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Risk Matters X.0 is a podcast focused on understanding how risk affects us today and into the next decade. Join us as we talk all things risk and why it matters to the people, businesses and industries that sustain our world.

Risk Matters X.0 is a podcast focused on understanding how risk affects us today and into the next decade. Join us as we talk all things risk and why it matters to the people, businesses and industries that sustain our world.


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Risk Matters X.0 is a podcast focused on understanding how risk affects us today and into the next decade. Join us as we talk all things risk and why it matters to the people, businesses and industries that sustain our world.








Lights On, Threats Off - Navigating Cybersecurity in the Power Industry

Cyber attackers know exactly what essential services can cripple us. Recent attacks on critical infrastructure have forced the power industry to take a step back and precariously assess its OT and IT controls. As the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards continue evolving to address today’s threats the heavy question remains: Is it enough? Join host Ian Bramson, Global Head of Industrial Cybersecurity, Dr. Dennis Hackney,...


The Cyber-Physical World: A New Battleground for Industrial Operations

The cyber-physical world is now a raging battleground—who do you have on the digital frontline? As cyber attacks on industrial operations and critical infrastructures continue to rise, so do the devastating real-world impacts. Criminals are no longer simply stealing data; their goal is to disrupt and control core operations. This translates into what is now known as the cyber-physical world. From influencing the flow of oil and the functions of machinery to manipulating the navigation of...


Inspiring Women in STEM: Three Powerful Career Perspectives

What does a career in STEM look like and how can we encourage more women to pursue this path? There is currently a shortage of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The solution: educating girls and young women on what a career in STEM truly looks like (it can be what you make of it) and exposing them to not only the vast realm of career choices, but how these jobs contribute to building and maintaining the world we live in today. In honor of...


The Casualties of Cyber War: Exploring the Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

If a cyber attack can take down an entire pipeline, what's next? As news from the recent attack on Colonial Pipeline continues to develop, owners and operators, the U.S. government and the public continue to question the dangerous implications behind our critical infrastructure lacking the proper cybersecurity against dangerous hackers. "20 years ago, if you wanted to attack operational technology (OT) or an industrial control system you had to specifically target it," says Dr. Dennis...


Cyber in the Supply Chain: When Things Go Wrong

This episode is part three in a series of conversations with Wärtsilä’s cybersecurity and new technology leaders. Cyber incidents go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye. The recent cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline, one of the nation’s largest fuel pipelines, highlights this callous reality. With nearly half of the East Coast’s fuel supply disrupted, the conversation of protecting critical infrastructure is at the forefront of The White House Administration. Join our discussion with...


Protecting Industrial Cyber Ecosystems

This episode is part two in a series of conversations with Wärtsilä’s cybersecurity and new technology leaders. A system is only as secure as its weakest point. In this episode of Risk Matters X.0, we discuss cyber ecosystems with Wärtsilä, examining the advantages and vulnerabilities that support connectivity. “The ecosystem in the marine environment is a very populated space,” says Eric Schreiber, General Manager for New Technologies at Wärtsilä. “There are a lot of hands in the pot, and...


Cyber in the Digital Age

This episode is part one in a series of conversations with Wärtsilä’s cybersecurity and new technology leaders. Let’s talk digitalization and cyber risk. In this episode of Risk Matters X.0, we welcome Wärtsilä to discuss increasing connectivity as a major concern for cybersecurity in the digital age. "As connectivity increases, so does cyber risk," – Ian Bramson, Head of Cybersecurity at ABS Group. "We are already living in this digital, ultra-connected world and times. After 2020, we'll...


Cyber Risk Series - From the Hacker’s Point of View

Episode 9: Cyber Risk Series – From the Hacker’s Point of View What does cybersecurity look like from the opposition's point of view? With a long background in pen-testing (penetration testing) and extensive experience in security research and programming, Weston Hecker is a professional "white hat" hacker at Mission Secure, a firm focused on control system cybersecurity. An avid speaker on all things hacking, Weston is working on a major university's research project with the Department of...


