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This is the ONLY podcast to learn the principles and become equipped with the tools necessary to create your version of Financial Freedom in 10 years or less. Financial independence is closer than you think. Join us at: http://bit.ly/rulf-podcast


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This is the ONLY podcast to learn the principles and become equipped with the tools necessary to create your version of Financial Freedom in 10 years or less. Financial independence is closer than you think. Join us at: http://bit.ly/rulf-podcast




The Best Advice Ever on How to Move Fast as an Out of State Investor with Brian Waters

Brian Waters has going from 1 house to 7 houses in just under 18 months. He is a great example of how to move fast as an out of state investor. Brian comes on the podcasts and talks about his mindsets and best practices for building up an out of state portfolio. Brian is a great leader in the Cash Flow Tactics community and this podcast will help anyone looking to get started and to move fast


How to Thrive During a High Interest Environment With Marck De Latour

Jimmy and Marck discuss how to thrive in a high interest environment.


The Golden Rule of Leadership with Seal Team Leaders Founder Larry Yatch

Larry Yatch is a former Navy Seal and founder of Seal Team Leaders. Larry's new book How Leadership Actually Works come on to discuss and reframe Achievement, Success and Leadership. Larry has been mentoring and coaching Jimmy for over the last year.


Yes even Introverts can raise private money - The introverts Edge: With Matt Pollard

Jimmy has hired the Rapid Growth Guy: Matt Pollard as a sales coach for his wholesale team. Matt uses the power of story and process to teach introverts how to become great sales people. Jimmy discusses how members of cash flow tactics can use these same principles to start raising private money to fund their creative deals


Matt Saunders: Life After 80 paid off rentals

Matt Saunders is a friend and mentor of Jimmy's. Matt took Jimmy under his wing when he joined the CG mastermind. Matt is a great example of how to combine active and passive income to grow your wealth. Matt uses a strategy called Cash Flow snow ball where he uses cash from he paid off rentals to buy more rentals with cash. Very interesting investing story; you will enjoy listening to Matts journey.


What the best Real Estate Investors in the country learned at the last CG meeting

Jimmy welcomes Marck De Lautour back on the podcast to discuss the last Collective Genius meeting. This quarterly podcast has become a fan favorite (this is why we do it every quarter). The topics discussed are the Golden Rule of Leadership, what are some new strategies that Marck and Jimmy are implementing with their team and how to use stories to help sales.


The "SECRET" To Financial Freedom Pt 2

Intentionally Saving 10% of your money is the gateway to Financial freedom Saving is 100% in your control The 2 step framework to achieve financial freedom applying the 2 step framework to perfection


The "SECRET" To Financial Freedom Pt 1

- Freedom and Consequences - The ONE THING that has more sway over your financial life than anything else - The two-part formula to radically alter your financial results.


AMERICA, Home of the FREE

- Decision trees - Freedom and Liberty - Personal Responsibility - Future Vision - Daily Discipline


(ROR) Return on Relationships

In this episode, Brad interviews Kevin Thompson; the master of relationships. They discuss maximizing your return on relationships, and actionable steps you can take in your own relationships, current and future, to make that happen.


Assets, Wealth and TIME

- Wealth is a function of TIME - the role that control plays in wealth - the difference between assets and wealth. - financial freedom is your ultimate rebellion


If you're going to play, play to WIN

- Ryan coming back from vacation and a secret to financial planning in a family. - The secret to all savings - Understanding the three types of income - Allocating money in a way that maximizes your income, control, and peace of mind.



- Why you should be obsessed with money - Why money is necessary in the world that we live in - The retirement confidence survey - 170+ year track record of success leading to retirement confidence.


SECRETS From CashFlow Heaven

- Start asking yourself if your investments are efficient or not in terms of producing the results you are seeking - How the economy works and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage - Debt is money - Play the game like the banks - Liquidity is your permission step to play the game.


Using Real Estate to Pursue Your Higher Purpose with Lee Arnold

On this episode Jimmy Interviews a great friend and mentor of his, Lee Arnold. Lee has been and investor, business owner, and coach in the real estate space for over 20 years. They discuss what happens when a person wakes up to pursue their higher purpose instead of just pursuing "mailbox" money or a pay check.


How to BANK like Buffett

- The Warren Buffett Case Study - The Three Keys to building serious wealth - how debt is actually money when understood - the only difference between the wealthy and everyone else as it relates to money.


Caddyshack Investing: Why Turn Key Real Estate Providers are the Rodney Dangerfield of the Real Estate World

Jimmy and March Delatour discuss that status of the turn key market in 2023. As always Turn Key remains the best way for investors to grow wealth passively because of the 4 Pillars. There is always a lever to pull when you can win in four ways


The Latest Scheme That Gurus Are Lying To You About

The latest trend in the internet world to grow your wealth is buying a business. Brad and Jimmy believe from experience that running a business is not an easy thing to do or to walk into. It can work for many people who are up for the challenge. 90% of businesses in the United States go bankrupt. As always people are ignoring the tried and true way to build with outside of wall street which is to store you cash in a vault and buy assets with 30 year fixed mortgages. It is so much simpler and less risky then buying someone else's poorly run business. The only problem with it is that it works which makes it kind of boring


The Wise Man of Wichita: How Leon Barnes has used the Cashflow Quadrant in Real Estate to Fuel his Best Life

Leon Barnes is the Director of Membership for the Collective Genius. He is a long time friend of Jimmy's and has helped him along his real estate journey several times. Leon has a great perspective of how to make Real Estate work for you and not the other way around. Leon lives in the Employee quadrant with his role at the Collective Genius; it is a job that he loves. He lives in the Investor quadrant with the 50+ rentals that he owns in Kansas and he has a great business flipping houses in Wichita that fuels his acquisition of buying rentals and building his long term wealth. Leon's story is a true testament on how anyone can make real estate help them build wealth and have fun while doing it.



Mark Batterson regularly gives motivational talks to professional sports teams, and is the author of "Do It For A Day" and "Win the Day". He is now releasing his newest book "Please, Sorry, Thanks". With his trademark blend of personal stories, scientific and historical references, and biblical insight, pastor Mark Batterson shows you how you can change your world with your words and thoughts.