcast brings together guests from all walks of the Green Sector. In this introductory conversation, William Klaassen and Tony Van Oort discuss the vision for the podcast, reveal the story behind the name,...