Cyber Risk Series - Hacking the Ship

20 to 30 seconds. That's how long it takes cyber professional Ewan Robinson of Yangosat, a UK-based satellite communications supplier, to hack into your ship. "It's still very easy—the systems are still exposed. That's one of the things we're trying to bring to people, [the awareness of] just how exposed they are without knowing it," he says. "No system is an island," adds Ian Bramson, Global Head of Cybersecurity at ABS Group. Ewan is a white hat hacker (an ethical computer hacker) who...


Catastrophic Risk Series - Beirut Explosion

Let's talk Catastrophic Risk. How have major industrial incidents, transportation accidents, terrorist attacks and natural disasters changed our understanding of risk? A fire at the Port of Beirut, on Lebanon's northern Mediterranean coast, and subsequent ammonium nitrate explosion on 4 August 2020 has brought new public awareness as we investigate how this devastating incident occurred. In this episode, Host Matt Mowrer seeks answers from experts from ABS Group’s Extreme Loads and...


Cyber Risk Series - Superyachts: High ROI Targets for Hackers

Episode 6: Cyber Risk Series - Sleek showstoppers at sea, Superyachts are privately owned luxury vessels with the latest and most advanced technology systems onboard. As mix-use spaces, megayachts present a high return on investment for hackers seeking collateral damage with serious personal, safety and financial consequences. As the current COVID-19 situation continues to impact operations globally, how is the yachting market a prime target for cyber attackers to exploit? In this episode,...


COVID-19 Business and Legal Issues with Reed Smith

What is a business's responsibility for the general health and safety of its employees? Host Matt Mowrer, director of the Product Development and Innovation Center at ABS Group, talks with labor and employment partner Mike Correll from Reed Smith about COVID-19 business and legal issues. As organizations return to work spaces, "there's going to be litigation about people who get sick, and there's going to be much more dangerous litigation about a failure to take appropriate steps after...


Cyber Risk Series - American Institute of Marine Underwriters

Episode 4: Cyber Risk Series - "The best loss is the loss that never occurs—whether that is a cyber incident or traditional marine peril-based loss like a grounding or collision. Premiums reflect loss experience, so with fewer losses you’re going to pay a lower premium." – John Miklus, President of American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU). Is cyber risk covered in your marine insurance plan? How does the insurance industry define cyber risk? Listen as host Ian Bramson, global head...


Cyber Risk Series - Emergency Response and Facility Security Perspectives

Episode 3: Cyber Risk Series - "In emergency management, does cyber security have a role? Absolutely. The real question is will you realize it soon enough before you have an emergency inside of your emergency." After responding to eight major Gulf Coast hurricanes together as facility security officers, Bryan Markland of Lucite International shares current cyber insights with intelligence professional and veteran Brian Shajari, a cyber security assessor at ABS Group. Revisit our first...


Risk Perception and COVID-19 Impact

Episode 2: Let’s talk Risk Perception as we confront COVID-19. Go behind-the-scenes in this episode to understand how risk professionals assess public safety threats using real-life data to debunk some of our common fears. Applying an objective lens is crucial in knowing how to manage risk in times of uncertainty. About the hosts: “As we look at and discuss all things related to risk, this conversation focuses on how we perceive different types of risk,” says host Jake Stenzler, Vice...


Cyber Risk Series - United States Coast Guard

Episode 1: Cyber Risk Series - Let's talk Cyber Risk. What is it and what does the threat landscape look like today? Host Ian Bramson, Global Head of Cyber Security at ABS Group, interviews Lieutenant Commander Sarah Brennan and Emily Miletello, Attorney, at the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) to learn more about how the government is monitoring cyber risk as a national security threat to operations and how businesses can stay informed. Listen to all six episodes in the Cyber Risk Series:...