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Episode 42: ERM Standards

Join us as we speak with members of the AFERM committee to develop ERM standards for the Federal government, Doug Webster, Daniella Datskovska and Ken Fletcher.


Episode 41: Integrating Cybersecurity And ERM

In this episode we speak with Tony Wang and Bernice Harvey about the recent NIST publication, Integrating Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): NISTIR 8286. See the guidance here:


Episode 40: RIMS-CRMP-FED Certification

On this episode we discuss the RIMS-CRMP-FED certification for government risk managers! Joining us are Denise Osorio from RIMS, Cynthia Vitters from Deloitte, Darlene Bennett from the Navy and Curtis McNeil from the Architect of the Capitol.


Episode 39: Higher Education ERM

On this episode we chat with Rob Clark, Chief Compliance Officer at Howard University, and Cynthia Vitters, Managing Director at Deloitte, about ERM in the Higher Education community. We discuss the response to COVID and other risks unique to the university system.


Episode 38: ERM Around the World

On this episode we chat with Jim Kline and Greg Hutchins about government implementations of ERM all around the world! Also, check out their article in the Winter 2020 AGA Journal (AGA members only):


Episode 37: Operationalizing USAID's Risk Appetite Statement

On this episode we chat with Marcus Howard from USAID to revisit how the agency is operationalizing their Risk Appetite Statement. We also talk about strategy, internal controls, data analytics, risk management tools and adjusting your risk appetite!


Episode 36: AFERM President Ken Fletcher

On this episode we chat with AFERM President, Ken Fletcher, about AFERM's strategy over the next few years, a recent article regarding the "new normal" after COVID, the upcoming AFERM Virtual Summit and our annual survey!


Episode 35: Value Based Management

This week Paul and Tal chat with one of the founders of AFERM, Doug Webster, about his new book that covers value based management concepts. We also talk about the risk management implications of events such as the current COVID pandemic.


Episode 34: Our Favorite Risk Chats

This week Paul and Tal reminisce about their favorite Risk Chats and invite you to provide suggestions for future podcasts!


Episode 33: AGA AFERM ERM Workshop Lessons Learned

On this Risk Chat we speak with Bert Nuehring, Thomas Holland and Sarah Choi about lessons learned from the 2019 AGA AFERM ERM Workshop. We also preview topics for the 2020 Workshop!


Episode 32: ERM at the OCC

This week Paul and Tal chat with Bill Rowe, Chief Risk Officer at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. We discuss OCC’s Risk Appetite Statement, how ERM got started at the OCC and how the OCC is integrating risk and strategy.


Episode 31: ERM at the CRA

This week we chat with Brian Philbin and Wendy Saschenbrecker-Tang from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about their ERM program. We pick up some lessons learned, discuss how they got started, how they are organized, successes to date and some efforts they have underway with the OECD and agencies such as the IRS!


Episode 30: PBGC OIG

This week, Paul and Tal chat with the Bob Westbrooks, the Inspector General from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). We discuss the OIG’s approach to its own ERM program as well as efforts made to support the development of ERM at the Corporation.


Episode 29: ERM at DOJ OJP

This week we chat with Lucy Mungle from the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP). We discuss OJPs ERM journey, starting with grants and moving into all aspects of the organization!


Episode 28: NIST Cyber Security

On this Risk Chat, Paul and Tal chat with Dr. Ron Ross from NIST about upcoming updates to NIST special publications 800-37 and 800-53. We also discuss why cyber security, privacy and the supply chain of technologies are critical areas to examine for an agency’s ERM program.


Episode 27: AFERM Data Analytics Community of Practice

On this episode, Curtis McNeil from the Architect of the Capitol and LaTaiga Proctor from the Census join us to discuss AFERM’s DACoP!


Episode 26: The Costs and Benefits of ERM

On this episode, we chat with Vladimir Antikarov, Regional Director of the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) for Washington, DC. We discuss how to calculate the costs and benefits of ERM using a real options approach adopted from the finance world. Vlad is the author of the book Real Options, A Practitioner’s Guide and other papers on the application of real options to ERM.


Episode 25: 10 Years of ERM

Today we speak with Dr. Karen Hardy from the Department of Commerce. Dr. Hardy, one of the pioneers of Federal ERM, provides us a retrospective of how we thought of Federal ERM 10 years ago, how things evolved over the last 10 years, and where we are today! Dr. Hardy is one of the founding members of AFERM and she has published several texts and research papers on Federal ERM.


Episode 24: Strategic Risk

Today, Paul chats with Tom Stanton about Strategic Risk. We discuss how Goldman Sachs utilized strategic risk management to navigate through the financial crisis several years back, lessons learned from the Malaysian Development Bank fiasco and why Federal risk managers should consider strategic risk in decision making.


Episode 23: ERM at the FDA

This week Tal and Paul catch up with Yashika Rahaman from the FDA at the AGA PDT in New Orleans. Yashika was there for a panel and took some time to record a podcast with us to discuss FDA’s ERM program!